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Re: WWE 2004: Road to WrestleMania XX

April 12, 2004

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler welcome us to the show. The Hell in a Cell Cage is hanging ominously over the ring. HHH’s music hits as he makes his way down with Randy Orton. HHH calls himself the best in the business. He’s held more world titles, headlined more ppvs and sold out more arenas than the Rock could ever hope to do on his best damn day. Once he’s done beating the Rock he’s going to win back the world heavyweight title. He doesn't give a damn who wins the Iron Man Match. Now the reason they came out here and had the hell in a cell structure tonight so they get a sneak preview for what’s in store for Mick Foley this Sunday at Backlash. HHH calls Orton the future of the WWE and the best Intercontinental Champion ever. HHH wants Orton to be prepared for the match of his life. HHH fires up Orton and talks about Foley's past. Foley’s taken a lot of beating in the past and he wants Orton to give Foley the biggest beating of his life. At Royal Rumble 1999 two enemies who later on became best friends beat the hell out of each other in an I Quit Match. In the front row Foley’s wife and children were watching Foley get beat up. Foley’s kids started crying, they saw what a loser their father is. Then in 2000 HHH retired Foley in a hell in a cell match. If he can do it then so can Orton. The last hell in a cell match that was held, Foley was the referee and HHH won that match. He has never lost a one on one Hell in a Cell match. HHH calls himself the master of the Hell in a Cell match and Orton needs to follow in HHH's footsteps because Foley has never won a Hell in a Cell Match. He wants Orton to beat and bloody Foley worse than he’s ever been and he wants Orton to love every second of it.

Orton takes the mic and states that this Sunday he will settle his score with Foley in the most unforgiving match ever composed, a hell in a cell match. Orton didn’t give a damn if Foley wrestled in the most violent matches ever, he doesn’t give a damn how sick and crazy Foley is. Orton is the legend killer and he put Mick Foley out of the WWE. Now since Mick decided to come back as Cactus Jack, he wants to see how tough Mankind and Dude Love are. The fake Dude Love and fake Mankind come out. HHH asks Dude he’s the only one from Foley’s personas not to compete in a cell match. Is he scared? The Fake Dude Love states he is afraid of HHH and calls HHH is the greatest wrestler alive. HHH starts smiling. Orton asks the fake Mankind how it was like suffering so much pain when he fell from the top of the cell six years ago. The fake Mankind called it a painful experience and he’s worried for Mick Foley. Mick got his ass kicked by HHH four years ago and he’s stupid to make another comeback in a Hell in a Cell Match.

The Rock’s music hits and he comes out near the ramp. Rock doesn’t find this funny and insults HHH. Rock said tonight they’re in for a big brahma bull ass whopping. This Sunday HHH is going to get his ass whooped by the great one. The Rock is going to stick his boot, turn it sideways and shove it straight up HHH’s ass. HHH responds back and tells Rock that he is just like everybody else, an obstacle and at Backlash he’s going to run him down. HHH continues to ramble on and Rock cuts him off with his “It doesn’t matter line.” Rock said why wait till later on when he can whoop their ass right now. Rock heads to the ring. Cactus Jack’s music hits and he comes out with a baseball bat wrapped around in barbed wire. Orton and HHH bail out the ring. Rock attacks the fake Mankind and Cactus nails the fake Dude Love with the barbedwire bat. Orton sneaks back in and hits a low blow on Cactus and follows up with an RKO. HHH hits the pedigree on Rock in attempt to soften him up for the tag match tonight. Orton takes Foley’s bat with him as HHH and Orton head up the ramp.

Backstage Eric Bischoff meets Johnny the Bull and Chuck Palumbo and he is delighted to have them on Raw. Garrison Cade then shows up and Eric tells Cade that he shouldn’t be upset that split up the Cade/Jindrak team. Now that Jindrak has gone to Smackdown, this is an opportunity for Cade to shine in singles competition. Cade promised to make an impact on Raw.

