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Re: WWE 2004: Road to WrestleMania XX

SmackDown! Review
April 15th, 2004

This was the first show I have read of yours good sir, and, I've been browsing and I was really looking forward to sitting down and reading this show. So here goes my humble review.

Segment 1
I loved how the importance was put on Edge returning and how you could feel this turn of heart for Edge in the process.

Segments 2 + 3
Two nice little backstage prep segments to promote the show's events, looking forward to the tag team turmoil match. Kudos on making RVD something more than a cool surfer pothead dude and to having teamed up the 3 japanese exports and giving them an original crew name. (What does Kyo Dai mean?)

Match 1 - Tag Team Turmoil
Happy to see a healthy tag team division. I love those kind of matches in real life because they're fast paced and you never know what to expect. You delivered in all those aspects. The action sound, not crisp though, some tweaking here and there, but, after all, this is a medium recapped form of writing so, understandable in the utmost. Everything as far as story goes was great, giving RVD/Book some quick wins and then, the miscommunication allowing Kidman/London to eliminate them. I'm curious to see, surely, if this win from Hurricane/Moore will lead to a match at Judgment Day with Kidman/London, because I'm pretty sure you'll give the rematch to RVD/Book on next week's SD! and do the official breakup/leadup to Judgment Day PPV match for them.

Segments 4+5+6
Nice follow-up on the tag turmoil with RVD & Booker. The JBL attacking Kyo Dai bit brought me back to some Sid Vicious destroying some luchadores circa WCW 1999. Great stuff, especially since it's kind of pushing the enveloppe and that's something we missed during those years in WWE. Random group of people to have a celebration with... still, who wouldn't be happy for them considering.

Match 2 - Tajiri Vs JBL
The tried and tested David vs Goliath formula. I liked how the match evolved and finished, but, I really don't see the point of JBL continuing this battle with Kyo Dai. Even if he had taken posession of the Cruserweight Belt, I for one don't know how much money there was in the briefcase but, there'll never be enough of that particular belt to repay JBL in full. At least, Tajiri and his friends get to keep everything, makes it more fun that way.

Segment 7
I really liked this whole interaction. I really like Cena back then and it's good to see him as something else than a WWE Puppet and as the Doc of Thuganomics again.

Segment 8
I kind of spoiled this whole thing for myself by reading your post after the actual show, still, I like how Heyman has sort of a group he can send after his enemies, kind of like Immortal in TNA for Hogan & Bischoff. Just, don't give them a name.

Match 3 - Stretcher Match
I was really looking forward as to just how you would pull this off, considering Val hasn't looked and hasn't be booked at the best of his abilities, I was hard pressed to see him topple the Big Show, no less, in a Stretcher match. And I must say, great job. With all that help, there was no way Big Show could have made it out alive, and he didn't, literally (or almost). I'm not too keen on big men, although Big Show is actually entertaining so, I'm kind of a happy in a way he'll be off our screens for the time being.

Segments 9+10
Good follow up on the Big Show. And good follow up on the heels celebrating their bad deed. I like this ecclectic group Heyman has watching his back. I really, especially, undoubtedly like that Dawn Marie is there as well... is she an assistant to Heyman or managing one of those guys?!

Match 4 - 6-Men Tag Team Match
I liked this match but, I kind of lost track in the end, one minute Nitro is clotheslined outside the ring, the next, he's already back in getting a 619. Especially since that particular set of moves was what lead to the actual finish, it felt kind of thrown out there. Still, the whole point of this 6-Men was to put Edge over and it did just that.

Segments 11+12
I can't wait for Rikishi Vs JBL, now that is someone JBL needs to be booked against. Rikishi was on point. This show is really all about Edge, over exposure sometimes gets to be a bit much. Especially since his teammates weren't around to cause an actual situation.

Main Event - Kane Vs Undertaker
Okay match between the two of them, but a real nice and Main Event quality ending with the nice series of Tombstone and the interference from Edge. I liked how Kane & Undertaker kept battling after the fact Edge had ruined their chance at the Title. But, lo and behold Paul Heyman's announcement about Judgment Day. That was nicely done and I can't wait to see how Eddie handles it all.

I really liked everything I read. I like your format for tv shows, sort of recapped but with great detail. Fast paced matches, like tv matches should be. As far as the actual storylines you've got going, it is a period that I didn't all that much enjoy on the SmackDown! side during those years, but I can see how you're really improving everything and come SummerSlam, you should have a tremendous WWE product. Kudos on your layout and providing us with pictures. There's nothing better for the brain than some imagery when reading long texts such as those in the BTB Section.

I give this show 7.5 Lex Flexors out of 10.

WWWF is Coming...
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