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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Supershow feedback

Opening the show with a match like Joe/Finlay was a great way to go I thought and I was proved entirely right. Absolutely brutal match here from no doubt two of the most brutal guys going in this environment. The Nachomaker chant added a nice bit of light hearted relief to it lol. Having Finlay fade out, not tap was probably a good move as tough SOB like him would be damaged from tapping I feel. The spit in the face afterwards and referee keeping them apart just shows the animosity all the more and I guess this feud may not be done just yet? Great way to start, hard to follow that in terms of sheer aggression and hard hitting.

Iíve liked Mizís work as an interviewer throughout and you kept that up here. He fits this role well and I like that heís not intimidated by someone like Shawn Michaels. What Michaels had to say was pretty spot on, short and sweet just adding to the main event.

Very intriguing to see you bringing in both the ĎSons of the Dungeoní and ĎAmerican Madeí. Wouldíve liked to maybe see you spread them out as you kinda forget about the first one following the second video, however Iím just looking forward to seeing how you use them.

This Cruiserweight match was incredibly long stuff here. I enjoy reading the longer kinda matches like this although it may be a turn off for other people would be the only thing perhaps. Mexicools v Noble and Skipper to start was nothing too major, donít think anybody expected them to be a real threat. The Low Jack team is something I looked forward to seeing you try and use and I thought you did a good job with them here, looking strong in eliminating the Mexicools. Loved the Danielson/Sydal/Helms stuff here. Helms has been great so far in the thread and he kept that up again here. Finding any way into this thing, even having to team with Danielson shows just how bad he wants the gold. Low Jack gave as good as they got here which was pleasing to see but Iím glad Helms and Danielson progressed. Hooliganz next in and expected things to pick up, I wasnít wrong. Very good action throughout here with a fair few near falls, exciting stuff and I was surprised Helms got the pin again, expected Danielson to tie it up. Ending this contest with Helms and Danielson was always the way from the minute they joined forces and it was another very good match considering how fatigued theyíd become. Pretty brutal finish with the roundhouse to the flying Helms, ouch. I didnít care which way you went with title holder as you put on a heck of a match and with a potential feud between the two now on the horizon, I look forward to it all the more. Can definitely see Helms saying he got them there in the first place with the two wins .

The Christian stuff youíve produced is certainly getting more and more intriguing by the week and his loner type character is growing on me. Very intense stuff here and I liked how you had someone in Torrie show their concern only for Christian to shoot them down. Interested to see what role he plays tonight.

Standard RVD promo here, nothing too out of the ordinary. Nothing major but I was a bit surprised with him saying he didnít repsect Michaels but then saying he does respect him in the ring? So he does respect him?

Wow, didnít expect this from Christian although it again highlights just how intense he is at the minute and I donít know what is going on with him but I love it and canít wait to see how it continues. Three con-chair-tos has gotta hurt and I can see Lashley missing out next week, probably longer due to that. Wonder what it is Christian has to stop exactly.

Pretty good match up here between Hassan and Rey. Think you made the right choice in having Hassan take the gold. Thereís a lot of potential in him paying off superstars, the mercenaries Burchill and Albright also have endless potential, putting the three together is great. Feud between them, storm, Punk and Rey could well be exciting stuff.

Good stuff with Jericho here. His character is certainly progressing week in week out also which is great to see. The whole dictionary of words is typically Jericho, typically entertaining. Do wonder about the whole Torrie/Christian thing also, anything in that? I wonder.

Main event time and it didnít disappoint. Jericho retaining didnít surprise me and the way he did it was the right way to go. Throwing Wright into the mix was a necessity as it just furthers Jerichoís heat along with RVD and HBKís sympathy. The choke slam through the announce table was the end of it all for Michaels here and I have to admit I thought Van Dam may be winning when he finally felled the giant but Jericho as smart as he is takes advantage. Great stuff to cap off a very good show.

On the whole, not may things to fault at all. Considering this was the first go at a bigger show with this roster, it was a great effort. Really enjoyed the Cruiserweight action as well as the Main event. The whole Michaels-Van Dam stuff is certainly intriguing and your progression with Christian is certainly capturing me. Great job, keep it going.

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