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Re: WWE 2004: Road to WrestleMania XX

WWE Smackdown
April 22, 2004

Smackdown opens with Paul Heyman backstage with his assistant Dawn Marie. Paul is in a great mood tonight. He finally got rid of the Big Show. Heyman states that tonight’s main event will be Edge vs Kane. He also set up a tag team match between John Cena and Rey Mysterio vs Val Venis and Matt Hardy. Dawn calls Paul a genius and Paul thanks her. Heyman says now that Big Show has gone, his worries are now over and now he can sit back, relax and enjoy Smackdown. The Smackdown video package airs as Tazz and Michael Cole welcome us to the show.

Match 1
Tag Team Title Match
The Hurricane and Shannon Moore (c) vs Chavo Guerrero Jr and Chavo Sr

Following their tag title victory last week, Hurricane and Shannon Moore were challenged to a match by The Guerreros for this week’s Smackdown show. This was quick and more of a comedy match. Chavo Jr starts with Shannon Moore. They lock up and Chavo Jr kicks Moore to the gut and takes him down with a hiptoss. He follows up with a dropkick and sends Moore to the ropes and Moore counters with a dropkick. Chavo Sr gets in and gets dropkicked by Moore. Hurricane gets in and Helms and Moore get a double dropkick on Chavo Jr. The ref orders Hurricane and Chavo Sr to get back in their corners. Moore tags in Hurricane. Chavo Jr tags his father in. Hurricane whips Chavo Sr to the corner and misses a charge as Chavo Sr stomps away at Hurricane. He distracts the ref as Chavo Jr ends up kicking Hurricane in the corner. Chavo Sr gets a suplex and tags in his son. Chavo Jr gets a backdrop and gets a near fall. Chavo goes for a sunset flip but Helms rolls out and hits the shining wizard. He makes the tag to Shannon Moore, Chavo tags in his dad as Shannon Moore gets a crossbody on Chavo Sr. Chavo Jr runs in and gets dropkicked by Moore to the floor. Helms gets a slingshot dive on Chavo Jr to the floor. Moore goes to the top and gets a flying crossbody on Chavo Sr and pinned him for the 3 count to retain the titles. After the match Chavo Jr throws a tantrum in the ring and his dad calms him down.

Winners: The Hurricane and Shannon Moore

In the back Kane is fuming backstage as he seems to be looking for something and it's not there.

Paul Heyman is very pleased with Matt Hardy and Johnny Nitro for what they did last week. They helped Val get rid of Big Show. Matt Hardy complains about Edge, last week Edge tried to attack him with a chair and fortunately it was Rey Mysterio who’s his opponent for tonight stopped Edge from hitting Matt with a chair. He asked Heyman what is he going to do about this. Heyman states that since Edge ruined the main event last week. If Edge thinks he will be added to the WWE title match, there is no chance of that happening. Infact Edge has damaged his chances even more now to get that title shot. He’s not just going to hand him a title shot just like that, he’s going to have to earn it but that won’t be happening for a while now. Tonight Kane will deal with Edge. Suddenly Rhyno shows up and he wants Hardy and Nitro. He wants to know why Hardy and Nitro attacked him last week. Matt told Rhyno that he let them down but the one he let down the most was Paul Heyman. Heyman sets up Rhyno vs Johnny Nitro and that is next. Rhyno wants Matt Hardy in a match at Judgment Day and Matt accepts the challenge. Heyman then rips into Rhyno and gives the reason why Matt and Nitro attacked him. Rhyno used to be a beast but he simply is not a beast anymore. Brock Lesnar used to be a beast but he became a coward and walked out. Rhyno has disgraced the legacy of ECW, it was because of Rhyno he had to have his mouth washed out with soap by John Cena. Now Val Venis will be taking care of Cena when he wins the US Title, just like he did when he beat Big Show. Something Rhyno couldn’t do. He’s now done with Rhyno and he slaps Rhyno and Rhyno loses it and grabs Heyman by the throat. Rhyno gets attacked by Hardy and Nitro. Heyman mocks Rhyno by yelling in his face GORE, GORE, GORE.

