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Re: WWE 2004: Road to WrestleMania XX

WWE Smackdown
April 15, 2004

The announcers welcome us to the show. Edge’s music hit’s as he makes his return from suspension. Edge comes out to a mixed reaction. He requests a mic. Edge says whether you love him or hate him.... he’s back. Edge starts by talking about one goal he accomplished and that was to take Kurt Angle out and now Angle is sitting on the sidelines. A lot of people thought he went far but he missed out on two WrestleManias because of Kurt Angle. He was Smackdown’s fastest rising star and he would have been champion by now. Edge reminds the fans of what Rikishi did when he ran down Austin and put him out of action for a year. Then suddenly Rikishi became a changed man and people started loving him again. If they can accept Rikishi’s actions then they should certainly accept his. He’s also become a changed man now and he’s become bitter, more hungry and now the other goal is to become WWE Champion. Edge goes over his list of accomplishments, he’s been IC/US/Tag Team Champion, King of the Ring but he’s never been WWE Champion. He’s never headlined a WrestleMania.

When he put Kurt on the sidelines, an opportunity for the title came up and that was the lethal lottery tournament. He was ready to compete as he was medically cleared to return to action. However Paul Heyman suspended him for two weeks and he missed out on an opportunity to compete in the lethal lottery tournament. Paul Heyman robbed him of an opportunity to become champion. Now he has to wait for his opportunity but when another opportunity comes up for the title, he won’t let this one go. He’s not like the other guys that were eliminated from the tournament, at least they had their chance but he didn’t have a chance at all. They failed but when he gets his chance he won't fail at all. Tonight is the #1 contenders match and if Heyman didn’t suspend him then it would have been him who would be involved in the main event tonight. Tonight he’s back in action in a 6 man tag match and you will see a new and improved Edge.

Paul Heyman comes out on the stage and mocks Edge by asking him how did his suspension go. Was it fun? Did he enjoy his time off just like it was when Edge sat at home for over a year. He suspended Edge because he had to take action. He didn't know that Edge would take his hatred for Kurt Angle to a whole new level. He appreciates what Edge did by trying to save him for Angle but he didn’t do it for Paul, he did it for himself because he wanted to hurt Kurt. Heyman states that Smackdown is the land of opportunity and Edge will someday get his chance at the title but not now. Edge promised to make a statement tonight.

Backstage RVD is warming up and Booker T shows up and apologises to RVD for last week. RVD says whatever Book, that was not an accident. Booker did it on purpose. He wanted to get one over RVD because he pinned Booker in the lethal lottery tournament to advance to the battle royal. Booker did not want to see RVD getting that opportunity so he had to come and ruin it. Booker denied this, he wanted to help RVD win but it just backfired. RVD says whatever Book, up next is the tag title match and they need to focus on retaining the titles. Does Book have his back? Book says damn right he does. RVD reveals that they will be up first so they have to go through every team to retain their titles. Now can Book dig that? Book looks at RVD and said tell me you didn’t just say that. RVD tells Booker lets go.

Eddie Guerrero is shown on the screen as he's in the back to give his comments on the main event. Michael Cole is talking to him. Cole asks Eddie he has never faced Taker or Kane. Who does he think will win this match. Eddie has no idea who will win but It will certainly be his most toughest challenge ever. Cole mentioned that if Taker or Kane were not involved in this match then he would have thought Eddie had a good chance of retaining the belt. Now against Taker or Kane, Eddie’s chances don’t look good at all. An official informs Eddie that his lowrider has been smashed, someone has damaged it. Eddie runs to the back.

Elsewhere Tajiri and Funaki are watching a video of how they pulled one over JBL two weeks ago. They start laughing and impersonate JBL. Tajiri wants Kyo Dai to have more gold and once Funaki and Akio win the tag belts they will all go out and celebrate. Akio shows up and informs Funaki to get ready as they are up first in the tag turmoil which is NEXT.

