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Re: WWE 2009 - Bridging the Gap

So I'm a day late but at least this thing is finally getting posted lol. I suppose I should state once again that the original and full version of the PPV was lost and therefore I had to start from scratch so there are no video packages for the matches, no commentary and some of it has been recapped instead of the full thing written out. I hope that doesn't detract from what I have done here and that whoever has been reading enjoys it. I'm really happy that I actually managed to get to my first PPV and despite the setbacks, got it done and posted too. I'll leave it up for a week or so before posting the results to the predictions contest. Now comes the Backlash....

WWE Backlash
April 26th 2009
Scottrade Center - St.Louis, MO

**The sound of the wind howling can be heard as a vast field appears. It is dark and the field is swept over very quickly until suddenly, the view is restricted by various trees as the camera weaves and dips its way through a black and dark forest. As it moves, images flash on the trees, the first of those being individual shots of The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton, Edge, John Cena and Batista**

Narrator: The sins of the past………

**Flashing shot of Orton’s evil actions on the McMahon’s ending with a montage of his slap to Stephanie at Wrestlemania, his harassment of Linda the next night on Raw and finally his vicious punt to Triple H**

Narrator: …………can never be forgotten.

**The camera zooms in on Orton’s remorseless face before quickly shifting focus to Edge’s victory at Wrestlemania. Cena’s disappointment is highlighted before showing his joy at defeating Edge on Raw a few weeks back. This time Edge is the one grasping at his hair is defeat. Things end with Undertaker defeating Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania and the 17-0 graphic**

Narrator: When one goes in search of evil………

**Things begin to move even faster throughout the forest. Shawn and Taker setting the rematch for tonight. Big Show attacking CM Punk and then right after Punk’s retaliation. Images of both men brawling merge into the return of Batista that happened as a result of their initial interaction**

Narrator: ………..what is it that they seek?

**More flashing images. Orton punting Batista. Batista attacking Orton. Cena FU’ing Edge. Edge spearing Cena**

Narrator: Redemption?

**Orton RKO’ing Cena. Edge spearing Batista. Cena and Batista facing off against each other before disintegrating into a brawl**

Narrator: Vengeance?

**The Undertaker playing mind games with Shawn and HBK’s determination to not fall victim to them**

Narrator: Retribution?

**Montage of the Hardy Boyz current feud ending with Jeff flying over the top rope and landing on Matt, Miz and Morrison**

Narrator: But what one receives……..

**Cena, Batista, Punk, HBK and Jeff all standing tall looking victorious**

Narrator: ………..isn’t always……

**The music changes and each man is shown getting attacked by their various counterparts**

Narrator: ………what they are looking for.

**Now things have changed to show Orton, Edge, Show, Matt Hardy and finally The Undertaker standing tall**

**Each of the next words flash across the screen in quick succession in a flashing epileptic fashion**







**Combined with the words are images that accompany each one. Cena in agony, Batista on his way out due to injury, Hardy jumping off a ladder only to land abruptly, Edge spearing Mick Foley through the flaming table, Shawn’s face after losing to Taker at Wrestlemania. They flash quicker and quicker…..**

Narrator: NOW…

**The camera starts to slow as it moves through the woods then stops suddenly and awkwardly**

Narrator: COMES…

**We see a pair of feet in the darkness. The camera moves up in a jerking fashion**

Narrator: THE…

**As it continues to move the identity of the person is revealed**

Narrator: BACKLASH!

**A quick zoom shows the emotionless face of Randy Orton as he stands in the middle of the woods grasping his WWE Championship tightly in his right hand**

The promo comes to an end and the Backlash logo flashes on the screen.

Voiceover: And now, WWE and Snickers present…..BACKLASH!

Cue to a wide shot of the arena and the fans going absolutely nuts as the pyro kicks off and blasts loudly all over the place.




JR, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler welcome us to the show tonight live from the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri. They give a brief rundown of the card and hype up Chris Jericho’s announcement of the new Raw General Manager before the camera pulls back to the stage as we get ready for the first match of the night.


The Scottrade Center ERUPTS for the arrival of Mr. Money in the Bank. Punk seems confident as he lets out a fiery, “IT’S CLOBBERIN’ TIME!” at the top of the ramp before walking with a bounce in his step down the ramp and into the ring. He holds the briefcase up to a great pop and saunters around the ring whilst awaiting the arrival of his opponent.


It’s clear that the St. Louis fans are hot for the PPV tonight as they instantly pour epic heat all over Show who stalks to the ring with a face of thunder. He steps over the top rope and quickly the two men are engaged in a standoff, both with their game faces on.

Match 1
CM Punk vs. The Big Show

The match kicks off with Punk gaining the upper hand with a series of kicks and fast paced maneuvers. Just like he has done in the past, he takes Show down to his knees with hard and impactful kicks to the big man’s legs. With Show in a vulnerable position, Punk runs off the ropes and nails a beautiful step-up enzuigiri to the delight of the fans. It’s clear that Punk is fully intending to end this thing early as he goes for the quick cover.



Show powers out, sending the smaller man flying across the ring with the force of his kick out!

Not wasting any time, Punk is quickly back up on his feet and once again on the offensive. Using his speed advantage to race across the ring, he decides to stick to what brought him to the dance and lands three severe kicks right to Show’s massive chest. With the big man reeling once more, Punk lets out a loud yell and seems to be setting up for a second enzuigiri. He runs off the ropes and carries out the move but Show falls flat to the mat and avoids the contact. Both men scramble to their feet and now that Show is back to a vertical base he’s back to having the advantage. He grabs Punk’s head and lands a nasty headbutt, sending the smaller man wobbling back a few steps. Show lands another, this time sending Punk to the mat. He then yanks him up from the ground and launches him into the corner. After a flurrying series of punches to the gut and mid-section, Show then calls for quiet. The St. Louis fans don’t like it one bit and boo loudly as Show lifts his hand high in the air and lands a massive open-handed chop on the chest of Punk who is writhing in pain. With a scary look in his eyes, Show does it again and again and again, resulting in Punk just falling face first to the mat. The camera zooms in and we can see him gasping for air, the toll those big chops have taken on Punk’s breathing sorely evident. Taking a moment to survey the impact of his attack, Show just looks down at the man at his feet before picking him up and throwing him into the ropes. As he comes back towards him, Show lifts him up and nails a thunderous sidewalk slam. Punk grasps at his back and is once again struggling for a breath and he doesn’t get a second for the big man instantly puts his full weight into his pin attempt.



NO! Punk manages to get a shoulder up!

Unfazed, Show gets to his feet. He nudges Punk with his big foot so that he is lying flat on his back, then slowly runs off the ropes, jumps into the air and crashes down on to the chest cavity of the man on the floor. A shocked pop rings out around the arena at the sight of the huge move while Show simply stays put and goes for another cover.




This time we can see the beginnings of frustration begin to appear on the big man’s face as he angrily argues with the referee whilst getting to his feet once again. He gives a quick look around the ring, then grabs Punk’s foot and pulls him into a diagonal position on the mat. His intentions quickly become clear. Show climbs the turnbuckles so that he is standing on the second rope with his back to the ring. Holding on to the top rope with both hands, he bounces a few times, gaining some momentum before launching himself off and to the mat in the hopes of completely crushing the smaller man all together. But it is to no avail and the crowd pops hard as Punk moves out of the way. This time it is Big Show who is clutching at his chest while Punk rolls to the other side of the ring and grasps the rope to help pull himself up.

Loud CM PUNK chants begin to fill the arena and they seem to motivate the man behind them who is now standing upright yet still covering his ribs with one arm. He waits a moment for the other man to get back to his feet too and then runs across the ring, planting the big man’s face into the mat with a running bulldog. Show plods his way back up again and is met with a STIFF AS FUCK roundhouse kick to the head which is met with a raucous cheer. He falls to his knees and not wasting anytime, Punk moves behind and grabs his head with one hand and then delivers a series of elbow strikes to the neck. The smark fans in attendance pop big time as Punk repeatedly clobbers at the other man’s head with his elbow before landing one final big shot that sends Show to the mat.

A huge cheer rings around the arena as Punk plays to the fans and yells, “What’s my name!!” loudly. He goes to the top rope and lands a definitive elbow drop right to the heart. With the momentum now fully on his side, Punks struggles to get Show to his feet and tries the monumental task of lifting him onto his shoulders for the GTS. The fans begin to pop as he gets him halfway there but then boo when he isn’t able to do it and is forced to set him back down. Taking advantage of Punk perhaps biting off a little more than he can chew, Show pushes the smaller man back and then leaps forward, hitting a vicious spear out of nowhere.

Now it’s a race between them both to get back up and try to gain the upper hand. Punk is beaten to the punch as the effects of Show’s continuous assault on his ribs have considerably slowed him down and he manages to stand up a second or two too late to find a big chunky hand wrapped around his throat. Show raises Punk high into the air, intending to hit the chokeslam but in an awesome reversal, Punk wraps both legs around the other man’s extended arm and starts pulling back hard.

