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Re: WWE 2004: Road to WrestleMania XX

Sunday Night Heat Recap

Backstage Lance Storm cuts a promo. He’s proud to wrestle in his country, he’s glad to have a match on ppv and he will not disappoint his fans. Storm also mentioned that his last night in the WWE is on Raw tomorrow night in his hometown in Calgary. Storm vowed to retire in style.

Chris Benoit is shown arriving in the arena. A video package is played of Chris Benoit’s journey to the WWE.

Eugene is backstage playing with his action figure of Bret Hart. He runs into A-Train who snaps Eugene’s action figure in half. A-Train starts laughing and Eugene is upset.

Mick Foley arrives with his family.

A video package for Christian/Jericho feud is shown.

Backstage Interview with Christian, Trish and A-Train. Christian believes Jericho has no chance in winning tonight. He humiliated Jericho at WrestleMania. Then on Raw, Jericho ran the gauntlet and A-Train finished him off. A-Train starts talking about his time on Smackdown and started to talk trash about Paul Heyman. A-Train is glad to be here on Raw and vowed to make a big impact on Raw. Christian said once he’s done with Jericho, it’s about time Christian got what he wanted and that’s a world title shot.

Backstage La Resistance are in Bischoff's office. They complain about being left off the card but they want a tag title shot against the winners of the tag title match tomorrow night on Raw. Eric tells them that they will get a tag title shot but not tomorrow night. He's thought of another match for them tomorrow and they will find out tomorrow. La Resistance are not too pleased to hear this.

Coach shows up and tells Todd Grisham to beat it because he will be conducting the backstage interviews tonight.

Backstage Eugene is shouting in Eric Bischoff’s office. Eric asks Regal what is up with Eugene. Regal explains that A-Train broke his action figure. Eric tells Regal to go get him a new action figure. He asks Regal how is he getting on with training Eugene. Is it going well? Regal says it will take a bit of time, he’s asked road agent Fit Finlay to help him out in training Eugene. Give him two weeks and Eugene will hopefully learn how to wrestle. Eric wants Regal to make Eugene as good as Regal in the ring. Eric tells Regal to get going now. He doesn’t want anyone to bother him tonight because he wants to sit back and enjoy this ppv.

Womens Title Match
Victoria (c) vs Jazz

Jazz jumps Victoria before the bell rings. The bell rings and Jazz takes Victoria down with a clothesline. Jazz throws Victoria head first into the ring and then delivers a backbreaker. Jazz sends Victoria to the ropes and Victoria comes back with a reverse neckbreaker. Victoria nails Jazz with a spinning heel kick and gets a nearfall. She gets a back body drop followed by a tornado DDT and Jazz kicks out at two. Victoria tosses Jazz into the ropes and dropkicks Jazz over the top rope and onto the floor. Jazz gets frustrated and Teddy Long encourages Jazz with a few words. Jazz gets back in and she ducks a clothesline from Victoria as Jazz gets the advantage again. Jazz goes to the top rope and gets a crossbody and gets a nearfall. Jazz delivers a neckbreaker and Victoria kicks out. Jazz rolls up Victoria putting her feet on the ropes for leverage but Victoria kicks out. Jazz locks in the STF and Victoria makes it to the ropes. Jazz goes for a powerbomb but Victoria blocks and takes Jazz down with a clothesline. Victoria hits the Widows Peak and goes for a cover. Teddy Long gets on the apron and distracts the referee. Victoria gets up and slaps Long. Long is down on the apron. He get back up and Jazz is up and tries to jump Victoria from behind but she moves out the way and Jazz hits Teddy instead. Victoria rolls Jazz up for the three count to win the match and retain the title.
Match Result: Victoria defeated Jazz to retain the womens title.
Match Time: 3:50

JR mentioned that Backlash gets underway in just over a few minutes on ppv from here in Edmonton.

WWE Backlash
April 18, 2004
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Backlash opened with a video package highlighting the main feuds for tonight’s matches. Chris Benoit, Shawn Michaels, HHH, The Rock, Mick Foley and Randy Orton all were featured in the video package. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler welcome us to the show and JR points out that today is Chris Benoit day in Edmonton. Lawler goes over the matches we will be seeing tonight and now we are underway with our first match.

Chris Jericho vs Christian

Christian’s music hits as we are ready for our opening contest. Christian makes his way down to the ring with Trish and A-Train. Trish and Christian come out to a pretty good pop since they are from Canada. Chris Jericho's music hits and Jericho comes out to a big pop. Jericho is not out alone as he brings out William Regal and Eugene with him. Eugene starts waving to the fans and they will be in Jericho’s corner to ensure that Trish and A-Train don’t get involved. Maybe in return Jericho can assist Regal in training Eugene to become a wrestler. The bell rings. We get a big staredown at the start, with Trish getting in the ring and plants a kiss on Christian’s cheek. Trish starts to mock Jericho. Christian and Jericho taunt each other and get into a shoving match and Jericho starts hammering away at Christian and Trish gets out of there. Jericho gives Christian a few right hands and takes him down with a clothesline. Jericho scores with a great snap suplex. Jericho whips Christian to the ropes and gets a back body drop. He goes for a cocky pin and Christian kicks out. Jericho clotheslines Christian to the floor. Trish goes to check on Christian. He’s ok and Christian gets on the apron and Jericho hits a standing dropkick and Christian lands on Trish knocking her down. Trish is furious and starts yelling at Jericho. EUGENE goes over and starts staring at Trish but A-Train stands in his way and Eugene rushes back to his corner. Regal instructs Eugene to stay there next to him and not move. Back in Jericho chops away at Christian and goes for a whip and it is reversed and Christian catches Jericho with a kneelift. Christian lays the boots on Jericho stomping away at him. Christian gets a slam and hits an elbow drop. He lifts Jericho up and delivers a neckbreaker and gets a near fall. Christian delivers a reverse ddt. He puts Jericho on the ropes and stands on his back holding the top rope, the ref starts counting and Christian breaks it up at three. Christian grabs Jericho by the hair and starts taunting him and yells "You will never be as good as me." He whips Jericho into the turnbuckle and goes to the top and delivers a spinning corner ddt and gets a near fall. Christian gets a snapmare and gets a reverse chinlock. Fans start a Y2J chant by getting behind Jericho and Jericho fights out of it and takes Christian down with a clothesline. Jericho tosses Christian over the top rope.

Eugene is getting excited again and wants to go over to the other corner but Regal tells him to stay still. Trish looks over and she seems freaked out. Jericho runs across the ropes and goes for a dive and Christian moves out the way and Jericho hits the floor. Christian gets in and distracts the ref and outside A-Train and Trish stomp on Jericho. Trish slaps Jericho. Regal starts complaining to the ref and A-Train throws Jericho back in. Christian whips Jericho the corner and then takes Jericho to the top turnbuckle and delivers a suplex from the top rope. Christian goes for the cover and gets a near fall. Christian hits the ropes and runs into a spinning heel kick from Jericho. Jericho hits the ropes and gets a flying forearm. He goes over to his corner and gives Eugene a high five. Jericho tells Eugene he will give him some of Trish tonight. Eugene starts jumping around and Regal tells him to calm down. Jericho hits the breakdown and goes for the cover. One, two but A-Train puts Christian’s foot on the bottom rope. The ref sees this and decides to eject A-Train from ringside. A-Train is furious but he has to go. Jericho had his back turned and Christian goes for a roll up and gets a near fall. Christian kicks Jericho to the gut and attempts a piledriver but Jericho backdrops Christian. Jericho picks Christian up and hits a modified Bulldog. He goes for a lionsault but Christian gets his knees up. Christian gets the boston crab and Jericho tries to make it to the ropoes as he crawls over and makes the ropes.