Match 1
Tag Team Championship Tag Team Turmoil
RVD and Booker T (c) vs 2 Cool vs The Guerreros vs Akio and Funaki vs The Hurricane and Shannon Moore vs Kidman and London

RVD & Booker T vs Akio & Funaki

RVD and Booker’s music hits and they make their way down. To retain the tag titles they would have to go through every team. Their opponents are Akio and Funaki. RVD and Akio start off and Akio starts with a sharp kick to RVD’s chin and lays him out. He throws RVD into the corner and kicks away. He goes for a kick again and RVD ducks and nails Akio with a spinning heel kick. RVD slams Akio and scores with the rolling thunder. Akio tags in Funaki and RVD makes the tag to Booker. Booker pounds away on Funaki and takes Funaki down with a spinebuster. Booker hits the axe kick and gets the 3 count to eliminate Funaki and Akio. RVD and Booker make quick work of Akio and Funaki.
Akio and Funaki have been eliminated

RVD and Booker T vs The Guerreros (Chavo Jr and Chavo Sr)

The Guerreros come out next and Booker tags in RVD. RVD and Chavo lock up and RVD gets Chavo down with an arm drag and follows up with a spinning heel kick. Chavo comes back with a clothesline followed by a dropkick. Chavo gets a suplex and tags in his father Chavo Classic. Chavo Sr starts stomping away on RVD and The Guerreros double team RVD. The ref tries to restrain Booker while the Guerreros continue the double teaming. Chavo Sr tags in Chavo Jr. Chavo hits a brainbuster and RVD kicks out at two. Chavo whips RVD into the corner and goes for a charge and RVD moves out the way. RVD rolls Chavo up for a 2 count. RVD tags in Booker and Booker takes Chavo down with a back body drop. Booker gets a hiptoss and a scoop slam on Chavo. Booker tags in RVD and RVD kicks away at Chavo knocking him down. Chavo comes back and whips RVD into the turnbuckle. He lifts RVD up and takes him to the top and goes for a suplex. RVD shoves Chavo down and hits the five star frog splash and pins Chavo for the 3 count.
The Guerreros have been eliminated

RVD & Booker T vs Kidman and London

Out come Kidman and London. RVD makes a tag to Booker as Booker starts this one off with London. Booker locks up with London and Booker knocks down London quickly but London fights back by hitting some quick kicks to the gut. London works on Booker’s shoulder and tags in Kidman. He gets a quick arm drag followed by a dropkick. Kidman goes for a clothesline but walks into a Book End. We haven’t seen that from Booker in a long time. Booker goes for a cover and London makes the save. RVD runs in and clotheslines London to the floor. RVD executes a moonsault off the top rope onto London on the floor, and both men lie motionless. Booker and Kidman continue fighting in the ring and London and RVD get back in. Booker is in control and tags RVD back. RVD gets a spinning heel kick on Kidman followed by a rolling thunder. RVD whips Kidman into Kidman’s corner and misses a charge. London gets tagged in and goes for a roll up and RVD kicks out at two. London gets a bulldog and then goes up to the top for a 450 splash. He hits it but RVD moves out the way. RVD is back in control. Things are going well for the tag champs as they start to double team London. London ducks a spinning heel kick from Van Dam and Booker takes it and gets knocked out of the ring. RVD looks on and from behind London dropkicks RVD into the turnbuckle. London hit a wicked neck breaker and makes the cover as Booker looks on and does nothing about it. 1..2...3. RVD and Booker have just lost the tag team titles and they have been eliminated. Now we are guaranteed to have new tag team champions. London and Kidman have pulled off a big upset here. As RVD stumbles back up, he is shocked and Booker is outside the ring holding his face. RVD can’t believe it. Booker flips out on RVD and walks away.

RVD and Booker T have been eliminated

Kidman and London vs 2 Cool

2 Cool enter next and Rikishi starts off against London. Rikishi uses his power moves to get the advantage. London manages to tag Kidman who charges into Rikishi and Rikishi catches him and hits a samoan drop. Rikishi lifts Kidman up and goes for a slam but Kidman slips up and tries to roll Rikishi up and he sits on Kidman. He drags Kidman to the corner and gives Kidman the stink face. Rikishi goes over to tag Scotty and Kidman does not want to get back in and tags London. Scotty and London go at it. Scotty tries to slingshot London off the ropes however London reverses it into a dropkick. Scotty comes back and hits a superkick, setting up for the WORM. Scotty hits the worm and goes for the cover. Kidman breaks it up. London tags Kidman in and they start double teaming Scotty. All four men are in the ring and Kidman pulls the ropes down and Rikishi gets knocked outside the ring. Kidman goes to the top as London scores with a DDT on Scotty. Kidman hits the shooting star press and pins Scotty for the three count.
2 Cool have been eliminated

