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Re: WWE 2004: Road to WrestleMania XX

Monday Night Raw Review

I'm liking Trips still being the number one contender, and I think you'll start to work Benoit into this Rock/Evolution feud soon hopefully.

I like that you went down the respect route here, and actually managed to get the hostile fans on the side of Shawn. Benoit vs Michaels would be great to see again, and I hope Michaels does earn himself another shot down the line. The chemistry between the three men you had there was good, and you seemed to capture Triple H very well, I really liked the line about the belt being his life.

Maybe some friction between La Resistance? It seems that Conway would be the one that is left out, but he was the one that seemed the most defiant about being Tag Champ.

I like this little Lance Storm bits, really going down the route that this is his night.

Ah, 2 Canadian Divas going at it, and really this can just give Trish a little boost, as she can now say she is Canada's finest.

Christian being pushed to the WHC scene? Sounds good, but we'll just have to see if he can hang with Benoit in the main event. I think that Christian still has some unfinished business with Eugene first, which could lead to a possible match down the line.

Ah okay, I'm glad that TWGTT retained, and I see that this was one of the few ways that they could keep the titles in a Tables match against The Dudleys. Showing off Bull and Chuck as well as La Resistance gives us a good look at your tag team division, and it is good there are at least 4 teams here, all of whom could contend for the straps.

The interview was good, and the way Benoit and Christian reacted hyped up the main event even more, and highlighted just how important it is for Christian to impress.

Orton is being built perfectly in your thread. Having a Hell in a Cell victory over Mick Foley will get any man over, and he is just a dick plain and simple. His Legend Killer gimmick is in full force. Rock coming out was expected, as he was standing up for his friend. I'm looking forward to seeing/reading Batista vs Rock later on.

I love Regal and Eugene in this. Regal is starting to actually care about Eugene, but still himself. Bischoff's threats making Regal's intentions clear.

Good way to keep Michaels strong, as losing here would have been bad for his momentum, expecially after only just losing to Benoit at Backlash. Its good to see that you kept his knee injury in there as well, and it hadn't magically healed.

Dudleys and WGTT alliance seems cool, and I think it will show off your tag division very well.

Coach. Rock not losing cleanly here doesn't hurt his credibility one bit, nor does it harm Batista.

The Fatal 4 Way match seems huge! and I can understand why The Rock wouldn't be included. The four guys you did pick are all worthy contenders however.

Oh this is going to be good. I can only begin to imagine what fun you could have with Rock and Euegene. And hopefully Rock will use Eugene to get a little revenge at Bischoff perhaps? I can see this being an authority feud, and then Rock will eventually get his hands on Eric.

Another big match added for next week, The Animal versus The Rabid Wolverine.

The perfect way to end the show and Lance Storm's career. He was always going to get the fall here and I am glad that he did. Christian got a bit of solid offence in on Benoit towards the latter stages of the match.

Overall a good show once again I apologize if this review was kinda lacklustre, but I'll still be reading and definately looking forward to the next show
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