Eddie Guerrero meets Rey in the locker room. Rey apologises to Eddie for what Edge did last week. He shouldn’t have got involved in the match but he knows Eddie well, he believes in Eddie. Eddie was the underdog when he beat Brock Lesnar to win the belt and now he has his biggest challenge. He’s pretty sure Eddie will find a way to win. Eddie thanks Rey for the encouraging words, he's mad at Kane for what he did last week to his car and now he's also not pleased with Edge's actions last week. He wants to show Rey something. Eddie has Kane's old mask. Eddie said after what Kane did last week, he got into Kane's locker room and took his old mask, one of his prized possessions. Kane made him mad last week and now Kane will be mad when he finds out that he has his mask. He knows what sort of mindgames Taker and Kane are capable of, they like to get inside the head of their opponents and like to strike fear in them. Well he's also a master of playing mindgames and he doesn't fear them at all. Eddie wishes Rey luck. Eddie leaves and Edge shows up in the locker room. He wants to know who’s side Rey is on because this is the second time he’s interfered in his business. First when he took out Kurt Angle and last week when he was going to hit the chair on Matt Hardy, Rey stopped him from doing it. He wants to know why Rey did that? Why is he saving guys who he has a grudge with. Rey lets Edge know that he is not saving other guys, he is saving Edge from suspension, he is saving Edge from becoming a marked man, he is saving him from injury. Edge just returned from injury and if he’s going to become a crazed lunatic and go after guys then they will target him and they could injure him. He feels that Edge has change a lot, his attitude has changed, he’s become bitter and wants others to feel his pain. That simply isn’t fair because this is not the Edge he used to know. This is not the Edge who he won the tag title with, this is not the Edge that visited him in hospital when he was out with a knee injury. This is not the Edge who he visited the most, more than anyone when he was out for a year.

Rey wanted to know why Edge interfered in the main event last week. He had no business being out there. Now because of Edge, Eddie who’s also another friend of his is put into a tough situation. Now facing Taker or Kane in a one on one match is bad enough but facing both of them, thanks to Edge now Eddie’s title is in major jeapordy. Now because of all this, Edge has now put himself on the bad side of Taker and Kane. Edge has just come back and he’s going to make enemies if he continues assaulting other stars. Edge fires back and states that anyone who comes in his path of his success then he will run them down. He’s hungry for success, since returning he’s not ashamed of his recent actions. Rey thinks Edge has become selfish. Rey points out that he was eliminated in the battle royal but he didn’t hold a grudge against anyone by interfering in the main event. He too has a dream of wrestling for the WWE Title but he will some day get his chance but he has to earn it and he will. Rey hoped that Edge will also get that chance but after last week he harmed his chances of receiving a title shot. After interfering in the main event, what did it get him, nothing because Paul Heyman did not give him a free pass into the main event of Judgment Day. His actions have now resulted in a match later on tonight against the monster Kane. He wished Edge luck and hoped that Edge changes his ways. Edge states that he can’t change because now you will see a different Edge, a more ruthless Edge, he’s been sitting on the sidelines for more a year and seen guys climb the ladder of success. He was Smackdown’s fastest rising star last year and if he wasn’t injured, he would have been champion by now. What he missed out on, he will soon get, and he will soon be challenging for the title and tonight he will defeat Kane.

Match 2
Rhyno vs Johnny Nitro

This was very quick. Nitro gets a knee to the stomach and a shot to the head. He comes off the ropes with a forearm but Rhyno blocks and slams Nitro. Rhyno pounds away on Nitro and whips Nitro into the ropes and gets a flapjack for a near fall. Rhyno scores with a running powerslam. Nitro comes back and tries to go for an insiguri but Rhyno ducks. Rhyno goes in the corner and charges away at Nitro and hits the gore for the three count. Rhyno makes quick work of Nitro. Rhyno takes a mic. He states that Heyman and his group made a big mistake by putting their hands on him and beating Nitro now was just a start. Now Rhyno will show Paul Heyman what he’s all about.