Christian sets up for the unprettier but Jericho rolls him up for a two count. Jericho hits a running enziguri and Christian just kicks out at two. Jericho goes for a suplex and Christian slips out and finally hits the unprettier. One, two and Jericho kicks out. Christian can’t believe it. Christian gets frustrated and gets a bodyslam. He goes up to the top rope for a splash and Jericho has his boot up and lays Christian out. Both men are down. Jericho is the first to be up and goes for a clothesline, Christian ducks and backdrops Jericho to the floor. Jericho gets back in at seven and Christian delivers a back breaker. Trish points at Christian and instructs him to humiliate Jericho with his own move. Christian goes for the walls of Jericho and Jericho reverses into an inside cradle and Christian kicks out at two. Jericho chops away at Christian again and whips him to the ropes and hits a dropkick. Trish gets on the apron and starts distracting Jericho. Jericho grabs her by the hair and throws her in the ring and the ref restrains Jericho so Trish can get out the ring. Christian sneaks up from behind and rolls Jericho up and has his hand on the ropes. The ref sees it kicks Christian’s arm and warns him not to do that again. Jericho rolls Christian up for a two count. They go to the top and Jericho goes for a superplex, Christian counters and throws Jericho down face first. Christian goes to the top and Jericho slowly gets back up and Christian gets a high cross body and gets a two only. Christian hits an implant DDT and gets another near fall. What a match up. Christian gets a scoop slam and goes to the top and hits a missile dropkick and gets another near fall.

Eugene goes over to Trish’s corner again and points at her and he wants a kiss. He starts jumping around and gets excited. Regal goes over and holds Eugene back. Eugene escapes and starts licking her face. Trish freaks out and Eugene starts freaking out. Trish runs away to the back and Eugene runs away to the back. Regal can’t leave Eugene alone so he runs to the back. Christian goes for a neckbreaker but Jericho gets a backslide for a two. Jericho puts Christian on the bottom rope and runs across the ropes and jumps on Christian. Jericho locks in the walls of Jericho near the ropes and Christian gets to the bottom rope. Jericho refuses to let go and the ref starts a count and Jericho lets go. Jericho delivers triple powerbomb a move he hasn’t done in years but decides not to go for the cover. He waits for Christian to get back up and he runs into Christian and hits a double knee facebreaker into Christian’s face which knocked Christian out cold. We haven’t seen that maneuver from Jericho before. It’s the codebreaker btw. He makes the cover...1...2...3. It’s over. Chris Jericho wins. Christian has a tantrum in the ring as Jericho celebrates on the ramp.

Match Result: Chris Jericho defeated Christian
Match Time: 10:18

Backstage Coach interviews Randy Orton and asks Orton what does he plan to do to Foley tonight in the cell? Orton says he’s pretty confident, he isn’t afraid of Mick Foley. A lot of people think he can not beat Foley one on one but tonight he will prove he is more hardcore than Mick Foley. He’s studied tapes of Foley’s violent matches and he’s more than ready. Foley had his ear ripped off, he was thrown off the cell by The Undertaker. He got smashed in the face with chair shots by The Rock years ago, yeah big deal he’s tough, he’s sick and twisted but Randy Orton will show Mick’s family a side of Orton that they have never seen before. He will go to extreme lengths tonight to get the job done. Orton makes reference to the legendary feud between The Macho Man and Jake the Snake Roberts. Orton said he is a lot like Jake and Foley and his wife are a lot like Macho and Elizabeth. Infact he can see it now...Mick’s kids will start crying. They plead with him to stop the brutal assault on their daddy but he will not stop. He will continue to beat Mick up. Luck is on his side because Mick has never won a Hell in a Cell Match. Orton believes that tonight he will finally get the respect he deserves. This is a big night for Evolution and he will put Mick Foley out the WWE and become a legend. Whether it is Mick Foley, Cactus Jack, Mankind or Dude Love, he doesn’t care who shows up because when he’s done with Foley, people are likely to be afraid of Randy Orton. This started in June and it’s gone on far too long now. After this match even legends will start to bow down to him, this match will make him an early contender for next year’s Hall of Fame induction and even his father hasn’t even been inducted yet. This shows how far Randy Orton has come, he hasn’t even hit his prime yet. He is truly greatness. Tonight he promises to kill the legend of Mick Foley by ending his career once and for all.

Submission Match
Lance Storm vs Ric Flair

Our next contest is a submission match between Ric Flair and Lance Storm. Ric Flair makes his way down to the ring with Batista is in his corner. This is the only match where an Evolution member can be at ringside. Storm comes out to a great ovation. He stands to the top of the turnbuckle posing. Flair wastes no time and jumps Storm from behind and the bell rings. Flair drops a knee drop on Storm’s face and then stomps away on Storm’s leg. Ric tangles Storm’s leg in the ropes and jumps on it. Flair gets Storm up and delivers a suplex. Flair starts chopping away on Storm. He comes across the ropes for a right hand but Storm blocks and fights back. Storm gets a flying forearm and then takes Flair down with a high back body drop. Storm teases a boston crab but decides to drive his knee in Flair’s midsection and Flair is screaming in pain. Storm backs Flair into the corner but gets kicked in the gut. Flair chops away on Storm and goes for a suplex but Storm slips out and knocks Flair down with a spinning heel kick. Storm applies his own figure-four but Flair gets a thumb to to the eyes to escape. Flair stomps away on Storm’s leg. He picks Storm up and whips him hard into the turnbuckle. Flair chops away at Storm and gets a scoop slam. Flair attempts a cross body from the top but this never works and Storm throws Flair down. Storm hits a standing dropkick. Storm goes to the top and gets a flying body press. Storm connects with a german suplex. Storm comes across the ropes and gets a flying shoulder block. Lance drops Flair with an inverted atomic drop and then starts stomping away at Flair’s leg. He goes to the ropes for a knee drop but Flair rolls out the way. Flair gets a scoop slam and slaps in the figure four early but Lance turns it around a sharpshooter. Flair manages to make it to the ropes. Batista gets on the apron and tries to distract Storm. Flair’s gets a chop block as he clips Storm to get back in control and goes to work on Storm’s knee.

Flair starts strutting and gets a knee drop on Storm’s leg. Flair tries the figure four but Storm shoves him off. Storm is back up and hits Flair with a clothesline. Storm connects with a suplex. Storm starts working on Flair’s leg to soften him up by going for a spinning toe hold which gets a big pop from the crowd. Flair pokes Storm in the eyes to escape and Storm wastes no time by going for Flair’s legs again by locking in a half boston crab hold. Flair’s trying to reach the ropes. Batista puts Flair’s arm on the ropes and Storm has to break it up. The ref can’t disqualify Batista because a submission match can only end in submission. Storm gets outside the ring and argues with Batista. Flair gets on the apron and hits a double axe handle on Storm. Flair rams Storm’s knee on the ring post and the dirtiest player in the game rolls Storm back in. Flair locks in the figure four. Storm tries to reach the ropes but Flair pulls him back into the center of the ring. Flair’s applying a lot of pressure. Storm has no choice but to tap. Flair wins. Flair and Batista celebrate inside the ring. Flair looks at Storm and yells whooo. Storm gets a standing ovation from the crowd. Tomorrow is his last night in the WWE and Storm will hope to go out in style. A good effort from Storm but Flair managed to finish Storm off quick by working on Storm’s knee. A good start for Evolution.