Elsewhere Shelton Benjmamin fires up Charlie Haas to get the advantage for their team going into Backlash because Haas needs to win tonight. They have had the upperhand over The Dudleys in recent weeks and they need to continue the momentum going into Backlash. La Resistance approach TWGTT and remind them that they teamed up a few weeks ago and they were victorious. However it is The Dudleys that are receiving a title shot and not them. Rene complains about them not having a match at Backlash. If Haas and Benjamin manage to defeat the Dudleys then they want to be next in line for a title shot. Haas and Benjamin agreed to give them a title shot.

Match 1
Victoria and Gail Kim vs Jazz and Molly

We get ready for our first match but Eugene runs down to the ring impersonating the Ultimate Warrior. He shakes the ropes and runs over to the announce table. He takes off JR’s hat and starts wearing it. He then takes off King’s crown and wears it. William Regal runs down to get Eugene away from them. Gail Kim and Victoria make their way down for their tag match. Eugene goes over and starts licking Gail and Victoria. They freak out and Regal gets him away and takes him all the way to the back. Once Eugene and Regal are gone, the heel divas come out and the match begins. Gail and Molly lock up and Molly takes Gail down with an arm drag. She works on the arm and tags in Jazz. Jazz clotheslines Gail but Gail comes back with a dropkick followed by a spinning head scissors take down. She tags in Victoria who hammers away at Jazz. Victoria gets a Lou Thesz Press and does a handspring back splash and a bulldog for a near fall. Teddy Long gets on the apron and distracts Victoria and Jazz hits a neckbreaker and pins Victoria for the 3 count.
Winners: Jazz and Molly

Backstage Regal scolds Eugene and tell him not to do that again. Regal knocks on Bischoff’s door and Coach is inside with Eric. Regal asks Coach if he can have a word with Eric and wants Coach to stand outside to supervise Eugene while he talks with Eric. Regal pleads with Eric that he doesn’t want to manage an idiot like Eugene. He did not come back for this, he deserves better. In the past he’s done a lot of stupid things but this really takes the cake. Regal suggests that Eugene needs a female manager and Stacey Keibler would be perfect for this job. Bischoff tells Regal if he doesn’t want to take this job then he will put him in a match against Batista tonight. Regal had no other choice but to listen to Eric. Outside the office Coach is screaming, Eugene is licking Coach’s head. Bischoff and Regal go and see what is going on. Eugene is delighted to see his Uncle Eric and starts hugging him. Eric asks Eugene if he wants to become a wrestler. Eugene starts getting excited and he would love to become a wrestler. Eugene starts impersonating Hulk Hogan. Eric looks at Regal and tells him that Eugene can learn so much him. Regal is definitely the right man for this job. He can make Eugene a star so Regal’s task is to train Eugene to become a wrestler. Regal can select two wrestlers to help him train Eugene. Regal was shocked and Coach started laughing. Eric wants Regal to take Eugene away from here and he will see them next week. He wants to see progress, he wants to know how Eugene is getting on

Match 2
Ric Flair vs Lance Storm

Collar and elbow tie up to open, with Lance Storm gaining the upper hand with a wrist lock. Flair gets an arm bar followed by another wristlock. Flair starts chopping away at Storm in the corner, Storm counters and chops away Flair. Flair rolls out of the ring and back in Storm takes control. Storm takes Flair down with a back body drop and then hits a drop kick. Storm whips Flair into the corner and goes for a charge but eats boot. Flair drops Storm with a suplex. Flair gets a knee drop and then gets a sleeper on Storm. Storm powers out and takes Flair down with a clothesline. Storm goes for an enziguri but Flair ducks the hold. Flair chops away again and whips Storm to the ropes and takes him down with a clothesline. Flair attempts to go to the top but this always fails as Storm is able to recover in time and throws Flair down. Storm picks Flair up and hits a bulldog. Flair rakes Storm’s eye Flair then yelled out whoo and started strutting. He goes for the figure four and Storm rolls Flair up for the three count to win the match. Storm pulls off the upset win. Flair is furious and rolls out and grabs a mic. Flair challenges Storm to a re-match this Sunday at Backlash. He called Storm’s win a fluke and wanted a submissions only match. Flair promised to humiliate Storm in Canada. Storm accepted the challenge.
Winner: Lance Storm

The announcers show a taped promo of HBK training for the Iron Man Match at Backlash. This also included footage of how Michaels prepared for the 1st ever Iron Man Match at WrestleMania 12.

