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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Smackdown Feedback

Solid enough promo to open the show, your characterizaion of Cena and 'JBL' has really improved from the early days of the thread. I felt that Cena perhaps felt a little bit 'whiny' for the most part, especially during his solo part at the beginning, but I felt you turned it around by the finish. Orton didn't really add much to the situation, but I understand his appearance being a neccesity to give you all four men in the ring to set up the main event. Angle was spot on though, his actions really got across the bad-ass nature of his character. Nothing spectacular or ground breaking, but a solid way to start the show.

While the announcement of Teddy was very much expected, I'd have perhaps just had him announce it before the break, giving the announcement of the tag team match a bit more impetus and letting it linger into the commercial, but this way was fine too. Should be a good matchup, plenty of potential for who's gonna turn on who during it.

While Carlito and Rhyno seemed a pretty standard affair, I wasn't all that sure with the way you described the Booker run in. To start with, we've got Lito seeing the chair but throwing the first right hand, only for then Lito to plead for mercy, to then ultimately get the upperhand. Was very strange tbh, didn't really work for me. While I liked the fact that Carlito as the heel gained the upperhand, I wasn't happy with the drastic change in emotions on display from him.

A bit hit and miss with Van Dam's charectirization tbh. While most of it seemed ok, words like 'realization' and 'skank' didn't really work for me. Also, why wasn't Rey present for the interview? As Van Dam's partner I would have expected him to be there. While I liked the appeal to MNM to let their wrestling do the talking and give the challengers a fair fight, a few parts of this just didn't work for me.

Meh, squashy squash squash. Not even an appearance of the worm.

lol what on earth was going on with Masters and The Mexicools?

Good win for Lashley, nice to see him building his way up the card. Give him a nice feud to get involved in for the next ppv though plz.

Much better interview with Angle. Seemed very much in character and had the requisite catchphrase too. Perhaps a bit surprising that you went with a commercial before and after a backstage interview, that kinda thing usually happens with long, in-ring promos, but w/e. But yeah, you used him well tonight with his no nonsense stuff to open the show and now this effort here.

Cool situation between Chavo and The Hurricane here. I'm intrigued as to how you'll play this ahead of the title match in a few weeks, as it could either see Chavo continue to help Hurricane win so he can have first crack at the gold, or Chavo will finally cost Hurrican to lose in a real 'fuck you' type of move. Intriguing to see how this will develop, definitely interesting and a different approach to things.

A bit strange that Matt would have London speak to Hurricane about things, as I dunno why he wouldn't just do it himself. But saying that, I wanna see how it develops once London does speak to Hurricane. Does Hurri play dumb and shrug it off, or is there a different reaction? Defo worthwhile seeing that segment, hopefully next week. As for OJ, I've never really been a fan, so I'm rooting for Matt here, as I think he as a character is more useful to you going forward than OJ. But perhaps you could stretch this out to a third and final match on a PPV to give a title change that real special feel to it? That would be my take on the situation.

And main event time. I liked the descriptions of how the heels argued yet Angle simply stepped aside, gave an interesting insight into how the match could progress. Lol @ Kurt walking away to adjust his boots, that was a nice touch. Orton getting the win sets him up nicely for the title shot ahead of him, but given the way Cena/Angle progressed here, I can't see anything other than a Cena win, allowing him to go on to face Angle with the gold on the line. Where we leave JBL after this, I dunno, but this seemed to all maek sense and was a smart bit of booking. No complaints here.

Overall, solid is a word I used a few times during the review, and that's what this was: solid. Nothing really jumped out, and there was a few formatting issues you need to sort out, but overall, nothing to really complain about. A lot of stuff built towards the big show, and that's always a good thing. Keep reading and learning and continuing to improve though.
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