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Re: That's it, you all need to learn RESPECT

Originally Posted by greendayedgehead View Post
Looking around on WrestlingForum and I am legitimately shocked at some of the disrespectful attitudes shown here, namely towards the Rated R Superstar Edge.

First, there is a perfectly good thread made about his hair, which is immediately closed. What the hell? We all need to keep ourselves informed about how the Great One styles his coif (sit down Rock marks, I said the Great One not the Great-at-wrestling-a-couple-years-then-leaving-to-make-bad-movies One. And sit down Cena marks, I said bad movies, not straight to DVD atrocities.) I have seen worse threads be let go, and yet you biased moderators single out this one.

Then, I see a thread about the controversy around John Morrison, Melina and Batista. So many 'lol, don't care, Morrison is a f@g anyway' remarks. What the hell? When Edge pulled something similar not too many years ago, you were all so quick to be up in arms and outraged, perched so comfortably on your high horses. Now it happens to someone else and you turn a convenient blind eye? What kind of bullshit?

So many of you don't realise how much of an effect he had on this business. You love to praise guys like CM Punk, but have you ever thought about how he got there? Who this man truly was? It's simple, you just have to look at his drug free lifestyle, much better known as Straight Edge. Straight Edge. Are you getting it? CM Punk would not be CM Punk without Edge. Facts, people. And yet none of you give credit where credit is due.
Then we move onto The Miz, or better Mr Edge-lite. Newsflash, Edge was being 'awesome' when Miz was still wearing diapers. Yes that's right, Edge first reeked of awesomeness all the way back when 'MikeTheMiz' was riding the short bus to grade school!! But again you deny him, and pretend your so called must see champion is some sort of original.

Whether it be CM Punk and the Miz or Hulk Hogan and the Undertaker that Edge made, some of you Just Aren't Getting It. I recommend you start soon, it'll be a much harder pill to swallow when he eventually becomes Leader of the Universe in 2032.

Best part of the whole rant right there.
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