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Re: WWE 2004: Road to WrestleMania XX

April 19, 2004

Highlights are shown from Backlash which shows clips from the world title match, HHH vs Rock and the Hell in a Cell Match.

Evolution are shown arriving in a limousine. They all seem like in a good mood except HHH. Todd Grisham asks HHH despite what happened last night against the Rock, is HHH still the #1 contender? HHH tells Todd that he asked such a stupid question because The Rock getting a fluke win last night simply does not make Rock the #1 contender. Since losing the title, he's yet to have his rematch. He is the official #1 contender and there is nothing anyone can do about it. He’s going to get what he wants and Evolution walk off.

The Raw video package plays as the announcers welcome us to the show. Last night was Chris Benoit day and tonight is Lance Storm day as Raw is from Storm’s hometown in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Raw starts off with the world heavyweight champion Chris Benoit coming out to the ring and saluting the fans. Benoit is handed a mic and starts talking about how his journey on how started out as a wrestler. It all started in Calgary in Stu Hart’s dungeon. It was a long journey to get to the top and at WrestleMania he became champion. However some people doubted him, they thought he was not for real. HHH called him a one hit wonder but last night at Backlash, he finally proved he is for real. He had the match of his life against Shawn Michaels and proved that he can beat him and would love to have another round with HBK. Somewhere down the line they would meet again. HBK’s music hits as he comes out to a mixed reaction and requests a mic.

Fans start a “you tapped out chant.” Michaels addresses the crowd. The first thing he says is yes he did but if he didn’t he would have been the one walking out right now with the world heavyweight title. He thanks Benoit for such an amazing match. He was so close to capturing the gold again but at the end his luck ran out. He was 2 minutes away from winning the title but he made a mistake. The pain he suffered throughout the match, he was pretty banged up near the end. What he tried at WrestleMania 12 worked, but what he did last night backfired on him. He knows he can beat Chris, Chris knows it. He had him beat last night but Benoit proved last night he was the man but HBK still believes he is better and wants that chance again at some point. No man could ever take Chris to the limit than HBK and HBK gave Chris the toughest match of his career. HBK then puts Benoit over and said last night Benoit proved he is for real and made a believer out of HBK. Fans start cheering for HBK a bit. Benoit responds and tells HBK that he respects him and would love to go at it with him again and decided to give HBK another crack at the gold. Shawn and Benoit shake hands with intensity.

HHH’s music hits as he makes his way out on the stage with a mic in his hand. HHH wants to know what the hell is going on here. Who the hell do they think they are. HHH tells HBK that he had his chance at the title last night and lost. The only one worthy of being #1 contender is him. He still hasn’t had his rematch yet and if there is anybody that deserves a shot at the world title then it’s him, not HBK or any other guy. They have to go at the back of the line and wait for their opportunity because he’s the only man in this business that’s worthy of holding that world heavyweight title. HHH tells Shawn that Shawn beat him to get that title match at Backlash but since Shawn lost last night, it automatically puts the game in contention for the world title. That belt is his life. Chris Benoit responds back and tells HHH he will give him all the rematches he wants but the result will be the same and that he will tap out. Since Eric Bischoff named HHH the #1 contender, HHH lost last night, it should be him that should go to the back of the line. He has nothing to prove to HHH because he made him tap at WrestleMania. Eric Bischoff comes out on the stage and stands next to HHH. Eric said he’s the only one who makes matches around here and we’re not going to see Benoit vs HBK next week. He doesn’t care if they wrestled a 1 hour match, they will be in action tonight. He did promise HHH a title shot but since he lost last night it’s put him in a dilemma. Other guys feel they should be in contention for a title shot. It’s a tough job to please everyone on Raw but he’s fair so he will come to a decision about the #1 contendership before the end of the night.

Backstage in Bischoff’s office La Resistance are complaining about not receiving a tag title shot. Rene doesn’t understand why Eric gave the Dudleys a rematch especially after they lost last night. Eric assures them that they will soon get a tag title shot, he had other plans for them tonight and this is why they are in the main event for tonight’s show. Eric asked them when they get the title shot they have to come to a decision which two from the three would be competing for tag titles. Rob Conway told Eric they're going to make a statement and then the tag champs will take notice and will take them seriously.