Winner: Rhyno

Backstage Josh Matthews interviews RVD. Josh asks where Booker T is and RVD has no idea where Booker is. RVD is upset that they lost the tag belts but tonight they have the opportunity to get back in the tag title hunt as they face Kidman and London in a #1 contenders match. An official informs RVD that something has happened to Booker and he’s being attended to in the training room. RVD rushes to the trainers room.

A promo is aired for Judgment Day

In the trainer’s room, Booker T has a knee injury and Paul Heyman and Dawn Marie come in. Booker demands the match to be cancelled as the doctor says Booker can’t compete tonight. Dawn asks Booker if she can help, does he need a massage? Booker said he would love to. Paul Heyman told Booker that he's not getting no massage from Dawn. RVD sticks up for Booker and wants Heyman to cancel the match until Booker gets healed. Heyman said he can’t do that because Kidman and London also want that shot at the belts. They were so close to capturing the belts last week and they don't want to wait any longer. They want a shot at the belts as much as RVD and Booker. The reason why RVD and Booker aren’t automatically getting their rematch for the belts is because they were pinned by Kidman and London who went on to lose at the end to Hurricane and Shannon Moore. RVD and Booker T have three option. Either they forfeit the match and Kidman and London become #1 contenders. The second option is that RVD goes and finds a partner to represent Booker for just tonight. The final option is that RVD goes out there all by himself and competes in a handicap match. Choice is yours RVD. Booker thinks what Heyman is doing is completely unfair but he wishes RVD luck. Heyman leaves. RVD is sitting in the room thinking about what to do. Booker tells him not to worry, he's sure a lot of guys would love to team with RVD. The trainer helps Booker up but Booker wants Dawn to help him up. She helps Booker T up and Booker T hobbles out on crutches. Once out of view Booker T smiles wildly with Dawn Marie as Booker is sticking his tongue out. What is this all about?

In ring Segment with Kane and Eddie Guerrero

Kane’s music hits and he comes down and grabs a mic. He’s very angry. Ever since losing to The Undertaker at WrestleMania he’s become weak and blames Undertaker for brainwashing his father Paul Bearer. Kane complained about being the ruthless monster anymore, and vowed to return to evil ways. He wanted nothing to do with the Undertaker but they ended up on the same team in the lethal lottery tournament. However he wanted a shot at the WWE Title and for one night only he put his differences aside and progressed further in the tournament. Then in the battle royal they both co-win the battle royal so they would end up facing each other the following week. Last week he had to step in the ring with his brother again for the opportunity for the WWE Title shot but Edge stuck his nose in their business. Kane starts shouting that because of last week’s result, he has to face his brother again now at Judgment Day but in a triple threat match. Kane states that he will make Edge pay for what he did last week. It’s been 6 long years since Kane was last WWE Champion and now the Undertaker is still continuing to be a thorn in his side. Taker stands in his path. Kane buried him alive at Survivor Series, only for The Undertaker to rise again at WrestleMania. What’s been bothering him so much is that Taker has his powers back and he’s taken his father away from him. Now all the creatures of the night and all the lost souls answer to The Undertaker and that makes him angry. They were monsters who lived to strike fear into the hearts of normal men, now that Undertaker has come back he thinks he is superior than him. Kane states that he is superior than The Undertaker and all of these fans. Ever since he buried Taker alive, he was creating havoc in the WWE but ever since Taker returned, Kane’s world has been shattered and burned. He’s been living in darkness and shadows. It is killing him inside that his father is not by his side and the Undertaker has trapped him in a spell. He may have lost to the Undertaker at WrestleMania but he is still a monster and he shows no compassion. Kane demands Paul Bearer to come back to him. He wants his father to guide him to the top again by making him the WWE Champion for a second time. He starts screaming and shouting and goes outside the ring and shouts at fans and tells them that he is still a monster. He is angry and when he gets angry, bad things happen and promises to get revenge on The Undertaker.

