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Red face Re: WWE 2004: Road to WrestleMania XX

Hyper Blast's Review:

Hey first time I've seen your thread, we're both doing the same time period as well too! Your style of writing is unique with the pictures and what not. Its a different way of writing a show out which is good.

First Segment:
So Edge kicks of the show with a promo, great way to start the show. I see that you are hoping to push Edge after the Angle/Edge rivalry, good comparison to Rikishi/Austin. Overall good way to start off the show.

Backstage Segment
I see that you are braking up Rob Van Dam and Booker T, a good mid card feud with a lot of potential but maybe you should pan this storyline a bit further. Instead of pulling the trigger fairly quickly, just a suggestion thrown out there

Match 1
I see your matches are fairly simple and not that entertaining,perhaps your saving the interesting matches for PPV or your more of a promo man. I don't mean to offend you but its just like Wrestler A hits a spinebuster and goes for the 3 count. Otherwise very easy to read . My hunch of heat between Rob Van Dam and Booker T was correct, an entertaining feud for Smackdown. Nice to see The Hurricane and Shannon Moore win

Backstage Segment
I hope to tune in the next Smackdown to see this angle between Booker T and Rob Van Dam as their are so many ways you can go with this angle, possibly giving them both main event pushes early on

Match 2
The ending made me laugh for some reason, your making JBL sound like a complete jerk and your doing it well, Wow JBL selling the title sounds like when Andre sold it to Ted Dibiase I think..... ......Anyway onto the match its great you made JBL dominant throughout the match and Tajiri the obvious underdog, Glad JBL won in the end.

For a second I was going to think you were re-uniting Edge and Rey Mysterio that really would add a spark to an already good tag team division. I like the intensity that you show in Edge's character, btw is Cena Heel? But if he is a face he is doing a great job of it. Good segment overall, establishing Edge's flare in making a point tonight. If you are going to move Rey up to the US title picture it would be a great idea.

Match 3
Very realistic in bringing out 3 men to help Venis take out the 500 pounder. I think Big Show might not participate next week, good to see Venis win here and earn a shot at the United States Championship against Cena. Overall the match was put out good Big Show dominating with those chops and headbutt, Great storytelling with Big Show unable to chokeslam Venis.

]Match 4
I don't see Edge, Cena, and Rey losing here, quite a good main event. Flashy finish with a 619 into a spear,

Main Event
Good back and forth action, A very unexpected idea of a triple threat. Eddie is a huge underdog in this match but I see him retaining. I see your very high on Edge as you made him interfere by spearing The Undertaker.This is the point in time where Kane turn into The Big red Machine into well....not so scary. I hope you keep Kane as an intimidating figure. A possible Fatal 4 way with Edge being added next week but we'l see overall good show why don't you try to build up Judgement Day more have like a video package
I hope I didn't disappoint you with my review as this is my first review :P

Favorite Of All Time

1.The "Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels

2.The " Highlight Of The Night" Chris Jericho
3.The "The Olympic Hero" Kurt Angle
4.The "Phenom" The Undertaker
5.The "Cerebral Assasin" Triple H
6.The "Straight Edge Messiah" CM Punk
7.The "Texas Rattlesnake" Stone Cold Steve Austin
8.The "Phenomenal" AJ Styles
9.The "Doctor of Thuganomics" John Cena
10.The "Legend Killer" Randy Orton
11. The "Rated R Superstar and " Captain Charisma" E&C Edge and Christian

WWE 2004: Do you smell what I'm booking?

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