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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Oblivion feedback

Starting with Jericho was a given and it was pretty short but to the point. RVD interrupting is fine by me and a one on one feud between the two would certainly be good to see. RVD was also fairly swift in his comments, match at World Ablaze will no doubt be a good one and RVD getting to pick Jerichoís opponents until then is certainly unique. Solid start.

Nice stuff with Torrie and Foley here, glad you pointed out the deal between her and Christian as it was puzzling. Jericho interrupting was great as he leaves his worthy man gimmick behind momentarily lol. Nice little power struggle going on here and I hope it continues between Jericho and Foley, much enjoyed this segment.

Good showcase match here for Aero Star here. Is Star Sin Cara by the way? If not, then Iím completely clueless lol. Sadly Noble never stood a chance but I liked how youíve introduced Star and hope you continue to build his momentum in the coming weeks.

Typical face interaction here from Rey and Danielson. Helms showing his face certainly added a lot to this segment and I really hope he and Danielson continue their feud for quite a while yet. The stuff last week was great and Iím glad you had Helms point out that it was he who got the pins to get them to the end. A straight one on one match for the title could steal the show.

LowJack are certainly are unique combo and it was a big win here for them. Iím not surprised they won and Iím glad the Mexicools put up a strong effort here. Youíre certainly doing a good job in keeping all of the roster competitive although it was a bit too predictable who was winning the first two match ups here tonight. LowJack, whether they go on in the tag ranks or their separate ways in the Cruiserweight division are certainly worth keeping an eye on.

Enjoyed the WGTT and the Mercenaries interaction here. Burchill was excellent when he said we respect and honour those who pay us, he is right lol. A match between these two teams would be nice although I see maybe another shot for the Hooliganz first up.

Very good stuff with Jericho and Torrie here. Really does seem that Christianís emotionally unstable right now which is a great approach, certainly refreshing character for a guy like Christian. Jerichoís little arrangement with Torrie should be interesting and Iím liking how this is all playing out, hard to call which is good.

Punk/Hassan feud could be superb and this was a glimpse of why. Such polar opposites in this thread with Hassan buying his way up the ladder against the honourable Punk. Loved how Hassan said his business will force Punk out, was a great line and Punk countering with the passionate little speech at the end was nicely done. Should be a good encounter when these two go at it.

Jericho/Joe main event, yes please. Match up was solid and you certainly enhanced Joe yet again after his match with Finlay last week. Ending surprised me a little bit as I thought perhaps Joe and Finlay were over with, wasnít sure but this implies not which Iím all for, another showdown between those two. RVD showing his face had to happen at some point here, though Iíd rather Jericho made it two on one and Van Dam made the save. Nice ending on the whole though.

Overall you said you didnít think this was your best and of course youíll think that following a great Supershow last week, always hard to follow but you did a good job here. Opening promo was a bit short but other than that and maybe the matches being a bit obvious, you did a fine job here. All the feuds moved forward a notch and developed really nicely as well as handing a nice debut win for Aero Star. Iím sure next week steps up again, good job.
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