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Learning to break kayfabe
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Apologies for the recap form, needed to get on with it and have been busy recently. GCB

Live from Greenville, South Carolina

*** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO ***

Michael Cole and Mick Foley introduce the SMACKDOWN show tonight, the final show before the Vengeance pay-per-view this Sunday where the World Champion CM Punk defends his title in a Fatal Four Way match against the former champions Kane and Big Show as well as Kofi Kingston. They also hype up the possible Street Fight between Kane and the SMACKDOWN General Manager Teddy Long after Kane, on the RAW Slammy Awards last Monday, used his right to choose one match for SMACKDOWN to try and force Long into the ring with him. Foley is adamant that the match cannot and should not take place whereas Michael Cole is of the opinion that Long got himself into this mess and should fight his way out of it. They are both interrupted by the music of John Cena ...

*** MY TIME IS NOW ***

John Cena heads out with his brand new attitude and slides into the ring to address the WWE Universe. He takes a microphone and he reminds everybody that on Monday Night RAW, he challenged Randy Orton to a match at Vengeance so they can end their feud once and for all. Cena tells the world that he is prepared to do whatever it takes to destroy Orton and prove to him who the better man is going into 2011. As he did on RAW, Cena blames the fans for his new attitude and tells them that he is now focused on proving to the world that he is the best WWE superstar by winning the World Heavyweight Championship and defending it against every other person in the WWE. He reiterates that he gave everything he had to help Randy Orton defend his title at Survivor Series and that he was disrespected by Orton when he refused to accept his apology. Cena declares that now Orton will have to pay for that disrespect this Sunday at Vengeance and that when he has beaten Orton, he will be entering the Royal Rumble, going to WrestleMania and starting his reign as the most dominant superstar that SMACKDOWN has ever seen ...

*** CRANK IT UP ***

Big Show heads out to interrupt Cena who does not look impressed as Show enters the ring. Big Show, the man who is challenging for the World Championship this Sunday, informs Cena that he may well beat Orton this Sunday, he may win the Royal Rumble but by the time he reaches WrestleMania, he will face Big Show for the World Championship. Cena retorts that he has beaten Show at WrestleMania before and that he will do it again if he has to which does not sit well with the ‘World’s Biggest Athlete’ who shakes his head at Cena. Show criticises Cena’s hypocrisy and suggests that he needs to remember that it was the WWE Universe that made him in the first place and that they deserve to be treat better. When Cena refuses to apologise to the fans, Show informs Cena that he will have to beat some sense into Cena instead and challenges him to a match later tonight. Cena declares that he does not fear the Big Show but he has a huge match with Randy Orton in two days time so he has to decline the offer ...


The owner of the WWE heads out and he walks down to the ring with a smile on his face shaking hands with the WWE Universe at ringside before entering the ring and taking a microphone of his own. He addresses both John Cena and Big Show who are stood facing him in the ring and he informs them that tonight is a night to ‘put up ... or shut up!’ With that being said, Butty declares that tonight’s SMACKDOWN main event will feature the new ‘WWE Superstar of the Year’ John Cena one on one ... with Big Show! The fans cheer loud and Big Show looks delighted with the decision although Cena doesn’t look too pleased. He reminds Chip Butty that he is facing Orton in two days but Butty is not having any of it as he informs Cena that every SMACKDOWN superstar who has a big match at Vengeance has a match tonight. He informs the WWE Universe that CM Punk will be facing Matt Hardy tonight, Kofi Kingston will be facing the ‘Sinister Scotsman’ Drew McIntyre, Intercontinental Champion Alberto Del Rio is facing Christian and his challenger on Sunday, Mark Henry, is facing Cody Rhodes. Cena tries to moan about the decision some more but Butty stops him in his tracks and tells him that he has heard enough and to go and get ready for his match later tonight. Cena leaves looking mutinous whilst Big Show shakes hands with the owner before following Cena up the ramp. Butty looks round at the WWE Universe and informs them that he deliberately didn’t mention one other match involving one of the main SMACKDOWN stars at Vengeance – Kane and Teddy Long. He calls out the SMACKDOWN General Manager ...