Kidman and London vs The Hurricane and Shannon Moore

One more team left to go and it’s The Hurricane and Shannon Moore. This is the team that Kidman and London beat last week on Smackdown. This was the best part of the tag turmoil. A great fast paced match with plenty of near falls. Kidman and Shannon Moore start it off. They exchange headlocks and armbars early on. Kidman takes control with a few European uppercuts and stomps in the corner. Moore rolls out of a sunset flip and drop kicks Kidman and goes for a cover and Kidman kicks out at two. At ringside, Hurricane gets the crowd behind Moore. Moore then attempts a springboard, but misses, and Kidman seizes the opportunity and goes for a roll-up but only get a two. Kidman hits a facebuster and Moore kicked out at two. Kidman and London make quick tags and each time Moore went for a tag, London and Kidman stop him from making the tag. London whips Moore to the ropes and Moore comes back with a hurracanrana. Moore tags in Hurricane and Hurricane takes London down with a clothesline. He follows up with an hiptoss and then a dropkick. Hurricane executes the Hurrislam and goes for the cover and Kidman breaks it up. All hell breaks loose in the ring and the action spills to the floor. Moore comes across the ropes and gets a suicide dive on London and Kidman on the floor. Back in Kidman goes for a running powerbomb on Hurricane but Hurricane counters into a Hurricanrana pinfall and Kidman kicks out at two. The match ends when Kidman misses the shooting star press and Hurricane hits the eye of the Hurricane. London tries making the save but Moore stops him and Hurricane pins Kidman for the 3 count to win the tag team titles. Hurricane and Shannon Moore celebrate in the ring.
Winners & New Tag Team Champions: The Hurricane and Shannon Moore

Backstage Booker T and RVD are yelling at each other. They start blaming each other. Booker is mad at RVD for making another stupid mistake, they were doing so well until RVD kicked him in the face. RVD responds back and tells Booker again it was a mistake. He is mad at Booker for not getting in the ring to save him as he walked away. He calls Booker selfish for not making the save. Booker thinks it’s about time they go separate ways because now they are no longer tag team champions. This is simply not working out. RVD persuades Booker to give this one last try as they can rectify their mistakes and capture the belts again. Booker is not too keen on this idea and tells him he needs to think about this, he needs to see what is best for his career. RVD apologises and extends his hand and Booker shakes RVD’s hand as Booker leaves.

In the back Akio and Funaki are upset that they didn’t win the belts. Funaki says they are still rich so they should go out and have fun. Someone attacks them and takes their money and it’s JBL. He yells that no one steals from JBL. He smiles and JBL opens the briefcase and finds half of the money missing. He is furious and knocks Akio out with a devastating clothesline. JBL grabs Funaki and demands the rest of his money. Funaki said they have spent it. JBL is livid and powerbombs Funaki on the floor. JBL yells he’s going to get his money back from Tajiri.

Hurricane and Shannon Moore are celebrating their victory with Spike Dudley, Torrie Wilson(yes Torrie lol) and others. The Guerreros show up. They are upset that they couldn't make history tonight so they challenge the new tag team champions to a match next week on Smackdown.

Eddie is in the back asking a few stars who damaged his car. They don't know so Eddie is still looking for that person.

Match 2
Tajiri vs JBL

JBL comes out and walks to the ring with a mic in his hand. JBL makes up an excuse on why he didn’t win the battle royal last week. His excuse was that he couldn’t focus last week because he was also concerned about his money. It is people like Kyo Dai and guys like Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio that can’t be trusted here. They are all con artists who would love to have the rich and fame that JBL has. He’s a self made man and the only way how Kyo Dai have money now is because they stole his money. It is people like them that would stoop so low. They could never earn that sort of money the legitimate way but he has thought of an idea to get his money back. He waits for Tajiri to come out, Tajiri comes out. He looks at Tajiri and calls him a disgrace. JBL said he doesn’t need that money but he would never let guys like Tajiri have his money for free. Tajiri would have to earn it and he certainly didn’t earn it two weeks ago. JBL made Tajiri an offer Tajiri couldn’t refuse. JBL explained to Tajiri that just a while ago he beat the hell out of Tajiri’s buddies and he can spare Tajiri an even bigger beating if he listens to him. He wants Tajiri to hand him the cruiserweight title. Tajiri was confused. JBL proceeded and told Tajiri that he had no desire to become the cruiserweight champ. It is beneath him to defend the title. He is a main event guy. However since Tajiri can not pay him back, he has a way to get his money back. He wants Tajiri to put his belt on the line. The referee explains to JBL he can not do this because JBL is not a cruiserweight. JBL said he has no interest in competing in the cruiserweight division. If Tajiri puts his belt on the line and does not use the green mist and manages to beat JBL then JBL will let Tajiri keep the money. If Tajiri can not beat him then he must hand him the cruiserweight title. We don’t know why JBL wants the cruiserweight title so bad but Tajiri ended up agreeing to it and the match begins.

