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Re: Can a feud between Miz & Morrison save Morrison's career??

Originally Posted by It Burns You View Post
Morrison was great in the ECW actually

wtf happened to THIS Morrison?!?! He has shades of a young Lionheart Chris Jericho from WCW. I really think its a combination of WWE being cold on Morrison and Morrison in turn losing confidence, (going to comedy classes?), that's hurting him. Go back to this Morrison get him some tape of Jericho in WCW and I'm on board.

I wanna see THIS Morrison on tv. Shaman of Sexy, Tuesday Night Delight? that's hilarious stuff. Get him some footage of Jericho in WCW.

"I know you all want my body, more than my words" that's good stuff

my question now is how do you reintroduce the Shaman of Sexy, the Guru of Greatness back onto television? I think he could go to the top on Smackdown, but I'd probably build him up with a US title reign before sending him to Smackdown to go after the World Title. With this character and being heel he could cut some funny promos on Sheamus being a pasty white lumbering Groundskeeper Willie look-a-like while he himself is toned and tanned. It'd be a fun feud and they had some decent matches during the run up and through Sheamus winning KOTR. How hilarious would it be if John Morrison spelled "TAN" on an unconscious Sheamus with bronzer after knocking him out with the running knee??

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