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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

First off, I wanna apologize for not being able to review the super show. I've just been getting slammed with stuff the past month, so I barely had time to read through it. It was good, by the way, but on to my review of this week's show. Again, I will be reviewing as I read, because it saves me time, and I tend to be a little more in depth with it.

The opening package was done very well. Don't know what else to say about it then that, so let's move on.

I was a little worried that you were going to continue the Jericho-RVD feud, which I thought would have gotten stale quick, but giving RVD the shot instead has me excited! Going into the triple threat, RVD had more of a rivalry with HBK then he did Y2J (wow, I just realized that the three stars all have three-letter nick names... that made me smile), so knowing that the Rob Van Dam-Jericho thing is going to expand more has me pretty geeked. The "RVD chooses Jericho's opponents until the PPV" thing could also be really cool, and could provide some really good matches. You have me instantly excited for your next pay per view!

The Foley-Torrie segment was very well done. I was wondering how you were going to explain why she cared so much about Christian, and the way that you did it was very well. It added a new emotional depth to the Christian angle, and I am now more interested then ever in the story... however, I am kind of upset that you cut it short... okay, maybe not that you cut it short, but the way you went about it. Having Torrie simply say "I guess we'll talk later" when she was that emotional made it flow not as well as it could have, if that makes any sense. Moving onward, though, the way that Foley told Jericho off was pretty damn good, and it made sense, so that makes up for the ending of the Torrie segment.

Aero Star's debut definitely made an impact! While I'm not fond of the fact that the match was so short, it did it's job and made me excited to see what Aero can do in a longer match! I'm kinda worried that Jamie is falling into the jobber category, though.

Having Mysterio put Bryan over was really cool to see. Per norm, though, Helms stole the segment! One has to wonder if the "Foot under the ropes" thing is legit or if it's something he photo shopped, since clearly he has skills with computers... I think that that could be an interesting place to take this story line if you weren't already thinking it, by the way.

The official debut of Low Jack as a true, blue tag team was really good, and I think that these guy's could end up having the chops to be champions one day... that said, I have a bit of a concern to voice. Much like Jamie Noble, I'm worried that the Mexicools are going to be nothing but glorified jobbers at the rate that they're going, and, with two men of their talent, that would be kind of a pity.

You have a few options for the tag title feud going into the PPV, but it looks like you might be going with Burchill and Brent... while that would be an incredible match, that would make Haas & Benjamin faces, and I think that that team works best as heels. With them simply being a good team who respects their foes, it's a little vanilla, but as heels, they can be that damn good, know it, and flaunt it off like they were... well, title belts! This is just my opinion, but I don't think that the World's Greatest Tag Team should be face for too long... even their name flaunts arrogance!

Airing the Sons of the Dungeon and American Made segments back to back is a good move, because that would set them up for an instant feud after they debut, in my opinion with the Sons of the Dungeon being the face team. I'm looking forward to both teams, but I'm more so looking forward to what your going to do with American Made. With SotD, I can kind of guess where your going to go with that, but beyond being obnoxiously Americana, I can't put a finger on AM, and I don't think that your going to leave them at just that.

Having Jericho play off of Torrie's weaknesses is a great move. I can see this becoming a really good long-term story line culminating in a Jericho-Christian match for the belt. No offense to the rest of your work, but this has got to be my favorite story line you have going on right now... yes, something topped the "Hacked by Helms" segments, and that's a hell of a feat!

Before I go into the Hassan-Punk altercation, I just want to say that having Punk shove Miz out of the frame was really funny! However, I have an idea for Miz. He royally kissed Hassan's ass and, while that works, I think it would be a bit more entertaining if Miz was an ass to everyone instead of just the faces. I mean, Torrie's usually pretty nice to everyone despite being a face or a heel, so I think that having the Miz be the polar opposite would be really fun to read... just a thought.

It looks like your building Hassan-Punk to be an upper class-blue collar feud, and I'm okay with that. The segment was done pretty well (In large part because I love Hassan's character here, and I could see Punk saying all of those things), and I'm kind of geeked that your continuing (Or at least appear to be continuing) the Punk-Hassan feud for a bit longer.

Jeez, talk about RVD coming out with his guns blazing! The match was really good, but you shocked me with the finish. I was expecting Wright to come out with the save, but I guess I shouldn't have been that shocked by Finlay interfering. It looks like your continuing a lot of feuds from the super show... not a bad thing, but I'm hoping that you throw in a batch of new feuds, lest this become supershow part 2. That's something that WWE does a lot that kinda rubs me the wrong way, advertise the exact same pay per view as the last one, only one or two matches have different stipulations to them.

All in all, I think that this was a pretty good show (Definitely not a show that I think was worthy of an "I don't think this was my best" at the end of it). You started to show the feuds and storyline's going into the pay per view, and I'm generally excited for what you've shown so far. Other then a few complaints, good show mate.
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