A nervous looking Teddy Long heads out and slowly makes his way down to the ring whilst continuing to look behind him every now and then in fear of an appearance from Kane. Long enters the ring and shakes hands with the WWE owner who tells him not to worry, Kane will not be coming out here right now. Chip Butty goes on to remind everybody that last week he told Teddy to stand up to Kane and to run SMACKDOWN the way a General Manager should. Chip tells Teddy that he did the right thing in standing up to Kane and making a great SMACKDOWN main event with the Fatal Four Way organised for Sunday. Chip Butty now moves on to the match that Kane made on Monday Night RAW ... the Street Fight between himself and Teddy Long. Long pleads with Butty to cancel the match and the owner of the WWE tries to calm him down once more. Chip Butty reminds Teddy Long that his decision making was the reason why Kane was upset in the first place and that he needs to take a long, hard look at himself. Butty also reminds Teddy that he was the man who gave Kane the right to choose any match he wanted to make at SMACKDOWN last week and on SMACKDOWN this week. Therefore, tonight’s Street Fight between Kane and Teddy Long stands ... The WWE Universe do not like the decision and they let the owner know but Butty stands firm. Teddy Long sinks to his knees and begs Chip to cancel the match but Butty refuses. He tells Long to get up before informing him that he must show up for his match with Kane and that he gave Kane the right to make the match. Long pleads but Butty ignores it and looks Teddy in the eye ... Butty says that Long will face Kane tonight in a Street Fight ... and that if he doesn’t show up, he will be fired as the General Manager of SMACKDOWN!

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********


World Champion CM Punk heads out for the ring with the World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder as Cole and Foley speculate on what will happen at the Vengeance pay per view this Sunday. Foley declares that CM Punk is up against it and Cole suggests that there is no way that Punk, Show or Kofi can hope to succeed with the mood that Kane has been in recently.


Matt Hardy heads out to a great reception and Foley talks up the need for Matt to impress the General Manager in order to prove that he, not Christian, deserves a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. Cole suggests that Teddy Long will have his mind on other things right now and that Hardy and Christian are the least of his worries ...


A great back and forth match which sees both men coming close to victory on several occasions as they both look for their big finishing moves – the ‘Go To Sleep’ for CM Punk, the ‘Twist of Fate’ for Matt Hardy – but their opponent wriggles clear at the last second to deny them each time. Punk regains control late in the contest and is building up for the GTS once again as he hits the Running Knee and Bulldog combination before signalling that it is time for the GTS. Punk lifts Hardy onto his shoulders but as he tries to throw him up and over, Hardy counters and sets up his finisher which he hits ... TWIST OF FATE BY MATT HARDY! Hardy hooks the leg of CM Punk ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* 3 – Noooo! Punk’s foot is on the rope! *

CM Punk didn’t have enough left to kick out but he did have enough to get his foot on the rope to deny Matt Hardy the victory. Hardy cannot believe it but he stays strong as he drags Punk up and goes for the Side Effect. However, Punk counters this time as he hooks Hardy’s leg to prevent it and then he takes Hardy down to the mat and locks in the ANACONDA VICE! Hardy is locked in, Punk looks to have the match won but somehow Hardy manages to get to the rope nearby and he forces the referee to break the hold to the delight of the fans at ringside ... The referee breaks it and both men get to their feet but it is Hardy that is struggling after that submission hold and Punk lifts him up once more ... GO TO SLEEP! Punk makes the cover ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* 3 *

WINNER: CM Punk (9:37)

JUSTIN ROBERTS: Here is your winner ... C. M. PUNK!

After the match, the cameras head backstage where Chip Butty is stood with the SMACKDOWN General Manager, Teddy Long. Long is pleading with Butty still and Butty is standing firm – he tells the GM that he got himself into the mess and he needs to face up to the consequences. Long continues to plead until Kane walks into the office and stares at the General Manager with a huge smile on his face ...

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********


Cole and Foley continue their discussions about the plight of Teddy Long with Cole now applauding the decision of Chip Butty to ensure that this match takes place. Foley doesn’t agree and attention turns to Cody Rhodes who is going his way in singles competition again with Drew McIntyre heading for NXT. Rhodes grabs a microphone and tells the WWE Universe that his rise to the top of the SMACKDOWN roster is about to begin ...


The ‘Worlds Strongest Man’ heads out to the ring to face Cody Rhodes and Foley suggests that they are looking at the new Intercontinental Champion this Sunday at Vengeance. Cole scoffs at the idea and he insists that Alberto Del Rio has nothing to fear. Cole reminds the WWE Universe that Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre had a few issues with Mark Henry last month and that the big man ultimately played a huge part in them losing the Tag Team Championship at Survivor Series so he will ‘owe’ Henry one here tonight!


