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Re: ROH on SBG Discussion Thread

The first match was ridiculous IMO. I didn't like the opening bout at all.

The double moves were overdone to the point where it was just unbelievable. There was this one when I can't remember if it was Cole or O Reilley but he did this thing where he made one Bravado brother leg whip the other. It just looked....fake.

Then this one spot in particular made me just wanna facepalm. O Rilley grabs one of the Bravado bros. does some rolling suplex thing, then he hands him to Cole who spike DDT him then germans him right after. And in the end, the guy just no sell all that offense so Cole could fly through the ropes. The last 2 minutes or so was just a bunch of no selling.

And of course like all spotfest tag matches, they guys are so tough that they can take all the punishment being dished out to them such a DDT immediately followed by a german, but they can't even take a leg sweep/clothesline combo.

I see a lot of potential in Adam Cole, I really do but he needs to stop trying so hard to appeal to the 1,000 or so indy marks. The tag match was horrid. But hey the ROH fans in attendance loved it and I guess that's all that really matters.

Nonetheless it was a good show and I do wish ROH the best. It's about time we get some damn good competition. TNA is utter shit and as much as I don't like the style of wrestling in ROH, I rather sit through it and complain about the lack of storytelling and selling by some guys than have to sit through the garbage TNA puts out on a weekly basis.

Originally Posted by StylinProfilin View Post
ROh want tme to pay 8 a month to watch there show?

Good luck with that.
This is why ROH should stop pandering to the IWC, their biggest downfall. They're not even willing to pay $8 a month, how the heck do you expect them to pay $45 for PPVs?

Why try to please 1,000 people when you can please 100,000? ROH will never grow and it's sad for me to say it but it's the damn truth.

They have no guys that can talk and you have to be able to talk the fans into the building. It's easy as pie to talk a 1000 purists into the building, but what about the other 100,000 fans that's actually gonna make you money and make your company grow.

But I guess ROH doesn't care bout talkers cause they have wrestlers, right? It's a stupid bullshit mentality. Davey Richards and Brisco Brothers were terrible during their promos. You have to be able to talk. It's a fact.

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