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Re: WWE 2004: Road to WrestleMania XX

Smackdown Review

The Hurricane & Shannon Moore beating Chavo Sr. and Chavo Jr., I must say I found that match somewhat entertaining especially since Chavo Sr. and Chavo Jr. are a father-son tag team and we don't see much of those lately. But the finish of the match I must say I am pretty happy with, Moore and Hurricane deserved the victory

The Paul Heyman backstage segment with Matt Hardy, I must say I love that too because it in a way sets up Matt Hardy to be a future main event player here on Smackdown especially with him stepping up to challenge Edge next week and for Rhyno to get in Heyman's face like that, Rhyno does have guts. But what Heyman said about Rhyno was right, he is disgracing the legacy of ECW, and he slapped Rhyno. Then Rhyno grabs Heyman and is about to attack him until Matt Hardy and Johnny Nitro attack Rhyno from behind, that I loved a whole lot.

Rhyno beating Nitro does set him up to become a future #1 Contender for the U.S. Title somewhere down the road

The Rey-Edge segment made me think that something is going to happen and that Edge will turn on Rey soon because Edge doesn't need Rey Mysterio or Eddie or anyone because everybody has held him back from being WWE Champion and now that he is back, nothing will stop Edge.

The Booker T backstage segment with Paul Heyman and Dawn Marie, my favorite part of the show by far because I smell a rat as far as him & RVD are concerned. A heel turn for Booker T, I will support that because Booker T doesn't need RVD

Kane & Eddie segment I loved it because after the segment it proves to me that Kane could become WWE Champion after Judgment Day, and that Eddie has no chance especially against Kane and or Taker. Kane begging his father Paul Bearer to come back to him, that made me think that sooner or later Bearer is going to turn on Taker and side with his son Kane.

Val Venis segment with him taking pot shots at Lance Storm saying how his career is over and how he took out Big Show, and how he is going to beat Cena for that US Title, I sure hope Val beats him for the title. Val Venis as the next United States Champion looks good to me but I can easily see Cena beating Venis

JBL beating Rikishi, I must say that it was awesome, and that JBL he deserves to be a champion and it is only a matter of time before he becomes a champion on Smackdown

London & Kidman beating RVD & Spike Dudley, awesome tag team match especially when Booker came and he hit Spike with the crutch, and then after he turned on RVD by attacking him and saying Good Friends Bitter Enemies now can you dig that sucka, and then the spinaroonie to cap it all off, just shows me that Booker T doesn't need RVD anymore and that he will become WWE Champion at some point.

Edge beating Kane in the main event, that made me happy and what made me even more happy was seeing Taker come. The lights go out and Edge bolts as soon as Taker's music goes off. Then Kane & Taker are attacking each other until Taker chokeslams Kane to end the show and Kane swearing vengeance made me happy especially with Bearer just standing there when Kane was begging him to turn on Taker also made me think that Bearer will turn on Taker someday.

Overall great Smackdown show and I can't wait until RAW to see what you have in store for us!!!!!!!!!!!
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