Cody Rhodes’ cleverness and speed advantage helps him as he controls the early part of the match against his stronger opponent but Henry manages to use his power to throw Rhodes off on several occasions and he begins to get more and more offence in as the match progresses. Rhodes looks to hit Cross Rhodes but Henry uses his strength to fight out and he takes control of the match with several near falls. Rhodes uses his cunning and manages to get back on top but he misses with the Beautiful Disaster kick and Henry scoops him up and hits the WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM to the delight of the WWE Universe. He covers Cody Rhodes who looks defeated ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Wait a minute! *

Alberto Del Rio appears just in time and he crashes his Intercontinental Championship into the back of Mark Henry to prevent Henry getting the pinfall victory. However, the referee signals for the bell and he disqualifies Cody Rhodes to hand Henry a victory albeit a tainted one ...

WINNER: Mark Henry (DQ – 5:28)

JUSTIN ROBERTS: Here is your winner ... as a result of a disqualification ... MARK HENRY!

Alberto Del Rio stands over Mark Henry as the big man clutches his back in pain where Del Rio’s title belt connected with him. Del Rio tosses his belt over the rope to Ricardo Rodriguez who catches it and Del Rio sticks the boot to Henry. As Henry drags himself up a little, Del Rio spins around him and locks in the Cross Arm Breaker to the annoyance of the referee. It is clear that Del Rio is trying to cause an injury to the challenger for his title on Sunday here and he wrenches the hold in hard. However, Mark Henry begins to roll Del Rio over and starts to stand up with Del Rio still holding on in desperation. Finally, Henry manages to throw Del Rio into the ropes and the Mexican tumbles through them to the floor outside. Henry is clutching his arm but he smiles at Del Rio before starting to stalk him up the ramp. Del Rio takes off and heads out of the arena but Mark Henry follows him through the curtain into the backstage area. The camera follows an angry looking Mark Henry around a bit but he cannot find Del Rio and the cameras return to the ring where Drew McIntyre is stood in the ring with his music playing ...


Drew signals for his music to fade out. He tells the world that on Monday, he was announced as one of the second men to be taking part in NXT Season 3 and reminds us that he faced Chavo Guerrero with the winner given the right to choose which WWE Legend Mentor they would have for the NXT competition. He directs attention towards the titantron as the end of his match with Chavo Guerrero is shown ...

Originally Posted by Monday Night RAW
Chavo is looking a little frustrated but he lifts Drew up once more and he hits a powerslam that leaves Drew perfectly placed once again ... Chavo is up the ropes, quick as a flash, ready for the ‘Frog Splash’ again ... Chavo sails off the top rope heading for McIntyre ... who moves at the last second and Chavo collides heavy with the mat. The crowd boo in disappointment as McIntyre gets to his feet and recovers a little ... Chavo reaches his feet and BAM! A Big Boot from Drew McIntyre connects with the side of Chavo’s head and sends him down to the mat ... Just like that, Drew is back in control of the match ... Drew takes a second to completely recover and then he drags Chavo up and shoots him into the ropes ... Tilt a whirl backbreaker to the knee of McIntyre and Chavo writhes on the mat in agony as McIntyre gets a look of confidence on his face ... He drags Chavo up and sets for the Future Shock DDT ... Boos ring out around the arena but Chavo manages to back body drop Drew over him as a counter ... Chavo is kneeling on the mat now, the back body drop took a lot of effort and he recovers at the same time as Drew who is back to his feet as well ... Chavo swings at Drew with a European Uppercut but Drew ducks and then counters with a double knee Arm Breaker that leaves Chavo on the mat once more. Drew lifts him up again and this time he hits the big finisher ... FUTURE SHOCK DDT from Drew McIntyre ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* 3 *

WINNER: Drew McIntyre (6:12)

JUSTIN ROBERTS: Here is your winner ... DREW McINTYRE!

Drew McIntyre signals to the timekeeper to pass him a microphone as Chavo Guerrero rolls out of the ring defeated ... JBL stands up and applauds Drew, desperate to secure Drew as one of his WWE superstars for the NXT show ... Drew looks out into the arena still looking determined to get his career back on track ...

