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Re: ROH on SBG Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by NoSmarkChicks View Post
1 more point - the camerawork was horrible! Why not have your hard cam zoom in and out slightly like WWE and TNA do, and use less of the ringside shots.. I have no expericence in television whatsoever and even I could have told them this..

And what a crappy way to start a show, having Kevin Kelly, some guy from the 90's who got made fun of by The Rock on a weekly basis for such things as picking his nose introduce a guy from TNA who's last appearance there was being called a small-dicked loser by his girlfriend "Chelsea"

You're right that only ROH fans could have possibly enjoyed this show, and if they don't try and adapt to a modern style they will fail.. I'd like to see the numbers for this week compared to next week, wouldn't be surprised to see half the audience drop off
I really liked the camera work. They angles were different than what WWE and TNA does and vast improvement over what they do for DVDs.

Also I don't think there will be numbers available since they run on different stations at different times. Nielson takes a sample but odds are they only have a handful of people in each station so you would see ROH get 0.0s in a bunch of areas since none of the 10 people with boxes were watching. Then there would be a few areas where they would have absirdly high ratings (like in the 15s) because 1 person out of the 6 in the area that got the show watched. Unless you're on national TV where you basically air everywhere in the country at the same time it's really hard to figure out how many viewers you actually got.

Originally Posted by McQueen View Post
I wouldn't have minded another match in the middle of the show instead of the whole Davey crying bit, and thats not me just knocking Davey for once, they could have shortened the highlight video by 5 minutes.
I would have booked Davey in a squash. Yeah he had a match later in the night but this is the first show and the best way to showcase Davey is in the ring.

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