Lance Storm Moment: A clip is shown of Storm in ECW and WCW.

Match 1
Trish Stratus vs Gail Kim

Gail comes out first to a good ovation, Trish comes out to a bigger ovation. Lawler mentions that the amazing couple of Christian and Trish were taking photos at a studio last week. This is going to be a big night for Christian and Trish. The bell rings as the divas lock up. Trish and Gail go back and forth with right hands. Drop toe hold into the second rope from Gail Kim. Gail traps Trish into a corner and gives her a few kicks into the chest. Trish rolls out the ring and kills time and gets back in before the 10 count. When she gets back in, Gail gets an insiguri on Trish and goes for a cover and Trish gets her foot on the rope at two. Gail whips Trish into the corner and goes for a handspring elbow but Trish moves out the way and grabs Gail by the hair and throws her down. Trish gets a ddt on Gail and gets a near fall. Gail reverses a whip and rolls up Trish for a near fall. Trish ducks a clotheslines and gets a neckbreaker. Trish attempts a sharpshooter which draws a pop from the crowd but Gail rolls Trish up for a near fall. Gail dropkicks Trish and connects with a hurracanrana. Gail goes to the top rope for a moonsault but Trish moves out the way. Trish picks Gail up and hits the stratusfaction for the 3 count.
Winner: Trish Stratus

Christian, Trish and A-Train meet Eric Bischoff in the back. Trish is pleased to get a win in her country but was not pleased with what happened last night. She starts complaining about Eugene. She blames him for ruining Christian’s match last night, he couldn’t focus. Christian starts complaining about last night. He feels he’s done enough to warrant a title shot. Jericho, HBK, HHH and Rock have all had their opportunities and now it’s Captain Charisma’s time. Eric apologised to Trish for Eugene’s behaviour and he will talk to Regal about it when he meets him later on. He agrees with Christian that he’s more than worthy of a title shot but he will come to a decision later on. Christian decided that there is one way to convince Eric and that’s when he pins Benoit tonight in the 6 man tag match.

Match 2
Tag Team Title Tables Match
The World's Greatest Tag Team (c) vs The Dudleys

This is a rematch from last night but this time it’s a tables match. The Dudleys are lucky to receive another opportunity and if they lose tonight then it’s very unlikely to see them getting a title shot soon. Last night The World’s Greatest Tag Team made quick work of the Dudleys but tonight it’s a match which favours the Dudleys. Pinfalls and submissions are irrelevant in this match up. The match ends when one member of a team is driven through the table. Both teams make their way down to the ring and the bell rings. Haas and Benjamin waste no time and immediately attempt to grab a table from underneath the ring but The Dudleys meet them outside and stop them. Both teams brawl outside and The Dudleys sends the tag champs back in the ring. Back in The Dudleys get the early advantage by hitting some right hands on the champions. The Dudleys on a roll early against the champs. Bubba lifts Haas up on his shoulders and D-Von gets a backdrop neckbreaker on Haas. They hit the Wazzup drop and they want to end this quick. Bubba signals for the tables. They go and grab a table from outside but Shelton runs the ropes and dive's through the ropes, landing on the Dudleys on the floor. Now the WGTT are in control hitting some nice double team moves on The Dudleys. The Dudleys make a comeback and finally grab a table from outside the ring and they bring the table inside the ring. D-Von sets up the table in the middle of the ring. He places Shelton on the table and goes up to the top. Shelton quickly gets off the table and jumps on the top rope and hits a suplex on D-Von but quickly Bubba moves the table. Wise move by Bubba. Bubba places the table back in the middle. The Dudleys attempt a 3D on the table on Shelton but Haas moves the table out the way. Haas clotheslines Bubba to the floor.

WGTT hit their german suplex/superkick combo finisher. Now WGTT place the table in the middle. Haas lifts up D-Von on his shoulders as Shelton goes to the top as they attempt the doomsday device. Buh Buh gets in and moves the table and Shelton takes D-Von down with a clothesline. Haas gets another table and sets it up. The Dudleys set up the other table. Both teams are brawling in the ring until La Resistance run down to the ring with Johnny the Bull and Chuck Palumbo and attack both teams. Rene instructs Conway and Grenier to hit the au revoir on Shelton through the table. Haas gets tabled. Johnny the Bull and Chuck send Bubba through the table via a double powerbomb. La Resistance, Bull and Chuck celebrate in the ring. La Resistance are upset that they did not receive a tag title shot. Chuck and Johnny the Bull who were overlooked on Smackdown, wanted to make a statement on Raw and they certainly have.
Result: No Contest

Lance Storm Moment: A clip is shown of Storm winning the Intercontinental title, Storm’s t-shirt segment with Kurt Angle and Storm winning the tag team titles in 2002.

