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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Just wanted to note that the matches aren't particularly long or great again as i'm looking not to burn out before the upcoming PPV.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown- 3/6/05- Long Island

The show opens with a video package from last week’s Smackdown and the main event #1 contenders match between JBL, Randy Orton and Kurt Angle with the special guest referee being the WWE champion himself, John Cena. The ending came when Kurt Angle had Randy Orton in the ankle lock and as it looked like Orton was to tap, JBL distracted John Cena by taking the WWE title belt and seemingly looking to take it from the champion. Cena had seen enough and knocked JBL down, taking his title belt back. In the process however, Randy Orton tapped out and Kurt Angle thought the match was won. Cena returned to the ring and told Angle he hadn’t seen what happened and that the match would continue. This infuriated Angle who got in the face of Cena with Cena not backing down. Angle looked ready to explode but was then turned around by the Legend Killer who connected with an RKO and pinned the Wrestling Machine. The close of the show then came with Cena raising Orton’s hand before Orton left the ring and Kurt Angle attacked Cena from behind, laying the champion out with an Angle Slam before tearing into Cena’s ankle with an Ankle lock as Cena writhed in pain whilst Orton looked on with an evil grin.

We then go to the usual opening video and pyro as Michael Cole and Tazz welcome us to Smackdown

Michael Cole: Indeed last week saw a controversial ending here on Friday Night Smackdown and tonight there is sure to be a major fall out from what went down in Worcester seven nights ago. I’m Michael Cole, joined as ever by Tazz and we welcome you to Friday..Night..Smackdown!

‘My Time Is Now’

The music of the WWE champion John Cena hits to a big pop as the champ makes his way down, not looking as jubilant as usual and with a clear limp on show following Kurt Angle’s attack last week on his ankle.

Tazz: The champ is here Cole!

Michael Cole: But Tazz it looks as though last week has certainly gotten to John Cena. The WWE champion was placed in a tricky situation last week. Named as the special referee by Teddy Long, Cena called it how he saw it, however that wasn’t the way that we all saw it.

Tazz: Ya gotta feel for Cena Cole. He did his job as best he could last week but Kurt Angle didn’t sit too well with it and who can blame him really? I mean if you make somebody tap out and you’re headin’ towards a WWE title shot, then it goes and gets taken away from ya like that? You’d have every right to react the way Kurt Angle did.

Michael Cole: What by damn near breakin’ John Cena’s ankle in half? I don’t think so partner.

Cena takes the mic to a pretty noisy crowd here tonight.

John Cena: Y’know usually I’d come out here and go through the whole ‘the champ is here’ kinda deal but tonight I got some business to attend to.

Small pop for Cena there.

John Cena: See last week I was tasked with being the special guest referee in a #1 contenders match for my WWE title. And you all know what went down, you‘ve seen the footage. Randy Orton pinned Kurt Angle. I counted Kurt Angle down, 1..2..3.

Pop again there.

John Cena: So as far as I was concerned that was that. Game over, me and Randy Orton for the WWE title, 2 weeks time on Smackdown: Night of Champions. But Kurt Angle, wellllll he had other ideas in mind. Namely, tryin’ to break my ankle in half.

Heat for that.

John Cena: Now at the time I didn’t have a damn clue what Kurt’s problem was. I thought Kurt was just bitter. I thought Kurt was a sore loser, that he couldn’t take it that Randy Orton pinned him. But turns out, Kurt had every right to be angry with what went down in that match up.

A few are surprised Cena’s admitting Angle had a point.

John Cena: But Kurt you had NO RIGHT to do what you did to me after that match last week.

Pop from the crowd.

John Cena: I’ve seen the footage now, I saw what really went down and Kurt ya got the short straw man, I feel for ya but that don’t mean you take it all out on me. You made Randy Orton tap out, but Kurt don’t ya think your celebrations were a bit too soon?

Cena pauses.

John Cena: I mean, you didn’t see me call for the bell did ya? You didn’t HEAR the bell ring did ya Kurt? No I didn’t think so. Infact nobody in the arena saw me call for the bell, nobody in the arena heard the bell ring. So Kurt I suggest you do yourself a favour after what went down last week. I suggest you DO NOT get in my face here tonight or I promise I’ll make ya pay for it.

Pop again.

John Cena: So with that in mind let‘s move on to m….


The music of the former WWE champion hits and out comes JBL in his trademark limo, cutting Cena off to some good heat with the Wrestling God looking surprisingly buoyant.

Michael Cole: Well JBL could be considered the man who cost Kurt Angle last week Tazz. After all it was JBL who distracted Cena, it was JBL who drew John Cena away from his duties as guest referee.

Tazz: You got a point Cole but at the end of the day JBL was just tryin’ to keep himself in the match. He saw Angle had Orton beat and he took a chance. It backfired, ain’t no doubt about it, not just for JBL but for Kurt Angle too.

JBL, suited and booted has a mic in hand and Cena smiles at his enemy who stands across the ring from him.

JBL: John Cena, the good Samaritan. You tell a hell of a story son.

Heat already for JBL.

JBL: But there’s a few parts of this little story missin’ aren’t there Cena? Ya don’t seem to keen to share those parts with everybody though do you now? How convenient.

Heat again for the Wrestling God.

JBL: Well where to start? What about the part where Kurt Angle had Randy Orton locked in the Ankle lock, and YOU, the special guest referee decided to take your eye off the ball. The part where YOU decided that I was your priority, like I always have been Cena and while you carry that WWE championship, I always will be.