Match Result: Ric Flair defeated Lance Storm
Match Time: 5:05

Coach interviews Shawn Michaels. HBK gets a mixed reaction. Coach mentions HBK’s great record in Canada. Will the show stopper stop Chris Benoit’s show tonight on Chris Benoit day at Backlash? Michaels explains that the fans here still haven’t forgiven him but hopefully after tonight he will get the Canadian fans to jump on the HBK bandwagon. Chris Benoit’s journey to the top has just started but when he steps in the ring with HBK tonight, his world will come crashing down. Michaels believed that he was not under any pressure at all, it is Benoit who will be under the most pressure. Benoit may have many fans behind him but the last time they met one on one it was HBK that came out on top. Whether the fans love him or still hate him he will go out there and perform 100% like he always does and he will once again become world heavyweight champion.

Up next is the title vs career Hell in a Cell Match. A video package is played highlighting the feud between Mick Foley and Randy Orton.

Hell in a Cell
Title vs Career Match
WWE Intercontinental Champion Randy Orton (c) vs Cactus Jack

Randy Orton comes out first and brings out a shopping kart full of weapons. He looks over at Mick Foley’s family who are in the front row. Orton goes over to Mick’s kids and starts taunting them, making crying gestures. Crowd boos Orton heavily. Orton opens the cell door and starts placing all the weapons outside and inside the ring. Out comes Cactus Jack to an amazing ovation and brings along his baseball bat with him covered in barbedwire.

Cactus goes over to ringside and hugs his family. Cactus gets inside the cell. Cactus looks around the ring to see loads of weapons. Cactus grabs the barbed wire bat and the bell rings. Orton quickly grabs a chair and Cactus and Orton immediately charge at each other. They swing at each other and Cactus knocks Orton’s chair down with the barbed wire bat. Orton bails out the ring and Cactus goes after him. He swings the bat at Orton, Orton ducks. Orton gets inside the ring and Cactus throws the bat outside the ring and gets back in. Orton starts stomping away at Cactus. Orton strikes Cactus with a few right hands. He whips him to the ropes and Cactus takes him down with a clothesline. They start brawling. Cactus whips Orton from one corner and then to another. He starts stomping him down and chokes away with his boot. Cactus sets Orton up for the knee lift and rams his knees right into the face of the Intercontinental Champion. He follows up with a leg drop. He drags Orton into a corner and starts stomping away on him. Cactus goes for a piledriver but gets backdropped. Now Orton takes over and starts punching away on Cactus. Orton comes across the ropes and hits a knee drop. Orton lays the boots on Cactus and throws Cactus over the ropes. Outside the ring Orton whips Cactus into the steel post. Orton gets a chair and levels Foley with a chair in the gut and follows up with a ddt on a chair. Orton rams Cactus’s head on the cage. He then sends Cactus into the steel steps. Orton starts posing. He lifts Cactus up and goes for a piledriver on the steps but Cactus backdrops Orton on the floor. Cactus rams Orton into the cage a couple of times and hits a double arm ddt on the floor. He slingshots Orton into the cage and busts Orton wide open. He starts raking Orton’s face on the cage. Cactus did say he is going to ruin Orton's face, he did say he will ruin those looks.

Cactus goes for a whip and it is reversed and Orton sends Cactus into the steel steps. Orton rams Cactus Jack’s head into the steel post and starts posing. Orton charges into Cactus but Jack moves out the way and Orton hits the post. Cactus gets the bat again and starts swinging away at Orton like a mad man and finally levels Orton with the bat across his back. Orton is screaming with pain. Cactus attempts to piledriver Orton on the bat but Orton counters with a backdrop. Orton rolls back in and when Cactus gets back in, Orton starts stomps away at him. Orton places Cactus on the ropes and hits a devastating rope-hung DDT but decides not to go for a cover.

Orton nails Cactus with the bat and Cactus is busted wide open. Orton tries to choke Cactus with the bat but Cactus counters with a low blow. Cactus puts the barbed wire bat between Orton’s leg and leg drops it. Ouch that must have hurt. Orton is screaming and shouting with pain. Cactus whips Orton to the ropes and Orton counters with a dropkick. Orton grabs the bat and levels Cactus across the back. Orton slams Cactus on the bat and starts choking Cactus out with the bat. Orton swings at Cactus and busts Cactus wide open. He tries to ram Cactus’s face across the cell but Cactus blocks and rams Orton’s face into the cell. Cactus charges into Orton and Orton drop toeholds him into the steps. Orton grabs a chair and swings at Cactus who ducks. Cactus kicks Orton to the gut and takes the chair off Orton and levels Orton with a chairshot. Cactus goes to the top turnbuckle and drops an elbow on Orton to the floor. Bang Bang. Cactus grabs the steps and launches the steps at Orton but Orton ducks out the way and the steps crashed through the cage. Cactus has busted the cell open, giving Orton a way out to escape. Cactus follows Orton outside as they brawl outside the cell. Cactus whips Orton into the barricade and they take the fight into the crowd. Cactus pounds the hell out of Orton and Orton kicks Cactus in the balls and manages to escape and gets back over the barricade. Orton catches a breather and Cactus follows him. They fight on the ramp and Orton connects with a neckbreaker. Orton sets Cactus up for a piledriver but Cactus manages to backdrop Orton. Cactus executes a devastating piledriver on the ramp. They continue brawling near the Spanish announce table and Cactus chokes Orton with a cord. Cactus continues to beat the hell out of Orton. Orton ducked a punch and hit an RKO on the floor as both men are laid out on the floor. This is a bit too much to watch for Mick's kids so his wife ends up taking Mick's kids backstage. Orton is up first and Cactus tries to grab Orton’s leg but Orton kicks him in the face. He tries to escape from Cactus by going right to the top of the cell. Oh no this is not a good move. Orton may be making a huge mistake. Mick Foley tried this at King of the Ring 98 and it did not work out for him. Cactus likes this and grabs the bat from inside the cell and throws it at the top of the cell.

Not a wise decision from Cactus because Orton now has the bat but Cactus decides to follow Orton up to the top of the cell. He couldn’t get up there with the bat so he had to throw it at the top of the cell. Cactus gets up the top of the cell and Orton starts stomping away on Cactus. Orton gets the bat and nails Cactus with the bat across his back. He grabs him by the face and starts mocking him. Cactus ends up kicking Orton to the gut and hit a double arm ddt. Cactus gets the bat and nails Orton with the bat across the back. Cactus goes for the mandible claw and Orton is fading down to his knees but Cactus decides to let go. He signalled to the crowd whether he should throw Orton off the top of the cell, and the crowd popped huge. He picks Orton up and Orton hit a lowblow on Cactus and escaped and climbed down the cell. Orton takes a rest. Cactus is back up on his feet. He decides not to throw the bat down and follows Orton by also climbing down. Orton waited for Cactus to get down and levelled him with a clothesline. Orton delivers a suplex on the floor. Orton grabs the timekeeper’s bell and whacks Cactus across the head with the bell. Cactus gets his bell rung. Orton dumps Cactus throat first on top of the railing. Orton is relentless as he keeps on dishing out punishment on Cactus. They get back inside the cell again and Orton rakes Cactus’s face in the cell. Orton pulls out a table from underneath the ring but Cactus takes Orton down with a clothesline. He rolls Orton back in the ring and whips Orton into the turnbuckle and hits a double arm ddt. Cactus starts hitting a few headbutts on Orton.