The match starts with JBL pushing Tajiri around and talking smack to him. JBL works aggressively on Tajiri, and it looked like Tajiri wasn’t going to have much of a chance from the beginning. JBL continues to maul Tajiri with power moves and goes for a cover and stops. He hits a fallaway slam and lifts Tajiri up and goes for a powerbomb and Tajiri slips out and nails JBL with a hard kick to the face. Tajiri goes for the cover and JBL kicks out at two. JBL gets back up and goes after Tajiri who rolls out of the ring and JBL starts chasing him outside the ring. Tajiri gets back in first and starts kicking away at JBL. JBL is back up again and he makes a comeback and hits a few right hands on Tajiri in the corner. He whips Tajiri to the other corner and eats boot. Tajiri gets the tarantula and he has to break it up. Tajiri attempts his elbow flip off the ropes, but JBL catches him and nails the backbreaker. JBL has had enough and sets Tajiri up for the clothesline from hell and nails Tajiri with the clothesline from hell. 1..2...3. It’s over. JBL has won the cruiserweight title.

JBL demands the ref to hand him the belt and a mic right now. JBL gets on the mic and now has possession of the cruiserweight title. JBL tries to start a JBL chant but it doesn't catch on. He announced that he is going to sell the cruiserweight title and now he is going to beat the hell out of Tajiri. JBL assaults Tajiri. The ref orders JBL to stop, JBL shoves the ref out the way. The referee reverses the decision and awards the match to Tajiri as a result of a disqualification. Tajiri gets to keep the title and the money. JBL is livid and he clotheslines the ref. JBL powerbombs Tajiri and shoves a dollar bill down the throat of Tajiri.
Winner by Disqualification: Tajiri

In the back Cena and Rey talk about the tournament and how they failed to win. Cena vows to get payback on Val for costing him the opportunity of co-winning the battle royal. Rey says it could have been them two going at it tonight in the main event. Edge shows up. Rey is glad that Edge is back, he’s glad to team with Edge in Edge’s return match. Cena believed that Edge has still got it and the three of them are the future of Smackdown. Edge agrees with Cena that they are the future of Smackdown but he was Smackdown’s fastest rising star. He feels that he was robbed of a great opportunity. He never had a chance but if he did he would have been in the main event tonight. Cena asks Edge how can he be so sure? Edge looks at Cena and states that he’s never had a title match at a ppv and Cena has. He’s been in the company longer than both of them and he never had that opportunity. Paul Heyman took him out the tournament because he injured Kurt Angle. Edge asks Cena was he wrong to do that? What if Cena was in his position and missed action for a year, would he let it go for come back for revenge. Cena responds back and says of course he would come back for revenge but there is a fine line but Edge crossed the line. Edge looks at Rey and appreciates what Rey has done for him because he was the guy that visited Edge the most in hospital. However it does annoy him that Rey came out and pleaded with Edge to put a stop to this attack. He asks Rey since when did he become Kurt’s friend?