Cena laughs as JBL is pointing directly at Cena’s title.

JBL: Don’t you dare laugh kid cos I’ll wipe that freakin’ smile right off your face. The main part of the story you’re forgettin’ to tell is that YOU put your hands on me last week Cena.

Pop there.

JBL: Ha ha. You people cheer now but you’re all forgetting that last week John Cena was NOT in competition. Last week John Cena was a WWE OFFICIAL!

Heat for Layfield, though some confusion as to where he is going with this.

John Cena: Woah, woah, woah. Hold it right there, lemme just stop you for a second cowboy. See I didn’t forget a damn thing about last week You on the other hand? Aren’t you forgetting a certain part of the story Mr.Wrestlin’ God?

JBL mouths ‘Not a thing’ as Cena continues.

John Cena: Aren’t you forgetting that you took MY WWE title? You and you alone brought that beating upon yourself John. Don’t try and put this all on me.

JBL: I WILL PUT THIS ON YOU!! I will put this on you Cena because like I explained to you and these morons here tonight(Heat), you were a WWE official last week and you put your hands on me. You were trusted with calling a match last week, a damn important one for that matter and you lost control.

More heat.

JBL: Now Cena if I were you I’d start by beggin’ me for forgiveness and I‘d end with givin’me another shot at that WWE championship. And if ya don’t? I promise you I will go straight to the Board of Directors and I will have you STRIPPED of the WWE championship!

Huge heat for Layfield here.

John Cena: Beg you? Beg you for forgiveness? I’ve heard a lot of crazy things in my time around here but that takes the cake. JBL, I will NEVER beg anyone let alone a piece of trash like you for forgiveness.

Big pop for the champ there who looks intense again now.

John Cena: So you can go to the Board. You can personally go to Vince McMahon for all I care. But I am not gonna give you an apology and there ain’t a snowball’s chance in hell you’re getting’ another shot at this title!

Cena raises the WWE title belt high to let another pop.

JBL: You’ll do as I say Cena or else that title, which might I add you are doing a mighty fine job in disgracing.


JBL: That title will be removed from your possession and it will only be a matter of time before it’s returned to it’s rightful home. It is returned to me, the GREATEST WWE CHAMPION IN HISTORY!!

The heat pours on JBL now.

JBL: So what I’m proposing ‘champ’ is that right here tonight you do the honourable thing an..

JBL is cut off as..

'Burn in my Light’

The music of the number one contender Randy Orton hits and out steps the Legend Killer to some heat as usual but a few pops for interrupting JBL

Michael Cole: And here comes a man with a whole host of reasons to be cheerful Tazz. Randy Orton is now the number one contender to the WWE title and will get his shot two weeks from tonight on Smackdown: Night of Champions. Major opportunity for the Legend Killer but it’s one that he doesn’t totally deserve lets face it.

Tazz: Orton does deserve it Cole. He won the match last week for cryin‘ out loud. I feel for Kurt Angle, no doubt but Orton took advantage baby and he’s headin’ to Night of Champions for one heck of a match up.

Orton takes a mic with boos evident for all to hear.

Randy Orton: Bradshaw you uh..you might wanna rethink this through here. See I, me, Randy Orton is the number one contender, not you.

A few cheers, a few boos as JBL looks irate.

Randy Orton: And as far as you’re concerned Cena, you’ve got just two weeks. Two precious weeks left with that championship before it falls deservingly into my hands. Because in two weeks on Smackdown: Night of Champions, I am going to end this little charade of yours, I’m going to end this sham of a title reign and I am going to restore some honour back into that WWE title.

Orton points at the belt and has now lost any crowd support he had.

John Cena: Well for a guy who tapped out last week you sure are full o’ yourself aren’t ya Randy?

Orton smiles as Cena laughs.

JBL: Pardon the interruption gentleman but the both of ya are wastin’ my time here. So Orton why don’t you run along now to the back and let the adults do the talkin’ here kid.

A few oooohs as Orton looks slightly taken aback by the comment.

Randy Orton: Well Bradshaw, call me a ‘kid’ all you want but I’m the same ‘kid’ that beat YOU and Kurt Angle last week so how bout YOU run along to the back and ring up the Board of directors like you’re threatening to do, cos there isn’t a chance that I’m givin’ up my title shot for ANYBODY.

John Cena: Wow, so this is what déjà vu feels like. Am I the only one or didn’t we see this all go down last week?

A few chuckles.

John Cena: Listen, Randy you won the match last week, I understand that. BUT you owe a great deal to me and believe it or not you owe an even greater deal to that man there, JBL.

Orton looks confused.

John Cena: Without his distraction Randy. Without him draggin’ me away from the middle of this ring, I’d have been callin’ for the bell and Kurt Angle would be number one contender, not you.

Pop from the crowd.

John Cena: You’ve rode your luck Randy and when Night of Champions rolls around, you better be ready Randy. You got two weeks to prepare yourself for the fight…of your life. And in two weeks, your luck.. runs…out.

Pop again for the champion who looks deadly serious here.

JBL: Déjà vu is right Cena cos I saw the exact same crap go down last week as I am tonight and that is me being overlooked for another title shot and I am SICK OF IT!!

Heat for Bradshaw.

