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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

First time reviewing your thread, but I have been reading throughout and was waiting until the Supershow before I throw out my first review. (I have been enjoying what I've been reading btw )

Joe vs Finlay certainly was a War! The spots in this match were great, like the Scrapbuster onto the steps. I lolled at the Justin Gabriel bit, (I do hope that he is brought up to the main roster, solid addition to the Cruiserweight Division). Going back to Joe's knee was a smart move, and I liked you bringing in the Celtic Knot to put over Finlay's technical ability. Finlay choosing not to tap out but to pass out instead was a clever move, and then spitting in Joe's face afterwards added even more fuel to the fire, and I just prey this isn't over between these two. And looking forward to the next War Rules match if this one is anything to go by.

The Miz is so funny in this thread btw. I love the way you have gone from Shawn Michaels respecting RVD to just nothing. Good interview segment

Ahhh 2 new teams! They both look really good, and I can see a great feud between the two that could last months, which is no problem considering your ability. My only doubt is that American Made might be too like TWGTT? The way you are presenting them seems very similar to Haas and Benjamin, but a TWGTT/American Made match would be awesome for the grappling and technical aspect

This match is the one that caught my eye the most on this card, as I've been trying to figure out how Helms would get involved in it (Helms has been literally PERFECT so far in your thread). Right thing Mexicools going over Noble/Skipper as they are an actual team, but also no problems with them losing to Low Jack. Low Jack were awesome in this match, you captured both guys great. I thought that Helms would be taking out either Sydal or Danielson, but I'm glad it was Sydal, as the ending of the match was the right choice. I can't wait for a Helms/Danielson feud, as if this match is anything to go by, they are going to have some awesome, show-stealing matches.

Looking forward to see Aero Star. Never heard of the guy, but from the picture I'm guessing he'll be in the Cruiserweight Division which you have shown has a great depth to it, which is always a good thing.

The Christian and Torrie segment was great, Christian is a complete different person, and we are seeing the effects of being alone on him. You've done well with him, as this thing with Lashley is now a big deal, as there are now others getting involved in it, taking sides.

Christian is a psycho. That was a great way to carry this on, and I presume that Lashley will be away for a couple of weeks, and I reckon Christian is going to get it when Lashley is back!

Muhammad Hassan is also good in your thread, as I much prefer his rich character than the WWE one. Also it shows the fact that if you have the money, use it. Burchill and Albright 'mercenaries' is a great gimmick, and I hope that they might start chasing the Tag Title soon, or maybe Hassan could try to buy them for them as a measure of thanks. Storm and Punk making the save was the right thing to do, mainly because Punk needed to appear on this show.

Wright's interference in the main event was expected, but his impact certainly wasn't. This match was high in spots, and I marked tbh. RVD gets huge momentum from knocking Wright down, but Chris Jericho... wow. I'm predicting a long and worthy reign at the top of AOW, as one of those guys that always manages to squirm his way out of losing the title.

All in all, great show, sorry this review probably isn't very good, I'm just starting to review things now. Yeah, keep up the good work
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