Kane gets back in and then starts talking about the WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero. He sent a message to Eddie last week by damaging his car but now Eddie has something that belongs to him and not Eddie. He stole his mask and he wants his mask back right now. Although he doesn't wear the mask anymore, it was his true identity. He will not put it back on anymore but he always keeps it on him so it reminds him of his past. What he went through, by looking at his mask he wants normal people to suffer the same pain as he did. When someone makes him angry, he then makes them suffer. He wants Eddie to come out right now and give his mask back. He calls out Eddie Guerrero to the ring and Eddie’s music hits as the WWE Champion makes his way down to the ring. Eddie doesn’t come out in a low rider, he’s walking down to the ring with a bag in his hand. A mic is handed to Eddie and fans start an Eddie chant. Kane seems disgusted and tells Eddie that he envys him. Eddie lives a normal life and fans chant his name, they chant Eddie, Eddie, Eddie. Fans start a Eddie chant again. Kane continues on and said that he is living in a nightmare and Eddie needs to feel his pain. Since coming to Smackdown, he never had that opportunity for the WWE Title but now he’s finally got it and he’s going to become champion again. Ever since he took his mask off, he's become more dangerous but it makes him angry that he hasn't won the WWE Title for a long time. Eddie’s been living his dream by becoming champion but Kane will become his worst nightmare. Eddie states that he was expecting one opponent but he was never expecting to face two. When Undertaker and Kane won the battle royal, he knew it would be a tough task against one of them but last week Edge came out and ruined the match. This resulted in Paul Heyman giving him not one opponent but two monsters. So now the speculation begins that Eddie Guerrero’s reign will come to an end. A month ago on Smackdown after WrestleMania, he was teaming up with The Undertaker for the first time to take on Kane and The Big Show. Now he has to take on The Undertaker and Kane. He’s never faced Kane or Undertaker in a one on one match before. He’s not intimidated by Kane or The Undertaker and the only thing he has going for him is that every obstacle that’s been put infront of him, he’s overcome. He beat the dominant Brock Lesnar to become champion, when nobody thought he had a chance at all but he did it. He beat multi time champion Kurt Angle when people thought he was not fit to be representing Smackdown as champion but he proved everyone wrong. He proved that he can beat a giant when he beat Big Show a few weeks ago. If he can beat a 7ft tall Big Show then he’s pretty confident he can beat The Undertaker and Kane.

He’s lied, cheated and stolen his way to victories many times, and he will take advantage of Undertaker and Kane’s rivalry by holding on to his title. He’s worked hard to get to the top and now that he’s here he’s not gonna let it go. He may not be 7ft tall, 300 pounds, but he’s got what it takes to beat two monsters at Judgment Day. People thought he couldn’t overcome his personal demons but he did and he can certainly beat two demons like Kane and The Undertaker. All the fire that burns within him, he will unleash it on Kane and The Undertaker. Kane smirks and said Eddie doesn’t know what it feels like to be put through fire because he’s been through it. He is going to show no compassion on Eddie because he is going to take Eddie’s title and there is nothing that can stop him. He demands his mask back. Eddie then starts to get funny again and said you want your mask, here we go. He pulls out Kane's mask and threatens to throw it. Kane warns him and Eddie said you damaged my lowrider man and for that you also deserve to have your prized possession being taken away from you. Eddie asked the fans should he auction it or should he throw it in the crowd. There was more response for throwing the mask in the crowd. Kane warned Eddie not to do it and Eddie threw the mask as far as he could in the crowd. Kane gets out the ring and goes in the crowd to find it but he can't He's shouting loudly and Eddie is in the ring rolling on the mat laughing at what he just did. Kane gets back in and goes ballistic. Eddie jumps at Kane and starts brawling with him. Kane reverses a whip and gets a big boot on Eddie. He grabs Eddie by the throat and chokeslams him. Kane yells he will make Eddie pay for this.