Backstage Chris Jericho cuts a promo on his match which is next. The odds are stacked against him but he’s a fighter and only Trish, Christian and Eric could think of a cunning idea like this to soften him up However he’s not going to back down from this, he’s waited till WrestleMania to get his hands on Christian and Trish. He’s counting down the days and this Sunday, Christian and Trish will never everrrrrrrrrr be the same again.

Match 3
Gaunlet Match
Chris Jericho vs La Resistance

Jericho comes down. Bischoff comes out near the stage and informs Jericho that he has named a special time keeper and ring announcer for this match and that’s Trish and Christian. La Resistance come out near the stage and it looks like Sylvan is going first as Rene and Conway are standing near the stage looking on.

Chris Jericho vs Sylvan Grenier

Match starts off with Jericho and Sylvan. They lock up and Jericho takes Sylvan down with an armdrag. They lock up again and Grenier gets a few punches on Jericho. Sylvan has Jericho in a headlock, and Jericho slowly gets out of it with some punches, and hits a flying arm bar takedown. A back suplex followed by a few chops by Jericho. Sylvan rakes Jericho’s eyes and gets a bodyslam on Jericho and starts stomping away on Y2J. Sylvan goes for a suplex but Jericho slips out and rolls Sylvan up for a 2 count. Jericho hit a flying elbow to knock Sylvan out of the ring. Back in Jericho takes Sylvan down with a bulldog and follows up with a lionsault and pins Sylvan for the 3 count.

Chris Jericho vs Rob Conway

Conway is in next and goes at it with Jericho. They lock up and Conway knees Jericho in the mid section and starts hammering away at Jericho. Conway went on the offensive hitting some stomps and kicks. Conway sent Jericho to the floor and goes outside and beat him down a bit on the outside before tossing him in the ring. He went for a clothesline but Jericho ducked and followed up with a flying elbow. Jericho started throwing some chops and hit a superplex from the top rope. Conway just kicked out at two. Jericho went for the Walls of Jericho but Conway wiggled out of it. Jericho misses a charge and Conway hit a back breaker. Conway goes for a piledriver but gets backdropped by Jericho. Conway got caught with a springboard drop kick. Jericho immediately clamped on the Walls of Jericho and Conway tapped out.

Chris Jericho vs Rene Dupree

That leaves Rene. A fresh Dupree is standing outside the ring and jumps Jericho from behind. Dupree connects with a standing drop kick and then does the French tickler. Dupree drops an elbow drop and does the French tickler again but Jericho rolls Dupree up for a two count. Eventually Jericho gained the advantage again and mocks Dupree by hitting a dance like stomp on Dupree before hitting a flying elbow out of the corner. Jericho nails Dupree with an enziguri. Jericho attempted the lionsault but met the knees of Dupree on the way down. Dupree sends Jericho outside the ring and they fight outside. Trish gets up from her seat and starts taunting Jericho and Dupree nails Jericho from behind and sends Jericho back in. Rene stomps away at Jericho and then hits a running kneedrop which gets a two count. Dupree gets a spinebuster and does the French tickler once again and goes up from the top rope for an elbow drop. Jericho moves out of the way. Jericho goes for the walls of Jericho but the rest of the La Resistance members run in and attack Jericho. The ref calls for the bell, Trish is not ringing the bell. Finally she rings the bell. We get a 3 on 1 beatdown.

Christian the ring announcer announces that he is not going to let Jericho get away with it so easy. He did not pin Rene or made him submit. He just won the match by DQ but Eric Bischoff forgot to tell him that he has one more opponent. He has hired a bodyguard. Trish has managed him in the past and he’s been traded to Raw. His final opponent is A-TRAIN.

