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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Keep on rollin', Mac...

619s Feedback for iMac's Monday Night RAW

For starters, I very much enjoyed what you tried to do with the opening video. This seems like a great place to perhaps start practicing for those Wrestlemania video packages you’ll be needing to get in top form. I thought it could’ve been a bit more descriptive, and some of what was described going on didn’t really fit right in. I found it very easy to read, but towards the end, the whole heartbeat going flatline as Lashley and Cena stared down didn’t fit for me. It would’ve easily worked if one man had beat the other down and left him lifeless at his feet or something like that, but leaving it flatline on an intense staredown didn’t quite fit. Do a bit of research on what would actually happen if an ‘irresistible force’ met an ‘immovable object’ if you haven’t already. There’s a bunch of neat stuff you can find about that situation that can be used in the hype, billing, video package(s), etc. Feel like I’m babbling a good bit, but good way to kick off the show.

Cena kicking things off seems more appropriate following what happened last week, although I do think his address went on a little too long. Cena sounded as Cena as Cena can be, with his exaggerated tones and delivery and what not, then suddenly turning serious. The mentioning of both Austin and JR has me thinking they may potentially have something to do with this on down the road, but Austin may be a bit stretchin’ it, especially with the mental state of Vinnie. The subsequent handicapped match was the norm for Cena at this period in time, although I’m very glad you didn’t have Cena completely squash your tag team champions. I was hoping the Lashley distraction would give the WGTT a win somehow, but then you got my hopes up even more when Cena followed Lash backstage…and then nothing happened. Or at least nothing immediate, but beyond that, it loses a bit of impact I would think. Good to see you not go with the SuperCena route, always good to see Lashley doing heel stuff, though not completely sold on the end result. Good showing for the WGTT though.

Of course TWGTT hype themselves with it. Great choice right there, giving them even more leverage in their tag team division crusades. Beyond London and Kendrick, there’s a long drop-off in reasonably strong enough teams before we get to the Hart Legacy. Wanna see how that whole thing plays out.

Love how easy it is to provoke Vinnie Mac and also how fun it looks to write him as completely losing it. This leaves me wondering what kind of role Styles will play down the road, but with that said, this also effects the WWE title situation for perhaps somewhere down the line in its relation to Van Dam.

Solid booking with Punk getting the nod towards Wrestlemania. Was hoping maybe he’d come out with Dinsmore, but nonetheless, I still think a feud is down the road for he, Kelly, and Nick with MNM. That said, I’m hoping you go somewhere with this MNM losing streak. At least throw Masters a bone. I believe as you once stated before, that guy can’t catch a break anywhere. Again, good choice with Punk advancing, but can’t say I see him winning as much as I’d like it.

Have I mentioned enough lately how much I love your HBK? The potential religious piousness in his character has evolved from undertones to completely taking over. As touchy as a topic like religion is, I love it in the way you deliver it with Michaels, and even better here. The fact that he’s now presented us with his evidence that he’s the ‘God-given’ WWE Champion will truly be something to build on towards ‘mania (and hopefully, beyond ).

Harts getting the win isn’t surprising, continuing to build them as needed, although nice to now get them in a potential feud. The RNWC has a great deal of potential and still have some credibility left to get the new kids over.

Oh, there’s Cena. With…Linda?! Didn’t see that one coming at all! This evening of the odds proposal leads me to believe there’s either a) gonna be a guest referee/enforcer or b) a match with Shane and/or Vince to stop them from interfering. My only gripe about this segment is that it would’ve had to come somewhere in the vicinity of 30-40 minutes following the segment where Cena started looking for Lashley, which may be a bit long to put up a search, even for a guy you hate. But nonetheless, I’ll overlook it, since this segment really kept me guessing.

I lol’d towards the end of this segment, as Orton came off as an abusive boyfriend more than a potential deranged mentor. Nonetheless, gets the point across that this isn’t exactly a healthy alliance for both men, only really Orton. Interesting with Orton’s hatred of Jeff, though. I don’t think I was in the thread for that.

A very interesting match indeed with Dinsmore and Nitro. Not surprised to see Nitro finally go over in this year and go on to MITB, but the whole Eugene-mannerisms angle looks like it could be interesting to see develop in the months before ‘mania. Not sure why a kiss from Melina would cause it, but I guess we’ll find out in the near future, won’t we?

Hasn’t been a wasted segment tonight, which is very good to see. Anyway, an intense encounter between these two is always nice, gonna keep an eye on their attitudes towards one another in the main event, though.

Jeff Hardy with ladders is his ideal environment I suppose, although good on Carlito to get his title match in a terrorist-esque way. This whole angle between Carlito and Torrie is one of my favorite things on your RAW, probably because I’m very pleased to have you have the chick in the girlfriend role actually contribute something character/plot wise and not just be eye candy and the occasional distraction. Wanting to see how this completely plays out.

@ Flair. Seems like the good ol’ Naitch to me.

MISTA TEE for the f’n win

I really enjoy the whole set up you’ve done with Beth and Mickie. It’s given both women a great amount of depth, which is something women’s wrestling usually seems to lack, especially nowadays. They’re doomed to meet at ‘Mania, but one thing I am noticing is that this bears somewhat of a resemblance to the Mickie/Trish storyline going into ‘mania 22, with Mickie’s obsession over Trish now turned into Beth’s obsession with beating Mickie. Either way, I do love me some crazy ladies.

Really solid main event, with Lashley staying out of the action most of the time, which I guess is a good thing, yet it makes sense to have him get the fall to fully cement his status and credibility as a top heel. Of course the attitudes between Van Dam and Trips were the main focal point, all three men look on the same level, even if Van Dam took the fall.

I should’ve put two-and-two together and put Austin together with the potential guest referee decision. I love the three question marks on the final card, as though there’s no possible way we could guess who it was, but y’know, you could always pull a fast one on everyone and make it…the Brooklyn Brawler. The destruction of the guard by the hands of both challengers for the WWE title is a great way to end the show.

You never really had a letdown show so long as I’ve been around, and this time didn’t disappoint, either. There’s big things going on with the Road to Wrestlemania, but even beyond that, there’s definitely other things to pay attention too, mostly with the Dinsmore situation, as well as the continued depth of Carlito/Torrie. ‘Mania card is looking incredible, dude. Gonna throw a last MITB prediction out there – is Kane doing anything right now? Think he’ll wind up filling the void. But yeah, the whole card looks stacked from top to bottom, with everything being given a great amount of attention and detail. And as for you taking a break, do so only if you’re burnt out and need one. It’s not from a lack of interest, I don’t think. Just a wave of ‘demotivation’ across the section, I suppose. But yeah. No break unless you really need one, plz. I want this ‘mania up before the year is up. And plus, I need some help carrying this section while the tournament goes on . I kid. But yeah, keep it up, duder. Kirby still very much approves.


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