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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Raw Feedback

After last weekís end it made sense for Cena to open up. Pretty strong promo here, very Cena esque. I liked how sort of heartfelt it was in saying Lashley had sold out and wondering how Stone Cold used to cope with this week in week out. Brooke Adams Iím still not sold on but standard little announcement and a tough ask for Cena.

Booking was spot on here. Didnít make Benjamin and Haas look weak and also kept Cena looking strong with the countout defeat. Good match on the whole and a Lashley appearance was to be expected I suppose.

Benjamin saying we beat superman certainly brought a laugh. Laying down the challenge once more. I hope we find out who theyíre gonna face soon enough as we can start to get a bit more build for it.

Pretty standard McMahon stuff. The Styles suspension for Mania is just classic McMahon and would kill Styles inside Iím sure. Liked the line about how Vince created Cena and heíll be the one to destroy him, good stuff.

Punk over Masters was a no brainer. Simple, yet effective job here.

Your Michaels character continues to shine and itís no different here. His relationship with Ďthe man upstairsí is great and I like those kinda references. The whole faith thing and it being a part of the plan to get to the WWE title is fantastically well thought out.

Good win for Hart Legacy here. Woulda liked to see it go a little longer but a good match nonetheless and their little push upon arrival is going well. Aftermath was decent here and perhaps a nice little feud to drag along on Raw for a while between the two teams. Would do them both the world of good.

Well this Linda stuff has thrown a spanner in the works for Mania now. To be honest Iíd rather she didnít get involved, though I understand when Vince goes off on his power trips she always tends to get involved. Interested to see what sheíll throw up. Expecting a stipulation of some sorts.

Good interaction between Orton and Kenny here. I particularly liked the slap. The way their respective feuds have gone with Jeff and Lito have been done nicely.

Nitro had to get the win here following the outcome earlier so no surprise there. The real surprise was Dinsmoreís Eugene outburst and I donít quite know what to make of it as his behaviour was supposedly down to pills not a woman kissing him? Not too sure about it but willing to see where it goes if anywhere.

Nice tension builder here with these two. I think they will destroy each other at some point before Mania as something sets one of them off, maybe even here tonight.

Only one winner again here with Jeff. Main story though is to do with Orton and the others. Glad to see them appear during the match and not after. The aftermath with the chair was great and now itís official it should be a good match for Dykstra and Carlito to showcase themselves at Mania. The stuff with Torrie is very interesting and I smell a Carlito heel turn down the line.

Solid Flair promo. Nothing too outrageous but enough to hype the Kennedy feud which is one of my favourites right now.

Very good interview here with Mickie James and thatís saying something from me whoís never too quick to read the Divas stuff. Liked the emotion portrayed from Mickie and the story behind it all, very unique and this has caught my interest now.

Very nice main event as ever and Iím glad you gave Lashley the win to just keep building him up furthermore. Cena showing his face was no surprise and he certainly made an impact, nice little brawl between the two men. Vince and Shane bringing out security was a decent move and adds anticipation for when they do finally get their hands on each other. Lindaís announcement wasnít a major shocker and I suppose it does add to the match. However, I wouldíve just had her announce it there and then. Yes itís more than likely to be Stone Cold. She practically gave it away. Unless it was going to be a mystery for next week, Iíd have done it now and added a bit more shock value to the show. If itís not Stone Cold then Iíd be amazed and take back that last part!

On the whole it was another good show. Nothing too shocking or memorable but obviously itís hard to do so every show. Felt like there couldíve maybe been a bit more hype for the WWE title match as it was more geared towards Lashley/Cena tonight which was well done admittedly. Looking forward to next week and the Smackdown coming up.
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