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Re: Your 5 Star Match Lists

Might as well post this in here as well as the TNA thread:

Samoa Joe Vs Christopher Daniels - TNA Impact 13/04/2006

Not too pleased that the match starts in progress, with Joe smashing hit boot into the face of Daniels who is against the guard rail. Sure, they show highlights of what happened during the break or whatever, but its not the same. Ah well.

Daniels is bleeding like a pig (who apparently bleed like fuck), and Joe is strutting around like he's the baddest man alive, looking pleased with his work so far.

Joe isn't doing anything flashy here for the most part; he's just biting and ripping and tearing at the cut on Daniels' head, while Daniels refuses to give up and keeps trying to fight back. I miss this Joe . He even looks thin here lol, compared to now.

Daniels looks great any time he tries to come back, and Joe looks magnificent during the cut off spots too. Joe going from a Powerbomb to Boston crap to STF to crossface to... fuck knows what that last submission hold is lol... is totally fucking awesome. Occasionally jabbing at the cut while applying the submission holds is more of the awesome little things that hardly anyone does these days, and hell, didn't do much in 2006 either. More guys need to do that shit, and Joe sure as hell needs to be more like this now.

The big finishing stretch and Daniels comeback is tremendous. Daniels' offence is awesome, and Joe even looks great too as he's still being put over as a monster type wrestler by not going down even from 2 kicks to the head, and then still coming back on the offence after everything Daniels threw at him.

Finish is pretty fucking great too. A lot of the time guys fighting each other on the ropes can look really forced and shitty, but here it looked great.

So yeah, awesome match, especially for the time it gets on the air, and the fact probably half of it isn't shown due to damn commercial breaks. Would love to see a FULL version of this. Joe is an evil bastard trying to murder Daniels, and Daniels is the resilient fucker fighting for himself and his friend AJ after everything Joe has done to them, and for the honour of the X-Division after Joe dishonoured it by fucking everyone up on his rise to the top. Joe constantly going after the cut is something right out of the 80's (sucks that when I think of something like that in wrestling, its from 30 years ago...) and I fucking love it.

Rating: ****1/4
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