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Default Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

...and some overdue feedback for you

619s Feedback for cp's Friday Night Smackdown

Good shot with the opening paragraph about catching up on what went down last week. I myself am in the dark about the whole thing, so nice to know whatís going on fairly early.

Opening seg was really solid, with Jibbles and Orton really sounding great in comparison to the already solid Cena. The promo seemed to drag a big, though, to the point where I was kinda disbelievingly saying Ďoh no, more?í when Angleís music hit. Luckily, he didnít talk, he just let his fists do that for him. Very solid opening to catch attention.

Big tag match on Smackdown is so Teddy Long-ish lol.

Not sure of the story between these guys, but it seems like a grudge and nothing much but, although the Booker bit did take me for a slight spin. Carlito hitting the Backcracker after outrunning Booker may be a tad odd, seeing as how moments before he was running scared, I wouldíve imagined he wouldíve hauled ass all the way, but nonetheless, solid match and good storytelling here. Donít like the match format, though, with it not being in active voice and all, but those are technical things. Moving on.

Van Dam sounded really heartfelt here, although with everything said, he seems like heís asking MNM to turn face. Seriously doubt theyíll take him up on that offer, but weíll see. Also, didnít like RVD using the word Ďskankí. It might fit okay for him, but it just seems like a really juvenile word to use in this situation.

Poor Scotty and Spike. Jobbers gonna job, I guess.

at Masters and the Mexicools. Good stuff, although Masters couldíve said a little more and drawn out his frustration a little more before he got fed up. Maybe a few knocks on the door, several talks with Psicosis, all that. Still interesting where the hell theyíve taken him.

Most folks around here arenít too high on Lashley, but he can be fun and very solid in the right role. Good job on the continued build-up, though.

Solid Angle promo, although I felt this one drag on a bit, too. I got the feeling that maybe it was supposed to be long with a commercial coming before it, then a commercial coming afterward, but it seemed like filler after a bit. The commercial before and after it seemed really odd and out of place, but again, thatís nitpicking.

Interesting tidbits with Chavo and Hurricane here. Nice to see you doing something with the cruiserweights besides Ďho-hum heís the #1 contender and they donít like each otherí that other bookers seem to get into. Gives the division a bit of depth when this occurs. Really interested to see where this goes.

The Matthew bit with London was a tad intriguing, while the Jordon bit did a nice job of getting Hardy over a bit before he goes after the gold. Never really was an OJ fan, but he could be used well as that pesky dude that no one wants to hold the gold to put over the heartfelt face kidna guy.

Main event time, and didnít think that Angle/Cena would be the time to blow up here. Angle refusing to get in on things hits towards his ultimate motives, which may be facing Cena in another few months, or making that title match in two weeks a triple threat. Whatever the means and motives, it was kidna inconsistent psychology to have Orton and JBL be disagreeing all night, only to have them co-exist rather well in the main event. They had the rough opening, but beyond that, seemed to have nothing at odds with one another. But that could just be me nitpicking again. Good job getting Orton the pin on the champ going into his title shot, but Angle/Cena is far, FAR from over.

Overall, an enjoyable show, and I like where youíre headed with some things, although there is room for improvement. The opening promo seemed to drag a bit, while the Masters/Mexicools bit wasnít long enough, in my book. On that note, it felt a tad short, with the absence of other backstage segments, but since you said you didnít wanna get burnt out en route to PPV, Iíll let it pass. As far as characters go, Cena seemed to be in his 2006-now style moreso than his í05 style. Orton and JBL seemed to be right there, though Angle seems cloudy. Everyone else seemed a tad too generic, but Iím trusting youíll hold those down in due time. Some good stuff youíve got going here, and hope it keeps going bigger and better



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