They both fall to the mat with a thud but the impact from the fall doesn’t seem to faze Punk at all as he somehow manages to lock in a variation of an arm breaker. He keeps it on before suddenly shifting and wrestling the huge arm into position for the Anaconda Vice. The hold is locked in and Show can be heard screaming in pain as Punk starts yanking hard, letting out yells of his own for maximum torque. The hype in the arena reaches fever pitch with every fan on their feet begging and pleading for Show to tap.

He starts to scramble around on the mat, his legs sticking out all over the place as he desperately reaches…..

and reaches…….

and reaches for something, anything to relieve the pain!

The referee sees the big man fading and raises his heavy arm in the air. It flops to the ground effortlessly.


He raises the arm once more and again it flops to the mat.


For the final time the referee raises the arm and watches as it falls to the mat……….NO!

Show stops his hand at the last second and with a thunderous roar slowly starts to raise it back up again. Punk’s expression is one of shock which quickly turns to anguish as he tries desperately to keep the hold locked in. After a moment or two, he is forced to let go as Show pushes his way out of the submission. Both men roll away, Punk grasping at his ribs and Show grasping at his arm and neck. They get back to their feet, Show immediately tries for his knockout punch but swings wildly and misses completely leaving himself open to Punk’s vicious legs.

The Second City Saint takes free reign once again and lands kick after kick. He runs off the ropes and hits a calf kick to the head but fails to take the big man down. The wheels are clearly turning in Punk’s mind as his eyes flit all over the arena, desperately trying to figure out a way to win the match. He hops to the top rope and flies high, his arm extended and he nails a flying clothesline to a great pop. CM PUNK chants start up but are quickly shut down by a loud “Ohhhhhh!” as Show flies backwards from the force of the move and his flailing arm whacks the ref in the face. Punk rolls to the outside and grabs his briefcase. Show has moved inside the ring and is now almost on his hands and knees with his head slightly out of the ring between the bottom and middle ropes. Seizing the opportunity, Punk takes a quick glance at the ref who is barely standing up and facing the other way. With a cheeky look to the fans at ringside, he smacks the briefcase right across the head of Show to a HUGE pop before quickly throwing it away and scampering into the ring. Show is out, now lying flat on his back and Punk climbs to the top rope for the final time. He comes crashing down with a big splash and falls into the cover.




This Fire Burns hits to a loud pop as Punk clambers to his feet. He grabs his briefcase from Lilian Garcia who passes it into the ring and swings it into the air, holding both arms up in victory with Show still out of it on the mat.

Winner – CM Punk

With Punk celebrating with the fans in the background, things move to announcer’s desk where they have a brief talk about the match and the fact that Punk used the briefcase to win before we get a shot of HBK arriving backstage. The fans pop big for the Showstopper as he walks down the hallway looking very determined before the shot slowly fades into the new Smackdown General Manager’s office. A loud chorus of Wooooooo’s rings out around the Scottrade Center for the Nature Boy but Flair is not alone. He is joined by the Rated R Superstar and current World Heavyweight Champion. Edge is clearly not amused and is glaring at Flair. He asks that the main event for the night be changed. It isn’t fair that he could lose his title because Orton gets beat. Flair shakes his head and refuses to give in, stating that it is in fact Edge who needs to be worried; after all, he was the one who lost to John Cena this past week on Raw. The two engage in a heated stare down before Edge simply scoffs and walks away.


A massive pop rings out for the enigmatic Jeff Hardy who dances on to the stage while Lilian Garcia starts making the introductions in the background. Above her head the 15ft high Steel Cage is being secured around the ring. Instead of making his usual entrance, Jeff climbs the cage and poses at the top to the flashing of lights all around the arena. JR hypes the danger of this match, especially given Hardy’s care free attitude.


A loud chorus of boos greet the elder Hardy who forgoes any measure of pandering and simply stalks to the ring, his eyes locked on his brother who has now climbed down from the top. Matt steps through the ropes and the two come face to face. The referee on the outside locks them in and the bell rings.

Match 2
Steel Cage Match
The only way to win is by escaping the cage
Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy

The two Hardy brothers waste no time in going at each other and an all-out brawl ensues to start things off. Jeff comes out with the upper hand and pummels his brother into the corner and the advantage stays with him as he endlessly beats on Matt, taking out all his frustration. With Matt on the ground, Jeff moves to the opposite corner before running right towards the slumped body in front of him. He uses the ropes to launch himself into the air before sending his feet crashing into his brother’s face. The fans pop for the move and the pop grows louder as Jeff tries for the Twist of Fate to no avail. Matt counters, spinning them both back around and tackling his sibling to the ground.

Another fist fight breaks out and again it is Jeff who gets the upper hand. After a few hard blows, he grabs his brother, lifts him high into the air and then plants him face first into the ground. With Matt clenching at his face and ribs, Jeff takes the first opportunity to start climbing and quickly hops on to the top rope. He doesn’t get very far however as Matt is right behind him and yanks him back to his feet. Grabbing the back of his multi-colored head, he rams Jeff’s face into the unforgiving steel repeatedly, much to the displeasure of the fans who start to boo heavily. After several hard and vicious shoves, Matt lands one final shot before pulling back only to run over to the over side of the ring, Jeff still under his control and this time launches his entire body against the steel. Jeff crumbles to the ground and is wedged between the cage and ropes.

A sick little smile on his face, Matt quickly rushes over and begins stomping, kicking his brother over and over and over, ending with a hard kick to the head. With Jeff on the ground and stuck behind the ropes, Matt cockily climbs up the cage. His feet are on the top rope as he holds on to the top of the cage. Before he gets to jump however, Jeff kicks the ropes causing Matt to wobble and fall, his legs splitting the ropes. Matt cries out in pain, his eyes wide and balls blue as Jeff scrambles to his feet and starts bouncing his brother on the ropes. The fans pop hard for the move as Jeff finally bounces him for the final time before tugging at the ropes and sending Matt crashing to the ground holding his crotch. He yanks him to the middle of the ring and then climbs to the middle rope. He copies his brother’s taunt, no doubt adding insult to injury before jumping and landing a leg drop right across the chest of Matt.

With the momentum fully on his side, Jeff begins to climb once again, this time the cage. He dangles from the top and finally swings one leg over the edge. Everybody is on their feet as they see the elder Hardy stirring. Matt spots his brother who is almost out of the cage and scrambles over, pulling himself up with the ropes and catching Jeff’s other leg before he can swing it over. Jeff is now in a very precarious position with one leg hanging over the edge and his other stuck inside. Matt grabs the inside leg and sticks it between the metal framework at the top, effectively dangling his brother off the cage. With Jeff stuck, he climbs himself to straddle the metal himself. He pushes Jeff back in so that he is now dangling over the ring instead of outside and starts to get laid in, throwing punches all over. He grabs Jeff’s head and once again starts smacking it off the cage to huge heat.

After seeing that Jeff is going nowhere, Matt grows cocky and taunts to the fans. He takes a little too long though and is met with a swift kick to the back of the head. Jeff, using his free leg, lands another kick. Matt starts to hover dangerously close to the edge. Jeff kicks again sending his brother even closer to a steep drop. With one final big kick Matt goes crashing to the ring to a big pop. The bump looked a sore one but the fans are too busy willing and cheering Jeff on. The Enigma manages to unhook his leg and is now sitting upright on the framework. He gives a glance to the outside of the ring and then looks inside at his fallen brother. He seems torn but his decision quickly becomes clear as he gets to his feet and takes off his shirt to a high pitched squeal, likely from the ladies in attendance. Jeff taunts for his fans while JR and Cole are going nuts on commentary.

“Think about this, Jeff! You can win the match. YOU CAN WIN THE……OHHHHHHH!”

It’s all in vain for Jeff hits an absolutely incredible SWANTON BOMB from the top of the cage, practically killing both himself and his shuddering sibling on the floor. Loud Holy Shit chants immediately strike up as the camera zooms in on the devastation in the ring. Both men are motionless for a couple of minutes before Jeff finally starts to stir. Through bleary eyes he looks to the cage door and starts a desperate crawl over. He slowly begins to scratch his way over, getting closer and closer. He’s almost there but his foot is caught! The hysteria in the arena reaches fever pitch as Jeff pulls himself closer. He has his head out the door but Matt won’t let go. Jeff kicks him a few times, forcing him to loosen his grip and taking full advantage, Jeff hauls himself over and out of the ring to a HUGE pop. His theme music starts up while he lies in a heap outside the ring and his brother lays a heap inside it.

Winner – Jeff Hardy

We get a recap of Jeff’s amazing Swanton Bomb while the paramedics hit the ring to check on both brothers. After a few moments the shot switches to the back where Big Show is raging through the corridors yelling and screaming for CM Punk. From here things move to the Legacy locker room. The sight of the WWE Champion and his cohorts on the big screen receives an outpouring of heat as we see Orton pacing in front of Cody and Ted. He suddenly stops short and almost stares them down before letting the tiniest of smiles cross his face. “Tonight, we walk away with all the gold.” His statement brings a smile to the faces of the other two men who simply nod in agreement with their leader. Orton pats Ted on the shoulder and tells him to go and make him proud.


