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Re: Who is the biggest Orton mark on this site?

Originally Posted by RKO85 View Post
Nope that would be you. Acting like cm punk can't do no wrong get over yourself kid. You think the SES is the greatest thing ever in wrestling are you serious LOL .
I acutely made a thread speaking about how I don't like the new CM Punk much,When CM Punk gets boring I ADMIT he's boring unlike you dick riding Orton 24\7.If Orton wins all the titles in the WWE and beats everyone in the roster a handicap elimination match you would say Orton deserves it.Your as bright as the color black itself buddy,Go masturbate to Orton naked images or something.I really REALLY think your some dumb fangirl because if your a guy I pity your dumbass even more

The SES were one of the greatest ideas WWE has ever made,Sad thing is that they didn't use them much after the complaints from the christian fanbase.The SES made fun of the aspect of religion and especially christianity which is why it got so much heat.about the majority of the world are christians especially the U.S,And having a stable that are like an evil cult was perfect for heels and acutely was good for business,We know hoe americans love to hate other people's believes *cough* islam *cough*.WWE were too scared of the christian fanbase because there is no angrier person than a dumb christian idiot who is angry his "religion" is being dissed.Hell the SES CM Punk got slapped in the face by a women in a house show and was yelled at "Your not JESUS".That and pricks like Shawn Micheals "a very religious man" also didn't like the SES for insulting your precious cheeezes and we all know the shit politics in the WWE.I'm guessing your a christian too,Adorable.The SES was good for business and would have been one of the biggest things if it were in the attitude era,Idiots like you just want Orton's ass in their face.

I know we both have different opinions,But your just too much of a douchebag of an Orton mark,And I'm not the only one who believes this
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