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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Oblivion Supershow Feedback

Hands down man, your use of videos is amazing. Every week they continue to impress in the emotion and imagery you project with them. Another good one here, and the juxtaposition (big word) of the oriental strings against the fight song had the sounding of something pretty sweet. A big time kick off to a big time show.

Mama said knock you out! Diggin' the song choice, but it will take some getting used to on Joe. Although I get the conotation (another big word) between Joe knocking people flat on their asses, it's very much an up-tempo number, not entirly fitting with Joe's serious demeanour. But I appreciate it for it is cos I likes it. Made sense to have Joe storm up the ramp to kick the match off early, realy adds to the nature of the match and the feud behind it. Interesting though that despite Joe's fast start he was quickly on the back foot with Finlay going after the knee. I'd have perhaps liked a bit more early offense from Joe before the knee came into play. Liked the avoidance of the escape from the clutch early doors, I always like that kind of spot in matches, and that chair shot during the elbow suicida sounded just brutal. The spot heading into the commercial was pretty sick too, a nice way to head off to the commercial. poor Justin, although a "Nacho Maker" gimmick must surely be on the cards? "NACH - HO - MAY - KER! *clap clap clap-clap-clap*" That's money right there Some more nice spots like the Samoan Drop into the table, but here comes the clutch once more, and again, I always like it when a move that was foiled early in a match comes back into it at the end. Some smart booking there. Finlay passing out saves a bit of face for him, so he's not hurt too much, but Joe wins, and instantly gets a big boost in terms of his title chances imo. But yeah, really nice way to kick off the big show, was an absolute war. I'd have figured for sure that this was a feud ender given the ferocity of the match, but the spit afterwards suggests a rematch of some sorts. Will be hard to top this in terms of brutalness though.

I'm always a fan of JBL on commentary, although is warsmen really a word? Warriors might have fight better here. Redeemed yourself with the ugly win line though.

Some good words from Shawn here, was very much a determined promo. He certainly seems to be playing the tweener out of the three men in tonight's match. But after this promo, I'm sensing a Jericho victory and then Michaels and Van Dam heading off for a feud of their own.

Such an interesting and unique (to me anyway) positioning of the two videos. One criticism would be that it the teams overshaddow each other by neither having the full attention of them, but on the other hand it very much seems that you've got a ready made feud with two incoming teams. Obviously I'm a fan of Harry and TJ, or whatever you wind up calling them, but I'm very intrigued by the team of Hager and Nemeth. If you do go with this feud and American Made are the heels (which is what I'm taking from this so far) I'll be very interested in how you get a heel American team over as heels. Although I could have it completly the wrong way round.

Wow, crazy long Cruiserweight match. Started off low key (see what I did there ) with some of the early entrants, although it really picked up when Helms got involved. He's been one of my favs in this thread so far, and I liked the impact he made here, teamign with Danielson so he had the chance to face him. I'm a fan of opponents having to work together, done it a few times in my thread, I always feel it adds an extra added element to any match. Wow at the fact that it's Helms who got the eliminations to help the team advance, I thought for sure you'd have them do one each. The Helms/Danielson encounter was pretty sweet, plenty of hard hitting, although I can't lie, I'm a little disapointed that Helms didn't sneak the win. I always feel new titles should be held by heels and chased by a face, that's just a personal preference though. But yeah, more Helms/Danielson in the future please. Top stuff here, disagreed with the previous reviewer who felt it was too long, although that's no surprsie given my No Way Out cruiserweight effort. I'm sure there'll be plenty fo emphasis on the division as the thread progresses, especially given the names on the roster.

Again, still no nothing about Aero Star, but I can only assume he'll be another addition to the stacked cruiserweight division.

God, Christian sounded borderline insane here. Loved the talking in the third person and the description of the head movements, really got the point across. Intense stuff here.

And again with Van Dam spending so much attention of his promo on Michaels, all signs point towards a Jericho retain and a Van Dam/Michaels feud going forward.

Ooft, brutal. Three con-chair-tos was deadly. I guess Christian certainly solved his problem, and please take your time with bringing Lashley back from this. I dunno where Christian goes on from this, apart from a suspension, but he certainly put himself forward as a serious compettitor.

I've just realised something, but this is the second match of the night where the face has gone into it with a knee injury. A bit of variation please. Again, much like Finlay, standard for Hassan to go after the knee, but I'm glad that there seemed to be a bit more of Rey on the attack before Hassan started to zero in. Loved that shin breaker spot on the barricade, that was a sweet spot. Nice to see the Burchill and Albright relationship with Hassan continue to develop, also good to see Punk and Storm make the save. That's another ready made feud right there. Ah the old ref bump, coming to Hassan's rescue. With all of this and the bad knee, it's really not Rey's night. In retrospect I'll give you a pass on Danielson winning earlier, as you got it very much right with the Dynasty Title.

I may missed something, but what is the relationship between Torrie and Christian? I mean, what is it that has warranted here emotional connection both earlier tonight and right here? I probably have missed something, but I'm struggling right now. Anyway, always felt Jericho was one of the stronger characters you wrote for in your old thread, and it's continued into this one. Very similar gimmicks you've gone for between the two threads, but there's nothing wrong with that. Shocked at no 'The Great' here, surely he'll show up at some point?

Some real nice action during the main event, plenty of good spots, but I was most intrigued by the Michaels/Van Dam interaction. The way they kinda removed Jericho from the match and then had their own personal battle must lead to a feud surely? Ah, there he is, The Great~! What a way to take Michaels out of things with that chokeslam through the table, but the fact that it was Michaels pinning Van Dam when Wight broke it up again points to a feud between the two. Anyway, the interference again leads to the finish and the Jericho retain I called, makes perfect sense. I still sense that there'll be a Jericho/Van Dam one on one rematch, but after that Van Dam/Michaels please.

Overall, a great effort, really good stuff for the first supershow. Was really much to fault at all tbh, was just good stuff. You continue to impress with this thread, I'm still a bit worried that with only one hour not enough of the roster will be featured, but I can't really fault any of the writing apart from the few little things I pointed out during the review. Keep it going man, you know I'll be back again.

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