Backstage Val Venis talked about how Lance Storm’s career ended this week and how his own career has now taken off again on Smackdown. He wanted to make a statement and he did. Cena shows up and Val explains his points why he feels he's better than Cena. He’s already made an impact on Smackdown by taking out the Big Show and now we will never see him again. What Cena couldn’t do in months, he did in one match. He states that he is a better wrestler than Cena and he’s going to take the US Title off Cena at Judgment Day. He claims that when he wins the title at Judgment Day, he will personally make sure that he just doesn't beat Cena, that he will embarrass Cena. Then he will restore some pride back into this title. He will go on to become the greatest United States Champion of all time. Cena hasn't paid his dues but yet is a champion and that makes him sick, and that he is going to beat some respect into Cena. Up next he's going to beat Cena. Cena fires back and said Val took out Big Show with the help of three guys. Cena says he beat Show by himself, and he beat Show to become US Champion. On the Smackdown show after Judgment Day he’s going to come out and Val will see Cena say “the champ is here.” Cena’s music hit’s as he walks off for his match.

Match 3
Rey Mysterio and John Cena vs Matt Hardy and Val Venis

Cena cut a rap promo on Val Venis and Matt Hardy. Rey comes out next. Val and Hardy come out and the bell rings as the match begins. Mysterio starts it off with Hardy. Rey gets a takedown on Matt, Matt gets up to his feet and breaks out and whips Rey to the ropes and hits a right hand on Rey. Matt gets a neckbreaker and goes for a charge and Rey gets his feet up and hits Matt in the face. Rey teases a 619 but Matt gets out the ring and grabs Rey’s leg and pulls him out. Matt stomps away at Rey and sends him back in and tags Val. Val gets a gutwretch suplex for a near fall. Val and Hardy make quick tags and Mysterio takes a pretty good beating throughout the match. Finally Mysterio makes a hot tag to Cena who is on fire. Cena knocks Val and Hardy down with a clothesline. Cena hits the throwback and then hits the five knuckle shuffle first drop on Hardy. Rey is tagged back in and scores with a hurracaranrana. The match continues going back and forth. Johnny Nitro comes down and Cena gets tossed outside the ring. Val and Hardy distract the ref as Nitro starts stomping on Cena outside. Back in finally Cena makes the hot tag to Mysterio and he takes Val down with a hurracanrana. Rey dropkicks Matt into the ropes and sets up for the 619. Rey hits the 619 followed by the west coast pop. Johnny Nitro distracts the referee. Val knocks Cena down on the apron and goes after him outside the ring. Hardy sets Rey up for the twist of fate but Edge runs down and goes for a spear but accidently spears Rey. Edge is stunned and Hardy clotheslines Edge to the floor. Hardy pins Mysterio for the three count to win the match for his team. Val, Hardy and Nitro celebrate. Cena is down on the floor but in the ring Edge helps Rey back up and Rey is angry with Edge for interfering. They argue for a bit but Cena is back in the ring and seperates both men from arguing. Edge walks off.

Winners: Matt Hardy and Val Venis

A new vignette is aired of the same mysterious man shown last week. This time he is talking about the day of reckoning. The vignette ends with the mysterious man laughing.

In the back, Kyo Dai are standing by with Josh Matthews. Funaki told Josh he is still the # 1 announcer for Smackdown but recently he’s been involved in more matches on Smackdown so now Josh is taking over announcing duties. Funaki states that JBL got half of his money back from them but he couldn’t take away Tajiri’s title. Funaki called JBL a big bully after what he did to them last week. They’ve enjoyed spending most of the money and now JBL can’t do anything about it as he was disqualified last week. Funaki also mentioned that they may not have won the tag belts last week but they still have the cruiserweight belt in their group and would help Tajiri hold on to it. Tajiri states that now that he’s still cruiserweight champion he wants to become the greatest cruiserweight champion of all time.