JBL: Now Teddy Long‘s sittin’ back there like the moron that he is so Teddy you better get out here RIGHT NOW or else I’m headin’ to the back, I’m walkin’ out of this building and I’m flying straight to WWE headquarters. And BELIEVE ME, I will have you(points at Cena) STRIPPED of that title, I will have you(points at Orton) SENT BACK TO HIGH SCHOOL and I will have you Teddy Long(points to the back) REMOVED FROM YOUR POSITION! Now come out here and giv…


The music of Kurt Angle hits and out steps the Wrestling Machine, dressed to compete and he walks down with his eye firmly fixed on WWE champion John Cena. Cena drops his mic and braces himself for Angle as the fans get ready.

JBL: NO! Kurt this isn’t goin’ down. Not when I’ve got more important things to deal with. Kurt you STAY ON THAT RAMP!

Angle doesn’t take JBL’s advice and heads right to the ring.

Michael Cole: Kurt Angle is in no mood for talking Tazz and he’s heading straight for John Cena! These two are gonna explode! Cena wants Angle, Angle wants Cena and here.. we.. go!!

Angle and Cena charge at one another and a brawl begins! Angle is on top of Cena hammering away but Cena reverses and now the champion is on top of Angle, throwing strong rights but the two are broken up as JBL and Orton look at one another and decide enough is enough as the duo team up and target Cena. Both men stomp at Cena who holds his back in pain as Angle gets back to his feet and charges at Layfield and Orton!! Angle is getting face reactions here tonight as he takes it to JBL, then to Orton but the numbers game is too much for Angle as Orton delivers a low blow to big heat before JBL tells Orton to get him up. Orton does just that and JBL takes Angle down with a clothesline from hell!! Cena is back up now and heads after the duo but Layfield and Orton dodge it and leave the ring to huge heat as Cena stumbles to his knees and looks on up the ramp.

Michael Cole: An EXPLOSIVE start to Friday Night Smackdown! John Cena and Kurt Angle were gonna damn near tear each other apart but JBL and Randy Orton have put their marker down here tonight!

Tazz: Man oh man. Ya got three guys out there who all believe they deserve a shot at the WWE title and Cole, they all got a claim to it!


We return and head straight to the office of Teddy Long who is arguing with JBL and Randy Orton.

JBL: Are you outta your freakin’ mind Teddy? I am NOT going to do it.

Teddy Long: You are goin’ to do it JBL. I am your boss, I think you forgettin’ that one playa. Ya can go to the Board all ya want John. Facts are, you are NOT deserving of another WWE championship opportunity and tonight you WILL team with Randy Orton to take on the team of Kurt Angle and John Cena.

BIG pop for that announcement as we now know what JBL was refusing to do.

Randy Orton: And where do I fit in with all this Teddy? I’ve got my shot in a couple of weeks, Night of Champions. Why should I be teaming with a guy like HIM just two weeks before one of the biggest matches in my life? This is a DISGRACE!

JBL: You better watch your damn mouth kid or I will slap you so hard you’ll forget you’ve even got a title match.

Randy Orton: Oh really? Well how bout I gi…

Orton and JBL are face to face now as Teddy Long cuts them off.

Teddy Long: HEY! HEY! Listen up, now you two may not like each other but ya really believe Kurt Angle and John Cena are gonna get along tonight? We’re gonna see just who can work together as a team in order to get the job done tonight and I know that I can‘t wait and ALL the Smackdown fans can‘t wait to see it! Now if ya don’t mind playas, I got some business to take care of. So why don’t ya get outta my office?

Pop for the GM as JBL and Orton look disgusted. Orton leaves, slamming the door behind him as JBL continues to look at the GM in disgust.

JBL: You may be my boss Teddy but YOUR boss ain’t gonna be happy with you for the way you’re running this show into the freakin’ ground.

JBL leaves looking very pissed off as Teddy Long breathes a sigh of relief and we head back ringside.

Michael Cole: Wow. What a main event here tonight Tazz! The WWE champion John Cena must team up with the man who nearly broke his ankle in half last week Kurt Angle to take on the number one contender Randy Orton and a man he’s made no secret of disliking JBL! How will those two teams be able to co exist here tonight?

Tazz: They can’t Cole ha ha! And that’s what makes it so great! This is gonna be a rocket buster for sure!

‘Man beast’

The music of Rhyno hits to a decent pop as the Man Beast makes his way out ready for action against the man who assaulted him at Judgment Day, Carlito.

Michael Cole: No doubting Tazz that Rhyno has been waiting ever since Judgment Day to get his hands on Carlito and tonight he gets that opportunity.

Tazz: Big chance at some retribution for Rhyno tonight baby. Carlito ain’t gonna roll over though Cole. This one could get ugly, real quick.


Out steps the Apple Spitter as Carlito makes his way down to the ring to some good heat, not looking phased by Rhyno.

Michael Cole: Well Carlito has certainly been on a roll off the back of Wrestlemania. He has showed a new found aggression in doing so but at Judgment Day he crossed the line with what he did to Rhyno. The ‘coolest’ superstar on Smackdown assaulted the Man Beast following Rhyno trying to warn Carlito that he knew his plan, his motive with Booker T. Following on from that heinous attack, Carlito then stole a victory from right under the nose of Booker T, thanks to Rhyno‘s accidental interference.

Tazz: I agree with ya on what he did to Rhyno Cole but as far as Booker T goes, Carlito did what he had to do to win the match. He took advanatge of Rhyno showin’ up, and he got the result he wanted. That’s all that counts and it was a big step forward for Carlito at Judgment Day.

