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Originally Posted by CamillePunk View Post
Yeah you're carrying on like you're some badass troll cause you made a 9/11 thread. Seriously, put the game on a higher difficulty before you start jacking yourself off bro. My rep comment stands.
Maybe if you had taken the time to read what I wrote after this post, you wouldn't look like such a jackass. I clearly need to decrease the difficulty because level 4 is kicking you in the balls right now.
Originally Posted by Diet Coke View Post
As for the OP, I think I get what you're saying.

September 11 is supposed to be a memorial to all those who lost their life in that tragedy.

Not for a much of dicks to go around stirring up shit.
That's exactly it. Thank you.

I think I read the innocent civilian count (Iraqi's and such that we've killed since 9/11) at around 300,000. And all the numbers Rush brought up, it's just staggering. Those days when they come, exactly like he said, are memorials for those lost.

Why can't we treat 9/11 that way? The way we treat 9/11, honestly, seems disrespectful to the entire spirit of a memorial. And I think that in America, as a nation, we just can't see that because we're so drowned in our own pride.

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