The United States Champion gets a great reaction from the St. Louis fans as he bursts through his little tent and prances to the ring. JR, King and Cole give a rundown of the recent happenings between MVP and Ted, mentioning Cody’s match with Rey Mysterio later tonight and of course the big tag team main event match too. A small MVP chant breaks out while he waits in the ring for his opponent.


The first of the Legacy boys does not receive any love at all as he walks onto the ramp to super heat and he isn’t alone. Cody Rhodes accompanies Ted to the ring and appears to be giving him a pep talk of sorts as they walk down the ramp. Both get inside the ring and stare down MVP who doesn’t back down for a second. The tension is quickly broken by the sound of Lilian Garcia who just had a little chat with the referee.

Lilian: Ladies and Gentlemen, Smackdown General Manager, Ric Flair has declared that Cody Rhodes has been banned from ringside.

A HUGE pop erupts for that announcement as both Ted and Cody throw a fit, instantly getting up in both Lilian and the referee’s faces.

Lilian: Also, if any member of the Legacy gets involved in any Legacy match tonight, their team member will lose that match.

A second huge pop rings out as the referee points to the ramp and orders Cody to split. Ted can only watch on helplessly as Cody follows the order and heads for the ramp.

Match 3
United States Championship
MVP (c) vs. Ted DiBiase

With Rhodes arguing the whole way up the ramp, the ref rings the bell and MVP takes advantage of Ted’s turned back and pounces with an immediate roll up. The Scottrade Center is going absolutely nuts as the ref starts the count.




Winner – MVP

Not even getting the chance to get fully up the ramp, Cody could only watch in shock as his partner was beaten so suddenly. He immediately sprinted to the ring and joined in the incessant arguing with the referee already being carried out by Ted himself. MVP is on the outside holding his title and celebrating with the delighted fans while the Legacy members throw a massive fit in the ring. They glare at MVP who simply takes his title and happily head to the back, slapping hands and smiling all the way while and irate Ted and Cody absolutely fume in the ring.

**Video Package**

**A black screen appears as two thunderous lightning bolts, one red and one blue appear at either side of the screen.**

Narrator: The landscape…

**The thunder bolts start to gain more power, buzzing and zapping around as they grow in size.**

Narrator: Is about…

**The bolts grow even bigger and are now going crazy on their respective side of the screen. Flashing images of WWE Superstars start to zip all over the place.**

Narrator: To change…

**Suddenly the two bolts burst from each side of the screen and ram right into one another in a great blue and red explosion. The WWE Draft logo erupts from the middle.**

Vince McMahon Voiceover: It’s time to shake things up again!

Narrator: The WWE Draft! A 3 hour special of Monday Night Raw, LIVE, April 27th at 9/8ct on USA!

**End Video Package**

The announcers hype up the draft before we get a recap of what just occurred between MVP and Ted DiBiase. After the video, there is still a buzz in the arena at the fact that Legacy pretty much got owned. That buzz generates a wonderful pop for the next guys out of the blocks.


Shad and JTG receive all sorts of love as they saunter their way to the ring looking confident heading in to their match. They taunt on the ropes for a few moments, smiling as another recap video is shown on the big screen of their victory over the Tag Champs on Smackdown.


The Unified Tag Team Champs hit the stage to impressive heat. The boys are not happy at all and practically storm to the ring, foregoing their usual taunting manner to the fans. They climb inside the ring and immediately hold their titles high in the air, shoving them in the faces of their opponents before handing them over so the match can begin.

Match 4
Unified Tag Team Championships
The Miz & John Morrison (c) vs. Cryme Tyme

The St. Louis fans were treated to a very fast paced start to this match with Morrison and JTG flying all over the ring. After an impressive aerial kick combination, Morrison stood tall with JTG on the ground. Not giving him a chance to get up, Morrison started in with kicks, kicking his opponent all over. He runs off the ropes and just as JTG is sitting up, nails a vicious looking knee to the face before making the tag to his partner. Miz cockily enters the ring and starts strutting around, slapping the back of JTG’s head a few times before running off the ropes and hitting a knee to the face of his own. He quickly goes for the cover…




JTG pushes his shoulder off the mat while Miz simply shrugs it off and gets back to his feet. He moves behind the other man and grabs his arms, yanking them backwards and pressing his knee into JTG’s lower back. Miz pulls back, torqueing his arms and holding them in position in a painful submission move. Seeing his partner in danger, Shad riles up the crowd, getting them to clap and cheer while JTG tries his best to wiggle to the ropes. After a few moments, he finally gets his foot under the bottom rope and Miz is forced to break the hold.





He finally releases but not without getting up in the referees face first! Miz drags JTG diagonally across the ring and then tags in Morrison who climbs to the top rope and lands a beautiful moonsault, earning himself a small pop despite his heelish ways. He makes the cover…




JTG kicks out again but only just. He really needs to make a tag and starts to crawl to his corner but is quickly pulled back and to his feet. Morrison locks him in and delivers a suplex before leaping back to his feet. He stand over the downed man’s head, jumps into the air, tumbles and comes back down to earth with a neck shattering leg drop. He pulls JTG up who is now slightly wobbling on his feet and gives him a nice hard slap to the face.

The fans boo loudly and the boos only grow louder as Morrison delivers a hard Russian leg sweep. He rolls out of the move and is back on his feet in a hiccup. Miz claps on the outside and then sticks his hand out, seemingly eager for a tag. Morrison obliges and Miz cockily steps into the ring once again. He whips JTG into the corner, taunts for a few seconds in the opposite corner before running and hitting a swinging corner clothesline. He lets himself dangle on the outside for a moment or two and then climbs to the top while JTG slides to the ground. Miz starts yelling at the fans at ringside and he takes way too much time for when he finally jumps into the air, JTG has just enough time to roll out of the way sending Miz crashing to the mat in a heap. Now the fans come alive as Shad works them into a frenzy in his corner.

Both JTG and Miz are now racing to make the tag first. Being the fresher of the two, Miz gets there just before JTG and tags in Morrison who races to the other side of the ring and yanks JTG back mere millimeters before he can make the tag. An audible groan of frustration rings around the Scottrade Center while Shad has a tiny fit on the apron. Morrison lifts JTG up and delivers several European uppercuts to the jaw. JTG is back on spaghetti legs and is taken to his knees. He is sent back to the mat when Morrison runs off the ropes and hits an enzuigiri, immediately going for another cover.




This time Shad breaks up the count to a huge pop. But he stupidly begins to argue with the referee giving Miz and Morrison a perfect excuse to double team his partner, both men landing stomp after stomp after stomp. Shad finally sees what’s going on and practically steamrolls through Miz, knocking him out of the ring. He lands a MASSIVE right hand on Morrison, sending him to the mat before finally going to the outside and reaching as far as he can go, desperate for the tag. Morrison makes it to his corner but Miz isn’t there! He’s still lying on the outside after getting knocked on his ass by Shad.

A great big pop rings out when JTG finally makes the tag and Shad enters the ring all fired up. He immediately grabs Morrison and starts venting with lefts and right, throwing him off the ropes and hitting a big boot to the face. Morrison is completely over-powered here as he is helplessly lifted high into the air. The fans pop in delight as Shad holds the other man above his head in an awesome looking military press before sending him crashing to the mat. The Shaman of Sexy can only grasp his back in pain as the onslaught continues. Shad grabs his hair and yanks him to his feet, bringing into position for Thugnificent but Miz is back in the ring and clobbers him from behind.

Things are starting to break down now with all four men in the ring. Miz and Morrison double team Shad but only until JTG manages to make the save. We get a standoff with Miz and Shad throwing bombs and Morrison and JTG throwing bombs too. Cryme Tyme get the upper hand and chuck Miz out of the ring. JTG heads to the outside to take care of him while Shad focuses on Morrison. On the outside however, Miz fights off JTG and throws him shoulder first into the steel steps. He quickly runs to his side of the ring and sticks his hand out. With Shad facing the other direction, Morrison makes the sneaky tag and takes the hit as Shad raises him high into the air and lands a powerbomb. He makes the cover but the referee points to Miz who is salivating behind him. Shad doesn’t get the chance to turn around as he is quickly grabbed and sent face first into the mat. JR mentions how this is Miz’s new finisher, the Skull Crushing Finale, as the man himself makes the cover.


JTG is just crawling into the ring…


He is desperately reaching over to break up the count…


He’s a fraction of a second too late.

Winners – The Miz & John Morrison

Miz greedily grabs both his and his partner’s title belts before rolling Morrison out of the ring and then propping him up in his shoulder. Morrison finally comes to and both men head back up the ramp victorious while the fans pour all sorts of heat on them and Cryme Tyme commiserate in the ring.