Cactus gets a ladder from underneath the ring and levels Orton in the face with a ladder. Cactus attempts a piledriver on Orton on the ladder but Orton counters and backdrops Cactus on the ladder. Orton grabs the ladder and waits for Cactus to rise to his feet and Orton charges into Cactus and levels him in the face with a ladder. Orton attempts an RKO on the ladder but Cactus counters by throwing him off and clotheslines Orton over the top rope. Cactus sets the ladder up and Orton is back on the apron and Cactus suplexes him back in. They end up fighting on top of the ladder. Orton manages to shove Cactus down and goes to the top of the ladder and hits a flying clothesline but Cactus catches him with a punch to the gut. Cactus hits a reverse neckbreaker. Cactus goes outside the ring and brings the table inside the ring. He sets the table up in the middle and places Orton on a table. Cactus goes to the top of the ladder and goes for a big splash off the top off the ladder and comes crashing down on Orton through the table. He goes for a cover and Orton gets his arm up at two. JR can’t believe it. He didn’t think Orton would be that tough enough to kick out of that. Cactus delivers a swinging neckbreaker and gets another near fall. Cactus misses a charge and Orton is back in control. Orton slingshots Cactus onto a ladder knocking Cactus out. He grabs a chair and whacks Cactus with the chair and starts posing.

Cactus tries to pull himself up and Orton hits Cactus with another sickening chair shot. He can’t keep Foley down and he yells at him to stay down, “stay down you son of a bitch.” Shades of Rock vs Mick Foley at the Royal Rumble 1999. Orton has been studying these tapes and he knows what Mick is capable of and he knows what it takes to soften up Mick Foley. Cactus staggers back on his feet and gets smacked around again with a chair shot. Cactus begs Orton for more but punches him on a charge. Cactus is a bloody mess. Cactus delivers a piledriver on Orton onto the steel chair. As Orton pulls himself up Cactus grabs the ladder and charges into Orton by nailing him with the ladder. Cactus goes to the top rope and connects with an elbow drop. He starts choking Orton out and hits a double arm DDT. He finally goes for a cover but Orton just manages to kick out at two. Cactus can’t believe it. He goes up to the top rope for a clothesline but Orton suddenly gets up and hits an RKO out of nowhere. Both men are down and Orton is back up first. They exchange punches and Cactus drops Orton with a big right hand. Cactus steps outside the ring again and grabs a wood wrapped in barbed wire and sets it up in the corner. He goes for a whip on Orton who reverses and sends Cactus into the board of barbed wire. Cactus rolls around in the ring with pain.

Orton goes over to his corner and waits for Cactus to get back up to his feet. Orton is going kick Mick in the head. Mick's wife rushes down to ringside and gets inside the cell(where it was busted wide open) He goes over to his corner ready to kick Cactus in the head. Mick's wife pleads with Orton that enough is enough and just pin Mick to end this. Orton doesn't listen and charges with a running punt kick to Cactus’s head. That’s it, he is out. This is how the feud started when Orton kicked Mick Foley down the steps in Madison Square Garden and now Orton has done it again. Mick's wife begs the official to stop the match. The ref asks Foley if he wants to continue but Foley does not want to give up. Orton smiles and gets out the ring and steps outside the cell. Why is Orton not pinning Cactus? Orton gets a mic and gets back in and starts calling Mick a coward and that he has to hide behind a woman. Orton said he is NOT going to take a win like this. He won’t let Mick go down as a hero. He will not win by knockout or the ref stopping the match. If Foley wants to carry on but the ref feels he can not continue then he won’t accept it this way. He guaranteed to beat Mick but he’s not done with him yet. There is more to come and this is going to be painful for Mick. He wants Mick to get up and fight him. He rubs Mick’s blood on his hands. Mick's wife starts crying. Cactus is back on his feet and fights back against Orton and Cactus dumps Orton to the floor. He gets his wife out the cell and Orton nails Cactus from behind and rolls him back in. Orton pulls out a bag and it’s THUMBTACKS. This is going to be painful. Orton is certainly going to extreme lengths to beat Foley inside the cell. He is totally a different persona tonight because he is showing a different side against Mick Foley. Earlier on he said he is a lot like Jake the Snake Roberts. Orton is like a viper inside the cell. Orton dumps the bag of thumbtacks on the mat. We’ve seen this before in the 2nd Hell in a Cell match and it was very very painful.

He attempts an RKO but Cactus throws Orton off and Orton lands into the thumbtacks. Orton is finished, that has to be it. He is screaming in pain, the tacks are stuck on his hand and back. Orton rolls out the ring and he tries to escape the cell but Cactus goes after him and rams Orton into the ring post. Cactus rolls Orton back in and backs Orton into the corner and goes to the other corner and nails Orton with a knee lift to the face. Cactus places the board of barbwire in the middle of the ring. He goes for the mandible claw near the ropes but Orton holds on to the ropes and counters into an RKO. He goes for a cover and Cactus kicks out at two. Orton is stunned, he can’t believe it. Orton whips Cactus to the ropes and backdrops Cactus on to the tacks. How much punishment can Cactus Jack take. What does Orton have to do to keep Cactus down. Orton doesn’t make an attempt to cover Cactus but waits for him to get up. Cactus stumbles back up and Orton hits the RKO onto the board of barbwire and this has to be it. Orton crawls over on Cactus and gets his arm over for a 3 count 1...2...3. That’s it it’s over.

Match Result: Randy Orton defeated Cactus Jack to retain the Intercontinental title
Match Time: 23:08

This is finally over, what a brutal HIAC match. Foley is done, and Orton has won the match. Orton had ended the career of Cactus Jack. Both men are motionless. Flair and Batista make their way down and help Orton up and get him out of the cell and raise his hand in the air. Foley is a bloody mess. Mick’s wife gets in the ring to check on Mick. Officials come down to help Mick up who gets a standing ovation. Mick raises his arm in the air and waves goodbye to his fans. Fans start a "Thankyou Mick" chant. Mick Foley has nothing to be ashamed of, that was one hell of a performance. We saw a different side of Randy Orton, a side perhaps of things to come.

Backstage Evolution help Orton to the back and meet HHH in the back. HHH is very proud of Orton as he went from being a legend killer to a legend. He tore Mick apart, he gave Mick the biggest beating of his life. HHH said what Orton is more sick and twisted than him and he loves it. Batista said they call him the animal but Orton is also an animal. Flair called Orton the future dirtiest player in the game. HHH says now that Foley’s gone, now it’s the Rock’s turn to go. It’s going to be a great night for Evolution. Orton says go and get him and HHH gives Orton a high five and leaves.

