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Re: Chaz Bono: Really?

totally agree with OP, this disgusting blob is sure as hell not a man. Barely even human, it deserves to wallow in misery for such an ungodly charade. The fact that adoration is heaped upon it comes as no surprise, living in a society whos mainstream media promotes deviancy, and embraces any form of physical or mental deformity/imbalance as the utmost virtue.
School children are even being taught to look at revolting creatures like this as role models, enough to make you want to puke. Mutants like this need to be stuffed back in the closet where they belong - I cannot imagine what brain fuck would cause such a drastic turn from humanity, probably early molestation.

I have been all over Asia, for years, including the Philippines, Korea, Japan, Okinawa. Been to Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore. Hung out at my fair share of oriental dives, can't say I noticed a large amount of sexual deviants, certainly no more than can be found in San Francisco or NY ,,, Though if one is looking for that sort of thing, no doubt it could be found.
She male hookers have been known to turn up dead when their clients didn't appreciate the bait & switch, so I would think they market themselves as what they are, and don't want to pull any surprises.
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