Chris Jericho vs A-Train

Jericho can barely stand and A-Train runs in and destroys Jericho. He hits his power moves but refuses to pin Jericho. Trish gets up and wants A-Train to inflict more pain on Jericho. A-Train puts Jericho in a stretch that is hurting his ribs and follows up with a sit down powerbomb. A-Train misses a charge and Jericho makes a comeback. A-Train hits the bicycle kick out of no where. A-Train finishes Jericho off with the trainwreck and puts his foot on Jericho’s chest for the 3 count. A-Train wins. Jericho put up a great fight tonight but four men was just too much. Post-Match Trish taunts Jericho and Christian and A-Train grab Jericho as Trish slaps Jericho repeatedly. Christian and Trish then stand over Jericho with arms raised and embrance one another. They taunt Jericho as Christian yells that this Sunday, he’s going to beat Jericho again.
Winner: A-Train

Backstage Trish, Christian, A-Train celebrate with Eric. Trish welcomes A-Train to Raw and Bischoff is impressed with A-Train’s performance tonight. Now this is how you make an impact on Raw, Eric states that Heyman didn’t treat A-Train right and on Raw he can make it to the top.

Then we go to Todd Grisham who is standing by with Victoria. Victoria points out that over the recent weeks Jazz has been getting the upperhand but this Sunday she is going to defeat Jazz.

Match 4
Charlie Haas vs Buh Buh Ray

Both men lockup to start and Buh Buh shoves Haas down to the mat. Haas gets in some shots and takes Buh Buh down with a german suplex. Haas goes for a whip but Buh Buh reverses and hits an elbow then clotheslines him over the ropes. Haas hops on the apron and taunts Buh Buh prompting Buh Buh to go out after him. Buh Buh chases after Haas but Shelton gets in Buh Buh’s face. This allows Haas to throw Buh Buh into the steel post. D-Von gets involved and Haas throws Buh Buh back in. Haas takes control of the match. He works on Buh Buh’s arm and then lays the boots to Buh Buh. Haas misses a splash from the top and Buh Buh gets the advantage and whips Haas into the ropes and gets a sidewalk slam for a two count. Buh Buh misses a headbutt from the top rope and Haas rolls Buh Buh up for a 2 count. Haas misses a charge and Buh Buh rolls Haas up for a 3 count to win the match. Post- Match The Dudleys celebrate and motion for the belts.
Winner: Buh Buh Ray

Taped Promo for Benoit. Footage is shown of Benoit training for the Iron Man Match.

Backstage HHH gives his evolution members a pep talk and they see Foley on the tv screen getting ready for his match. Foley is not in a good mood. Evolution start laughing and HHH looks at Batista and Flair and says to them, you know what to do right. Come on Orton lets finish them off.

Match 5
Randy Orton & HHH vs The Rock and Cactus Jack

The match never starts. Orton and HHH come out first and Orton brings the barbed wire bat along with him. HHH wants the cell lowered and the cell comes down. The ref wants the cell to be raised because this is not a HIAC match. HHH lays out the ref with a punch. Cactus and Rock come down and HHH and Orton stop them from coming in. Flair and Batista run down and attack Rock and Cactus. HHH and Orton come outside the cell and assault Rock and Cactus. Flair and Orton double team Cactus and Batista holds on to Rock as HHH punches away at Rock. Cactus fights back against Orton and Flair and backdrops Orton on the floor. Cactus whips Flair into the steel post and Flair is out cold. Cactus opens the cell door and throws Orton inside the cell. The ref is back up on his feet and does not lock the cell. The match hasn’t even started yet and the ref gets out of the cell. Cactus is pounding the hell out of Orton in the cell. Cactus rams Orton’s into the cell and Orton is busted wide open. HHH continues to assault Rock as Batista and Flair see Orton in trouble and get inside the cell and save Orton. Rock fights back against HHH and they fight up the ramp. Rock gets the barbed wire bat and chases HHH away and HHH retreats to the back. Rock runs inside the cell with the bat and nails the rest of the Evolution members with a bat. The cell is raised. Cactus pile drivers Orton in the ring and Batista gets Orton out of there as Evolution retreat back at the ramp. Rock and Cactus celebrates in the ring and Cactus gets his baseball bat back.
No Contest as the match never started.

