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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

619 I am here for my first review in this thread....

Interesting that you started with this match but it is something to get the crowd going...get them hot for the rest of the night. This match did not disappoint, and character wise it was good to see Finlay going with his technical ability, and also at the end also showing his toughness by not only tapping but at the end spitting in the face of Samoa Joe. Looks like you are trying to continue this...I don't know if I'm a fan because this was a spectacular match, I see any match after this as a downgrade, but maybe you can pull it off.

Miz as a backstage interviewer...rather see him in action, but anything to hear him talks works. A nice little promo especially with Miz kind of being a bit of a prick. Anyway glad to see Michaels isn't going soft.

While it was an interesting concept, it was a very long concept that I really did not like. I do like seeing all the tag teams you have in place, but I felt it just dragged on and on. Maybe cuts the teams down one or two. However I do like Helms knocking out Sydal so he could have his match with Danielson. I am also very surprised that Helms and Danielson went so long. 27 mins of action is crazy....fatigue was mentioned but maybe cut the singles match down two or three mins. Anyway it was a great one on one match and the right man won.

The Christian thing was very interesting. Him pouting about being all alone was a bit unexpecting, but it seems like his whole world has crumpled around him....and the breaking point was shown when he beat the living hell out of Lashley. I felt maybe a bit overdone, but that is your booking style, and that is what separates you from other bookers. Still lets see how psycho Christian fairs in the next couple of weeks.

This is a great match-up in my opinion. You have someone like Hassan who is absolutly hated especially from a NY crowd. Interesting to see Burchill and Albright on the side of Hassan. Like I said really my first time readin in-depth but its interesting that they are kind of mercanaries for Hassan. In the end Mysterio really didn't need this title so Hassan with this title can be built up which I would like to see.

Main event time I have to say I really enjoyed it. You have three great workers, and my favorite spot had to be the frogsplash countered by a Sweet Chin Music. Each man really got a lot of offense but I will say the match really in my opinion saw RVD shine. It just seemed like you knew his moves and excuted them alot better in this match writing wise. I'm not to sure how I like back to back interferences in two title matches in a row honestly. That's my major gripe right there. Otherwise it was a pretty flawless main event. With RVD taking the pin, and since I think you wrote him the best out of everyone I am really hoping to see an RVD/Jericho feud for the title.

Overall this being the first show I have really took time and reviewed, it was a decent read (especially since I'm just catching up in this thread). You brought the chaos like you always do which was fine. As I said the tag team/crusierweight match while it is an interesting concept, just fell kind of flat for me because of the fact that it was so long, and kind of dragged on. However the high point was defiantly the opening match and the main event. Good luck 619....hope to review plenty of more shows


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