World Tag Title Match
The World's Greatest Tag Team vs The Dudleys

The challengers come out first. The tag champs come out next. Bubba and Haas start this match off and Bubba gets the early advantage by hitting Haas with a few left and right punches. Bubba gets a back body drop and tags in D-Von. D-Von levels Haas with a clothesline. D-Von gets a backdrop suplex and Haas kicks out at two. D-Von whips Haas into the corner and misses a charge. Haas gets a clothesline, followed by a dropkick. Haas tags in Shelton. TWGTT start double teaming The Dudleys. Bubba gets in but the ref holds him back as TWGTT continue to double team D-Von. Shelton lifts D-Von up and sends him head first into the knee off Haas. Shelton whips D-Von into the corner and connects with a stinger splash. He tags Haas back in and Haas goes for an abdominal stretch. D-Von fights out of it and hits Haas with a clothesline. Haas ducks a punch and executes a half nelson suplex. Haas goes for the Haas of Pain and Bubba gets in and boots Haas in the face for the save. D-Von makes the tag to Bubba. Bubba gets a crossbody and gets a near fall. Shelton runs in and Bubba takes him out with a clothesline. Bubba hits the Bubba bomb on Haas and makes the cover but Shelton breaks it up. Bubba clotheslines Shelton over the top rope. D-Von is tagged back in and The Dudleys get a flapjack on Haas and follow up with the Wazzup Drop. D-Von pounds away on Haas and whips Haas into the ropes and Haas comes back with a clothesline. Haas tags in Shelton and they isolate D-Von and take control of this match up. Shelton goes to the top rope and gets a missile drop kick and D-Von kicks out at two. Shelton misses another stinger splash and D-Von tags in Bubba. Bubba cleans house. Haas and Shelton send D-Von over the top rope. Haas lifts Bubba on his shoulders and Shelton goes to the top for a doomsday device but Bubba counters with a powerslam on Shelton. What a move.

All three men are down as Haas manages to get back on the apron as Shelton tags Haas. Bubba makes the tag to D-Von. Haas charges into D-Von who hits a spinebuster. The Dudleys hit the 3D and Shelton makes the save at two. We get a big brawl in the ring. Bubba misses a charge and gets knocked out the ring. Shelton and Haas hit the superkick German suplex combination move. Haas goes for the cover..1...2...3. Haas and Benjamin retain the tag titles. They celebrate outside the ring. This was a rather quick match with most of the action involving all four competitors in the ring at once.

Match Result: The World's Greatest Tag Team defeated The Dudleys to retain the tag team titles.
Match Time: 4:15

Backstage Coach interviews The Rock. The Rock is not in a good mood and Coach tries to wind Rock up. Evolution are up 2-0 and it’s looking like a great night for Evolution. Mick Foley is out of the WWE. Coach believes HHH is better than The Rock and Rock simply stands no chance against The Game tonight. The Rock stops Coach from rambling on and starts insulting the Coach. He tells him to beat it before he whoops his ass. Rock praises Mick for putting on a great performance tonight, he’s sad to see Mick go but he guarantees that he will lay the Smackdown on HHH’s candy ass. Rock vs HHH one more time and he guaranteed to whoop HHH’s ass all over Edmonton. Rock dedicated his match to Mick Foley.

A video package is played, recapping the history of this feud leading up this grudge match.

The Rock vs HHH

HHH's music hits as he makes his way down to the ring. HHH wants to make it a perfect night for Evolution. The Rock's music hits as he makes his way out to an amazing ovation. Lawler mentioned that Rock and HHH were involved in the last Iron Man Match at Judgment Day 2000 and later on it will be Shawn Michaels vs Chris Benoit in an Iron Man Match. The bell rings. Rock and HHH have a staredown, HHH starts talking trash, Rock taunts HHH by telling him to just bring it. HHH responds with the DX crotch chop reminding the Rock of their rivalry in the past. Rock brings it and gives HHH a few right hands at the start, and hits a series of clotheslines on HHH. Rock lays HHH with a hard right hand and sends him over the top rope. Rock follows HHH outside and lays him out with a clothesline. Rock and HHH fight outside and the ref starts the count. Rock sends HHH back in at seven. Rock gets in and goes across the ropes for a clothesline but HHH sidesteps The Rock and buries his knee right into the abdomen of The Rock. HHH is now in control and kicks Rock right in the ribs. HHH gets a backbreaker and comes across the ropes and hits an elbow. HHH whips Rock into the corner and kicks away at Rock in the ribs. HHH gets a suplex and gets a near fall. HHH hits the backbreaker and then goes for an abdominal stretch. He holds on to the ropes and the ref sees HHH holding on to the ropes and HHH has to break it up. HHH whips Rock into the corner and headbutts Rock into the mid section. Rock comes back by nailing HHH with some right hands and follows up with a dragon screw and then gets a Greco Roman upper body throw and gets a near fall. Rock hits a ddt and gets a two count only. He hits a neckbreaker and HHH kicks out at two. Rock goes for a charge, HHH sidesteps Rock and sends him into the ring post. HHH gets to rest and The Rock is down.

Rock is back in and HHH goes to work on Rock’s arm as he takes Rock down with the armbar takedown. HHH drops some elbows on Rock’s shoulder. HHH goes for a pedigree and Rock counters into a side Russian leg sweep. Rock goes to the top and gets a flying clothesline and HHH kicks out at two. Rock takes HHH up to the top rope and connects with a superplex. HHH kicks out at two. Rock comes across the ropes for a clothesline and HHH kicks him to the gut and hits a reverse neckbreaker. HHH gets an inverted Indian death lock. HHH holds on to the ropes for more leverage and the ref sees it and HHH has to break the hold. HHH gets a spinebuster and gets a near fall as Rock kicks out. HHH goes for the pedigree near the ropes and Rock backdrops HHH to the floor. The ref starts counting and HHH gets on the apron at seven and Rock suplexes HHH back in. Rock goes for a cover and HHH kicks out at two. Rock goes for a backslide and gets another near fall. Rock charges into HHH but runs into a boot and HHH takes Rock down with a bulldog. HHH picks Rock up and connects with a neckbreaker. HHH then applies a sleeper and Rock fights his way out of it and whips HHH to the ropes and hits a samoan drop. Rock goes for a sharpshooter and he turns HHH around and locks in the sharpshooter. HHH is desperately trying to hang in there. He’s trying to make it to the ropes and he finally makes the ropes. HHH uses the ropes to pull himself up. Rock goes for a clothesline but HHH ducks and pulls the ropes down and sends Rock to the floor.

HHH catches a breather and is back in control again. Rock is back in and HHH gets Rock into the corner and punches away at him. He whips Rock to the ropes and hits the high knee right into the sternum. HHH mocks Rock and goes for his version of the peoples elbow. Rock kips up and throws HHH over the top rope. Rock goes outside and brawls with HHH. The ref gets outside and tells them to get back in. Rock goes for the sharpshooter but HHH kicks Rock into the ref and the ref is knocked out. They fight near the Spanish announcers table. HHH slammed Rock’s head repeatedly into the Spanish announce table. HHH charges into the Rock and Rock backdrops HHH on the floor. Rock kicks HHH on the floor and bashes his head into the table. Rock takes the headset and starts talking in Spanish and talks trash about HHH. He goes back to work and he gets HHH on the announce table. He set up for a Rock Bottom and HHH elbows out of it and lowblows Rock and pedigrees Rock through the table. Both men are down. HHH gets up first and goes for a right hand but Rock blocks but HHH knees him to the gut and delivers a ddt on the floor. HHH then catapults The Rock into the ring post. HHH throws Rock back in and revives the ref. The ref stumbles back up and crawls over to make a count. One, two and Rock kicks out. HHH sends Rock to the ropes and gets a facebuster. He goes to the second rope and connects with a standing fist drop. HHH backs Rock into the corner and starts choking out Rock with his boot in the corner. He lifts Rock up and places him in a corner and stands on the turnbuckle and attempts to punch Rock ten times but Rock picks HHH up and gets an inverted atomic drop.