Backstage Eric Bischoff and Coach just watched what went down on a TV monitor. It has been a crazy night and Eric lays down some rules. For Rock vs HHH at Backlash, outside interference will not be tolerated. If HBK and Benoit lay a hand on each other before Backlash then they will be fined and suspended.

The announcers run down the card for Backlash.

Jim Ross interviews Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels

HBK makes his way down to the ring first followed by World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit. JR mentioned that we’ve had a wild night so far. Eric Bischoff issued a ruling that both men can’t touch each other before their match at Backlash. JR first brings up Benoit’s rise to the top. WrestleMania 20 was definitely the biggest night of his career and now he goes into Backlash to make his first ppv title defence in his home town. Not only does Shawn Michaels have a good record in Canada, he was also the winner of the first Iron Man Match when he defeated the legendary Bret the Hitman Hart. Does Benoit feel the pressure? Is he nervous? Benoit cuts a good intense promo about his match at Backlash. Chris said he was nervous going into WrestleMania realising that if he blew this opportunity then it would be a long time till he would get that chance to main event a WrestleMania and to be champion. He seized the opportunity and proved everyone wrong by becoming champion at WrestleMania. For him failure is not an option. Now he is pretty confident going into Edmonton, having the home crowd support. He’s been training hard for this match and he can go the distance. He may not have wrestled in an Iron Man Match but he’s been involved in several long matches. He may not ever be the same again after this match but he will walk into Edmonton as champion and he will walk out as champion.

JR asked Shawn if he fails at Backlash then it will be a long time till he ever gets that opportunity at the gold again. JR says in his opinion HBK is the greatest performer of all time. JR brings up Michaels big matches in the past and this could very well be the greatest match of all time. Michaels walked into WrestleMania 12 as challenger and walked out as champion. Will HBK make history at Backlash by becoming the first man to win two Iron Man Matches? Michaels talked about some of his biggest achievements in the WWE and then looks at Benoit and tells him that in this ring no one can touch him, not even HHH, not even Hulk Hogan and certainly not your hero Bret the Hitman Hart. Till Benoit don’t go through him in this business he’s done nothing. Until Benoit goes through him, he can not claim anything to be in this business other than a step below him. When you get in that ring HBK can do what nobody else did, he can do it longer and he can do it better.

Benoit took offence to this and cuts HBK off and counters with what HBK achieved at the Royal Rumble 95 as the #1 participant, he achieved it this year as the #1 participant and certainly did it way better by going all the way and winning the Rumble. That was his first attempt in a Rumble match and he won and went on to win the title at WM. HBK responds back with the impressive list of stars he’s defeated in one on one competition such as Bret Hart, The Undertaker, HHH and many more and most of these guys Benoit has never beaten them. What makes him think that he can beat HBK. Benoit has become an obstacle in his path and he’s going to walk into Calgary next week on Raw as the new world heavyweight champion and he’s going to stick it to the fans in Canada. Chris finished off the segment by saying Michaels has never ever had somebody take him to a level where he’s never been and he will be in for the fight of his life at Backlash. HBK wished Benoit good luck because he’s going to need it. HBK’s music hits. They shake hands and Benoit raises the world title in the air as Raw comes to a close.

Final Card for Backlash
April 18, 2004

World Heavyweight Title Iron Man Match: Chris Benoit (c) vs Shawn Michaels

The Rock vs HHH

Intercontinental Title Hell in a Cell Match: Randy Orton (c) vs Mick Foley

Chris Jericho vs Christian

Tag Team Championship Title Match: The World's Greatest Tag Team (c) vs The Dudleys

Ric Flair vs Lance Storm

Womens Title Match (c)Victoria vs Jazz

WWE 2004: The Road to WrestleMania 21
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