Rey explains his reason why he came out to stop Edge from inflicting more damage. He’s never been Kurt’s friend but Edge taught Kurt a lesson but enough was enough. It’s about time he moved on and they focused on their goals. Rey had some new years resolutions this year and one of them was to move away from the cruiser division and capture a title he’s never held before. Currently the titles he’s never won are held by two of his friends. That’s right the US Title and WWE Title. At some point this year he will win a title. Edge has been US Champion before but he’s never been the WWE Champion. Rey told Edge what Paul Heyman did to him was indeed unfair but Smackdown in the land of opportunity and Edge will some day be WWE Champion. He’s also never had a title shot on a ppv but some day his turn will also come. Edge just needs to be a bit patient. Edge mentions the last title he held was with Rey and they were tag team champions. He’s not keen on going for the tag team titles, he’s past that level now. His priority from now is to become champion and if the opportunity comes he will take it. From now on you will see a new and improved Edge. Edge said this is his and Matt Hardy’s return to action on Smackdown. When he was sitting on the sidelines he watched the Smackdown episode after No Way Out 2003. He saw what Matt Hardy had to say about him. Hardy was running his mouth and said if Edge would have been a Mattitude follower instead of the so called leader of the Edge army then he probably wouldn’t have suffered such an unfortunate twist of fate. Then Hardy started laughing and on the same night Rhyno returned and took his spot. He will show Rhyno and Hardy a new and ruthless side of his and tonight they will be suffering a twist of fate.

Paul Heyman is in the back with Val Venis. He gives Val some encouraging words. He points out that in 2002, Big Show was struggling on Raw and he was traded to Smackdown for four stars and Val was part of the trade. Big Show ended up having major success on Smackdown and Val struggled on Raw. Now that Val is back on Smackdown he’s already made an impact and tonight this is his chance to prove that he can be a major star on Smackdown. What Big Show achieved on Smackdown, Val can do it better. Last week Rhyno did not get the job done and he does not want Val to fail him. He reminds Val that if Val wins he will give him a US Title shot at Judgment Day. Val blames Cena for costing him the opportunity to get a WWE title shot but now he will focus on taking away Cena’s United States Championship. The only way to get that shot is to go through Big Show. He’s not afraid of Big Show and he’s sick and tired of seeing guys stealing his spot. He’s sick and tired of seeing young guys like John Cena in the spotlight. Val may not be a ladies man anymore but now he’s going to show a ruthless side no one has even seen before. What he will do to Big Show next is a message that he’s sending to John Cena. He promises Heyman that Big Show will not get his hands on Heyman, he assures Heyman that this will be Big Show’s last night on Smackdown.

Match 3
Stretcher Match
The Big Show vs Val Venis

Big Show dominates Val at the start by hitting some vicious chops across Val’s chest and then throws him around the ring. Val rolls out the ring and refuses to go back in and waits for Big Show to meet him outside the ring. Big Show goes after Val and chases him outside the ring and Val gets in first and starts stomping away on Big Show. Val drops some elbows and tries to keep Big Show down. Val goes to the top rope and Big Show catches him and slams him down. Big Show throws Val out and tosses him out on the stretcher. Val rolls off and gets back in the ring. Val kicks Show to the gut and began to work on Show’s knee. He rolled outside and grabbed the stretcher and uses it as a weapon by damaging Big Show’s knee. Show stumbles back up and taunts Val to come and hit him. Val charges at Big Show and Big Show blocks and takes Val down with a big headbutt. Big Show picks Val up and press slams him over the top rope. Show places Val on the stretcher but Val manages to escape. Val tries for a slam but can’t slam Show so Show whips Val to the corner. He goes for a charge and goes shoulder first into the turnbuckle and falls down. Val goes outside, grabs a cable and ties Show’s ankle around the post. He takes a chair and demolishes Big Show’s knee with it.

The ref asks Big Show if he is able to continue and Show wants to continue. Val tries to roll Big Show onto the stretcher but is struggling to move Show. Suddenly Big Show grabs Val by the throat and manages to chokeslam Val but Big Show also falls down. He is hurt bad. Big Show is stumbling back up but falls down on one knee. He rolls out the ring and places Val on the stretcher. They are at the top of the ramp and Big Show’s about to win this as he tries to roll Val across the finish line but suddenly Matt Hardy, Johnny Nitro and Rhyno show up and make the save for Val and stop him from going over the line. They attack Big Show, Show fights them off but they attack him again. They manage to place Show on the stretcher and Val pulls Show across the finish line to win the match. Val has won the match but he is not done yet. Val orders the rest of the guys to help him finish the job. They push the stretcher off the stage and Big Show is hurt bad. Officials come down and attend to Big Show. Heyman comes out and he is glad to see the end of The Big Show.
Winner: Val Venis

A vignette is aired of a mysterious man who is not shown. He is talking about coming to Smackdown to punish people. He vows to change the landscape of Smackdown.

