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Re: Be the Booker Showcase Thread

This was going to be my Wrestlemania opening in my old thread, but since I'm more than positive I'll never go back to that thread, here was my very theatrical 'mania opening ceremonies and promo, the theme of which was "The Journey"...



Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana



Yessir, we promised you a great main event here tonight. Last year…
Andre the Giant!!
Hulkamania is RUNNIN’ WILD…
Hiffff ya smeeeeeeel…
Gimmie a ‘Hell yeah’-
Its not over…
The world is watching…

WWE: World Wrestling Entertainment


We’re greeted on the grandest stage of them all with, indeed, a grand stage. We get the opening shot of well over 70,000 fan faithful making some noise, as we get to the ring, where Tony Chimmel is standing, paying his own homage by wearing a Howard Finkel-esque tuxedo.

Tony Chimmel:
Ladies and gentlemen, accompanied by New Orleans’ own Wynton Marsalis Band, singing and playing America the Beautiful, multi-Grammy Award winner…ALICIA KEYS!!!

On the entrance stage, we see the Wynton Marsalis Band, with the jazz legend himself on the trumpet, while the lovely Ms. Keys is on a grand piano. On cue, the ensemble lets fly a beautiful, jazzy rendition of the classic, sung soulfully by Alicia Keys, with many in attendance joining in.

Once concluded, the crowd lets out a roar of approval, as the band and Ms. Keys wave to the standing-room only attendance before we fade to black…


The opening video begins, where we’re greeted with the image of an evening on a Louisiana bayou, where we see a man with a lantern in a boat rowing on through the water

For years, men have searched for the meaning of life…

The ripples on the water form a shot of Hulk Hogan’s hand being raised by Muhammad Ali from Wrestlemania I

For years, men have searched for the answer to “what are we here for?”

The man’s ripples produce another image, this one of Roddy Piper meeting Mr. T face to face from their Wrestlemania II encounter

For years, men have longed for a solution to the question of existence…

In the rustle of the trees now, we see the iconic image of the Pontiac Silverdome going nuts when Hulk Hogan slams Andre at Wrestlemania III

The answers are simple…

Randy Savage stands victorious in the WWF Championship tournament at Wrestlemania IV

Our own personal journeys give us meaning…

Hulk Hogan stands victorious over Randy Savage at Wrestlemania V; Ultimate Warrior and Hogan clash a year later in the Ultimate Challenge

It takes a journey to create a moment…

The night sky reveals Hulk Hogan waving the American Flag at Wrestlemania VII; Undertaker Tombstones Jake Roberts for the second win in his storied Streak at Wrestlemania VIII

But it takes a moment to define a journey…

Quick flash in succession of Bret Hart held high at Wrestlemania X, Diesel holding the title at Wrestlemania XI, and Shawn Michaels on the zipwire in his unforgettable Wrestlemania XII entrance

And tonight, the journey of Wrestlemania continues…

The man continues to row, as the ripples create the image of Steve Austin drenched in blood, refusing to tap to the Sharpshooter from Wrestlemania XIII

Tonight, more journeys get their moment…

Mike Tyson socks Shawn Michaels in the jaw at Wrestlemania XIV; Austin and Rock meet at Wrestlemania XV; Jeff Hardy delivers a Swanton from atop a ladder at Wrestlemania 2000

Tonight, more moments define those journeys…

Austin and McMahon shake hands at Wrestlemania XVII; Rock and Hogan stare down at Wrestlemania X8; Brock Lesnar leaps for the Shooting Star Press at Wrestlemania XIX

As some journeys conclude, while others continue…

The man reaches his destination, taking his lantern onto land through the woods. As he swings it around, it lights up the image of Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero sharing their Wrestlemania XX embrace

But when the odyssey is complete, we can look back to those defining moments…

Batista holds the World Heavyweight Championship high at Wrestlemania XXI; Shawn Michaels leaps from a ladder onto a garbage-can laden Vince McMahon at Wrestlemania XXII; Rob Van Dam lifts the World Heavyweight Championship high from last year’s main event

There’s only one place where those moments meet…

The man reaches a street corner, where he lifts the lantern, as many other lanterns suddenly light up and surrounds him.