Backstage Lance Storm, Jericho and Benoit are standing by with Todd Grisham. Storm was disappointed that he lost last night but he can certainly make up for it tonight in his last match in his hometown. He wants to go out in style and it is an honour for him to team with two of his very good friends. Jericho promised not to let Storm down. They go back a long way when they teamed up in Smoky Mountain Wrestling as the Thrillseekers. Todd Grisham wants to know the name of the amazing move Jericho pulled off last night. Jericho calls his new finisher The Code Breaker and tonight he will beat Christian again. Jericho then turns his attention to Benoit and Jericho knows that Benoit is a fighting champion. They’ve had great battles in the past but never for the world title. HHH may be the #1 contender but he lost last night. Shawn Michaels may want another opportunity but Y2J also won last night and Jericho would like to test the rabid wolverine. Somewhere down the line he would like to have a title shot against Benoit. Benoit tells Jericho that he would love to step in the ring with Jericho again. Christian appears and interrupts them. He looks at Jericho and calls his win last night a fluke. He just spoke to Eric Bischoff and he’s going to make a statement tonight by pinning the world heavyweight champion Chris Benoit. Christian told them that they are an embarrasment to Canada and only he is the greatest Canadian star ever. Benoit fires back and states that a lot of guys want a shot at the belt but he never backs down from a challenge. Anytime, any place, he will make Christian tap. Christian had a smirk on his face and walks off.

Randy Orton’s music hits as the Intercontinental champion makes his way down to ringside. He comes out in a suit and tie and has a big smile on his face. Orton gets a mic and starts posing in the ring. He recaps what happened last night, he told everyone he would do what he said and he delivered. He did it all by himself. He became a legend last night and showed everyone a side of his that they have never seen. He never wanted to become sadistic like Cactus but if you mess with Evolution then you will pay a big price. Mick Foley last night paid the ultimate price by having his career ended. His wife started pleading with him to let Mick go but he gave Mick the biggest beating of his life. Now they will never forget this for the rest of their lives. He continued to talk trash about Mick Foley. Orton showed a video clip of his feud with Foley which showed only Orton getting the best of Foley. It showed Orton kicking Foley down the steps at Madison Square Garden last year, Orton spitting in Mick’s face and Mick walks out. Evolution defeating The Rock and Sock at WrestleMania and then Orton ending Mick’s career at Backlash. Orton continued to talk trash about Mick and his family until The Rock’s music hits as he comes down to confront Orton.

The Rock gets a mic and this is quite a moment. Orton has a big smirk on his face. He looks at Rock and said this is the first time they’ve actually spoken to each other and he wants to know what exact reason is the Rock out here for? Everyone thought he didn’t stand a chance against Mick Foley but he beat him at his own game. He ended his career. He beat Mick Foley without any help. What Rock did to Mick Foley at Royal Rumble 99 infront of Mick’s family was simply nothing compared to what Orton did to Mick at Backlash. Is Rock out here to congratulate Orton for proving he is a bigger legend than Mick Foley? The Rock looks at Orton right in the eye and says finally the Rock has come back to Calgary. Rock said yes this is the first time they’ve actually spoken to each other. He’s seen Orton run his mouth over the last 10 months, talking trash about Mick Foley. Now that Mick has gone, Orton is continuing to run his mouth about Mick and his family. The Rock said If Orton continues to talk about Mick’s family he’d put his foot up Orton’s candy ass. Crowd pops huge. Orton reminds Rock of the last time Rock tried to be saviour for Mick Foley it simply didn’t work out because at WrestleMania it was Rock and Mick’s comeback match and they lost to Evolution. He killed the legend of Stone Cold at Survivor Series and killed the legend of Mick Foley last night, by next year who knows he could be headlining the Hall of Fame. Evolution had an almost perfect night last night but Rock ruined it, he had to cheat to beat HHH. However that does not mean that Rock has now moved in contention for a title shot, HHH is still the #1 contender and he will always be better than The Rock. Infact since they’re both 3rd generation stars, Orton believes he’s even better than Shane McMahon and The Rock. Orton said he’s much better looking and much more talented than The Rock. The Rock should go back to Hollywood because the WWE has moved on without the Rock. Now it’s all about Evolution. Rock said is that what you think? Orton was about to talk but Rock cuts him off with his IT DOESN'T MATTER line. Rock then runs down Orton on the mic and tells him that he gets more pie than him in a lifetime. The crowd absolutely loved this and Orton gets pissed off. Rock said he whooped HHH’s ass last night and he’s ready to whoop some more ass tonight. Orton responded by saying he deserves respect. He’s the legend killer. He is the future of the WWE. Rock said he doesn’t give a monkeys crap who Orton is and what he did. There’s only one jabroni beating, pie eating, trail blazing, eye brow raising peoples champ THE ROCK and he’s going to whoop Orton's candy ass right now all over Calgary. He asked the people if they want to see Rock whoop Orton’s ass in the ring right now. Huge pop.

