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Re: WWE 2004: Road to WrestleMania XX

Hey, thanks for the review and suggestions. Nice to see another 2004 thread. I will check out your thread and review will be returned. Yep the RVD/Booker angle has it’s interesting moments so I’m giving it a slow build by having RVD and Booker going through some problems. Kidman and London who were faces have now had a change of attitude since the lethal lottery and they are pretty much heels now. In real life Big Show was written off Smackdown on this date so i had to write him off but in a different way of course. Cena is a face. As for Edge and many others, just wait and see. I’m slowly building up Judgment Day and it will be a much better card than the actual card.

WWE News and Notes

Big Show is scheduled to undergo knee surgery this week. This is why Val Venis went over against Big Show and following the match the injury angle took place. Big Show is expected to miss 5 months of action.

Maven will be back in action in next month.

The creative team are planning to turn Rhyno face and officials are planning a feud between Rhyno and Matt Hardy.

Expect a few matches to be short at Backlash due to time constraints. As Backlash has 6 matches including an Iron Man Match, it is likely that the tag team title match and Ric Flair vs Lance Storm will be kept short. Also the womens title match has been bumped to Heat.

For ppvs i will be recapping the pre show Sunday Night Heat show to hype up the ppv but for Raw and Smackdown shows i won’t be including Heat/Velocity results. If a star is not injured and not booked on Smackdown or Raw, just assume they wrestled on Heat/Velocity lol. Chuck, Cade, Stamboli, Jindrak, Rosey etc etc. I really have no plans for them but they may show up on the regular shows if i need to use them for a battle royal, segment or a squash.

The pics that i use for the year 2004, for example for Backlash for Orton/Foley you obviously won't be seeing hell in a cell pics because they did not compete in a HIAC match. Also for example if i use a pic of Kane's then it is a pic of him on Raw for my Smackdown show because he was on Raw during that time period. If i include a pic of Kane, Edge, Val Venis for my Smackdown show then i will try not to show the red ropes of Raw but if i do end up including a pic of Kane or other stars with red ropes then please just accept it. The same goes for Haas and Benjamin for Raw, you may see a Smackdown pic of theirs for my Raw show. I'm just doing the best i can with pics. It's hard to get a pic of Rock vs HHH for 2004 as they did not clash that year so i will use a pic for 2000.

Still welcoming more reviews for Smackdown. Backlash Predictions Contest will be up tomorrow. I've written half the review for Backlash, the full show should hopefully be up next week.

WWE 2004: The Road to WrestleMania 21
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