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Originally Posted by Evo View Post
Who's whining? lol. This is the rants section and if I want to say something, I can. Who takes this section seriously anyways? It's something I finally wanted to get off my chest and I've done it. Sorry if it's put a damper on your day.

I "clearly didn't lose any loved ones," you're exactly right. Because, uhh, I said that in my original post. Great point you made there!

And who's making jokes about death? Or did you just have to twist it so that it would sound like that's what I've said?

Is it really an ignorant and selfish point of view? Look around you at the other people in this thread. As big of a deal as it is to those who are affected, the actual ignorant and selfish point of view comes from these Americans who suddenly get angry and uppety on this day and completely forget that this happens, every day, all around the world. And they couldn't give a fuck less. The harsh fact is, as soon as September 12th hits, these same people suddenly act like they have compassion for the rest of the world again. Did you forget?
So you're just ticked that nobody gives a fuck until they're reminded? Meh, it's just one day to me, blame the media.

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