From here we move to a shot of the backstage area where Big Show is still walking around in a rage looking for CM Punk. He opens a few doors to nothing until he pulls up short. The camera man makes his way into the room and the Money in the Bank briefcase comes into view. A surprised and anxious pop fills the arena at the sound of a flushing toilet. CM Punk unknowingly walks into the shot and is instantly set upon by Show. The fans begin to boo loudly as Show starts laying a serious beat down. He grabs Punk and flings him hard into the sofa, knocking the whole thing back and Punk with it. With Punk on the ground, Show starts in again with the lefts and rights as a multitude of referees and officials flood the room trying to break it up. Show pushes them all away with one hand and yells loudly forcing the remaining refs to back off.

Enraged, he yanks Punk to his feet and just like he did before, launches him into the hard wall. Punk’s back makes a horrible thud and all he can do is slump to the floor, clearly out of it. Finally satisfied, Show gets to his feet. He spies the briefcase in the corner, the same briefcase that was used to beat him earlier tonight and lifts it up. He stares at it for a moment before smirking slightly and dropping it right next to Punk’s face. “Look at all the good it did you now,” he snarls before turning and leaving the room to absolutely MEGA heat.

Back in the arena, the announcers are almost silent at the viciousness of Show’s attack just now. They talk about it for a few moments before hyping up what is to come next; the announcement of the new Raw General Manager.


Chris Jericho receives a lot of the boos that were previously directed at Big Show upon his arrival on the stage. He cockily stalks to the ring, seemingly without a care in the world and climbs inside, demanding a microphone. He tells us all how he feels that he should be in the main event later tonight after what he has done for the WWE these past few weeks. He hopes and he knows that when he reveals the new Raw General Manager, that he will then get what he so rightfully deserves; a championship match. Wasting no time at all, Jericho points to the stage and welcomes the new GM to the ring…………………….


A surprised yet very nice pop welcomes Mick Foley back to the WWE as he does his usual little waddle down the ramp with a great big smile on his face. The older fans in attendance immediately start up the FOLEY chants which continue as he enters the ring and his music dies down. Jericho is seen rolling his eyes while a shaggy haired and casually dressed Foley just soaks in the great response from the fans. Finally deciding to just speak over everybody, Foley starts by saying how great it is to be back in the WWE and to make his return, “right here in St. Louis, Missouri!” to a huge pop.

Before he can go any further however, Jericho cuts in and tells him to quit with the cheap pops. He called him out here tonight so he could settle business, mainly, his right to a title match and when it’s going to happen. Foley, who is still receiving nothing but love from the fans shakes his head and says he isn’t quite sure if that’s going to happen but he’ll definitely take it under consideration. Jericho is enraged and starts to get all up in the new GM’s face telling him that this isn’t 1998 anymore and his glory days are over. “There are no cells for you to fly off here, Foley!” Mick simply shrugs it off and neutrally says that he won’t let Jericho ruin his first night on the job.

The two delve further into a war of words where Jericho threatens Foley, telling him that he had better hope he doesn’t end up on Raw until Foley cuts him off and basically orders him from the ring. Jericho refuses to go and Mick says that while he may be the Raw GM, he doesn’t officially start until tomorrow night which means that he is free to do whatever he wants, including……Mr. Socko makes an appearance and is quickly rammed down Jericho’s throat to a massive pop as the Foley chants start up again. After a few moments, Jericho retreats to the back with a look of disgust on his face while he pulls at his tongue and mouth in horror. Foley grabs the mic and tells everybody to enjoy the rest of the show, to tune in to the historic draft tomorrow night and to have a nice day!

**Video package**

Narrator: Law

Flashing image of the US Supreme Court

Narrator: Order

Flashing image of Lady Justice and her scales

Narrator: Justice

A loud bang emphasizes a gavel as it bangs hard on a desk

Narrator: Every choice they make

A series of images plays showing various superstars attacking each other

Narrator: Has a consequence

A sideways shot of somebody holding the scales of justice. Their face can’t be seen

Narrator: Now it is time

The camera sweeps around the scales in a 360 shot and slowly starts to move up revealing more and more of the person

Narrator: To face their Judgment

Everything goes black until Batista appears, holding the scales in his hand. He lets out a loud roar and in slow motion throws them directly into the screen. The broken mess quickly morphs into the Judgment Day logo.

Narrator: WWE Judgment Day! Live May 24th, only on PPV!

**End Video Package**


The Intercontinental Champion receives a huge pop as he appears on the ramp in the midst of a loud pyro bang! The kids are going crazy for Rey who spends time with a few on his way to the ring while Lilian Garcia makes the announcement for the match in the background. Rey hands his title over and seems very confident given the events that took place earlier tonight with MVP humiliating Ted DiBiase.


Cody Rhodes walks onto the entrance ramp in a fury, clearly all wound up from his partners loss earlier on and intending to do something about it. The second generation superstar wastes no time in getting to the ring.

Match 5
Intercontinental Championship
Cody Rhodes vs. Rey Mysterio(c)

Cody doesn’t even wait for the bell to ring and attacks Rey as he’s handing the title to the ref. Cody stays on him, leveling him to the ground and stomping an absolute mud hole and walking it dry according to JR. The fans erupt with super heat while Cody stomps and stomps and stomps, finally forcing to step in and pull him away. He lets out a frustrated yell and is visibly fuming. “You all think this is a joke? You think this is a joke!” he screams into Mysterio’s face, shoving him towards the corner and laying in with the stomps again. Just like last time, the referee has to step in and lays down the law, telling Cody that if he does it again the match is over.

Cody can be seen taking a deep breath as he turns around and cools off for a moment before slowly heading back to the corner. He reaches for Rey but gets a stiff kick to the face for his trouble. Rey pulls himself up and fights his way out of the corner with his patented kicks to the thighs. He moves them both back towards the middle of the ring, then runs off the ropes. He comes back and slides between Cody’s feet, kicking him in the back and sending him towards the ropes. The fans come alive as Cody is in perfect position for the 619. Rey calls for it, hyping up the Scottrade Center as he runs off the ropes. It looks like Cody is set to suffer the same fate as his partner earlier tonight but it is to no avail! Cody catches Rey’s legs before he can make contact and mercilessly dumps him out of the ring.

The action moves to the outside with Cody following Rey out. He grabs the smaller man and launches him into the steel steps. Rey is seen grasping at his knees and Cody smiles evilly. He lifts him up and sends him into the steps again, this time the force of the throw sending the steps crashing apart. Becoming aware of the referee’s count at number 7, Cody throws Rey back into the ring. He climbs inside goes straight for Rey’s legs, stomping a few times before rolling him over onto his stomach. The second generation superstar locks his leg around Rey’s bent one and then falls back to the mat, snapping the other man’s knee painfully. Cody’s game plan is obvious at this stage; he’s going to work on the legs. He gets back to his feet and grabs the leg he just worked on, lifting it high into the air and then slamming it down against the mat, repeating the motion again.

Not wasting a second, Rhodes flips Mysterio over to his back again and runs off the ropes, landing a knee drop right to the injured leg. Rey is yelling in pain and his cries only grow louder when he is locked into the figure four. The infamous Wooooo’s filter throughout the arena as Cody yanks back, trying his hardest to get maximum torque on the knee. The Wooooo’s turn into cheers of encouragement and the entire arena is shaking, just willing Rey to the ropes. Mysterio tries but he’s just too far. At this stage Cody has had the move locked on for a solid 2 minutes now. But Rey digs deep and then digs deeper again. In a herculean move, he starts trying to flip Cody over onto his front. The fans are at fever pitch, desperate for Rey to counter the move. He tries…..

Cody pulls him back!

He tries again…..

Cody grabs his head with one hand and starts punching with the other. He goes for one big final blow but Rey ducks it, the two men now entangled in a fist fight as well as the submission move. Rey throws right hands with everything he has, finally knocking Cody back and with one forceful push, rolls over!

Now Rhodes is locked in the move and the fans are going nuts as he desperately scrambles for the ropes and makes it there quickly. Both men break the hold but Rhodes is obviously first to his feet. He stalks back over to Rey but gets caught in a schoolboy.




Cody almost suffered the same fate as DiBiase earlier tonight but managed to kick out by the skin of his teeth. He gets back up starts arguing with the ref, giving Rey plenty of time to scamper to the ropes and pull himself up. He manages to hobble on one leg and leaps into the air when Rhodes approaches, hitting a beautiful hurricanrana. Cody is down and Rey bounces off the middle rope, flipping over in midair and landing in a lionsault almost. The Scottrade Center is alive with noise for Rey. He rolls under the bottom rope and stands on the ring apron, using his aerial ability to leap over the top rope, flip over in midair again and come crashing down on top of Cody. He goes for the cover.




Despite the kickout, the momentum has now fully switched to Rey’s side. He pulls Cody up but he counters with an eyerake. Rhodes throws Rey off the ropes and goes for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker but Mysterio uses his lightning fast speed to reverse the move into a headscissors takedown. Both men struggle back up with Cody going for the right hand but Mysterio ducks it and just like before, kicks the other man in the back sending him towards the ropes and into position for the 619. Rey runs towards him and hits it! The fans pop hard as Rey climbs to the top rope and sails through the air, hoping to hit a big splash. But Cody gets his legs up!

