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Re: WWE 2004: Road to WrestleMania XX

Backlash Feedback

Victoria beating Jazz was one hell of a contest to start off the PPV before the actual PPV, and for Victoria to retain against Jazz, that much I even have praise for

Jericho beating Christian with his new finisher The Codebreaker, I must say I love that move, not even Christian saw it coming. That Codebreaker can come from absolutely nowhere and the fact that Jericho used that move on Christian instead of making him submit to the Walls of Jericho is what made the match even more exciting and also because since Christian won at WrestleMania, it was only right that Jericho won the rubber match at Backlash. Since Jericho beat Christian, doesn't that make him a front runner to also be #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship down the road? If it does, then I am glad that this feud is over and both of them can move on from each other.

Storm losing to Flair in his final PPV match, I must say that is definitely the way to go for Lance Storm since he is retiring anyway, and what better person for him to retire against than "The Dirtiest Player in the Game" Ric Flair and the submission match was probably one of my favorite matches on this card as it set the tone for Evolution

Hell in A Cell Title vs Career IC Title Match, Orton vs Foley my match of the night as far as I am concerned as this is the most brutal Hell In A Cell match that I have read in a while and I liked it. Especially the thumbtacks, the barbed wire, the blood, everything as far as I am concerned. Orton was a Viper inside that Cell against Foley giving him the biggest beating he has ever received, but Foley also gave it right back to Orton too beating the holy hell out of him in the Cell but still in a losing effort. As this match was definitely the way for Mick Foley to go out especially now that his career is over and Orton has killed yet another legend, now the push of Randy Orton can begin.

The Rock beating Triple H, I am a huge fan of that, really I am. Rock ends Evolution's streak of wins at Backlash by beating Triple H, as he layeth the Smackethdown straight on HHH's candy ass. Rock can now sail off into the sunset especially now that he has beaten Triple H, so that means HHH's title shot goes up in smoke since he lost to The People's Champ, The Brahma Bull The Rock which I love. But I see a Rock/Orton feud especially now that Orton just retired one of Rock's best friends Mick Foley, and I for one cannot wait for that feud.

Benoit retaining his World Heavyweight Championship against HBK in an Iron Man Match beating him in overtime, this match also is a candidate not just for Match of the Night but also for Match of the Year, a classic in my opinion. Now this match up just proves that Benoit is for real and that he is not a fluke, and that whoever does come up against him will definitely have to be ready.

Overall great Backlash PPV and I cannot wait until RAW to see what you have in store!!!!!!!
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