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Re: WWE '12

Originally Posted by Danger Zone™ View Post
God damn.

The Create an Arena mode actually had me tempted to eat my words on this game and just buy it, but what the hell was Eddie's finisher supposed to be? It sure as hell didn't look like any frog splash he ever performed.

This is why these games are so damn horrible to play; year after year, they rehash and re-release an old feature as something 'new' whilst completely ignoring the core gameplay, which is the biggest problem the series has right now. Sure, they've made guys sell differently this year and you can break up moves, but that's it.

Still the same old animations, ancient engine, awful audio, the abortion of a game mode in Road to Wrestlemania and just... ugh.
Couldn't have said it better myself. They think Create a Ring can sell the game -- not for me. Fire Pro Wrestling Returns which was released in 2007 had both Create a Ring AND the move break ups. Look back at the animations from Shut Your Mouth and you'll see that they are much better.

Someone needs to give those mo-cappers a talking to. They're doing a shitty job. No one should have to "act" like a wrestler. Either animate it or get the actual wrestlers in. Also the fact that they don't add in entrance attires for half of the wrestlers pisses me off. Edge with no t-shirt or coat? Ryder has the headband but is lacking the glasses and coat. What was the point in adding the headband? Seriously. THQ pisses me off sometimes.

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