Orton says he’s tired, he’s sore and beatdown. He’s in no shape to compete tonight. He needs a rest for two weeks. If he wasn’t tired, sore and beatdown he would give Rock, the Mick Foley treatment. He does not want to unleash that side of his again and as of now on, he will not be competing in violent matches until he feels like he wants to. Just look at what’s happened to him, he had to cancel his date, look at his face. Look what he had to go through last night. He really wanted to defend his Intercontinental title tonight but he didn’t want to risk injury. Rock’s had enough and drops the mic and lays a right hand on Orton. He’s laying the Smackdown on Orton and knocks him over the top rope. He taunts Orton to get back in. Eric Bischoff’s music hits and he comes out on the stage. Eric tells Rock to stop right there. Eric states that of all the guys that competed last night, Orton is the one who needs the most rest. Orton is in no shape to compete tonight so he’s giving Randy the night off in ring action. However Bischoff states that Rock will be in action later on tonight against an Evolution member. A man who he’s never faced before in a one on one match and that man is fresh since he didn’t compete last night. That man is Batista. Bischoff states that a special guest referee will be named for this match later on. Orton had a big smirk on his face and Rock looks at Orton and tells him to just bring it.

Backstage William Regal scolds Eugene and tells him that uncle Eric will get mad at him if he starts doing sily things again. Eugene was a bit upset and told Regal that he wanted to play with Trish. She sounds like fun. Regal said she doesn’t want to play with Eugene. Maybe if Eugene becomes a wrestler then she may want to play with Eugene. Eugene gets excited and Regal told Eugene that he must listen to him. First of all the first week in training was a complete disaster as it went completely wrong. Finlay has decided not to go continue on with it. He wants Eugene to understand how this is all done. He promised to find someone who can motivate Eugene and help him become a wrestler because he can’t do this alone. It just won’t work. They go to Eric’s office and Eric is mad at Regal. Regal said it’s hard to control Eugene but Eric doesn’t want to hear excuses. Regal told Eric that training Eugene has so far been a disaster. When he showed Eugene a wrist lock, Eugene decided to be like George the animal Steele and started biting his hand. Eric decided to give Regal and Eugene two weeks off and in the next two weeks, Regal has to get Eugene ready. He doesn’t care who he gets to help him. When they return if Eugene does not learn how to wrestle, then he’s putting Regal back in the ring and Regal will wrestle the entire group of La Resistance in a handicap match. Regal did not like this but Eric told Regal to get out of here and start looking for someone to assist him in training Eugene.

