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Cole Phelps
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Re: Chaz Bono: Really?

Walls you no i respect you and all that but seriously dude your making fun of someone with a mental disability thats wrong dude. Do you or anyone else for that matter really believe he went throw all of this for fun or attention ? Is this seriously the first time you've heard of someone doing this ? ''she'' was born as a women however ''her'' brain has allways felt/ been a man. Its like gay people. Do you really think alot of them want to be gay ? They cant help who they are and i think its a really brave thing to come out and be onest with yourself even though society is full of asshole who will hate on them for being different its a disgrace how alot of them get treated. You cant help who you are its like how we smoke weed walls you know Everyone's different and that's what makes the world so exiting atleast imo anyway chas seems like a really decent fella tbo i was watching him on Ellen and it made me sick that people where talking about not watching dancing with the stars because he was on their they said ''his a bad influence on people '' like Ellen said NO one will watch him dance and think you know what i should get a sex change aswell wtf leave the poor guy alone his had a hard enough life as it is besides his not hurting anyone and like i said he seems like a really decent guy infact i didn't even know about the sex change until Ellen brought it up onestly if no one told you about it. You couldn't tell. I could go on about it all day but ill just say if your hating on this guy for being who he feels he is your fucking scum in my eyes enough said
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