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Learning to break kayfabe
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A match that has been building for a couple of months now, John Cena has finally cracked in recent weeks and has developed a brand new attitude towards Randy Orton, the WWE Universe and the rest of the WWE locker room. After being left out of the WWE Championship match at Cyber Sunday by the WWE Universe, things came to a head recently at the Survivor Series when Wade Barrett’s Nexus took on Randy Orton’s team. After HBK had made the stipulation that if Nexus won, Wade Barrett would become the new WWE Champion, it was John Cena that was on the end of Justin Gabriel’s 450 Splash that gave Nexus the win and made Barrett the new WWE Champion. The following night on RAW, Randy refused to accept Cena’s apology, in Cena’s words disrespecting the leader of the Cenation, and that led to problems later that night in Orton’s rematch for the WWE Championship. Cena’s disruption cost Orton the title once more before an Attitude Adjustment was added for good measure. SMACKDOWN General Manager Teddy Long chose that moment to draft Cena over to SMACKDOWN and it seemed as if the feud would end their as Cena had a new start. However, Orton would not let it lie as he attacked Cena with an RKO on his first night back on SMACKDOWN. Further niggles, RKO’s and Attitude Adjustments over the past few weeks led to Cena showing up on RAW last week to make the challenge – John Cena, Randy Orton, one on one, Vengeance.

Will Cena be able to justify his actions by chopping the head off the Viper?
Or will Orton get revenge over Cena for losing him the WWE Championship at Survivor Series?


After finally winning the WWE Championship at Survivor Series – thanks to Justin Gabriel – Wade Barrett’s reign as WWE Champion moves on to Vengeance with a new challenger rearing his head. After over five years away from the WWE, the ‘American Olympic Hero’ Kurt Angle returned to RAW a fortnight ago to take place in the Number 1 contender match with Orton, Miz and Sheamus and came out as the victor to earn himself a shot at the WWE Championship. However, Barrett and the Nexus quickly welcomed Angle back to the WWE after the match and Barrett has since declared Angle as ‘past it’ and ‘not worthy of being called a hero’ as he prepares to face his challenger. Angle has described the way that Barrett won the WWE Championship as embarrassing and has challenged Barrett to prove that he deserves to be known as the champion.

Can Kurt Angle return to the WWE in style by capturing the WWE Championship?
Or will Wade Barrett prove that his championship reign is no fluke by destroying Angle’s dream?


A lot has changed since Survivor Series on SMACKDOWN: John Cena has arrived, Kane has lost the World Heavyweight Championship, Big Show has won and lost the World Heavyweight Championship, CM Punk has won the World Heavyweight Championship and Kane has caused the SMACKDOWN General Manager Teddy Long to be fired. In the midst of all that, one of Teddy Long’s final acts as General Manager – and the one that upset Kane the most – was to make a Fatal Four Way match for the World Heavyweight Championship for Vengeance as CM Punk defends against the two men entitled to a rematch in Kane and Big Show as well as Kofi Kingston after his huge win over John Cena a fortnight ago. CM Punk has been on a roll of late after he led SMACKDOWN to victory at Survivor Series but it was the captain of the team, Big Show, who was entitled to the reward of a title shot. In the end, Long decided to have Kane defend against Big Show on SMACKDOWN and then face the winner of the CM Punk / Kofi Kingston match later that night with the title on the line again. Big Show beat Kane to become the World Champion but it was CM Punk that walked out as World Champion ten minutes later after his win over Kofi earned him a shot at Big Show immediately – which he won. With a new SMACKDOWN General Manager possibly announced tonight, all four men will be desperate to walk out of Fort Lauderdale with the big, gold belt around their waist.

Will CM Punk prove to the SMACKDOWN world that he is the man to beat by defending the title successfully?
Will Kane be the man to regain the World Championship after losing it three weeks ago?
Will Big Show be able to supply the ‘Knockout Punch’ to CM Punk’s title reign?
Or will the popular Kofi Kingston prove that he has well and truly arrived on the Main Event scene by securing his first major title?

LAST MAN STANDING – Winner to get WWE Championship match at Royal Rumble

No Mercy, Cyber Sunday and Survivor Series. For the past three WWE pay-per-view events, Sheamus and Triple H have been mixed up in a bitter feud that begin way before WrestleMania 26 and RAW General Manager Shawn Michaels is determined to see the pair of them end their animosities tonight in a Last Man Standing Match! After being put on the shelf by Sheamus the night after WrestleMania, Triple H returned at No Mercy to deny Sheamus just as he was about to regain the WWE Championship and, since then, they have been at loggerheads. At Cyber Sunday, the WWE Universe chose an Ambulance Match for the pair and just as it seemed Triple H had the match won, a steel pipe struck him from the inside of the ambulance and enabled Sheamus to get the victory. Of course, we now know that Hornswoggle had turned on Triple H and joined forces with Sheamus, the fellow Irish superstar, and he played a role in their Survivor Series match as well. With Triple H one fall up in their ‘3 Stages of Hell’ contest, Hornswoggle first played around with tables to allow Sheamus to win the second fall and then swung the steel pipe once again to ensure Sheamus escaped the cage first to seal victory. However, this time, HBK has banned Hornswoggle from Fort Lauderdale and if he shows, Sheamus will be suspended for six months. HBK also declared that the winner would become the Number 1 contender for the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble to ensure that the winner would have a new focus after Vengeance.