Match One: Singles Match

Carlito vs. Rhyno

This begins as no standard match as Rhyno charges straight at Lito and the two go right at each other’s throats. Carlito though is pegged back by a fired up Man Beast who is relentless in hammering away at his opponent. The referee eventually manages to get Rhyno to stop before the five count as Rhyno remains seething. The referee getting Rhyno away though gave Carlito a moment’s recovery and he used it before knocking Rhyno down with a big kick to the face, sending the ECW original flying.

Carlito then took full control of the match, coming close on occasion to putting the nail in Rhyno’s coffin but Rhyno hung in there, showing a lot of fighting spirit to stay in the contest and it served him well as he mounted a small comeback, coming close to getting the victory himself following a nice belly to belly suplex, scoring him a near fall. Lito then got the upper hand again soon after, landing a cheap shot on the Man Beast to set him back before delivering a nice snap suplex as Rhyno held the back of his neck seemingly in some discomfort.

Carlito began to smile and pander to the crowd who drowned him in heat as Lito kicked Rhyno about like a piece of meat, toying with him. The finish of the match came as Carlito grabbed his apple in the corner of the ring and with the fans knowing what’s coming they began to boo. Rhyno made his way to his feet as Carlito grabbed him by the neck and shouted some obscenities to him before slapping him in the face and taking a bite of his apple, only for a HUGE pop as down came Booker T, wielding a chair! Booker, Carlito’s rival since Wrestlemania came charging down to the ring but Carlito saw it coming and made the first move, throwing a right hand at Booker but Booker dodges it. The referee meanwhile has called for the bell but the two rivals continue.

Booker then swings the chair but this time Carlito ducks it. Carlito then pleads with Booker not to hurt him, begs the former WCW champion but Booker doesn’t hold back and launches at Lito with the steel chair, Carlito ducks again and Booker connects with RHYNO!! Booker looks shocked as he’s hit his friend with the chair and things go from bad to worse as Carlito grabs Booker from behind and nails him with the Backstabber!

Winner: Carlito via Disqualification(9:31

Michael Cole: Damn it, not again!! Carlito has gotten the better of Booker T and Rhyno AGAIN here tonight. When’s somebody gonna stop him?!

Tazz: They can’t Cole. Carlito’s too smart baby. What about that chair shot from Booker huh? Wow, brutal stuff and I guess ya could call that evens between Booker and Rhyno now man.

Michael Cole: What do ya mean evens? Those two men are friends, they both want a piece of Carlito and I damn sure hope they’re gonna get it.

Carlito exits up the ramp with a huge grin as Booker tends to his fallen friend.

We cut backstage and see Josh Matthews who is standing by with Mr.Friday Night, Rob Van Dam.

Josh Matthews: Rob at Judgment Day a lot of people believe you and Rey Mysterio were screwed out of the WWE Tag team Titles against MNM. Following what went down then and this past Friday night on Smackdown, you have been granted a rematch for two weeks time on Smackdown: Night of Champions. What are your thoughts heading into that match up?

RVD: My thoughts are pretty clear Josh. See MNM managed to get one over on us at Judgment Day, but that was then. In two weeks time, it’s a whole different ball game dude. Me and Rey we know what’s comin’ at us now. We know how these two dudes like to work, we know they like that skank Melina to do their work for ‘em and on the Night of Champions special, we’re gonna be ready for it.

Pop for Van Dam’s comments.

RVD: And you know something’ else Josh? Me and Rey Rey we had a little talk this week and we came to a realisation. We came to a realisation that Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro, those two dudes can actually go inside the ring. And THAT is what makes me pretty P.O’d about this whole deal man.

Van Dam pauses before continuing.

RVD: I wish that Mercury and Nitro could see what they’re capable of. I didn’t know they had it in ‘em. But Judgment Day and last week on Smackdown, they proved they can go. Trouble is I don’t think they realise that themselves Josh. Instead they got Melina runnin’ around doin’ their jobs for them, handin’ them the easy way out. Well I’m layin’ down a challenge to Mercury and Nitro, I’m challenging those two dudes to go it alone in two weeks time and only then can we really see who the real tag team champions around here are.

Pop for Van Dam’s suggestion.

RVD: Now I know that MNM have got themselves a match comin’ up later tonight and I’m hopin’ one of em is listenin’ to me right now. If ya are, then Johnny, Joey, prove yourselves tonight to these fans and prove yourselves to ME, ‘R-V-D’(the fans join in as Van Dam does his RVD pose). DO NOT rely on the wicked witch to cutcha a corner. Thanks Josh.

Van Dam walks off to a pop.

Michael Cole: Well we just saw that Rob Van Dam is not a happy man Tazz and in two weeks time he and Rey Mysterio will get their rematch for the WWE Tag team titles on our special edition of Smackdown: Night of Champions!

Tazz; I cannot wait for that rematch Cole. Those four guys tore it up at Judgment Day and in two weeks there’s no doubting’ they’ll do it again.


Out come the WWE Tag team champions MNM to good heat as they enter to their usual red carpet entrance.

Michael Cole: Speaking of which, here are the current WWE Tag team champions MNM. And Tazz what did you make of RVD’s comments just now abot Mercury and Nitro? He’s got a point right?

Tazz: For sure Cole. Ain’t no doubting’ that Mercury and Nitro can go but at the same time man, if Melina’s gonna help em keep a hold of those titles then they don’t need to sweat it.

Michael Cole: Well when we come back the champions will be in action, don’t go anywhere!


‘Turn it Up’

Out come Scotty 2 Hotty and Spike Dudley to a tiny, tiny pop as the duo get set to take on the Tag team champions.

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown! A big opportunity here tonight for Scotty and Spike. Can you imagine if these two guys got a win over the tag champs Tazz?!

