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The only reason the 9/11 coverage bothers anyone is the same reason the Sarah Mclachlan animal cruelty commercials tend to ruin everyone's precious little day as well. They don't like seeing those images because it makes them depressed, which is why it's completely ridiculous to claim anyone is doing this for ratings. In fact up until this year for the past 5 years, there has been increasingly light mention of 9/11 on it's anniversary, and no one was complaining about "excess patriotism" until the NYC decided to do the whole 9/11 memorial thing for the 10th anniversary and everyone else jumped on board with it.

Rush wants to point out Australia has had their share of hardships, as well as Japan and other countries. Yeah, we know. We get it. We're not the only country in the world that deals with fucked up shit and other places have had it worse in the past. But why does that make us bad people for honoring our own fallen? Shouldn't that really make you bad people for not honoring your's? It's spiteful anti-American boo hoo and that's why not many people in America give a fuck what the rest of the world thinks about what we choose to do, the sports we like, or how we remember our tragedies. You do your thing and we'll do our's, thanks.

Comparing the completely INNOCENT people that were killed in 9/11 during one of the scariest fucking attacks imaginable to soldiers fighting overseas is also bullshit. I'm sure the Japanese people that suffered the wrath of the tsunami don't mourn the millions of innocents their ancestors slaughtered all over China and the South Pacific... or Australia since 9/11 is apparently nothing compared to the cruel hardships they endure over there apparently. And I'm definitely sure people in England don't mourn the deaths of Bosnians and Serbs (since we're bringing up wars that were apparently none of our business too). England is arguably the most historically imperialistic country in the world, and I'm seriously reading shit-talking by English tossers in this thread that apparently flunked out of their own fucking history classes.

The point of ^that^ whole spill is... who cares? I definitely see no reason why any other country should have a problem with what we do or televise on the anniversary of 9/11. It's our choice, and if you don't like it, fuck you. It doesn't affect or pertain to you. The Americans like Evo that want to cry at their computer on FACEBOOK about it can fuck off too. If you don't like what's on television, go outside. Ride a bike, kick a ball, dig a fucking hole. Here's an even better idea though... leave. But wait, you can't because you're just an angry nobody ranting on your computer pissed off because a few disturbing images ruined this precious day of your lax and comfortable happy little fucking American dream. You are what you hate. You're not even capable of committing another 9/11.

The real kicker of this whole thread though (I wasn't even gonna go here at first, but you know what, screw it) was the OP crying and breaking down over the FAKE death of Prime Time Kleim a few months ago. That's right. Floored. Completely distraught over the apparent death of a guy on a forum that he's never met. But apparently 9/11 isn't as powerful as something like that. That's why he agrees with you, Hiplop when he says Americans are arrogant and only care about things that affect them, hell, he's ONE of them.

OP = hypocrite, thread = FAIL
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