Match 4
JBL vs Rikishi

JBL comes out and states that he’s a man of his word so Tajiri keeps his money but it shows the class differerence between him and people like Kyo Dai. They get it the easy way and millionaires like JBL have to earn things the hard way. JBL felt he deserves an award for his noble act of not getting his money back now that Kyo Dai are keeping the money. After what he did to them last week, they won't get involved in his business again. If they do then he will teach them a lesson they will never forget. JBL says if the referee didn't reverse his decision last week then he would have sold the cruiserweight title and got his money back. He says by getting rid of the cruiserweight title he would have done a good deed because most of the cruiserweights we have on Smackdown are foreigners. By selling the cruiserweight title, the cruiserweights would have nothing to fight for and he would have loved to see that. Unfortunately that didn't happen but JBL did teach Kyo Dai a major lesson last week. He enjoys beating up foreign people. This gets him major heat.

JBL then runs down the Canadian fans and talked about the poor hospitality he had in this country. He gloats about The USA being better than Canada. He would have asked a Canadian fan to come in and shine his boots for $500 but he's decided not to do that incase the fan turns out to be like Kyo Dai and steals his money. JBL gets big heat for this. He then talks about Rikishi how he tried to interfere in his matters and promised to teach him a lesson he will never forget. Rikishi’s music hits as he makes his way down to the ring.

JBL and Rikishi lock up as they exchange rights and Rikishi gets a big right hand on JBL and kicks him over the top rope to the floor. JBL gets frustrated and Rikishi gets the early advantage in the match. He chops away at JBL and whips JBL into the corner but JBL gets his foot in the way and gets Rikishi in the face. JBL kicks Rikishi in the mid section and makes a comeback and starts kicking away at Rikishi in the corner. JBL charges at Rikishi but Rikishi tosses Bradshaw over the top rope to the floor. The action spilled outside the ring. Rikishi kicks Bradshaw in the face and attemps a whip into the post and it is reversed as Rikishi goes into the post. JBL rams Rikishi’s shoulder on the post and they get back in on time. JBL works on Rikishi’s shoulder and is ready to hit the clothesline from hell but Rikishi counters with a samoan drop. Rikishi drags Rikishi to the corner and goes for the stinkface. He backs his ass up in JBL’s face and gives him the stinkface. Rikishi hits for the banzai drop and JBL moves out the way. JBL puts Rikishi’s arm on the ropes and jumps on it. Rikishi stumbles up to his feet as JBL hits a clothesline from hell. He pinned Rikishi for the 3 count. JBL rolled out the ring and repeatedly hit Rikishi on the arm with a chair. The ref started counting and JBL stops. He doesn’t want the ref to reverse the decision again, just like what happened to JBL last week. JBL was just mad because Rikishi gave him the stinkface. JBL celebrates and leaves. Scotty 2 Hotty comes down with some officials and Rikishi is being helped to the back. Rikishi has hurt his shoulder.

Winner: JBL

In the back, Rikishi is being helped by Scotty 2 Hotty and officials. Suddenly Edge levels Scotty across the back with a chair and then assaults Rikishi. He threatens officials to move out the way otherwise he will nail them with a chair. Edge gives Rikishi a conchairto and drops the chair and leaves.

Tazz and Cole mention that Rikishi has hurt his shoulder and we don’t know how long he will be out of action for. They don't understand why Edge just assaulted Rikishi but we will hear an explanation from him later on.

In the back Spike Dudley meets RVD and offers to be RVD’s partner and the match is next.

Match 5
RVD and Spike Dudley vs Kidman and London

Winners get a tag title shot at Judgment Day. Spike is taking Booker T's place in this match. RVD and Spike work well as a team as they gain control in the early going by making quick tags. Kidman and London make a comeback by using double teaming tactics on Spike. The ref notices this and sends London back to his corner. Kidman gets a hiptoss on Spike and follows up with a dropkick. He whips Spike into the ropes and Spike counters with a backdrop. He makes the tag to RVD who comes in and nails Kidman with a spinning heel kick. RVD follows up with the rolling thunder and goes for a cover and London breaks it up. The match goes back and forth as Kidman and London are back in control as London turns Spike upside down in the corner as he hammers away at Spike with kicks to the neck and back and then dropkicks him and Spike falls down. He follows up with a kick and gets a near fall. Booker T comes out on crutches to watch this match from the ramp. London tags in Kidman and Kidman takes Spike down with a facebuster. London and Kidman again start double teaming. Kidman goes to the top rope and is about to hit the shooting star press but Booker T gets on the apron and hits Kidman with the crutch. The referee calls for the bell and disqualifies RVD and Spike and awards this match to Kidman and London. RVD is standing there looking confused.

