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Re: Your 5 Star Match Lists

I'm searching for new candidates:

AJPW: 20/04/91: Jumbo Tsuruta & Akira Taue & Fuchi Vs Mitsuharu Misawa & Toshiaki Kawada & Kenta Kobashi:
Except Fuchi(I don't know who he is), we have the main five wrestlers of 90's All Japan, therefore this can't be a bad match by any means. As Ditch said, someone who I trust in what watching wrestling is all about, this is the best 6 Man Tag in history, something big enough, though I'm not too interested in this type of fights(6 Man Tags), but if I don't like the best in history, I won't like any other. Watching everyone, you can see who the youngers are. Taue and Kobashi start things off, but Akira slaps Kawada on the face and makes him fall to the floor. Kobashi tries to keep in control, but Taue floors him with a lariat and another for Kawada! Taue tags on Fuchi, who is very skinny. Buah, Jumbo and Misawa enter the match and crowd is about to exploit. The crowd answers Jumno like I've seen counted times, he rises the arm and the fans cheer, unbelievable.

Taue hits Kawada every time he wants, it's notorious that they had personal issues to resolve and, in one moment, Kobashi has Taue in a Fujiwara Armbar and Kawada enters to brutalise Taue under a great pop from the crowd. They start to blow each other until Kawada floors Akira and begin to hit some headbutts, the other four wreslters have to enter to split them because the referee can't do it and the crowd is bananas for Kawada, at the end Taue is destroyed and Misawa tags in. KKawada enters again under a good pop, but Akira makes a comeback and tags on Fuchi, who throws Kawada to ringside to let Jumbo piledrive him. Taue is in again and keeps Toshiaki under control until him and Fuchi do a Spike Piledriver in ringside to Kawada. Kobashi tags in and it's a house of fire, he has a good athleticism, he can move so agile and delivers good Dropkicks, compared to can't walk twenty years after is impactful.

It's incredible to see how the crowd answer every count, more or less credible, I've never seen such a thing like this. Fuchi begins to punish Kobashi's leg with a great attitude, he's a veteran and is tired of this disrespect, he wants to end the match right now. They isolate Kobashi dor about ten minutes punishing his leg and you can feel Kobashi's pain and want him to make the tag. Finally, Kawada can tags in under the biggest pop up to this moment. Taue manages to kick out of the Tiger Driver and the final sequence is about to start. Fuchi cut a count after Kobashi's Moonsault Press, but between Kenta and Kawada they manage to leave alone Misawa with Taue, Misawa does the tiger suplex and it's all said and done.

Ok, it really was an epic match, but it lasted fifty minutes, which have left me exhausted, and even knowing that seeing a match with this length without boring points it's difficult, I have to say that after all I've read about this match I'm a bit disappointed, it has to be my expectatives' fault but I think the end could be more epic and all the time they spend on punishing the leg went nowhere. Well, historical bout, like I said earlier.

Rating: ****1/2C

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