They are both down and out on the ground and breathing hard from this very exciting matchup. The 619 chants are shaking the building and Rey responds slowly hobbling back up to his good leg. As soon as he does however, Cody practically tackles him to the ground and goes straight back to work on the bad knee, punching it and hammering away with huge clubs. Rhodes gets up and starts in with the kicks again. A mean streak seems to have come over the Legacy member as he yanks Rey up and locks him into position for the Cross Rhodes which he lands! The fans boo the heck out of him as he just stands there looking down at Rey. Cole is imploring him to make the cover but he doesn’t.

Clearly unsatisfied, Cody drags Rey towards the ring post and slips outside, yelling at the ringside fans that he’s going to make an example of out their hero. Rhodes grabs the bad knee but before he can slam it into the ring post, Rey yanks his legs backwards and sends the younger man headfirst into the solid metal pole. The crowd erupts as Mysterio reaches out and pulls Cody back into the ring. This time he just throws him into the 619 position and wastes no time in hitting it the best he can considering his bad leg. Cody staggers backwards and Rey leaps off the top rope for a hurricanrana that is quickly transformed into a pin.




Rey retains the title in a hard fought contest. He celebrates with the fans as the ref hands him his title and Cody starts to come to on the mat, a look of shock on his face. He had the match won but his ego got in the way.

Winner – Rey Mysterio

We move to the backstage area where MVP can be seen watching a monitor with a big smile on his face while he claps his hands. A few moments later and Mysterio himself walks into the shot and the fans pop huge for the two champions who managed to outsmart the Legacy and retain their titles. From here however, things switch to the Legacy locker room which tells a completely different story. Ted is standing watching a little bit nervously as his leader paces angrily in front of him. The door to the room bursts open and Cody walks in with his hands on his hips and a look of defeat in his face. Silently stewing until that point, the WWE Champion erupts as he gets up in both of their faces. “You cannot be serious….you cannot BE SERIOUS! You both lose! This was supposed to be our night…we were supposed to walk out of Backlash, all of us, as champions and you both LOSE!”

Rhodes and DiBiase are visibly shaken as Orton continues to berate them before coming to a sudden and eerie calm. He creaks his neck and stares coldly between the two men to the wall behind them. Randy exhales heavily through his nose whilst staring them both dead in the eye. “Watch. And I’ll show you how it’s done.” The shot comes to a close with all three men staring at each other tensely.

Back in the arena and the announcers hype the crap out of the next match. A huge pop rings out as the graphic appears on the big screen. It’s the Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels.


The lights go out as the infamous gong of the Undertaker sounds around the arena.


A huge spurt of fire engulfs the stage area and a hooded figure emerges from the red blaze.


The legendary Undertaker slowly makes his way down the ramp in majestic form, aweing the fans in the Scottrade Center with his presence. The Deadman climbs into the ring after raising the lights and takes off his hat to a thunderous cackle of lightning. He removes his coat and hat and looks out at the sea of fans in the arena, some cheering for him, some booing. Taker uncharacteristically lets out a small chuckle before turning his complete attention to the top of the ramp.


His infamous music plays and the crowd comes alive with a huge pop for the Heartbreak Kid……..but he isn’t there. The confusion of the situation is apparent as Lilian stutters over the mic. The music cuts off and starts up again.


Around a minute goes by and still no HBK. By now the fans are restless and start booing. We all saw him arriving earlier tonight. HBK is in the building but where? The music cuts off again and there is a momentarily lull where nobody knows what’s going on.

Taker starts to pace around the ring, angrily getting in the referee’s face until a surprised pop filters out from the left side of the arena. It quickly spreads around the entire building as the Showstopper himself can be seen hopping over the barricade and sliding under the bottom rope. The tension is palpable as Taker slowly turns around......................


Some fans love it and cheer loudly while others boo their asses off. Shawn stands over Taker for a few moments, his face unreadable before he turns to Mike Chioda and orders him to ring the bell.

Match 6
No Holds Barred
The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels

The shocking start to this matchup has every fan on their feet already. Shawn seems to be muttering something to himself. He stands there a moment or two longer, then reaches down and yanks Taker up, running him over to the ropes and then tossing him outside. The tone has already been set. This thing is going to be an all-out brawl. HBK grabs the back of his opponents head and brings him to the announce table, smacking him face first into the table. JR and co. get the hell out of dodge as Shawn starts rearranging furniture, flipping the monitors off the table and clearing some space. He shoves Taker on to the table and slides his thumb across his throat to a loud mixed reaction. He can’t be motioning for the Tombstone Piledriver…….but he is!! Shawn lifts Taker up and into position…

But Taker reverses and now has HBK in position….

Just before he can hit the move, Shawn manages to wiggle his way out of the hold and slides down Taker’s back….

Taker turns around…

Shawn goes for Sweet Chin Music again….

But Taker ducks and wraps his hand around HBK’s neck!

Mr. Wrestlemania tries to wiggle free again but he can’t and Taker lifts him high into the air before sending him crashing through the table as both men fall to the floor.

A HOLY SHIT chant breaks out and JR can be seen having a coronary on commentary at the absolute manic way this match has started out. The HOLY SHIT chants evolve into split UN-DER-TAKER and HBK chants and it takes both men a minute or so to get back to their feet. Taker has fought off the cobwebs from the kick to the face earlier and takes control with a wild look in his eye. He grabs Shawn and starts launching him into everything available at ringside. The other announce table, the barricade, the ring post, the barricade again and finally the steel steps. Shawn hits them full force, knocking them apart as he lies there groaning in pain. Taker gives a swift kick to the gut as he reaches down and drags the steps to the other end of the ring towards the ramp where he sets them down just in front of the barricade at that end. He walks down and grabs HBK, intending to drag him down there also but Shawn breaks free and another fist fight breaks out. It’s clear that HBK isn’t going to win when it comes to the battle of the fists as Taker beats him down once more and takes control. He sets him up against the barricade, takes a few steps back and then runs full force….

But Shawn ducks and sends Taker over his shoulders. The Deadman crashes to the concrete floor in the middle of the fans with a heavy smack. HBK sees him lying there gasping for air and the light bulb seems to go off in his head. He climbs the barricade and stand tall. The fans start to pop loudly as it becomes clear what he intends to do. The Showstopper throws his hands into the air and the Scottrade Center can only look on in awe as he sails through the sky before crashing down to the concrete and driving his elbow right through Taker’s black heart. Another HOLY SHIT chants erupts as Taker shivers on the ground at the impact and Shawn is immediately up to his feet and holding his side in pain. If things continue like this, this match isn’t going to last very much longer. HBK walks around for a few moments, trying to block out the pain in his hip.

A replay shows and we can clearly see that all the impact from the fall was directed on to his hip and side. While Taker took the brunt, Shawn didn’t get off unscathed either. Taker starts to stir and is struggling to his feet. HBK grabs his head and yanks him up, dragging him over to the barricade again and seems set to chuck him over. He goes for the Irish whip but Taker reverses, sending him crashing into the hard barricade with a heavy smack. Taker is on him again in an instant, repeating the action and this time clotheslining him right over. Shawn flips over the barricade and lands directly onto the steel steps that were placed there earlier with a sick thud. With HBK on the ground, Taker takes a moment to lean over and get his breath back before stepping over the barricade. Now both men are back in the ringside area.

Taker yanks his opponent up. He looks over his shoulder and once again launches HBK flying into the opposite barricade. Shawn immediately holds his side in agony and all of a sudden, as if a huge target appeared on his hip, Taker was in like a shot with kick after kick after kick after kick to the injured hip and side. Grabbing the other man by the head, Taker yanks him up and then throws him into the ring. He takes one arm and one leg, then pulls so that HBK’s side in pressing into the ring post before pulling back as hard as he can and stretching his opponent out across the hard steel post. Shawn is screaming in agony but Taker doesn’t let up, continuing to torque back and inflict as much damage as possible to that hip. After a minute or so, he finally releases the hold. A pop rings out as Taker begins to look under the apron, pulling out trash cans, steel chairs, a table and some more steel chairs. Deciding on a chair for now, he grabs it and rolls back into the ring.

Shawn is still down, both hands grabbing at his injured hip. His eyes grow wide when he sees Taker approaching with a steel chair in his hand. He manages to get to the ropes and pull himself half way up, reaching out and kicking Taker in the gut when he finally gets within touching distance. Shawn gets another kick in and is now finally fully upright. He starts in with punches now, pushing his opponent back a few steps before running off the ropes and hitting a flying forearm to the face. Taker drops the chair as he falls to the mat with Shawn lying right beside him. HBK tries for the kip up but immediately falls back down again and holds his hip in agony. The fans boo at the failed attempt but those boos only turn to anxious yells as Shawn finally gets back to his feet the hard way only to be met with a steel chair right to the ribs. Shawn goes down and is completely vulnerable now.