Tazz: There’d be uproar in Hollywood Cole!!

Match Two: Tag Team Match

MNM vs. Scotty 2 Hotty and Spike Dudley

Mercury and Spike start the match off and the smallest Dudley shows all his usual guts and heart however it isn’t enough to deal with the bigger opponent in Joey Mercury. Mercury gets the upper hand from the get go, using his size and strength to wear down Spike.

The little man though showed all his fight and managed to drag himself back into the match, nailing Mercury with a dropkick from out of nowhere. Spike then went for a cover and almost picked up a huge upset scoring a two count much to Melina’s relief on the outside. As Spike then looked to get on top he was shot down immediately by an interfering Nitro. The crowd threw heat on the other half of MNM as he made his way back to the apron whilst Mercury made his way back to his feet.

With MNM now back in control Mercury hobbled back towards his corner, tagging in Nitro to the match for the first time. Spike on the other hand stumbled across to his corner and also brought in his partner, tagging in Scotty to a small pop. With the two new men into the match Nitro swung for Scotty but missed as Scotty ducked it and delivered a right hand of his own. Right hand after right hand followed as Scotty took control before delivering a nice suplex.

Scotty began to work up the crowd as Nitro was all set up for the infamous worm! Scotty called for it but in came Mercury who was in no mood for Scotty’s fun and games. Mercury’s interference though also saw the interference of Spike who evened up the numbers. Mercury hurls himself at Scotty taking him down but Spike’s on hand and hits another big dropkick on Mercury, sending the illegal man into the corner. Spike though was then turned around by Nitro who wasted no time in tossing Spike over the top rope. With it now two on one there was little hope for Scotty as Nitro and Mercury teamed up to connect with the brutal snapshot to a helpless Scotty as Nitro covers and picks up the three count

Winners: MNM(5:27)

Michael Cole: A convincing win here tonight for MNM. Nitro and Mercury certainly looking impressive heading into their match against Mysterio and Van Dam in a couple of weeks time.

Tazz: The perfect preparation Cole and what did RVD say? Can these guys go it alone? You’re damn right they can!

Cut backstage

We see Chris Masters in his locker room as Masters looks to be just chilling out reading WWE Magazine when there’s a knock at the door. Masters gets up and opens it to see nobody there?

Chris Masters: Hello? Anybody there?

Masters takes a step outside before he sees Psicosis standing down the hall. Masters heads after the member of the Mexicools who defeated Masters on debut last week.

Chris Masters; HEY! HEY PSICOSIS!

Psicosis stares at Masters.

Chris Masters: HEY I’M TALKING TO YOU! I just got a knock on my door, d’you see who it was? Or was it a little stunt from you and your boys huh?

Psicosis continues to stare a blank as Masters gets more and more frustrated.

Chris Masters: ARE..YOU..LISTEN-ING..TO..ME?

The crowd laughs as Psicosis shrugs his shoulders and Piece loses his cool.

Chris Masters: That’s it, I’m out.

Masters turns back around and heads to his locker room looking pissed as Psicosis begins to laugh. Masters then heads to his locker room but the door is shut and appears locked? Masters bangs on the door.

Chris Masters: HEY OPEN UP!

Masters then pushes as hard as he can, shoulder blocking the door down as he goes flying into the locker room. Suddenly we hear two Mexican voices and it’s Super Crazy and Juvi! Super Crazy throws a sack over the head of Masters covering the top half of his body as Masters shouts but it’s difficult to hear him. The fans laugh as Juvi then whistles down the corridor and we see Psicosis drive up to the locker room with the ’Juan’ Deere! Crazy and Juvi toss Masters onto the back of the ’Juan’ Deere which seems to have something attached to the back of it, big enough for Masters to fit in and they drive off to a big pop from the crowd as the Mexicools start chanting in Mexican.

Michael Cole: Ha ha! Tazz what the hell was that all about?!

Tazz: These dudes are crazy Cole! Chris Masters ain’t seen nothing’ yet ha ha. Gotta love the Mexicools!

Michael Cole: But where are they gonna take him?!

Tazz: Beats me Cole but the Masterpiece has met his match here on Smackdown, he can’t handle these guys!

‘Hell will be Callin’ your name’

Out steps Bobby Lashley to a tidy pop from the crowd as the newcomer gets set for action.

Michael Cole: Well this young man is now two for two since debuting here in the WWE. Lashley defeated Kurt Angle at Judgment Day via countout before dispatching of Snitsky last week in impressive fashion. This man has all the tools Tazz to be a major force here on Friday nights.

Tazz: Damn straight Cole. The size, power, speed of this Lashley is unbelievable. I know I wouldn’t wanna face him that’s for sure!

His opponent is already in the ring, Rene Dupree.

Match Three: Singles Match

Bobby Lashley vs. Rene Dupree

Dupree throws a cheap shot to the monster Lashley early on, catching the newcomer off guard as the Frenchman takes early control. Dupree looked to take it to Lashley, clearly viewing his own strength as superior to Lashley and it briefly looked that way as Dupree managed to take down Lashley with a big suplex.

That however was the only real danger Dupree posed as Lashley fought back in some style. With Dupree, cocky as ever, pandering to the crowd, Lashley returned to his feet. The four time All-American took advantage of Dupree’s over confidence and began to gain momentum, taking Dupree down with a thunderous clothesline.

Lashley then turned up the intensity and wasted little time in disposing of the former member of La Resistance. Lashley lifted Dupree up from the mat and dropped the young superstar back down instantly with a huge military press drop as Dupree yelled out in pain.

