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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Smackdown Preview- 3/5/05- Long Island

Last week saw a highly controversial main event on Friday Night Smackdown in which we crowned a new number one contender to the WWE Title, Randy Orton.

The Legend Killer won a triple threat match against Kurt Angle and John Bradshaw Layfield however the main talking point afterwards was not Randy Ortonís victory, it was John Cenaís refereeing. The WWE champion was tasked with calling the match by Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long and the champion missed a huge call in the contest. With Kurt Angle putting Randy Orton in the Ankle Lock it looked only a matter of time until Orton tapped. With Ortonís hand inching ever closer to the mat, JBL made his mark in the match, distracting John Cena by taking his WWE title belt and seemingly taking it hostage. The special referee was in no mood for JBLís antics and headed after the former champion, knocking him down and taking his title belt. But whilst that went on, inside the ring it had all gone on as Kurt Angle made Randy Orton tap out.

As John Cena re-entered the ring he was met by a jubilant Kurt Angle who grabbed Cenaís hand and asked him to raise it. Cena was confused by all this and told Angle he didnít win the match to the fury of the Wrestling Machine. Angle told Cena that Orton tapped but Cena said he didnít see it, therefore it didnít happen. With Angle about to explode on Cena, he was turned around by you guessed it, Randy Orton. Orton then laid Angle out with an RKO before pinning the Olympic Gold Medalist and booking his shot at the WWE title on the Smackdown: Night of Champions special. Following the contest, Cena raised Ortonís hand looking intently at the Legend Killer but Cena was then attacked from behind by a seething Kurt Angle. Angle tore into Cena, locking in the Ankle Lock and refusing to break the hold, damn near breaking Cenaís ankle in half. As Smackdown rolls into Long Island tonight, what will John Cenaís response be now that heís seen the footage from last week? Will Kurt Angle have calmed down or will the Wrestling Machine be intent on inflicting more hurt on the WWE champion? And what will Randy Orton have to say about all of this as we build towards Night of Champions?

Speaking of Night of Champions, we learned last week that Matt Hardy will get another shot at Orlando Jordan and the United States title. Hardy was robbed of the gold at Judgment Day when Orlando grabbed the tights of Hardy to pick up a sneak victory. In two weeks time, Hardy will get his rematch and a lot of people believe Hardy will finally get his hands on the U.S title. What will these two have in store for each other here tonight?

Also, it was confirmed on wwe.com this week that MNM will defend the WWE Tag team titles at the Night of Champions special in another Judgment Day rematch against the team of Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam. Last week saw MNM manage to get out of harmís way with a relentless Mysterio and Van Dam on their tails. Tonight, will MNM manage to stter clear of the dynamic duo again or will Mysterio and Van Dam get their hands on the A-Listers just two weeks before their big showdown?

Confirmed for tonightís show is a big match up for the Man Beast Rhyno as he gets a shot at retribution when he takes on Carlito. The ĎCoolestí superstar on Friday Nights viciously assaulted Rhyno at Judgment Day after Rhyno tried to talk sense into Carlito before his match with Booker T. It didnít work and Carlito saw fit to take down the master of the Gore. Tonight Rhyno gets a chance at payback. Will he achieve it, or will Carlito get inside the head of Rhyno once more? And you also have to question whether Booker T will play any part here tonight following on from Judgment Day when both men cost him yet another match.

Donít miss a huge night on Smackdown as we build all the more towards Night of Champions in just two weeks!

Confirmed for tonightís show:

Carlito vs. Rhyno

Expect the show up later on in the week. In the meantime any Raw feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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