Rock hits a flying clothesline. Rock grabs HHH and bashes his head on the turnbuckle ten times and HHH does the Flair flop. Rock waits for HHH to get back to his feet and Rock delivers a spinebuster. Here we go. The Rock sets up for THE MOST ELECTRIFYING MOVE IN SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT TODAY, THE PEOPLES ELBOW Rock comes across the ropes and hits the peoples elbow and HHH kicks out at two. HHH staggers back up and Rock is ready to finish HHH off. Rock goes for a Rock Bottom which HHH counters and kicks Rock to the gut and hits a pedigree. That was amazing and HHH will finally put Rock away. He goes for the cover and Rock just kicks out at two. HHH can’t believe it. He goes over to the ref and starts arguing with the ref. HHH sets up for another pedigree again but Rock counters and backdrops HHH on the mat. Rock goes for the sharpshooter, trying to turn HHH around. Rock turns HHH around and he locks in the sharpshooter. HHH tries to hold on and he makes the ropes. Rock releases the hold and gets HHH up and sends him to the ropes and both men knock each other out with a clothesline. Both men had the same idea as both men are laid out on the mat. The ref makes the count. Rock is back up by seven and HHH is up by eight . They exchange strikes and Rock blocks a right hand from HHH and Rock sends HHH face first into the top turnbuckle. Rock sends HHH to the ropes and HHH counters with a reverse neckbreaker. HHH gets a shoulder breaker for a near fall. HHH goes outside the ring and pulls out a sledgehammer from underneath the ring. The ref is not going to allow this and warns HHH that he will be disqualified and he takes the sledgehammer off HHH. HHH then decides to expose the steel turnbuckle. He tried to take the turnbuckle pad off but the referee stopped him. HHH starts arguing with the ref again. Rock ends up taking the turnbuckle pad off. HHH charges at Rock but Rock stops HHH and lays the Smackdown on HHH with a few right hands. The Rock catapults HHH into the exposed turnbuckle pad and hits the Rock Bottom. Rock makes the cover..1....2....3... He got him. Rock wins. Rock celebrates in the ring and HHH just furious. It started out as a good night for Evolution but just like WrestleMania, HHH lost again.

Match Result: The Rock defeated HHH
Match Time: 12:13

The Rock has stopped HHH from making it 3-0 for Evolution. JR points out that Eric Bischoff awarded HHH a title shot against the winner of the Iron Man Match. However now that HHH has lost tonight, will HHH still be getting a title shot, or will the Rock be receiving a title shot? Should be an interesting night tomorrow on Raw. Up next is the Iron Man Match. Officials repair the turnbuckle pad and up next is the main event.

World Heavyweight Title 60 Minute Iron Man Match
Chris Benoit (c) vs Shawn Michaels

The 60 Minute Iron Man Match for the world heavyweight title. An awesome video package is played featuring the events leading up to this match and also featured HBK’s win at WrestleMania 12 and Benoit’s win at WrestleMania 20. It truly gives the match the epic feel that it deserved. The announcers explained that Shawn Michaels and Chris Benoit competed in a one on one match in February and HBK was the winner. Then at WrestleMania Chris Benoit defeated Shawn and HHH in a triple threat match to win the world title, however it was HHH who tapped and not Shawn. So will Chris Benoit finally be able to defeat HBK tonight or will HBK’s luck in Iron Man Matches continue.

They show the Benoit family who are in attendance in the front row. Lets hope Chris has better luck than Mick Foley. Lilian Garcia goes over the rules.

1. The Superstar with the most falls at the end of 60 Minutes will be the WWE Champion.
2.Falls are scored by Pinfall, Submission, Disqualification and Count Out.
3. After each fall, there will be a 15 second designated rest period.
4. At the end of 60 minutes if the match is tied then the match will go into sudden death over time.

Here we go HBK’s music hits. Michaels comes out to a mixed reaction. Some people have still not forgiven HBK and some people have. When HBK’s music stops playing, he doesn’t get a great reception from the fans. Chris Benoit’s music hits and here comes the world heavyweight champion to an amazing ovation. What a homecoming for Benoit. It is Chris Benoit day and it is a special night for Chris’s family. They were there to see Chris win the world heavyweight title at WrestleMania and they are here again to see Chris defend the world title. Benoit goes over to ringside to embrace his family.

The referee goes over the rules. Benoit and Michaels shake hands. The bell rings and here we go 60 minutes long, we are underway with the Iron Man Match. The man with the most decisions at the end of the match will leave as world heavyweight champion.

The 1st 15 mins was quite slow as both men attempted headlocks, takedowns and several restholds. When the bell rang, both men locked up and Benoit takes HBK down with a side headlock. HBK gets back up to his feet and takes Benoit down with a hip toss. Benoit comes back with a takedown. Lock up again and Benoit takes HBK down again but this time gets a headlock as they go to the mat. He has HBK down on the mat, HBK tries to turn Benoit over for a cover but Benoit holds on. HBK turns Benoit over and gets a cover and Benoit kicks out. Both men back up, lock up again and Michaels gets a front face lock and holds on by keeping Benoit down on the mat. Benoit manages to get out of it and they go for a test of strength battle. Benoit wins the battle here and takes Michaels down and with a hip toss. The two locked up again and HBK grabbed a head lock. They trade near falls with Shawn holding the headlock. Michaels skated around Benoit’s body and grabbed a hammer lock before Benoit threw him off. Michaels was frustrated. HBK grabbed another side headlock and Benoit sends HBK off the ropes and attempts the crossface but Michaels frantically escaped. Michaels is really starting to get frustrated. Benoit started smiling and the crowd is loving this. Michaels was looking almost helplessly over matched. Benoit is outwrestling HBK in the early going. Benoit gets another headlock, Shawn comes to his feet and tries to elbow out, but Benoit holds on and goes back the mat. Michaels again gets to his feet, and armdrags out of the headlock and goes for an early superkick and Benoit ducks.

They get into a shoving match and both men exchange strikes and Benoit whips Michaels to the ropes and hits a clothesline. Benoit gets a double leg takedown and starts to hit Michaels with a flurry of punches as Michaels tries to block. Benoit gets HBK up and whips him to the ropes and hits a back elbow. Benoit and HBK exchange knife edge chops. Michaels rolls out the ring to buy some time and rolls back in. They exchange strikes before Benoit dumped Michaels to the mat with a back body drop. Benoit whips HBK to the other side and Michaels jumps to the second rope and connects with a crossbody which gets a two. Atomic drop from Michaels followed by a clothesline. HBK began showing a little attitude and tried to keep Benoit down by kicking him in the face. The crowd didn’t like this. Michaels goes to the ropes and attempts an elbow but Benoit rolls out the way and gets a one count on HBK. Benoit tosses HBK over the top rope but HBK skins the cat and headscissors Benoit to the floor. Back in Michaels goes for a whip but Benoit reverses as Michaels gets whipped into the corner. He leapfrogs out of the corner and gives Benoit a hurracanrana sending him to the floor. Again Benoit goes to the floor and now Benoit gets frustrated. Michaels goes to the top and goes for a double axe handle but Benoit punches him in the gut. Benoit locks in the crossface. HBK is trying to get to the ropes, he’s almost near but Benoit turns HBK over and rolls him up for a 3 count. Benoit has won the 1st fall here and he’s up 1-0. Michaels rolls outside the ring and he’s pissed off. He gets back in as the match continues. They lock up as Benoit whips Michaels, Michaels gets a baseball slide and tosses Benoit over the top rope. Michaels goes to the ropes and gets a dive on Benoit.