Backstage many officials are attending to Big Show. Big Show gets carried away in a stretcher and then gets taken away in an ambulance.

Heyman is celebrating with Val, Hardy, Nitro, Rhyno and Dawn Marie. Heyman is very lucky as he made sure that Big Show would not get 5 minutes in the ring with him. Heyman awards Val a US Title match against Cena at Judgment Day. Matt Hardy and Nitro start hitting on Dawn and Matt starts talking trash about Edge. Matt thinks it is stupid for Edge to step back in the ring and tonight he will put Edge back on the sidelines.

Kane cuts a promo in the back and reveals that he was the one who damaged Eddie's car. Kane starts laughing. Why did Kane do this?

Match 4
6 Man Tag Match
Edge, Rey Mysterio and John Cena vs Matt Hardy, Johnny Nitro and Rhyno

This is Matt Hardy and Edge’s first match back on Smackdown. This was a fun 6 man tag team match. Rey started off against Johnny Nitro and Rey took it to Nitro in the early going. Rey gets a high cross body and Nitro kicks out at one. Rey hits a drop kick and makes a tag to Cena. Cena takes Nitro down with a facebuster. Five knuckle shuffle gets a two. Tag back in to Rey. Rey saw most of the action in this match with most of it having him on the receiving end of 2 or 3 on 1 situations. The heels take control of the match and once Hardy has Rey beat down pretty good, Nitro wants in to stomp on him. Rey makes a comeback and makes the hot tag to Edge and this is the first time in over a year Edge has stepped in the ring for a match. Edge cleans house and takes Nitro down with a clothesline. Hardy runs in and gets a backdrop from Edge. Rhyno runs in and Edge takes Rhyno down with a drop toe hold. Edge is on fire. The ref sends back Nitro and Rhyno back on the apron and Edge and Hardy exchange holds with Edge getting the advantage. Hardy went for the twist of fate but Edge countered and scores with the Edge O Matic. Hardy kicked out at two. Edge tags Cena in and Cena hits a bulldog on Hardy. Hardy tags Nitro and Cena punches away at Nitro. Edge is tagged back in and Hardy is in. They continue brawling and Edge hits the downward spiral, a move we haven't seen in a long time. Nitro breaks it up at two.

Edge grabs a chair from outside and attempts to hit Hardy’s twist of fate on Hardy on a chair but Rey gets in and stops Edge. Rey hands ths chair over to the referee and the ref gets rid of the chair. Edge is thinking what the hell Rey is doing. Hardy rolls Edge up from behind and Edge just kicked out at two. The action continues with back and forth action until it breaks down into a brawl. Cena and Hardy brawl on the floor and inside the ring Rhyno goes for the gore and nails his own partner Nitro. Edge clotheslines Nitro to the floor. Rey hits the 619 on Nitro and Edge finishes Nitro off with the spear and pins him for the 3 count to win the match. Edge, Rey and Cena celebrated in the ring. Edge just looks at Rey and he's not pleased with Rey for what he did earlier on. Following the match Hardy and Nitro blame Rhyno for the defeat and they double team Rhyno. Hardy hits the twist of fate on Rhyno. Hardy was very angry to lose in his return match on Smackdown. Hardy walks off with Nitro.
Winners: Edge, Rey Mysterio and John Cena

Rikishi is in the back. Rikishi is disappointed that he didn’t win the tag team titles but he didn’t like what JBL did to Tajiri earlier on. Rikishi calls JBL a bully and should pick on someone his own size. JBL likes to shove money in peoples throats, well next week he will shove his ass in JBL’s face. Rikishi issues a challenge to JBL for a match next week.

Backstage Josh Matthews congratulates Edge on winning his first match back since returning to action. Edge says a while ago Big Show was pushed off the stage and Paul Heyman loved every bit of it. Now when he put Kurt out of action, he was suspended for his actions. Just because Paul is the GM he feels he can do anything he wants. Well tonight Edge will show that he can also do what he wants. He did say he will make a statement and he’s not done yet. As for what Rey did earlier, again Rey's stopped him from attacking a guy who deserved a beating. The next time he gets his hands on Matt Hardy, no one will be able to stop him and that even includes his friend Rey Mysterio. He doesn't know what Rey's problem is but he hoped that Rey does not get involved the next time he assaults someone.

