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Originally Posted by Evo View Post
Rant over. And for that sig I saw in the football threads that has England 5-1 Germany and says "10 YEARS. WE WILL NEVER FORGET": Thank you. I'm glad someone's got a sense of humor. Such a concept won't be re-appearing in America until, I dunno, September 12th maybe.
Haha, that was me. Gone now though as it's 12/9 here now.

Originally Posted by Rush View Post
The death of 3000 Americans, while tragic, is absolutely nothing in comparison to the death of thousands more in civil wars, famine, drought etc across Africa and other 3rd world places. The fact that in Australia we have had so much 9/11 stuff, even 10 years on is pathetic. Yes it was tragic, yes people lost their lives, move the fuck on. How many Iraqis have been killed since you guys invaded? How many people died in the tsunamis in Thailand? Does the average American know how many lost their lives in the 2011 Japan tsunami? 15,780 deaths, 5,929 injured and 4,122 people missing. 2004 tsunami in Indonesia killed 230,000 people.

No one is remembering those losses aside from the families and friends of those taken. The fact that this was a deliberate attack makes this different but no matter how you look at it, an eye for an eye? revenge? remembering the dead? the fact is that the attention this day receives should be solely on the victims and its not. Which is the saddest thing.
This is a good post. I wonder how many civilians have been killed by American Forces as a result of 9/11, surely in the hundreds of thousands by now. Particularly in Iraq, a country that had nothing to do with it. The people chanting USA USA USA in response to Bin Laden being killed is the most cringeworthy thing i've seen all year.

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