Can Triple H finally take revenge on Sheamus and give himself a chance of another WWE Championship?
Or will Sheamus’ winning streak over the veteran continue for a third PPV in a row?


Daniel Bryan has been the United States Champion since Night of Champions and has defended the title successfully on a number of occasions but he recently lost to Ted DiBiase which meant that the ‘Prodigal Son’ of the Million Dollar Man would be entitled to a shot at the US Championship. However, the third man in the match was unexpected: after leaving Nexus, Justin Gabriel proved that he can hang without their help as he defeated Ted DiBiase on RAW to force a rethink – HBK decided that if DiBiase deserved a shot, so did the South African and made the match a Triple Threat.

Can Daniel Bryan take another step towards being one of the great US Champions of all time?
Can Justin Gabriel cap off a month of change by securing his first title in the WWE?
Or can Ted DiBiase prove that he can earn rewards that money cannot buy?


After a victory over Evan Bourne at Survivor Series, Alberto Del Rio went one step further on SMACKDOWN when he retained the Intercontinental Championship against Bourne once more and then proceeded to injure Bourne with the Cross Arm Breaker move that has become his signature. The undefeated Mexican issued an open challenge to anybody in the SMACKDOWN locker room who felt they could take his title away – and Bourne’s best friend Mark Henry answered the call. After Teddy Long made the match official, Del Rio looked to gain the upper hand over Henry but failed at each turn and on SMACKDOWN this week, Henry caused significant damage to Del Rio’s luxury Merecedes car and distracted him during his match with Christian. This led to Alberto Del Rio’s first ever defeat in the WWE and it is sure to be revenge on the mind of the Mexican as he heads into his title defence against the ‘World’s Strongest Man’ at Vengeance.

Can Alberto Del Rio get his winning streak restarted and retain the Intercontinental Championship?
Or will the brute power and force of Mark Henry lead him to Intercontinental gold once again?


There was once a time when wherever John Morrison was, The Miz was sure to be close by. The former partners and Tag Team Champions made the lives of many other tag teams a misery until the day that The Miz’ ego got the better of him and he broke the team up. Since that day, Miz has gone on to further success – Tag Team Championships with Chris Jericho and Big Show, a United States Championship reign and most importantly winning the RAW Money in the Bank Ladder Match back in July – whilst John Morrison has struggled to make the next step up on the WWE ladder. Crowd favourite Morrison will tell you that all he wants is the WWE Championship but with the Money in the Bank contract stowed in his briefcase, Miz seems most likely to take one of the top titles first as well. This has led to numerous verbal confrontations between the pair with Miz naming Morrison the ‘Janetty’ of their team, a reference to the less successful member of the Rockers tag team, Marty Janetty, who had to stand and watch on as Shawn Michaels became one of the WWE’s biggest stars. After the RAW General Manager, HBK himself, demanded that the two meet on the Slammy Award RAW show last week, Miz took the cheap way out and was disqualified. However, there is no escape for Miz this Sunday as he goes one on one with Morrison once again at Vengeance.

Can Miz get the victory that will leave John Morrison trailing in his wake once and for all?
Or will Morrison ram the ‘Janetty’ taunts right back down Miz’ throat with a victory?


In the build up to Survivor Series, Matt Hardy, a 13 year WWE veteran decided to give his World Championship dream one last shot rather than leave the WWE and he returned in time for the SMACKDOWN ‘Breakout Star’ tournament that would give one man who had never won one of the big titles in the WWE a chance to face Kane for the World Championship. Hardy managed to fight his way through the tournament but in the final match, he would face another WWE veteran desperate for success at the highest level of the WWE in Christian. Both men have looked on whilst their former Tag Team partners have gone on to claim the biggest prizes in the WWE – former WWE wrestler Jeff Hardy winning the World Championship whilst Edge is a 9 time champion – but are now desperate to secure their place on the list of World Heavyweight Champions. After interference from Kane in their match on SMACKDOWN, both men faced the Big Red Monster in a Ladder Match for the title at Survivor Series but despite both men coming so close on more than one occasion, it was Kane that retained to destroy both men’s dream. On SMACKDOWN, former General Manager Teddy Long challenged the pair to prove that they deserved one more chance more than the other and a verbal confrontation last week led to this match being made. Long decreed that the winner would get a future World Championship match before his firing and WWE owner Chip Butty will uphold that decision.

Which of these popular veterans will get one more chance at becoming the World Champion?


After a four week suspension was handed out to the ‘Rated R Superstar’ at Survivor Series, Edge returns at Vengeance and has promised that he will be having words with the RAW General Manager Shawn Michaels. Numerous problems between the pair were evident whilst Michaels remained anonymous as the General Manager and Edge was unimpressed when Michaels was revealed as the GM at Cyber Sunday. HBK tried to make a truce when he named Edge as the RAW captain for Survivor Series but Edge turned on his team-mates and the brand when he created havoc on the team and then turned on John Morrison before walking out. This led to SMACKDOWN winning the match and HBK lost one of his top stars in John Cena. The four week suspension HBK handed to Edge has meant that he has been off screen for the past few weeks although he appeared via video link on RAW last week to accept his Slammy Award for best return at the Royal Rumble. After returning at the start of 2010, Edge returns again at the end of 2010!

What reception will the ‘Rated R Superstar’ receive when he returns to RAW this Sunday?

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