Match 3
Shawn Michaels vs A-Train

Shawn Michaels is selling his knee injuries from last night. A-Train controls early with power moves on HBK. A-Train looked for a powerbomb but Michaels slipped out and went for an inside cradle for a two. Michaels sent A-Train into the ropes and gets a flying forearm. He sent A-Train into the ropes again but got met with a back elbow from A-Train. A-Train gets a backbreaker for a two. A-Train lifts Michaels up and gets body press slam. A-Train clotheslines Michaels over the top but HBK skins the cat back in and A-Train lays Michaels out with the bicycle kick. A-Train took his time for a cover and Michaels kicked out at two. A-Train continued to pound away at Michaels. He works on Michaels knee and goes to the top rope and misses a legdrop. Michaels rams the big A-Train's head into the buckle and goes to the top and gets a flying bodypress for a near fall. Michaels goes for a piledriver but A-Train counters with a backdrop. A-Train whipped Michaels into a corner and misses a charge, Michaels hit a clothesline and went to the top rope. Michaels scores with the diving elbow drop. Michaels tunes up for the band and he’s going to kick A-Train’s head off. A-Train stumbles back up to his feet and Michaels plants A-Train in the face with the superkick. Michaels went for the cover and got the three count for the win.
Winner: Shawn Michaels

Eric Bischoff meets Earl Hebner backstage. Crowd boos Earl heavily. Eric asked Earl if he wants to go ahead with it and face the fans. Otherwise he can appoint another referee. Earl thinks he is ready. He is nervous but he wants to get this off his chest and after calling the match down the middle he hopes that the fans forgive him.

Elsewhere The Dudleys meet The World’s Greatest Tag Team in the back. The Dudleys and WGTT decided to put their differences behind and wanted to get payback on La Resistance and Chuck and Bull. The Dudleys wanted to know if they are with them or against them. The Dudleys extend a handshake. At first WGTT are hesitant but they shake their hands.

Match 4
The Rock vs Batista
Special Guest Referee: The Coach

Eric Bischoff comes out on the stage and announced that THE COACH will be the referee. Eric comes down to do commentary and watch this match up close and personal. The Rock comes out first. Batista comes out next and Orton accompanies Batista down to ringside. Rock looks over at Orton and then looks at Coach. He then turns his attention to Batista as the bell rings. Rock immediately starts laying the smackdown on Batista by nailing a few right hands. Rock runs to the ropes and is met by a hard clothesline by Batista. Batista starts pounding on Rock in the corner. He then sends Rock to the ropes and gets a big back bodydrop. Batista gets a standing vertical suplex and goes for a cover. Coach does a fast count and Rock kicks out. Batista whips Rock into the buckle and Rock falls down. Batista goes for a sleeper. Crowd gets behind Rock and Rock gets up and fights out of it and clotheslines Batista. Rock gets a DDT and goes for a cover and Coach pretends to argue with Orton and doesn’t cover. Rock gets up and gets in Coach’s face and Batista jumps Rock from behind. He tosses Rock over the top rope and Orton lays the boots on Rock. He throws Rock back in. Batista starts manhandling Rock in the corner again and goes for a headlock. Rock gets out again and whips Batista to the ropes and hits a flying clothesline. Rock sends Batista to the ropes and gets a spinebuster. Rock sets up for a peoples elbow but Orton gets on the apron for a distraction. So Rock decides to follow Orton out and goes after him. Batista follows him out and attacks Rock. He sends Rock into the steel post. He sends Rock back in and gets a sidewalk slam. Coach again does a fast count and Rock kicks out. Batista hits a spinebuster and sets Rock up for a Batista Bomb. Rock slips out and counters with a ddt. Both men are down. Rock is up first and sends Batista to the ropes and gets a spinebuster. Rock goes for the peoples elbow again and he hits it. Rock goes for a cover but Coach doesn’t cover. He acts as if something is in his eyes. Rock lays the smackdown on Coach and sends him over the top rope. Orton gets on the apron and Rock throws him in and gives Orton some right hands. Rock clotheslines Batista to the floor. Coach calls for the bell and disqualifies the Rock for putting his hands on him.

Winner: Batista by Disqualification

The Rock goes outside the ring and brings Coach back in and hits a Rock Bottom on Coach. He sets up for a peoples elbow but Eric Bischoff comes down to ringside and tells Rock to stop right now. Rock can’t put his hand on an official. Eric gets in the ring. He lets Rock know that he was going to include The Rock in a #1 contenders match for next week but since he put his hands on Coach, he’s not going to get that opportunity. He announced a fatal 4 way # 1 contenders match for next week between HHH, Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho and Christian. The winner gets a title shot the following week on Raw against Chris Benoit. The Rock won’t be receiving a title shot. Eric laughs and Rock gets pissed off and hits the Rock Bottom on Eric Bischoff. Crowd pop huge for this as Rock’s music hits. Rock makes his way back down to the ramp. Eric stumbles back to his feet and tells Rock that he made the biggest mistake of his life. You don’t put your hands on Eric Bischoff. Bischoff suspends Rock for a month. Rock runs back in and hits another Rock Bottom on Eric. Rock poses in the ring and leaves.