The crowd were firmly behind Lashley here and the powerhouse continued his dominance before finally putting Dupree out of his misery by delivering a brutal Dominator to pick up the three count and another victory.

Winner: Bobby Lashley(4:47)

Michael Cole: Once again Bobby Lashley DOMINANT here tonight on Smackdown! Lashley looks unstoppable Tazz.

Tazz: I don’t know who can stop this man right now Cole. Lashley is on a roll and it’s gonna take a heck of a lot to put him down.


We return and head backstage where we join Josh Matthews.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentleman, my guest at this time, Kurt Angle.

Angle is thrown into shot to some strong heat mixed in with the odd cheer.

Josh Matthews: Kurt tonight you must team up with John Cena, the man who you believe cost you a WWE title shot last week. How are you feeling knowing that you must team together here tonight?

Kurt Angle: Let me set something you just said there straight Josh. I don’t believe John Cena cost me a WWE title shot last week. I KNOW John Cena cost me that shot.

Heat for Angle.

Kurt Angle: I said it last week and I’ll say it again here tonight. John Cena doesn’t want me anywhere near the WWE championship. He knows for a fact that he can NOT beat me. If I get in that ring with Cena, there is only one winner and everybody knows exactly who that winner is, me.

Heat once more.

Kurt Angle: You saw what I did to Cena last week. You saw that I DESTROYED John Cena last week in the middle of the ring. He’s lucky I didn’t break his ankle in half Josh. Cena better watch his back tonight because if he puts just ONE FOOT out of line, I’ll have no hesitation in finishing what I started last week.

Josh Matthews: And Kurt what are your thoughts on Randy Orton and JBL’s roles in last week’s controversy?

Kurt Angle: Orton’s a lucky man. Simple as that. I don’t blame Randy for taking advantage of the situation, not at all. But I know and he knows as well, that I should be the one heading to Night of Champions in two weeks and that’s gonna hurt Orton knowing that, trust me.

Angle pauses.

Kurt Angle: As far as JBL goes, John Cena seems to belive that he’s the reason I lost last week, not him. Well that’s a bunch of crap from Cena.

Angle shakes his shoulders before continuing.

Kurt Angle: JBL provided a distraction, no doubt about it but that doesn’t give a referee the right to miss something like that, something so crucial, so important like what happened last week. The ONLY reason Cena played up JBL’s little distraction was because he’s too scared to admit that he doesn’t wanna face me.

Heat again for the Wrestling Machine.

Kurt Angle: All the evidence points in my favour here so I don’t know why these idiots are booing me Josh.

Angle gets extreme heat for that.

Kurt Angle: Until I get that match with Cena. Until I get to go one on one with the ‘champ’, that evidence will remain the same. John Cena knows that his title reign means absolutely NOTHING unless he faces the very best. And the very best is the Wrestling Machine Josh.

A few cheers for that.

Kurt Angle: Cena prides himself on not backing down from a challenge, on facing any and all challenges. Well John Cena needs to know that the ultimate challenge is yet to come.Tonight we may be ‘partners’ but I want John Cena to watch exactly what I’m gonna do to Randy Orton and JBL tonight and take note cos that is EXACTLY what John Cena’s fate is gonna be when I get my hands on him. Oh it’s true, it’s DAMN TRUE!!

Angle walks off to strong heat.


‘Stand Back, there’s a Hurricane comin’ thru’

Out steps the new number one contender to the Cruiserweight championship The Hurricane to a nice pop.

Michael Cole: Well in just two weeks time on Smackdown’s Night of Champions special, this man The Hurricane will be in action as he challenges the Cruiserweight champion Paul London for the gold.
Should be a highly exciting match up when those two men meet Tazz.

Tazz: I can’t wait for that one Cole but ya gotta admit that Hurricane owes a heck of a lot to Chavo Guerrero.

Michael Cole: But he didn’t know anything about it. Hurricane didn’t want, Hurricane didn’t need Chavo’s help but Chavo is persistent in thinking that he’s going to turn the Hurricane’s life around.

Tazz: Wrong Cole. Chavo Guerrero wants to turn Gregory Helms’ life around and if last week’s anything’ to go by, he’s on the right path.

The Hurricane’s opponent then makes his way out and it’s the little Italian Nunzio who gets a nothing reaction as the two square up in the ring.

Match Four: Singles Match
The Hurricane vs. Nunzio

The early goings see an even contest as Nunzio more than holds his own with the number one contender as the two men both score early near falls in an exciting contest. Nunzio looked the slightly stronger of the two at one stage following a nice swinging neck breaker which looked to have a big impact on Hurricane. Another near fall followed as the little Italian thought he had the upset.

That lucky escape though saw Hurricane start to pick himself up and raise his game as the superhero turned the tables. Nunzio brought Hurricane back to his feet but was met with a big clothesline. Hurricane then continued to build momentum, connecting with a huge running knee to the skull of Nunzio, sending his opponent back down to the mat. Hurricane then made the cover but it was another two count.

The match then took a twist as Hurricane nor Nunzio realised that out on the top of the stage came Chavo Guerrero to typical heat. Chavo looked on curiously as the two men inside the ring continued to battle. It was now Nunzio who began to get on top, managing to deliver some hard shots to the ribs of Hurricane before delivering a fast flurry of shots, winding Hurricane it seemed.