15-30 Minutes
Michaels starts to work on the shoulder of Benoit and tossed Benoit into the ring steps. Michaels gets back in and Benoit just makes it in by the 8 count. He whips Benoit into the ropes and Benoit counters by going for a crossface but he can’t lock it in as Michaels escapes. Michaels buys some time outside the ring and makes it back in before the ten count. Michaels gets back inside and Benoit starts stomping away at Michaels. He hits some vicious chops in the corner but Michaels comes back and gets a sunset flip for a two count. Michaels continued to work on Benoit’s arm and he stomps away on Benoit’s arm. Michaels gets a suplex and then stands on the ring apron and holds onto Benoit’s arm and jumps down the apron. Twisting Benoit’s arm. This is good strategy from Michaels as he wants to ensure that Benoit does not lock the crossface. This is how Benoit went 1-0 up in the first fall. Michaels goes for a cover and Benoit kicks out at two. Michaels attempted a whip which was reversed and it sent Michaels into the turnbuckles. HBK flipping upside down and rebounded out. This gave Benoit time to catch a breather as the ref started the count. Michaels gets back in by 7. Now it is Benoit’s turn to do damage to HBK. Benoit starts focusing on HBK’s back as he hit a backbreaker. Benoit fires off a snap suplex for two and starts going after the back. Benoit whips Michaels into the turnbuckle and follows up with a clothesline over the top rope. He rams Michaels back into the ring apron and throws Michaels back in the ring. Benoit gets a backdrop suplex which gets a two count only.

Benoit goes for an abdominal stretch by putting pressure on Michaels back. Michaels tries his very best to get to the ropes but Benoit puts more pressure. Michaels holds onto Benoit’s leg to move forward and then holds on to the ropes and throws Benoit over the top rope. Michaels goes for a dive and lands on Benoit. Both men are laid out on the floor as the ref starts the count. They get back in by 7. Michaels sets Benoit up for a suplex but Benoit punches him off. Benoit attempts a flying clothesline but Michaels catches him with a superkick on the way down. SWEET CHIN MUSIC IN MID-AIR. Unbelievable, what a move. Michaels goes for the cover. 1...2...3. He got him. Michaels has tied it.


15 second rest period and Benoit is still down and now that the rest period is over, Michaels goes for another cover but Benoit kicks out at two. Michaels gets a scoop slam. He’s the showstopper and he loves taking risks as he goes to the top for an elbow drop and misses as Benoit moves out the way. Benoit goes for a german suplex but Michaels blocks and elbows out of it. Michaels goes for a piledriver but Benoit counters into a back body drop. Benoit whips Michaels hard into the turnbuckle and fires a snap suplex and gets a near fall. He delivers some hard right hand shots to the lower back of Michaels and follows up with a back suplex. Benoit goes up to the top and attempts a suplex on Michaels but Shawn counters by sending him face first to the mat. Michaels gets a crossbody but Benoit rolls him over and gets a near fall. Benoit clotheslines Michaels to the floor. Benoit goes to the ropes and hits a dive on HBK and knocks himself out on the railing. They both make it back on the apron and Benoit tries for a suplex to the floor. Michaels knocks Benoit off and jumps off the top rope but gets caught with a right hand to the gut. Benoit hit a german suplex on HBK on the floor and gets back in. The ref starts counting and Michaels just gets back in by nine.

Benoit nails Michaels in the midsection with a kneelift. He rocks HBK with some forearms into the corner. Michaels counters another knee lift by Benoit into a schoolboy pin for a two count. Benoit immediately gets up and levels Michaels with a clothesline. Benoit gets a sleeper hold on Michaels, Michaels manages to counter with a jawbreaker to break out of it. Great counter. Michaels gets frustrated and rolls out the ring and grabs a chair. He brings it inside the ring and he's about to swing but the ref warns Michaels that he will lose a fall if he uses the chair. The fans start booing HBK and HBK has a change of heart and drops the chair down. Suddenly the crowd starts cheering Michaels for not using the chair. Maybe HBK can win his fans back in Canada. The ref gets the chair and takes it back outside the ring. Michaels decides to go for a sleeper of his own but Benoit is starting to fade to his knees but manages to get back to his feet and delivers a big back suplex and both men are down. Both men get to their feet and literally run into each other.

30-45 Minutes
Both men get back to their feet and Benoit charges into HBK but he runs into the boot. Michaels goes up to the second ropes and executes a hurracarana and gets a near fall. Michaels gets a scoop slam and goes up to the top turnbuckle and hits a splash to get a two count only. Michaels catches Benoit with a knee lift and then rolls out the ring and rams Benoit’s leg into the ring post. Back in Michaels goes to the ropes and hits a knee drop on Benoit’s leg. Benoit limps around in the ring and he ducks a punch from Michaels and Benoit gets the sleeper hold again. HBK is trying to break out of it but Benoit applies more pressure. HBK positions Benoit so that they’re facing the corner and Michaels gets close enough and jumps up and manages to push off the top turnbuckle with his feet by flipping backwards to get on top of Benoit. The ref makes the count...1...2..3.. Benoit was unable to kick out and Michaels has won another decision, as he goes into the lead two decisions to one.

The action continues as Michaels suplexed Benoit from the ring to the floor. Michaels gets to the top turnbuckle and delivers a moonsault to the floor. Both men get up and get back on the apron by 7 and Michaels attempts another suplex on the floor but Benoit counters and suplexed Michaels back in the ring. Benoit hit the five german suplexes and does the cut throat gesture and climbs the ropes. He goes up and hits the swan dive headbutt. He covers and gets a near fall. Benoit rams Michaels head into the turnbuckle and Michaels is starting to bleed. Benoit starts delivering some vicious knife edge chops on Michaels and starts to work on Michaels leg. He goes for an Indian deathlock and Michaels escapes so Benoit goes for a figure-four leg lock instead. Michaels just gets to the ropes. Benoit is desperate to get back into this, he promised that he will make Michaels tap and he’s pulling out all stops to make sure Michaels taps but Michaels has not tapped. Benoit locks the crossface on Michaels but Michaels puts his foot on the rope. Benoit is not releasing and the ref starts to count and Benoit breaks it up at 4. Benoit locks in the crossface again in the middle of the ring, Michaels tries to get to the ropes but Benoit pulls him back and this time Michaels taps out. It's all tied up now at 2-2.

The action continues as Michaels makes a comeback by going for a whip but Benoit reverses and HBK crashed into the turnbuckle getting dumped upside down over the top rope and on to the floor. Benoit goes right to the top turn buckle and hits a swan dive on Michaels on to the floor. Back in Benoit is in control as he whips Michaels to the ropes and Michaels comes back with a flying forearm. HBK kips up and scoop slams Benoit. HBK goes up to the top and hits a diving elbow and gets a near fall. Michaels tunes up for the superkick. He goes for the superkick and Benoit blocks with his hands and gets Michaels down with an ankle lock. Great counter. Michaels just makes the ropes. Benoit goes for an inside cradle and Michaels kicks out. He goes for a roll up and Michaels kicks out again. Benoit goes for a clothesline and Michaels ducks and nails Benoit with the superkick which knocks Benoit over the top rope. Benoit is out cold. The ref makes the count and Benoit just makes it in at 9. Michaels falls down on the floor as he’s also hurt his knee but it gives him time to catch a breather. However with 15 minutes to go and the scores tied, Michaels needs to gain another fall to go ahead.