Backstage The Rock is leaving and meets a few officials and meets Rosey. Rosey gets his moment with The Rock. Rock then meets Eugene for the first time. Eugene starts marking out, he’s very excited to meet The Rock. Rock said it’s great to meet Eugene and he will see him after a month. Regal had a big smirk on his face and shouts that’s it i got it. He stops Rock and wanted to talk to him. He told Rock if he can have can quickly ask Eugene something. He whispered in Eugene’s ear and told him something. Eugene gets excited and goes over and hugs Rock. Rock is confused. Eugene says Mr Regal, he wants to be like The Rock. Regal explained his situation to Rock about Eugene. However Eugene is failing to co-operate with him and Finlay has given up on Eugene. He would have asked Chris Jericho but Jericho is too busy with his issues with Trish, Christian and A-Train. However since Rock will be gone for a month, he pleads with Rock to train Eugene and make him into a star. Eugene starts impersonating The Rock and Rock thinks about it for a few seconds and agreed to it. Big pop. This is also a good chance for Regal to get back at Bischoff for putting Regal in such a crazy assignment. Bischoff just suspended the Rock and Rock will now train Eric’s nephew Eugene to become a wrestler. Segment ended with Rock running Eric Bischoff down on the mic and saying his catchphrase. Eugene cuts him off by finishing off the catchphrase. Regal quickly stops Eugene and tells him he’s not supposed to do that, he looks at Rock and apologises and tells Rock to continue. Rock ends it by saying if ya smell what the Rock is cooking. Rock leaves and Regal is smiling and tells Eugene “Two weeks my boy, you will be a star.”

In the back HHH is with Evolution. He's glad that Rock is suspended. That’s one guy out the picture. Orton said just like Mick Foley, Rock's gone but when Rock returns from suspension, Evolution will destroy him. HHH feels that he shouldn’t have to go through a #1 contenders match but now that Rock’s out the picture, he is now getting close to getting his world title back. He vows to beat Michaels, Jericho and Christian next week and then he’s coming right for Benoit. HHH applauds Batista for the good job he did out there against Rock. He now has a plan. He wants Batista to face Benoit next week in a non title match, he wants Batista to soften up Benoit. Then when HHH wins the #1 contenders match then the following week he will face Benoit when Benoit won't be at 100%. He will beat Benoit and the world title will be around his waist again. Flair thinks this is a great idea. Batista agreed, he's going to tear Benoit apart.

Lance Storm Moment: More clips for Storm as they show Austin’s segment with Storm when he called Storm boring. Storm becoming a ladies man and finally Storm defeating Ric Flair last week on Raw.

Main Event
6 Man Tag
Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho and Lance Storm vs Christian, Rene Dupree and Sylvan Grenier

Earl Hebner is the referee for this match and the fans boo him heavily. Fans start the “you screwed Bret” chants. The heels come out first. Storm is out next as he comes out to a great ovation. Jericho is out next followed by the world heavyweight champion Chris Benoit. Jerry Lawler points out that A-Train, Trish and Rob Conway are not out here as Eric Bischoff has assured Lance Storm that no one will get involved in his final match. However he’s appointed Earl Hebner as the referee for this match and Lawler says the big question is will Storm get screwed in his final match or will Hebner call this match down the middle?