Winners: Paul London and Billy Kidman

Kidman and London decide not to go back after Booker, they’ve won the match and are the new #1 contenders. They end up celebrating on the ramp. Spike Dudley gets in Booker’s face and wants to know why Booker did that. Booker gets his crutch and smashes it across Spike’s skull. RVD goes to check on Spike and Booker is standing there laughing. Spike is helped by officials to the back. RVD gets a mic and tells Booker so this is what Booker wants. Booker was playing all along as he was faking an injury so that they don’t get that chance to win the belts again. He wants to hear an explanation from Booker, why did he do this? Booker requests a mic. He tells RVD he’s been telling him for weeks that RVD is the one who’s been making major mistakes. He is sick and tired of carrying him. He blames RVD for holding him back. RVD responds back and simply thinks that Booker is jealous because he progressed further than Booker in the lethal lottery tournament. Then the following week, Booker got involved and eliminated him. Booker owns up and said yes it was an accident, he wanted RVD out. Booker says that he’s never been WWE Champion and now on Smackdown he has that opportunity but if he’s going to continue to team with RVD, he’s not gonna get that opportunity. He wants to do his own thing, he’s the biggest star on Smackdown. Take a look at his achievements, he was the most decorated star in WCW history. Since coming to Smackdown, RVD’s the one who’s made the mistakes, but this isn’t going to continue further now because he’s done with him. Booker kicks RVD to the gut and hits the Book-end. Rvd stumbles up and Booker hits the axe kick. Booker picks the mic up and says Good Friends, Bitter Enemies, now can you dig that suckaaa. Booker does the spinaroonie and leaves and laughs up the ramp.

Josh Matthews gets a few words with Booker T in the back. Booker T is laughing. He pulled one over RVD, he fooled everyone. Booker says after they lost the belts last week, he called Paul Heyman up and told him he wants nothing to do with RVD anymore. So he came up with this idea, he wanted to lead RVD on and made RVD look like a complete fool. He was sick and tired of carrying RVD. Booker states that now his priority is to become the WWE Champion but first he wants to get RVD back for pinning him a few weeks ago. Booker says he's better than RVD, he can beat him and will prove he was right that he was the better wrestler in the team. Booker T issued a challenge to RVD for Judgment Day and after what Booker just did, he is certain that RVD will accept his challenge.

In the back Edge explains why he attacked Rikishi. He saw an opportunity and decided to make use of it. Rikishi was hurt so he took advantage of it. The reason why he attacked Rikishi was because many years ago he ran down Stone Cold and put him out of action for a year. Edge was also out of action for a year, and he believed that Rikishi could do this again. He believed that Kurt Angle could get revenge on him by turning to Rikishi to go back to his old ways and run Edge down. This is why he got rid of the problem and made sure Rikishi will never be seen again in the WWE. Edge is confonted by Rey Mysterio who's angry at Edge for costing him the match earlier on. Edge claimed it was an accident. Rey told Edge he shouldn't have got involved in his match but what wasn't an accident is what Edge just did to Rikishi. Rey points out that Rikishi had completely changed and the fans have forgiven him. The fans love him again. He thinks Edge has completely lost it and now doesn't trust Edge anymore. Edge has become so bitter, he just attacked an innocent guy.