Before anything else can be seen, the package goes to a black screen again, before it shows the face of John Cena, as multiple Superstars from tonight’s card recite lines from the poem “The Journey” by Mary Oliver

John Cena:
One day you finally knew what you had to do, and began.

Cena steps into the ring, accepting Kurt Angle’s open challenge in his debut

Randy Orton:
Though the voices around you kept shouting their bad advice --

Orton performs his first RKO

Brock Lesnar:
Though the whole house began to tremble

Lesnar unleashes the first ever F-5 in his debut

Kurt Angle:
And you felt the old tug at your ankles.

Angle has an intense Ankle Lock locked in

Shawn Michaels:
"Mend my life!" each voice cried.

Shawn Michaels looks on disappointedly after losing at Wrestlemania XI

CM Punk:
But you didn't stop.

Punk reaches up for the MITB Briefcase on a ladder

You knew what you had to do, though their melancholy was terrible.

Sting defeats Ric Flair on the final WCW Nitro in history

It was already late enough, and a wild night

Edge unhooks the briefcase in the first ever MITB ladder match

And the road full of the fallen.

Undertaker delivers Tombstones to Jimmy Snuka, Sid, and Randy Orton

But little by little,

Batista powerbombs Triple H through a contract signing table in his career-defining moment

Randy Orton:
As you left their voices behind

Orton delivers a world-title clinching RKO to Chris Benoit

Chris Jericho:
The stars began to burn through the sheets of clouds

Jericho makes his WWF debut, interrupting The Rock

Triple H:
And there was a new voice

Triple H holds high the WWF Championship

The Rock:
Which you slowly recognized as your own

The Rock delivers the first “Hiff ya smeeellllll” chant in history

Jeff Hardy:
That kept you company

Jeff Hardy being held up by a referee and his brother after winning the IC title for the first time

Ken Kennedy:
As you strode deeper

Kennedy drops the mike in his debut

And deeper

Kane rips the cage door off the hinges in his debut in ‘Taker and HBK’s Hell in a Cell

Matt Hardy:
And deeper

Matt Hardy prepares to leap from the top rope, flashing the V1 hand signal

And deeper

Christian and Edge holding the World Tag Team Championships high at Wrestlemania 2000

Rey Mysterio:
And deeper

Rey Mysterio leaps from a steel cage onto Christian and Lance Storm in his WWE debut

And deeper into the world

Carlito wins the United States Championship from John Cena in his debut

CM Punk:
Determined to do

Punk throws his MITB contract into the hands of a referee before climbing a ladder

The only thing you could do --

Edge mirrors Punk, cashing his MITB on a bleeding John Cena, spearing him

Determined to save

Sting’s hands are raised by Mick Foley and Shawn Michaels after being freed

Shawn Michaels:
The only life

The iconic image of HBK winning the WWF title for the first time

The only life

Cena, laying a pit of fans following his first WWE title win at Wrestlemania 21

The only life

A teary Orton is crowned with his first World Heavyweight Championship

The only life

Lesnar celebrates winning the main event of Wrestlemania 19 with Kurt Angle

The only life

Rocky hoists the WWE title high in his final title reign

Triple H:
The only life

The Game’s arms are spread, holding both the WWE and WCW Heavyweight Championships at ‘Mania X8

The only life

An emotional Edge is handed his first ever WWE Championship following his MITB cash in

The only life

Punk, bawling his eyes out, holds his first WWE Championship high from atop a ladder


We flash seamlessly back to the man with his lantern, surrounded my many others, revealing an entire crowd with lamps, standing around a Marti Gras float with the Wrestlemania XXIV logo




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