The focus though was now far from the match as Chavo began to stroll leisurely down the ramp as Nunzio spotted Chavo’s presence. Nunzio then looked to the ramp and saw the on looking Chavo who simply spread his arms out wide as if to say ‘what?’ Nunzio asked him what he’s doing out here to which Chavo replied ‘Nothing’. At this point Nunzio returned to the ring and was met with a back to his feet Hurricane who took advantage of Nunzio’s lapse in concentration and met the charging Italian with a big Hurrichokeslam! Hurricane then went for the cover and picked up the three count.

Winner: The Hurricane(6:29)

Michael Cole: Hurricane victorious again here tonight Tazz but yet AGAIN it’s thanks to a helping hand from Chavo Guerrero. And Hurricane doesn’t have a clue about it!

Tazz: Cole even if he did, would he really be concerned? He’s winnin’ matches and that’s all that matters. If Hurricane does that again in a couple weeks time, he’s gonna have some gold around his waist.

Hurricane is celebrating his win with a happy crowd but he then turns and sees Chavo Guerrero applauding him on the ramp as he backs away with Hurricane looking confused once again by the actions of Chavo here.

We then cut backstage and head to the locker room of Matt Hardy who is talking to Cruiserweight Champion, Paul London as they have the action from Hurricane’s match on

Matt Hardy: You better be careful Paul. Hurricane doesn’t even know what the deal is here man. You need to watch your back with Chavo about. After all, he is a Guerrero, that(pointing at the monitor) is what they do.

Paul London: I know man. I gotta talk to Hurricane about all of this, he seems to be in la la land right about now with what Chavo’s doin’ here.

Matt Hardy: Exactly, we both know he ain’t the kinda guy to go along with all this. This is Chavo’s work and it’s gotta stop man, you can do that, I know you can.

Paul London: Well thanks man, I’m gonna go try and find him, get this all out in the open.

London and Hardy shake hands to cheers from the crowd as London walks one way with Hardy walking the other. Hardy then walks along the corridor before he sees the man he faces in two weeks time on the Night of Champions special, United States champion, Orlando Jordan. The two come face to face, looking intently at one another.

Matt Hardy: Well look what we have here. OJ how’s it going man? How’ve you felt since screwing me at Judgment Day huh?

Jordan raises his eyebrows surprised by Hardy’s tone here.

Orlando Jordan: Matt I didn’t screw anybody at Judgment Day. Though I do remember BEATING you at Judgment Day.

Heat for the U.S. champ.

Orlando Jordan: You know Matt, I always had you down as the bitter type. The kinda guy who just can’t accept being second best and well I think you’ve proved my point since Judgment Day don’t you?

Matt Hardy: Bitter? I’m anything but bitter OJ. I’m not that kinda guy you got me down as. What kinda guy am I though? I’m the kinda guy who will not stop until he gets what’s rightfully his. And OJ, that United States championship sittin’ on your shoulder? THAT is rightfully mine.

Pop for Hardy there.

Orlando Jordan: This is anything but yours Matt. See this title represents a true warrior, a champion at heart. You on the other hand? You are not a champion at heart Matt, you will never be a champion AT ALL!

Heat again for Jordan here.

Orlando Jordan: In two weeks time I’m gonna prove exactly that. I am gonna prove that you are exactly what I say you are and that is a second rate, bitter failure who will ONLY be a champion when his brother’s there to bail him out!

A lot of heat for Jordan as Hardy laughs slightly.

Matt Hardy: My brother and I, we formed one of the greatest tag teams in the business and he did bail me out on occasion you’re right but I bailed him out as well. It’s what tag teams do, it’s what BROTHERS do.


Matt Hardy: But I’m doin’ this thing on my own now. I am Matt Hardy and I will prove that I have EXACTLY what it takes to be a champion. I will prove it to all my fans out there and I will prove it to you Orlando. I am takin’ that U.S title from you come Night of Champions and maybe then you’ll realise that Matt Hardy will..not..die!

Pop again as Hardy walks off and OJ strokes his title, looking slightly concerned.

We then go to a graphic hyping tonight’s main event. Kurt Angle and WWE champion John Cena team to take on the number one contender Randy Orton and JBL, NEXT!


We return and get set for our main event of the evening.


Out rides JBL in his trademark limousine to strong heat as ever.

Michael Cole: Well tonight JBL made a statement Tazz. He believes that John Cena crossed the line last week when he put his hands on him. John Cena was the special referee in last week‘s main event and when JBL provoked him, Cena lost it.

Tazz: Cole, I got some sympathy with him on that one. John Cena should NOT have done what he did last week. But like ya said, JBL did provoke Cena and if that was me in Cena’s position, I’d have done the exact same thing.

‘Burn in my Light’

Out steps the number one contender Randy Orton, drawing in the heat as he cockily smirks.

Michael Cole: Well this man Randy Orton will meet John Cena two weeks from tonight on Smackdown’s Night of Champions special with the WWE championship on the line. Since coming to Smackdown Orton has been on a roll and last week continued that when he pinned Kurt Angle to earn his title opportunity.

Tazz: Was a huge win Cole and I like Orton’s chances come Night of Champions. This kid’s got IT and it’s gonna be a great match up between Orton and Cena.

Michael Cole: But tonight is going to prove a huge challenge for Orton as well as the other three competitors. It’s no secret that Orton and JBL don’t get along Tazz, how will they be able to co exist here tonight?

Orton enters the ring and exchanges glances with Layfield.

Tazz: I think they can pull it off Cole. They both want the same thing and that is the WWE title. John Cena’s the champ and when ya get the chance to meet him in the ring like tonight, they’re both gonna wanna make a statement to Cena that I’m gonna be the guy who’s takin’ that title.