The Deadman stands over his opponent, just like Shawn stood over him at the start of the match. He waits a few moments, and then raises the chair high into the air before sending it right into the ribs again and again. Taker throws the chair away and goes for the first cover of the match.




Somehow, Shawn manages to kick out. In a rather heelish moment, Taker lets out a small smile and looks down, a little gleam showing in his eyes. He gets up and slowly walks over to the mangled chair, picking it up again and wedging it into the corner between the top and middle ropes. He pulls HBK up by the hair and continuing with his assault on the ribs and hip area, Irish whips him right into the chair. Shawn flips up onto the top rope and ends up half dangling off in a very precarious position. With his midsection exposed, Taker steps in with his fists up and goes to town with the lefts and rights, practically punching him back to a heap on the mat. Taker grabs his leg and pulls him to the middle of the ring and goes for another cover.




Another kickout and this time, the little smile isn’t there. Taker is all business. He tosses Shawn out of the ring but takes a little too much time getting out himself for Shawn grabs hold of one of the various items littered around ringside, a trash can, and smacks Taker right in the head as he reaches through the ropes to grab onto him. Half the arena cheers while the other half boos, everybody still split right down the middle regarding these two legends. Taking a moment on the outside to catch his breath, Shawn looks around at all the weapons on the floor and then starts launching them into the ring like a maniac.

He rolls under the bottom rope and lifts a trashcan, stalking Taker as he gets to his feet before hitting him again. The flimsy metal dents easily and Shawn lands one more shot with that trash can, then lifts up another one. With Taker on the other side of the ring, he just throws it over, whacking him right in the face. This thing has broken down and a cheer rings out as this time Shawn picks up a steel chair. He rubs at his ribs and more specifically his side, which is already starting to show deep purple bruising, then back at the chair. Taker is on one knee and just when he makes up to both feet, Shawn lands a brutal chair shot right to the head sending him right back down to the mat again. HBK wastes no time in making the cover.




Taker kicks out to a loud pop and as Shawn moves out of the way we can clearly see that the Deadman has been busted wide open at the hands of that chair shot. Shawn rolls out of the ring and to the outside where he starts looking under the ring. He pulls out a kendo stick, then reaches under again and pulls out a sledgehammer. A huge pop rings out at the sight of the sledgehammer and Shawn looks at it for a moment, then out to the crowd as a rather substantial TRIPLE H chants breaks out for the man who is synonymous with this particular weapon and the man who is very good friends with the one currently holding it.

With his mind made up, Shawn throws the hammer into the ring and finally pulls out a table for good measure, sliding it under the ring before climbing back inside. Taker has only just stumbled to his feet and is wearing the proverbial crimson mask with a pool of blood at his feet where he just lay. Shawn abandons the weapons for a moment and throws the other man off the ropes for an atomic drop. With Taker on spaghetti legs, Shawn actually moves to the corner and looks set to deliver some Sweet Chin Music!!

But Taker dodges the move and steps behind HBK who turns around and is immediately put into position for the Last Ride.

Taker hoists him up into the air but Shawn is struggling……and still struggling…….

Until he finally manages to slide down and get out of the move.

In an instant he nails Sweet Chin Music directly to the jaw and Taker hits the deck as Shawn makes the cover and the fans go nuts.




At the very last ¾’s of a second Taker manages to get his arm up off the mat. Now it is HBK’s turn to show a little frustration. He gets to his feet and heads straight for the table, setting it up diagonally in front of the corner. He turns his focus back to the man still lying on the mat and grabs his bloodied head, throwing him onto the table. Shawn lands some right hands before slowly climbing to the top rope. Ever the Showstopper, he panders to the fans but does so for a few moments too long, giving Taker time to roll off the table to his knees. HBK climbs back down in annoyance and goes back to the right hands but Taker fights back, forcing them both into the corner. Taker lifts Shawn up and sets him on to the top rope and slowly starts to climb up too. He gets on to the second rope before he gets knocked back down again.

The two men are embroiled in a desperate struggle to get the upper hand and avoid a crash landing through the table behind them and eventually it is the Undertaker who seems to gain control. Standing on the bottom rope, he manages to get the other man into the Last Ride position once again. Shawn tries to fight out once more but this time to no avail. In one swift motion, Taker raises him up high into the air, jumps off the rope and spins in the air while lowering Shawn to the ground. In perfect time, HBK is sent through the table with a loud thud, broken pieces of wood flying all over the place while the fans start chanting UN-DER-TAKER. The man himself falls to the side while HBK convulses on top of the destroyed table. Painstakingly slowly, Taker starts to crawl towards his opponent and reaches one arm over his chest for the cover.




Holy shit what a near fall!! All of the commentators are nearly having a conniption at the announcer’s desk and the fans in attendance are holding their heads in disbelief. We get a shot of referee Mike Chioda just standing there looking on with a solemn expression while both Undertaker and HBK lie on the mat motionless for a few moments. Finally, Taker begins to stir and tries with all he’s got to get back up. Shawn follows suit, using the ropes to pull himself upright. Both men are now back on their feet and a staggering and bloody Deadman throws the first punch, knocking the other man off the ropes. But HBK comes back with a right hand off his own.

Half the arena cheers, half the arena boos. After a moment or two, Taker retaliates to the same reaction. For the next minute or so, both men start trading bombs, back and forth, back and forth until the stronger striker of the two gets the upper hand. Taker lands a huge right hand, then another, sending Shawn stumbling backwards. When he comes forward again, Taker wraps his big hand around the other man’s neck and the arena comes alive with noise as he goes for the chokeslam. Unlike earlier however, Shawn manages to counter, grabbing hold of the ropes and pulling, sending them both over the top and to the ground below in front of the announce table. HBK struggles back to his feet first and grabs Taker’s head, sending him face first into the ring post and deepening the already terrible gash in his head.

With the Deadman on the ground, Shawn turns his attention to the remaining announce table. A huge pop filters around the arena when he starts to remove the loose ends so that the table is bare. Lifting his opponent up, HBK stands him right in front of the table. He looks around for a moment or two and spots an already mangled trashcan. Lifting it up, he hammers out the dents and then places it right over Taker’s head before stepping back and nailing an immediate Sweet Chin Music, the third on the match!! Taker is sent flying backwards and lands, sprawled out on the table with the dented trashcan still on his head. With the roar of the crowd spurring him on, once again the Showstopper starts to climb the top rope.

JR is screaming for him not to do it….

Some fans are looking on through the gaps in their hands….

Shawn has finally reached the top rope…..

Taker hasn’t moved a muscle….

Shawn crosses himself before swallowing hard and jumping off the top rope, sailing through the air as if in slow motion before crash landing right through Taker once again with the flying elbow.

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!

The Scottrade Center is alive with noise as both men lay shivering in the mess that was the Spanish announce table. The trashcan has finally fallen off and we can see Taker lying there bloodied and beaten but more importantly, not moving. Shawn is right next to him, kicking his feet in agony as he holds on desperately to his very injured side. With agonizing slowness, he starts to roll Taker towards the ring. It takes a good two minutes or so as Taker is dead weight at this stage. Finally they are both back inside the ring and Shawn slings an arm across his opponent, knowing that it’s over.




The roof literally blows off the place as Taker kicks out! He kicks out! This is crazy. Just what is it going to take to put either man away? HBK is visibly shaken and starts yelling NO over and over again. His protest only grows louder when Taker miraculously sits up and looks right at him to a huge pop. They hold the other’s gaze for a few intense seconds before Shawn pounces, swinging for the fences with everything he has left. But it isn’t enough. Taker seemingly effortlessly tosses him back and slowly struggles back to his feet and WALKS RIGHT INTO A SLEDGEHAMMER SHOT!! A SLEDGEHAMMER SHOT!! Taker instantly hits the deck while Shawn crumbles on top of him, the hammer dropping out of his hand as the referee makes the count.




Winner – Shawn Michaels

A huge pop rings out as practically the entire arena cheers and claps in appreciation for the war these two legends just went through. Neither man moves with HBK just lying there, staring up at the roof with Taker out of it beneath him. The camera slowly fades to black.

**Video Package**

A slow motion, black and white shot of an empty arena appears on the screen.

CM Punk Voiceover: All my life…

The camera moves to the stage which is in darkness.

CM Punk Voiceover: This is the only thing I ever wanted to do.

CM Punk himself walks out onto the stage and looks out at the empty arena.

Randy Orton Voiceover: I was born with the blood of this industry flowing through my veins.

We see Randy Orton sitting on the steps of the arena. He lifts his head and looks across to the dark stage.

Rey Mysterio Voiceover: Where I come from, this business is a religion.

The camera pans to the darkened ring where Rey Mysterio stands in the middle holding his hands in prayer.

John Cena Voiceover: I come to this place every day because I love it. This is everything to me.

Things move to the outside now where John Cena is arriving to the building and opening the door to walk inside as he speaks.

