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Re: ROH on SBG Discussion Thread

Here's a breakdown of the Kevin Steen vs. Ring of Honor feud:

* 2007-2009: Kevin Steen and El Generico rise to the top of the ROH Tag Team Division.
* Final Battle 2009: Steen turns on Generico
* Early 2010: Steve Corino is revealed as Steen's mentor; Colt Cabana decides to help his friend Generico
* Generico does not want to fight Steen, but is pressured when seeing the carnage inflicted on other wrestlers
* Mid 2010: A series of brutal tag matches ensues, with neither team getting the upper hand
* DBD7: Steen and Generico have their first one-on-one encounter, but Steen cheats to win
* Cabana def. Corino in an I Quit Match, effectively agreeing to end their involvement
* Jim Cornette and ROH management express their concerns about the feud, since all the bloody hardcore matches have cost the company thousands of dollars in damages and put the fans at risk. He blames most everything on Kevin Steen.
* A Fight Without Honor is booked with added stipulations: if Steen wins, Generico unmasks. If Generico wins, Steen is banished from ROH (exactly what Cornette wants to happen).
* Final Battle 2010: Generico def. Steen
* Steen is not seen or mentioned in ROH for over 6 months.
* Early 2011: Steve Corino apologizes for his actions and claims to be rehabilitating his career. He promises to do evil things no longer. The ROH locker room is skeptical.
* Mid 2011: After months and months of trying to do the right thing and stay out of trouble, Corino finds himself outnumbered by the House of Truth. He brings in his new sponsor, Jimmy Jacobs, to help keep him on the straight path.
* Through various social media sources, Kevin Steen claims to be a reformed man, much like Corino.
* Despite having Jacobs at his side, Corino makes the judgement to buy Steen a plain ticket to help against the House of Truth in NYC. Both Cornette and Jacobs are skeptical of this decision.
* Best in the World 2011: Steen arrives to a huge ovation, but takes out everyone in sight, including Corino, Jacobs, the House of Truth and ringside attendants. Cornette swears on his mother's grave this will be the last time anyone sees Steen in an ROH ring. This pretty much makes Steen the most over-wrestler in the promotion.
* "Is Kevin Steen right?" flyers start appearing on cars after ROH events.
* Steen's name is removed from the roster, past results, and message board pages of rohwrestling.com
* Although the angle is referred to in passing, Kevin Steen's name is not mentioned in videos.
* Almost a year removed from the Steen/Generico feud, ROH books Corino against Generico in a match where Steve has to prove his loyalty. Due to prior commitments and fear of reverting to his old ways, Corino backs out of the match and has Jacobs take his place.
* Aided by fans, Steen hacks the forum on the ROH website and posts a threatening video just a few days before the iPPV in NYC.
* DBD8: Steen returns, powerbombs Jacobs on the ring apron and wreaks havoc as the entire locker room tries to stop him. Cornette and Generico try desperately to fight Steen but are held back. Former ROH owner and generally great human being, Cary Silken, offers his hand to Steen in an attempt to ease the tension. Steen responds by nearly package pile-driving Silken, but is stopped and carried out. This angle is never mentioned again in the ppv broadcast.
* Post-show, outside of the venue, Steen gives a roaring speech to ROH fans, openly dissing Davey Richards and Jim Cornette.
* ROH debuts a new TV show and offers no recap of this feud and no mention of Kevin Steen.

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