45-60 Mins
With back and forth action by two exhausted combatants we are now into the final 15 minutes of this match with the scores tied at 2-2. As soon as Benoit rolled back in, Michaels started to work on Benoit’s knee and attempted a figure four but Benoit turned it over and Michaels immediately gets to the bottom rope and Benoit had to release the hold. Benoit waited for Michaels to rise to hit feet as he was ready to strike. Michaels limps around in the ring and Benoit hits the ropes and gets met with a back elbow. Both men are exhausted as they exchanged some strikes. Benoit goes for a suplex but Michaels blocks, he tries again but Michaels blocks and rolls Benoit up for a near fall. Michaels kicks Benoit to the gut and sends Benoit into the turnbuckle. He perched Benoit on the top rope as he attempts a back suplex but Benoit counters and falls on top of Michaels and gets a near fall. Great counter by Benoit in mid-air. Benoit attempts a german suplex but Michaels rolls out and gets a near fall on Benoit. Michaels dropkicks Benoit into the corner and charges on Benoit but Benoit gets his boot up and gets Michaels in the face. He goes to the top rope and climbs on Michaels shoulders and goes for a victory roll but Michaels stops the momentum and slams Benoit and goes for a cover. One, two and Benoit just kicks out. Michaels goes for the superkick but Benoit blocks with his hands and hits a german suplex and follows up with four more german suplexes.

Michaels is lying motionless in the ring and Benoit signals for a sharpshooter, he tries to go for the sharpshooter but HBK kicks Benoit in the face. Michaels rises to his feet first and comes flying off the ropes with a flying forearm. He is in so much pain with those legs that he couldn’t follow up with a cover. Michaels is back on his feet and connects with a body slam. He goes up to the top rope and hits the flying elbow resulting in another near fall. HBK began to tune up the band in the corner by stomping his foot on the canvas four times. Benoit stumbled to his feet and Michaels planted Benoit right in the face with SWEET CHIN MUSIC. Michaels makes an exhausted cover and gets the 3 count to take the fall. Michaels is now up 3-2 and with seven minutes to go it looks like Michaels has this wrapped up.

We get a 15 second rest period. All Michaels has to do now is hang in there for the next 8 minutes to become champion, he shouldn’t do anything risky which could allow Benoit back into the match. Michaels knee is hurt bad and he has to hang in and ensure that Benoit does not get another leg submission hold on him. As for Benoit, he desperately needs a fall to tie this because if somehow Michaels gets another fall then he will be certainly leaving Edmonton as world heavyweight champion. Michaels is on the offensive most of this fall, as Benoit needs to to get back into the match. Time is flying and the rest period is over and Benoit is still down on the mat and Michaels wastes no time and attempted to apply the sharpshooter. Michaels is smiling and the crowd is booing Shawn Michaels. Michaels grabs the leg but Benoit hold onto Shawn’s arm and it’s countered to a crossface. Michaels just reaches the ropes and he has to break it up. Michaels uses the ropes to pull himself up and Benoit starts stomping away on Michaels to keep him down. Benoit attempts a sharpshooter but Michaels rolls Benoit up for a near fall. Benoit goes for a body slam but Michaels catches him in a small package and goes for a pin and Benoit just kicks out at two. Benoit ducks a right hand and a roll up gets two. Benoit goes for a whip but Michaels reverses and sends Benoit into the buckle face first. Four minutes to go and both men are exhausted as Michaels rolls Benoit up and gets another near fall. Michaels sends Benoit to the ropes and scores with a running elbow. Michaels goes to the top rope as Benoit staggers to his feet, Michaels hits a moonsault and Benoit kicks out at two. Benoit staggers up and Michaels hit the superkick. Michaels covers Benoit. One, two and no Benoit gets his feet on the ropes. Michaels whips Benoit to the ropes and delivers a back body drop. Two minutes to go and Michaels is going to win the title. He goes up to the top and attempts a missile dropkick but Benoit catches the legs and locks in the sharpshooter right in the middle, drawing a huge pop from the crowd. Shades of WrestleMania 12. Benoit has it locked in and with 1 minute and 30 seconds to go Michaels needs to hang in there and Benoit needs to make Michaels tap if this match is to go to sudden death over time. Michaels is desperately trying to hang in. He bites his fingers to fight the pain and the official asks Michaels if he gives up but Michaels isn’t giving up. Michaels back has to be screaming with pain. Benoit has it locked in the middle of the ring and Michaels simply does not have the energy left to even attempt to get near the ropes. He just has to endure this pain and hang in there with 50 seconds to go. He is trying to hang on. Michaels tries to move but Benoit doesn’t let him and yes finally he taps with 35 seconds to go.

Chris Benoit has tied the match 3-3. They are supposed to have a 15 second rest period with only 35 seconds remaining There is really no point of a rest period now but Benoit is down on the mat resting and HBK rolls out the ring and he’s down on the floor. We are not even sure if these guys have the energy to continue on because when this match was made, Eric Bischoff did state if the match ends in a tie it will go to sudden death and we will have a winner. However both men are down and simply can not take much more punishment. The rest period is over and the countdown starts and Benoit goes outside the ring and rolls Michaels back in with 25 seconds to go. He attempts another sharpshooter but Michaels is blocking it. 10 seconds to go and Benoit has it locked in and the countdown begins. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. The time limit has expired and Michaels did not tap. Benoit thinks Michaels tapped but the referee tells him that Michaels did not tap. The fans are booing the hell out of this, they want to see a winner. Eric Bischoff’s music hits and he comes out on the ramp with a mic. Eric announces that he didn’t come here not to be disappointed and neither did the fans. He did state that we must have a winner and we will, he doesn’t give a damn if they can barely stand, we will get a winner. Just like the first Iron Man Match we will go into overtime. He orders this match to continue because this match will continue under sudden death rules. Whoever wins the next fall will leave as champion. Mega pop from the crowd for this announcement.

Michaels is back up on his feet and he is hurt. Bischoff goes over to ringside and orders the ref to ring the bell and the ref rings the bell. Michaels and Benoit exchange punches. Benoit whips Michaels to the ropes and they end up knocking each other out with a double clothesline. Michaels kips up at 8 but he’s limping around in the ring. Michaels gets a few right hands on Benoit. Michaels comes off the ropes with a sunset flip but Benoit blocks it by sitting down and hooks both of HBK’s legs for leverage into a pinning position and score the 3 count for the victory. Benoit wins, Chris Benoit has retained the world heavyweight title.

Match Result: Chris Benoit defeated Shawn Michaels 4-3 in sudden death overtime to retain the world heavyweight title.
Match Time: 62:07

Absolutely humongous pop from the crowd as Benoit’s music hits. What a match. HBK can not believe it. He almost had it, he was 2 minutes away from becoming champion and it showed that what he did in the past at WrestleMania couldn’t be duplicated again. Benoit is celebrating in the ring as the ref hands Benoit the world title. Benoit goes over to Michaels and extends a hand and gets Michaels up and Michaels shakes his hand. The two of them embrace in the ring as HBK leaves to let Benoit have his moment. Benoit calls his family in the ring as they celebrate with him in the ring. Tonight Chris Benoit proved that he is no one hit wonder, what a marvellous comeback from the rabid wolverine. Benoit goes up to the top rope and raises the world title belt in the air as Backlash comes to a close.

WWE 2004: The Road to WrestleMania 21
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