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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Oblivion Feedback

It was of course the natural choice to start off with Jericho and The Great~! given what happened on the supershow. Was pretty short and sweet from Jericho, very straight to the point from the champ. I perhaps would have liked to see you play on the victory and make more of the fact that in a short span of time Jericho has not only made Michaels submit but now also pinned RVD. That fact kinda felt like a bit of a throw away. I predicted you would go with RVD/Jericho in a singles feud in my supershow feedback, so glad to see RVD out. The pay per view announcement sounds good, and its an interesting way to have it go with RVD picking Jericho's opponents from here on out. Perhaps a bit strange for a face to have that kind of control, but I guess it works in this situation. SHort but sweet interaction, but some big points put across and a solid opening to the show.

Interesting development in the Torrie/Christian situation, certainly explains a few querries I had from the supershow. Nice work in the way you had Torrie play up the sympathy act and try appeal to Foley's reasonable side. Also a nice bit of character development for Christian, a really stark contrast compared to the psycho we saw previously. Very interesting stuff, and I can't help but wonder what the pay off from this could be. Could go a few ways, but I'm rooting for Torrie helping Christian get back in the door only to then slap Mick in the face and reveal a relationship with Christian. Jericho in, liked the whole mountain analogy between the two. Not a whole lot of development here in terms of the storyline, as Foley's reasoning for his decision was pretty straightforward, but that last little comment from Jericho is certainly worth keeping an eye on.

Cool to see the new pick up a win. As I've said previously, I know nothing about this Aero Star, but you've obviously done your research in preperation for his arrival, as you put together an impressive series of moves for him. at ay dios mio, I'm gonna assume Styles is screaming that during the finish? Anyway, solid win for the newcomer, I'm sure he'll have a big rol to play in the expansion of the division.

Another short interaction, this time between Rey and Bryan. Was beggining to turn into a bit of a love in, but at least we had the clear message from Rey that the target is now firmly on Bryan's back. Thankfully they were hacked by Helms, and I really liked the blatant lies from Helms regarding his actions during the match last week, real good heel actions here. Strong words from Helms, and this promo could really lead him either way, although I suspect first will be another losing effort from Bryan and then hopefully a feud with Rey. But yeah, Helms is such a strong character for you with a very interesting gimmick, good stuff with him once again.

You haven't really done much with The Mexicools in this thread, and that continued here as they put over the newly formed team. Obviously there's a very interesting dynamic between the two, and that of course should lead to some interesting backstage moments between them. As for the action, some very impressive moves on display, you obviously enjoy writing that fast paced cruiserweight style. More sensible, if a tad predictible, booking, but I could see these two rising up the tag team ranks pretty quickly after this. Although JBL's commentary suggests they might still have a role to play in the cruiserweight division.

Makes sense that after seeing a new tag grab a win we hear from the champs, although it was also good to hear from Burchill and Albright. I like that name Mercenaries, and certainly the chat regarding honor and respect was a nice way to go. Although, much like every other speaking segment tonight, was rather short and sweet. I'm seeing a pattern develop here.

And more tag teams in the video! God, you've really focused on your 'divisions' tonight with first the cruisers and now the tags getting plenty of love.

Muc better interaction between Jericho and Torrie, this really was on the money. Jericho using Torrie for his own gain really fits in with his character, and I really liked the way you presented Torrie, some very strong words from her. Nice to see a female character with such an edge to her, something I always enjoy writing myself. As I said earlier, I very much see Torrie being succesful with regards to her furture conversations with Foley, and this has definitely got the potential to be a big story going forward. Does Christian perhaps return at the PPV and cost Van Dam?

Ha, poor Miz. Just not his night at all. Punk was spot on here, liked the way he called out Hassan for his actions in winning the title. I still think that at some point we'll have Punk and Storm go after The Mercenaries, and you could very easily tie that back into this Punk/Hassan situation. Certainly this has to lead to a match for the gold, perhaps at the pay per view, but after a few short, uninspiring promos from earlier, the last two have certainly been on the money. Good stuff here.

Makes sense that given his impressive victory at the supershow that Joe was the chosen opponent, and it was certainly another tough match here. Really liking what you're doing with Joe in this thread, he's been pretty beastly so far, and that was further emphasized here with the way he went after Wight during the match as well as Jericho. I thought that spit at the supershow would mean that Joe/Finlay wasn't over and it certainly appears that way, the DQ doing nobody any harm. Perhaps it highlights a poor choice on Van Dam's part by choosing a man who had both an injury and a pissed off opponent, but Van Dam certainly got his mojo back with the post match attack. Typical Jericho in him heading for the hills, but with RVD standing tall the first main event of the first pay per view has got off to a solid start.

Overall, a very decent fall out show. The early promos and interviews were very short, but the matches certainly entertained, and you came good at the end. Some really nice storyline development throughout, with perhaps the most interesting situation being that of Torrie/Jericho/Foley, which has the potentail to take all kinds of twists and turns. You know I'll be beack to see how it all develops.
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