As JBL and Orton wait in the ring, the two exchange a few words with JBL looking quite riled.


The music of the Wrestling Machine hits to a mixed reaction as Kurt Angle heads to the ring looking as intense as ever, ready to make his mark here tonight.

Michael Cole: Kurt Angle is in a lot of people’s eyes the rightful number one contender but he will NOT get that chance come Night of Champions after Randy Orton stole the victory last week. Kurt Angle made Randy Orton tap out in the middle of the ring only for John Cena to miss the call, following JBL’s antics.

Tazz: I feel for Angle man. I feel for all of these guys Cole! Each one of em has a right to feel aggrieved after what went down last week, well except Randy Orton and tonight they’re gonna take it out on each other, this one’s gonna get ugly real fast and I can’t wait!

‘My time is Now’

Michael Cole: And here comes the man at the centre of the controversy. The WWE champion, John Cena!

Cena trots out to a hot reaction from the crowd before the camera instantly switches to inside the ring where we see an angry mob almost, waiting for the arrival of Cena.

Tazz: Look at the faces of JBL and Kurt Angle Cole. Those two guys ain’t lookin’ very happy right now. As much as I think JBL and Randy Orton will be able to co exist tonight, Angle and Cena I can’t see workin’ out too well.

Michael Cole: Indeed Kurt Angle tore apart John Cena after last week’s main event and tonight the two men went right after one another again. They woulda damn near killed each other if JBL and Randy Orton hadn’t got involved.

Match Five: Tag Team Match

John Cena and Kurt Angle vs. Randy Orton and JBL

JBL and Orton argue over who will start the match and it’s decided that JBL will get proceedings underway whilst on the other team Angle doesn’t even look at Cena, taking his place behind the ropes leaving Cena to start things off. Cena and JBL one up each other in the early goings with both men taking turns to fall their opponent. The pper hand eventually went to the former WWE champion as Layfield connected with a big boot to Cena, sending the champion spiralling down to the mat.

Layfield then took this opportunity to lock in a sleeper and try to put away his long time rival. The camera then panned to an intense looking Kurt Angle, showing no emotion at his ‘partner’s’ suffering before we see a shot of Randy Orton who looks thrilled to see a vulnerable Cena. The champion though began to stir and used all his fight to dig himself out of trouble, delivering some elbows to the ribs of his opponent, throwing JBL backwards as Cena ran the ropes before charging at Layfield and knocking him down with a big shoulder block.

With both men down it’d be a case of who could return to their corner first to make a tag. Angle looked more than ready to get his hands on Orton while the Legend Killer held his hand out also, looking to get a piece of the action. It was JBL who managed to crawl over first and extend his hand to the waiting Orton. The Legend Killer entered and waited patiently in his corner for the incoming Angle. Cena got to his corner, looking for the tag but Angle walks away?

The crowd shit all over Angle as he heads down the ramp and readjusts his boots it seems. Cena looks on furiously as Orton and JBL smirk and Orton wastes little time in going after Cena. Orton stomps away at the champion who is still feeling the effects of that sleeper it seems. Orton then drops a knee on Cena who grimaces in pain. Cover from Orton, kick out at two from the champion. Orton then brings Cena to his feet before tossing him across the ring towards his corner and charges at him, delivering a thunderous clothesline as Cena crashes into the turnbuckle. On the other side of the ring Angle has made his way back up to the apron and holds out his hand in sarcastic fashion.

Orton then exchanges words with JBL as their animosity is still clear to see. Orton looks to go for a DDT to Cena but the champion finds some strength from somewhere and delivers a shoulder to the gut of Orton and another as Orton loses his balance. Cena’s now on top and delivers some strong right hands to Orton before whipping Orton across the ring and charging at him, knocking him down with a big running shoulder once more. Cena then calls for the fans who get excited as the champion delivers a five knuckle shuffle! The excitement builds as Cena waits for Orton to get to his feet but is met by JBL!

JBL heads right after Cena but Cena sees him coming and tosses him over the top rope! JBL’s gone and Cena again stalks his prey but the crowd begins to boo as Kurt Angle is in the ring! Cena knows something is up and turns around to see Angle. Angle though doesn’t move? The two come face to face as the tension builds here! Tazz is going crazy expecting the two to trade blows and they go for it! Angle throws first but Cena responds! The two partners taking out all their anger and hatred toward one another and it’s Cena who gets on top but Angle hits back and Cena’s turned around, RKO!! RKO from out of nowhere!! Angle exit’s the ring, holding his jaw but grinning as Orton covers the champion, 1..2..3! Orton pins Cena!

Winners: Randy Orton and JBL(13:08)

Tazz: Ya just knew they couldn’t get along Cole! Angle and Cena have EXPLODED again!

Michael Cole: Kurt Angle has again gotten the better of John Cena here tonight! Kurt Angle wants John Cena and he wants the WWE title! But more importantly, Randy Orton has PINNED John Cena here tonight! If Orton does that in two weeks, he will become the new WWE champion.

Tazz: Look at the anger on Cena’s face Cole. He’s gonna blow. Angle is inside his head, Orton is inside his head. How is Cena gonna cope with all of this?!

Michael Cole: I have no idea but the facts are that John Cena has it ALL to do with just two weeks until Night of Champions! Will John Cena be able to fend off the challenges of a furious Kurt Angle and a confident Legend Killer? Goodnight everybody!

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