Edge told Rey he doesn't give a damn what Rey thinks, every time he attacks someone Rey gets involved in his business. From now on, he does what he wants on his own terms. He will do whatever it takes to get ahead. From now on there is nothing Rey can do about it. Paul Heyman shows up and berates Edge for what he just did to Rikishi. He lets Edge and Mysterio know that next week they will be teaming up together. Next week Rey will be facing his friend Eddie Guerrero as the team of Edge and Rey will face the team of The Undertaker and Eddie Guerrero. Heyman thinks this is a great idea to have Eddie teaming up with one of his opponents at Judgment Day and Mysterio did not like the idea of facing his friend. Edge did not like the idea of teaming with Rey again and also facing Taker. Heyman told Edge and Rey that they have been having a lot of problems recently but next week they just have to put their differences aside because this is the first time they will be teaming in a long time as a tag team. They are former tag team champions, maybe if they win next week their problems will be over and then they can start to trust each other again. Last week they were together but that was a 6 man tag but next week, they will have an even bigger task when they meet Eddie Guerrero and The Undertaker. Heyman then sarcastically wishes Edge luck on his match against Kane which is next.

Main Event
Edge vs Kane

Edge in his first singles match since returning from injury. Edge gets booed by his own Canadian fans, they aren't too pleased with Edge's actions for what he did to Rikishi earlier on. The match begins as Kane knocks Edge down with a right hand. Edge comes back with some right hands of his own. He goes to the ropes and gets a flying body press to take Kane down. Edge starts pounding away on Kane in the corner but he gets choked down by Kane. Kane gets a backdrop on Edge. Kane then attempts to ram Edge’s head into the buckle but Edge puts the breaks on and rams Kane’s head into the buckle and rolls Kane up for a near fall. Edge hits a clothesline and whips Kane to the corner and goes for a charge but Kane boots Edge in the face. Kane beats on Edge out of the ring and then back in again He boots Edge in the face.

Kane gets a sidewalk slam and follows up with a big elbow but Edge moves out the way. Edge goes to the top and hits a clothesline and gets a near fall. Edge connects with a Russian legsweep and then hits the Edge-O-Matic and Kane kicks out at two. Edge tries to cheat to beat Kane by putting his feet on the ropes but the referee sees it and gets Edge's foot off the ropes. Kane reverses a whip and takes Edge down with a clothesline. He hammers away at Edge into the corner. Kane hits a suplex and Edge kicks out at two. Kane goes for a chokeslam but Edge slips out and kicks Kane to the gut and hits the edgecution but Kane no sells and sits up. Edge can’t believe it and starts nailing Kane with some forearms. He whips Kane to the ropes but Kane reverses and scores with a big ddt and gets a near fall. Edge comes back again and backdrops Kane to the floor. Edge starts arguing with the referee but sees Eddie Guerrero coming down. Edge distracts the ref as Eddie runs down and levels Kane with the WWE Title belt and it’s payback for what Kane did earlier on to Eddie. He rolls Kane back in and leaves. Edge is setting up for the spear as Kane stumbles back up and Edge hits the spear. He goes for the cover and gets the 3 count to win the match. Edge celebrates and now the fans give him a mixed reaction.

Winner: Edge

The celebration is cut short as the lights go out as The Undertaker’s music hits, causing Edge to bolt from the ring and escapes through the crowd. Next week for Edge there is nowhere to hide as he will be in tag team action as he teams with Rey Mysterio to face The Undertaker and Eddie Guerrero. The lights are back on and we see Undertaker and Kane fighting each other. Kane ends up hitting a ddt on Taker. Kane looks at Paul Bearer and pleads with his father to come back to him as Paul just stares at him. Taker sits up and Kane turns around and walks into a chokeslam. Kane rolls out the ring and backs up the ramp and stares at Taker. Kane starts yelling Taker will pay for this. Taker kneels down on one knee and Paul Bearer raises the urn in the air as Smackdown comes to a close.

Next week on Smackdown: Edge and Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero and The Undertaker

WWE Judgment Day
May 16, 2004

Current Card

WWE Title Triple Threat Match
Eddie Guerrero (c) vs Kane vs The Undertaker

Booker T vs RVD

US Title Match
John Cena (c) vs Val Venis

Tag Team Title Match
The Hurricane and Shannon Moore (c) vs Billy Kidman and Paul London

Matt Hardy vs Rhyno

WWE 2004: The Road to WrestleMania 21
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