We see a rolling image of Punk, then Orton, then Rey and then Cena.

The camera moves, coming into color and starting on the outside with Cena who morphs into fans entering the arena for a show. It passes on to Orton on the steps who also morphs into fans taking their seats as the excitement builds. After a quick sweep over the backstage area we move to CM Punk who walks onto the stage to the roar of the noisy crowd in the background. The shot finally comes to a close with Mysterio in the ring looking around him in awe.

CM Punk Voiceover: This…

Randy Orton Voiceover: This…

Rey Mysterio Voiceover: This…

John Cena Voiceover: Is World Wrestling Entertainment.

The WWE logo slowly emerges onto the screen.

John Cena Voiceover: This…is WWE.

**End video package**


A modest pop rings out for the WWE Women’s Champion, Melina who carries out her usual entrance to the ring complete with cameras and the red carpet. She hits the splits on the ropes which garners a much louder pop before stepping into the ring and awaiting her opponent.


Michelle McCool walks onto the stage and down the ramp looking all kinds of cocky heading into this match-up. She taunts on the turnbuckle, then steps off to come face to face with the champ and goes on to taunt some more, rubbing the fact that she got beat by Beth Phoenix on Smackdown right in her face. The referee steps between the two before signaling for the bell.

Match 7
WWE Women’s Championship
Melina (c) vs. Michelle McCool

The match starts out with both women circling each other around the ring with even more taunting from McCool. Finally Melina has enough and sprints across, taking the other woman down with a spear. She grabs her head and starts banging it off the mat repeatedly before getting to her feet. Melina puts one foot on McCool’s hair, then grabs her arms and yanks her up causing the other woman to scream out in pain. The referee lets the hold go on for a few seconds before starting a 5 count at which point Melina lets go but not without a little smile on her face.

But she takes too much time reveling in what she just did and when she walks over to start the attack again, gets a nice big kick in the head for her trouble. McCool gets to her feet, scowling down at the other woman and holding the back of her head. She stomps over and picks her up off the floor and lands a belly to belly suplex. The blonde runs off the ropes and hits a leg drop, right across the neck and then goes for the cover.



Melina kicks out!

Michelle sits the other woman up and moves behind her, wrenching her arms back and sticking her knee into the back of her head for added pressure. She manages to lock in the hold for a good minute or so until Melina is finally able to struggle her way to the ropes and stick her bottom foot under, forcing McCool to let go. Melina slowly gets to her feet and is thrown into the corner where McCool mounts the second rope and starts in with big punches to the face.






She’s getting cocky now, mussing Melina’s hair with a big smile on her face.





McCool rears back her hand, obviously going for a slap but takes WAY too much time and gets knocked on her ass. The fans pop as Melina now hops to the second rope and jumps off, crashing down onto the other woman in a big splash. She stays on her and goes for the cover.



McCool kicks out!

Now with the upper hand, the brunette lands a few kicks before yanking her opponent up. Melina hits a snapmare driver and then gives McCool a stiff kick right to the face when she sits up again. She lets out a primal scream which garners a pretty nice reaction from the fans as she yanks McCool to her feet. Michelle tries to break free and throws her opponent into the ropes but Melina runs back with a body scissors where she finally lands on her feet, kicks the other woman in the gut and then jumps on her back facing forwards for the Last Call. Michelle goes down hard and Melina makes the cover.




Winner – Melina

The Women’s Champion retains and celebrates in the ring with McCool at her feet. As the refs check on McCool the graphic for the main event flickers onto the screen and a huge pop rings out around the arena as the video package for the match begins to play. There is a quiet anticipation in the air when the video is over and all eyes turn to the stage as Lilian runs over the rules.


A HUGE roar erupts for the CeNation Commander who energetically bounces onto the stage with all guns blazing. Cena looks out at the fans and smirks. It’s about 80% in his favor tonight and with a great big smile on his face, he races to the ring runs the ropes, pausing to throw his cap out to the ringside area and following suit with his shirt which garners a very high pitched pop. Cena stands in the ring and looks around him, suddenly growing serious and awaits the rest of the match participants to arrive.


The Animal, Batsita, explodes onto the ramp to an equally impressive reaction. Big Dave jumps in a circle at the top of the stage before jutting out his leg and firing his pyro into the air behind him, the entire arena lit up red. He pumps his fist into the air for the final blow before walking down the rest of the ramp and climbing into the ring. His face is deadly serious and he looks fucking pumped as hell, glaring at his partner for the night across the ring. His music comes to a close and the camera focuses in on both men who are staring each other out in the middle of the ring while the fans go absolutely nuts for the confrontation.


The World Heavyweight Champion interrupts the current staring competition between the two and steps out from the back to an outpouring of heat. His face is almost solemn as he stops halfway down and raises his hands in the air as the pyro shoots off behind him. Edge slowly walks to the ring and climbs onto the ring apron, his eyes locking on to the two men pacing around inside. He tentatively steps into the ring and keeps his distance but not without engaging in a war of words. All three men are getting in each other’s faces when the arrival of the WWE Champion puts an immediate stop to everything.


The hometown boy receives possibly the biggest reaction of the night as he steps on to the stage and methodically makes his way to the ring. The smarks in attendance are cheering their ass off for him while the rest are either booing or clapping in spite of themselves. Lilian announces Orton from St. Louis and a MASSIVE pop rings out. The Champion seems completely unfazed and enters the ring, his expression unreadable. A rather large RKO chant springs up and everybody in the ring starts looking around them, everybody but Mr. Orton who keeps his eyes focused on the gold in his hands.

With all four men in the ring, we are good to go. Cena and Batista take up their side while Edge and Orton take up theirs. Referee Mike Chioda steps forward and takes the belts off both champions. He holds them up in the air then hands them over to the time keeper. He looks to both teams and asks if they are ready to begin. Edge and Orton quickly decide that Orton will start the match for their team but Cena and Batista have fallen into a heated argument. Finally Cena has enough and shoves past his partner, walking to the center of the ring and yelling, “C’mon!” Chioda takes that as enough of a cue and rings the bell, forcing Batista to the apron and he doesn’t look the least bit happy about it.

Main Event
WWE and World Heavyweight Championships on the line
John Cena & Batista vs. Edge(c) & Randy Orton(c)

With Batista on the apron, looking on in obvious disgust and Edge in the opposite corner looking full of trepidation, the match begins with Orton and Cena staring holes at each other across the ring. They slowly walk towards the center, getting closer and closer until they are nose to nose. Those rooting for their hometown guy fire up another loud RKO chant to which Cena turns and looks around him. Orton takes his chance to punch and smacks him right in the face with a right hand. This thing has finally started!

The WWE Champion follows up his first shot with a round of others, knocking his opponent back onto the ropes. Orton whips Cena off the ropes and when he bounces back hits the most beautiful dropkick you’ll ever see. The Viper immediately goes for the cover.


Cena kicks out!

Both men are quickly back to their feet and move to opposite sides of the ring again, Orton looking on with his cold yet brazen eyes and Cena holding the side of his face in slight annoyance at what just occurred. They lock up and this time Cena gains the upper hand, using his brute strength to whip Orton into the ropes and when he comes back, he back body drops him up over his head and to the mat. Now it is Orton’s turn to look on in annoyance as they both get to their feet again. Orton stays focused while Cena lets out a small laugh and shakes his head. He takes a few steps back and is instantly tagged on the shoulder by his partner. The tension in the arena is palpable as Batista climbs into the ring and engages in a hard stare down with Cena who isn’t the least bit happy about what he did. The two start arguing again while Cena steps out of the ring and Orton takes advantage, clobbering Batista from behind. He grabs his legs and pulls him to the middle of the ring, running off the ropes and landing a big knee to the face.

Orton runs off the ropes again and lands another big knee to the face. With Batista on his back on the mat, the Viper begins to pace all around him. The Champion stomps on his wrist hard. He walks to the right side and stomps that wrist too before moving to his ankles, stomping both of them. As if he were consumed with anger, Orton begins stomping all over his opponents limbs in a blind rage. Left wrist, right wrist, right ankle, left ankle. Over and over until finally landing a huge kick to the gut. Orton stares over at Cena on the apron as he holds on to Batista’s legs for leverage and kicks him again and again before throwing his legs to the ground and looking down at him coldly. He looks to his own apron this time and seeing Edge with his hand stuck out, slaps it for the tag to heavy boos. He reaches down and lifts Batista up, both of them throwing him off the ropes and hitting a stiff shoulder block knocking him right back down again. Orton steps out of the ring and Edge takes control.

The Rated R Superstar gets in a few stomps of his own before flipping Batista over on to his stomach. Edge moves to Batista’s legs and grabs the left one, wrenching it back into a half Boston Crab like maneuver. The Animal is clawing at the mat, his face contorted in pain as he tries to fight his way out of the move. He reaches around and manages to grab hold of Edge’s hair. Both men stay the way they are for a few moments before they are both forced to let go. Batista immediately rolls to the outside to catch a break while Edge gets back to his feet and looks down at his opponent. Walking up the steps, Batista has another stare down with Cena on the apron before climbing back into the ring. He doesn’t get a second to breathe for Edge is on him instantly. The Champion manages to get in a few shots before getting unceremoniously knocked back on his ass.

