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Re: Chaz Bono: Really?

IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK i'm not a huge rock fan but man that line suits this situation perfectly

like i said keep think you's are the ''cool'' kids you's are fucking losers with nothing better to do then insult me did you ever stop to think that you're on this site as much maybe more than me

i'm sure you's are fucking beatuiful women everyday between post's lets not forget the epic holidays you's have and the great job and all the money you make LOL remind me again if you think you're so much better then me why you're on a fucking wrestling forum of all things

i know hundreds of people have said this before to you guys difference is won't get banned for it so yeah tell me guys what makes you're lives so great

Originally Posted by Walls View Post
Yeah, he is a bit off sometimes. Sometimes he seems like a decent guy and then he goes way out there. He seems to have a problem with people talking shit to him and likes to play the tough guy and those are the ones who crumple when they get tagged.
thats human nature bro you're not going to agree with someone about everything know matter how alike you are people seem to forget that sometimes

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