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Re: WWE 2004: Road to WrestleMania XX

Raw Feedback

Opening up with Triple H & Randy Orton made sense, giving them a one last chance to hype up their respective matches at Backlash by way of promo. What Triple H said was really well written, enjoyed it to be honest and couldn't really fault it. Randy Orton putting himself over but I think it's obvious he fears Foley/Cactus/Whatever. The Cell match between these two should be interesting, just don't for the love of god throw Cactus off the top of the Cell. Out comes Rocky and he's in typical Rocky fashion, I felt sorry for the fake Mankind & Dude Love here Triple H & Orton take both Rock & Cactus out here so I expect to see Cactus/Rock gaining the win/upper hand in the match later on tonight. Overall, a good opening segment.

Garrison Cade in 2004 = Not interested. Didn't like him at all, especially under that God awful name Garrison, he needs to be repackaged imo before you even think about using him. Palumbo & The Bull could be a nice addition to the tag team division I think. Decent little Haas & Benjamin segment, got the job done tbh.

Not much to say about match one, when I saw the paragraph, I thought it was a match with a good length of etail but it just turned out to be Eugene fucking about. I'm hoping you don't use him too much tbh, granted he had an epic match with Triple H @ SummerSlam '04. Maybe you can eventually get a good storyline out of Eugene, maybe that he was on Retard Pills or something and he has been took off them and he turns into a normal character. The backstage segment sort of reminded me of real life, didn't Eric force Regal to train Eugene or something similar? Anyway, it got the job done I suppose.

Some detail! FTW! Bravo! A nice little match here but you didn't give away too much which was good since they are now going to face at Backlash. Storm was so underrated and underused, I hope you can make him somewhat relevant and a proper Submission win over Ric Flair would do the job nicely I think because lets be honest, Flair doesn't need it.

Christian & Trish pulling out all the stops to dismantle Jericho, eh? Jericho kind of easily beat La Resistance, he didn't have much of a challenge tbh until he got his ass handed to him by all 3 of them but when A-Train came out, I'll be honest, I loved it. New Problem Solver for Christian? A-Train destroyed Jericho here. I can't see Jericho losing at Backlash now tbh, unless A-Train gets involved again so you can really get him over.

This has been annoying me for a while in this thread, it's Bubbah Ray not Buh Buh, he was Buh Buh in ECW but when he came to WWE he was renamed Bubbah. Just annoys me and felt I should point it out. Bubbah getting the win was expected tbh but I'm not expecting the Dudleys to win at Backlash. Make the oldies put over the Young ones.

Evolution have a plan it seems? Interesting.

BRUTAL. Jesus Christ, the Cell coming down was expected because lets be honest, why else would it be in attendance? It was just a brawl here, Foley & Rock coming out on top was a nice touch, makes it less obvious who is going to win at Backlash now both sides have successful attacks in one night.

Eric laying down the law was a nice touch, hopefully a guarantee that we will have an epic Triple H/Rock encounter without Triple H needing his buddies to score a win.

Nice ending to Raw imo. Benoit's promo was very in character so it worked for me, failure not being an option showed some intensity to him. HBK's accomplishments hyped up by JR. I'm unsure about this but is HBK supposed to be a tweener/heel? Because that's what he came across as to me here. I honestly have no idea who will win this one, I actually think it could go either way but, having Benoit win would be the only option that makes sense, puts him over big time and makes him look like a legit main eventer. (As if beating HBK & HHH at WrestleMania wasn't enough. )

Overall, it was a good show, not much in terms of matches but the promo's delivered on what they intended to do, hype for Backlash certainly looks good and I'll definitely be reading and popping a review in for that. Hoping for it to be in full too please.
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