Now Batista takes control, yanking Edge up and twisting his arm back into a hammerlock. He kicks the other man in the back of the leg, bringing him to his knees and the runs off the ropes for the big boot. The impact quickly puts Edge on the ground but Batista lifts him right back up again for a suplex. The Animal holds Edge upside down in the air for a good 20 seconds or so, drawing an impressed pop from the fans and allowing all the blood to rush to the other man’s head before ending the move with a heavy thud. Cena sticks his hand out, looking for the tag and Batista looks at him, considering it for a moment before shaking his head and running off the ropes for an elbow drop. Some fans start to boo the fact that he wouldn’t tag in and Cena starts to pace angrily on the apron. Batista lifts Edge up again by wrapping his hands around his neck and basically wrenching him to his feet. He then lifts him into the air for a modified chokehold for a few moments before slamming him right back down to the mat again. With the Champion on the mat and holding all over his body in pain, Batista walks to the ropes and shakes them to a huge cheer. Everybody knows what’s coming next……..but he strays too close to his own corner and this time Cena stretches out and tags himself in. The former boos just turn into noise as Cena steps into the ring and once again comes face to face with his partner. Seeing both of them engaged in another war of words, Edge quickly crawls to his corner and makes the tag.

Orton tries to go for the sneak attack but Cena sees him coming over Batista’s shoulder and pushes his partner out of the way to nail Orton right in the face. The Champion goes down and Batista just looks at him, then back to Cena with a small look of appreciation on his face for Cena having just saved his ass. The Animal steps out of the ring and the winds of change seems to be in the air as Cena lifts Orton up and whips him off the ropes. Can he and Batista get their act together and start working as a team to take him the gold? As Orton comes running back, Cena nails a hard shoulder block. Orton gets up and runs into the same again. The fans come alive with noise as Cena lifts Orton up for his spin out powerbomb, planting him in the center of the ring. The CeNation Commander looks around the Scottrade Center with a smile on his face. He raises his hand into the air, then waves it in front of his face. “You Can’t See Me!” Cena runs off the ropes and hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle to a great cheer. He moves behind Orton, stalking him as he slowly gets to his feet. Orton stumbles around and Cena lifts him up into position for the FU but he wriggles out of it, slipping down Cena’s back and wrapping his arm around his neck for his signature inverted headlock back breaker.

The Champion now takes control, lifting Cena up and hitting a stiff European uppercut. He throws him off the ropes and delivers a fast power slam, going for the first real pin cover of the match.



Cena kicks out!

With both men on the ground, Orton wraps his arm around Cena’s neck for a headlock. Cena struggles for a few seconds until Orton falls back onto the mat and wraps his legs around Cena’s waist, locking in the body scissors as well as the headlock. Both Edge and Batista start to yell for their partners while the fans begin to cheer, some willing Cena on and some willing Orton to choke him out. The Viper’s eyes are wild as he wrenches back hard, trying desperately to choke the life out of his opponent. Cena’s arms flail around helplessly, his face turning red, then purple as he loses the battle for air. His arms grow limp and slowly fall to the mat. Orton doesn’t let up, continuing to choke and squeeze and the ref is forced to intervene. Chioda raises Cena’s arm into the air and watches as it flops to the ground.


Orton starts rearing back relentlessly now, feeling the life slip out of Cena who isn’t moving at all. Chioda repeats his previous action, raising Cena’s arm and watching as it falls to the ground.


The WWE Champion lets out a loud yell as he rears back as hard as he can. Chioda reaches for Cena’s arm once again but Batista breaks up the move by kicking Orton right on the back of the head.

The fans cheer loudly as Orton gets up and walks right into a spine buster! Batista desperately shouts for Cena to make the tag while getting forced back to his corner. While the referee is busy with Batista, Edge gets into the ring and pulls Cena towards his own corner, making sure he is as far away from making a tag as possible. Both Cena and Orton are down on the mat and slowly trying to crawl to their respective sides of the ring but Orton is a lot closer and grabs hold of Cena’s leg, preventing him from going anywhere. He reaches back and makes the tag to Edge who quickly gets in the ring and starts stomping on Cena. The Heavyweight Champion picks Cena up and drags him to the corner, banging his head off the turnbuckle before setting him up on to the top rope. Edge starts to climbs and the two men are teetering on the ropes, both punching and fighting for dominance. Cena lands a big right, then another and finally just head butts the other man, knocking him to the mat. Taking a moment to catch his breath, Cena then stands up on the top rope, waits for Edge to start getting back to his feet and then jumps high into the air, crashing back down to the ground with a leg drop right to the back of Edge’s head.

Seemingly having won the majority of the crowd over at this stage, the fans begin to desperately chant for the CeNation Commander as he agonizingly slowly starts to move for his corner.

Edge is flat out on his back.

Cena crawls….

Edge grabs hold of his foot…

Cena kicks him square in the face….

And finally leaps across the ring to make the tag!!

The Scottrade Center ERUPTS for The Animal who explodes into the ring with a big time flurry of offense; a series of hard punches, a big boot to the face and finally a thunderous running clothesline. Edge is on the ground and Batista is in full control. He sticks out his thumbs before turning them down and letting out a visceral roar. Grabbing Edge’s head, he sticks it between his legs and goes to life him up for the Batista Bomb but is instead met with a chop block to the back of the leg by Randy Orton. Orton and Edge quickly go for the double team until Chioda forces them off and order Orton out of the ring. He doesn’t have to do anything though as John Cena barrels ahead at full speed taking both himself and the WWE Champion to the outside. The two men brawl for a few moments until out of nowhere, Orton hits an RKO, planting Cena’s face right to the hard ground. He spins around and practically seethes right over his opponent’s head before turning his attention to the ring and what’s going on inside.

Taking full advantage of his partner’s interruption, the Ultimate Opportunist grabs Batista and manages to lift him up for an electric chair drop. Immediately he goes for the cover.



Batista powers out!

Letting the other man slowly get back to his feet, Edge waits, then stands side on and lands a Russian leg sweep. He quickly gets up and heads to the top rope, obviously intending to hit a high impact move. He waits, letting The Animal get fully upright before leaping off the top rope only to get drilled with a fucking awesome looking SPEAR! A loud pop rings out for the massive collision in the ring and Batista barely manages to make a cover.



Thre…..Orton breaks it up!!

That was close, very close. Orton quickly moves to head back to the ring apron but is turned around by Batista who nails him with a right hand. Batista grabs him by the back of the head and throws him to the outside, over beside his own corner. At the same time, Cena has finally managed to get himself back up on the apron after the RKO and is basically just hanging there, his hands dangling over into the ring as he tries to get his bearings back. While throwing Orton over the top rope, Batista back makes contact with Cena’s hand. Chioda sees it and signals that a tag has been made. There is a slight moment of confusion until Cena twigs on and steps into the ring. Batista follows Orton to the outside and starts taking the fight to him there, throwing him into the barricade and going to town with lefts and rights.

Inside the ring, the fans are watching with baited breath as Edge bounces up and down on his knees in the far corner, just waiting to pick his spot. Cena turns around from the chaos going on outside and Edge immediately runs at full speed but Cena reacts quickly for a drop toe hold. In a repeat of their great match on Raw earlier this week, Cena rolls through to the STF! The Scottrade Center is going nuts as Cena tries to lock it in but he can’t! Desperate to avoid falling victim to the same fate he did before, Edge fights with everything he has and gets to the ropes. Cena breaks the hold, gets up and starts pulling the other man back to the center of the ring again. But Edge kicks him square in the face, knocking him back a few steps and when he turns around again, Edge hits the SPEAR! Edge hits the spear on Cena and goes for the cover!


Batista is getting back into the ring.


He is just about to break up the pin fall when he gets caught from behind as Orton hits another RKO!


Edge and Orton retain!

Winner – Edge and Randy Orton

The fans slowly come down from the high the last few minutes of the match threw at them and start to boo the scene in the ring. Cena is on the mat holding his gut, Batista is not far from him holding his head, Orton is leaning against the ropes catching his breath and Edge is on his knees over Cena, one hand in his hair and a huge smile on his face. Mike Chioda takes the titles from the time keeper and hands each one to its respective owner. The closing image of the PPV is met with heavy boos as Randy Orton stands to the left of Chioda holding his WWE Championship high in the air and Edge stands to the right doing exactly the same with his World Heavyweight Championship.

Backlash Results

CM Punk def. The Big Show
Jeff Hardy def. Matt Hardy
MVP def. Ted DiBiase
The Miz & John Morrison def. Cryme Tyme
Rey Mysterio def. Cody Rhodes
Shawn Michaels def. The Undertaker
Melina def. Michelle McCool
Edge & Randy Orton def. John Cena & Batista
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