The bell rings and the match is officially underway. Benoit is ready to start this off against Christian but Christian points at Jericho and he wants him in the ring. Benoit tags Jericho so it’s going to be Jericho starting this off with Christian. Christian wants payback from last night. Christian immediately charges into Jericho and Jericho takes him down with an armdrag. Christian comes back with a kick to the gut and comes across the ropes for a clothesline, Jericho ducks and goes to the ropes and gets a clothesline. Jericho starts chopping away at Christian. He whips him to the buckle but gets boot. Christian climbs to the second rope and gets a flying bodypress for a near fall. Christian tags in Sylvan. Sylvan starts kicking away at Jericho, he sends Jericho to the ropes but Jericho comes back with a flying forearm. Jericho tags Storm. Storm gets a right hand on Sylvan. Storm connects with an atomic drop followed by a swinging neck breaker. Storm whips Sylvan to the ropes but Sylvan catches Storm with a knee lift. He tags in Rene Dupree and La Resistance start double teaming Storm. Dupree uses a reverse chin lock to slow down the match. Storm manages to fight out of it and goes to the ropes but Dupree levels him with a clothesline. Dupree tags in Christian. Christian connects with a suplex and gets a two. Christian distracts the ref as La Resistance double team Storm in the corner. Christian whips Storm to the ropes and Storm comes back with a spinning heel kick. Both men are down and Storm gets the hot tag to Benoit as Christian tags in Sylvan. Benoit takes Sylvan down with a clothesline, Dupree gets in and Benoit takes him down with a clothesline. The ref orders Dupree to get back in his corner. Benoit hits some knife edge chops on Sylvan. Benoit whips Sylvan to the ropes and gets a back bodydrop. Benoit goes to the top and hits the diving headbutt. He goes for a cover and Dupree breaks it up at two.

Midway through the match the heels are in control again as Christian is in the ring with Jericho. Christian takes Jericho down with a reverse ddt. Christian’s team make quick tags as they prevent Jericho from making the tag to his partners. Rene Dupree is in the ring, he does his french tickler taunt and gets a camel clutch on Jericho. Jericho is able to escape and Jericho takes Dupree down with a bulldog. He hits the lionsault and goes for a cover and Christian breaks it up at two. Jericho clotheslines Christian to the floor. He goes after Christian but Christian gets back in and Dupree starts hammering away on Jericho. Jericho comes back and nails him with a running insiguri. He tags in Benoit and Benoit goes for a crossface but Sylvan breaks it up. Christian is tagged in and Christian and Benoit exchange some right hands and Benoit comes back with more powerful rights. Christian comes back with a knee to the gut. Benoit gains some momentum and fights back with some hard chops. He sends Christian into the buckle. He goes for a charge but Christian hits a boot to the face in the corner. Christian goes up to the top and connects with a tornado ddt which gets a near fall. Christian tags Sylvan in and Sylvan goes for a suplex on Benoit, Benoit slips out and rolls Sylvan up for a two count. Benoit tags in Lance Storm and Storm takes Sylvan down with a clothesline, he follows up with a dropkick. Storm nails Sylvan with a superkick. Rene Dupree breaks up the pin and all hell breaks loose in the ring. Big brawl in the ring. Jericho hits the codebreaker on Rene Dupree. Jericho and Christian end up fighting on the floor. Benoit hits five german suplexes on Sylvan. Dupree backdrops Storm to the floor. Benoit picks Sylvan up and connects with a snap suplex. He goes for the headbutt from the top rope but Dupree moves Sylvan out the way. La Resistance set Benoit up for the Au Revoir and they hit it. They go for the cover and Storm makes the save. Jericho and Christian fight up the ramp and Jericho knocks Christian down. Benoit and Storm double clothesline Dupree over the top rope. Benoit drops Sylvan with a german suplex. Storm who’s the legal man goes for a sharpshooter on Sylvan. This draws a huge pop from the crowd. Sylvan taps and Storm, Jericho and Benoit win.

Winners: Lance Storm, Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit

Storm, Jericho and Benoit celebrate in the ring. Earl Hebner did his job and he did not screw over Lance Storm. Christian looks on from the ramp and throws a tantrum. He did not get one over Benoit, Jericho and Storm tonight but next week he has the opportunity to become #1 contender if he wins the fatal four way match. Storm goes to the top turnbuckle and raises his arm in the air. This is Storm’s last match and he gets a great ovation from the crowd. Raw ends with Storm, Jericho and Benoit celebrating in the ring.

Next Week on Raw: #1 contenders fatal 4 way match: HHH vs Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho vs Christian

Non Title: Chris Benoit vs Batista

For The Rock/Orton promo I could have gone with Rock and Orton saying so much more but no point doing it all in one go. I will save the rest for some other time when Rock comes back from suspension. Next week Regal and Eugene also won’t be on Raw, so training skits with Regal, Rock and Eugene will be featured for my next two Raw shows.

WWE 2004: The Road to WrestleMania 21
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