Eddie is in the back and he said he's going to make Kane pay for what he did. Paul Heyman stops Eddie and lets him know that he can't let Eddie ruin his main event. If Eddie gets involved tonight then he will strip him of the WWE Title. So he has a choice either go and make Kane pay for what he did or just wait till next week. Eddie is very angry and leaves.

The announcers show a video package of Taker and Kane’s match at WrestleMania 20 and the events leading up to this match.

Main Event
#1 Contenders Match
The Undertaker vs Kane

Kane comes out first and gets a mic. He explains why he damaged Eddie's car. He wanted to send a message to Eddie, he wanted to strike fear in Eddie. He wanted to make a statement and made Eddie mad. First he damaged Eddie's car, next he will hurt Eddie and then he will take his title. Once he gets done beating The Undertaker, he's coming to take Eddie Guerrero's title. Eddie Guerrero's days as champion is coming to an end and his reign will end at Judgment Day. The Undertaker’s music hits as he makes his way down with Paul Bearer. Kane wastes no time and goes right after Taker during his entrance. The match hasn’t started yet. They fight outside and Kane throws Taker inside the ring and stomps away at Taker. Kane comes across the ropes and Taker boots him out the ring. The bell rings and the referee starts the match. Kane is back in and Taker hammers away at Kane. Taker gets the early advantage until Kane rakes Taker’s eyes and hits a ddt. Kane stomps away at Taker and goes for a chin lock. Taker punches out but Kane clotheslines him down for two. Kane gets a sidewalk slam and Taker sits up and starts no selling everything.

They trade punches and kicks until Kane hits a clothesline and starts punching away at Taker. Taker grabs Kane by the throat and but Kane punches away at Taker to keep Taker down. Kane goes to the top rope for a clothesline and Taker catches Kane with a right hand to the gut. Taker hits a big ddt and follows up with a legdrop and Kane kicks out at two. Taker goes old school and walks the ropes and nails Kane with a big right hand across the back of the neck.

Taker lifts Kane up and hits the snake eyes and follows up with another legdrop. Taker signals for a chokeslam and Kane fights out throws Taker over the top rope. Taker and Kane battle outside the ring near the announce table. Kane sends Taker into the steel post. Back in Kane continues to assault the Undertaker and hits the chokeslam on Taker. Kane goes for the cover and Taker kicks out at two. Kane whips Taker into the corner and goes for a charge and eats boot. Taker hits a jumping clothesline, followed by a chokeslam. Taker goes for a tombstone and hits it. He goes for the cover but Kane has his foot on the ropes at two. Taker signals for another tombstone but Kane reverses and hits the tombstone instead. He goes for the cover and Taker kicks out at two. Kane can’t believe it. Kane goes outside the ring and grabs the urn off Paul Bearer and gets back in. Edge runs down and grabs the urn off Kane and levels Kane across the back of the head. Taker is back up on his feet and Edge suddenly spears The Undertaker and the ref calls for the bell. Edge looks at them and yells if he can’t have it then neither can they. The ref calls for the bell and declares this match a double disqualification.
Result: Double Disqualification

Taker and Kane sit up at the same time. They trade punches and Taker hits a flying clothesline to knock Kane outside the ring. Paul Heyman comes out on the stage and makes an announcement. Since Edge ruined the main event, he’s going to let the officials decision stand and will not continue the match. If Edge thinks that if he can’t be the number one contender then no one can then he is definitely wrong. Edge would have to earn his opportunity to get a title shot and he will not be receiving a title shot until he earns it. Edge may have ruined the match but since we didn’t have a winner and now there is no number one contender we now have two number one contenders. Paul states that he won’t let Eddie Guerrero off that easy because now Eddie won’t be facing one opponent, he will be defending his title against two opponents in a triple threat match at Judgment Day. He will be facing The Undertaker and Kane. Kane did not like this. The odds are stacked against Eddie Guerrero. Taker looks at Kane and taunts him as Smackdown comes to a close.
WWE Judgment Day
May 16, 2004

Current Card

WWE Title Triple Threat Match
Eddie Guerrero (c) vs Kane vs The Undertaker

US Title Match
John Cena (c) vs Val Venis

WWE 2004: The Road to WrestleMania 21
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