DREW McINTYRE: My name is Drew McIntyre ... I am the ‘Chosen One’ ... On NXT Season 3, I will get my career back on track, I will beat every guy on that show and I will leave WrestleMania 27 as the NXT winner and with a future shot at the title ...

Drew focuses on the announce table and he points towards JBL ...

DREW McINTYRE: And that is the man that is going to make sure I win! Drew McIntyre is joining Team JBL!

JBL looks delighted with the news and he throws his headset down and slides into the ring to shake hands and embrace Drew McIntyre as the WWE Universe jeers ... That means that Chavo Guerrero will be on Team Rock for NXT Season 3 which starts next week ... JBL lifts Drew’s hand in victory ...
McIntyre tells everybody that he is going to dominate NXT and that with the help and advice from the ‘Wrestling God’ JBL, there is nobody that is able to stop him. He informs the SMACKDOWN locker room that they’d better be ready for when Drew McIntyre returns from NXT after WrestleMania with a shot at the World Championship and ready to wreak havoc ... Suddenly, Drew is interrupted by one of the challengers for the World Championship this Sunday at Vengeance ...

*** S. O. S. ***

Kofi Kingston ridicules Drew for having to take part in NXT and reminds him of the huge gamble he has taken by asking to be on the show. He reminds Drew that five of the eight WWE superstars that enter the NXT competition will see their WWE careers end and that only three of them will survive. Drew shakes his head and tells Kofi that he will not be one of the five to be let go by the WWE, he tells Kofi that he won’t even be one of the two who survive in the WWE ... Drew promises Kofi and the WWE Universe that he will win NXT. Kofi suggests to him that by the time he wins NXT, if indeed he does, he will be the World Heavyweight Champion and will be the one waiting for Drew McIntyre. Drew shakes his head and tells Kofi that it will never happen but Kofi tells Drew that he is in the Fatal Four Way match this Sunday and he is going to win. Kofi finishes by insulting Drew once more and suggesting that they get on with his ‘warm up’ match which infuriates the Scotsman ...

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********


An extremely well fought contest as Drew McIntyre’s new meaner streak shines through and he shows an improvement on his recent performances. At one stage, a Big Boot to Kofi Kingston looks to have him down and beaten but Kofi kicks out at the last moment to the frustration of Drew who seems desperate for the victory. Drew goes for the Future Shock DDT but Kofi counters into the SOS but to his credit, McIntyre manages to kick out of that as well. Another failed Future Shock DDT gives Kofi his opportunity to catch Drew out and he hits the TROUBLE IN PARADISE to put Drew down ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* 3 *

WINNER: Kofi Kingston (7:06)

JUSTIN ROBERTS: Here is your winner ... KOFI KINGSTON!

Kofi Kingston gets the win but he looks over at McIntyre with a look of respect in his eyes for the fight shown. However, Drew is not happy with another defeat and he exits the ring looking thunderous and kicking at the ring steps and shouting at members of the WWE Universe. Out runs JBL and the crowd jeer him but he is intent on reaching his prize asset for NXT so far and he grabs him and speaks to him. Drew slowly calms down and is reassured by the words of his mentor for NXT who ushers him up the ram and backstage as Kofi takes in the cheers of the WWE Universe ahead of his match this Sunday for the World Title. Can he win it against all odds?

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********

*** REALEZA ***

Here comes the Intercontinental Champion and a replay of his confrontation with Mark Henry is shown as he comes out in his fancy car, a shiny, silver Mercedes tonight. As Ricardo introduces him, Del Rio heads for the ring with his title belt around his waist and he awaits his opponent ...


Christian heads for the ring and once again Foley and Cole discuss the chance for Christian to impress the General Manager. Cole suggests that if he were the General Manager, he would be far more impressed by Christian and would hand him a title shot over Matt Hardy. When pushed on this by Foley, Cole declares that Matt Hardy doesn’t excite him anymore and that he cannot take him seriously as a threat to the title that is currently held by CM Punk. Foley assures Cole that Matt Hardy could win the title but just needs the little bit of luck that every champion needs to get the right opportunity at the right time in the right place.


An extremely close contest as Del Rio plays his usual tactic of trying to work over the arm of his opponent to set up the Cross Arm Breaker but Christian fights back at every turn and refuses to allow Del Rio the chance to lock in the submission hold. At one point, Del Rio also attempts to go for the ‘Powerbomb of Destiny’ – his new finishing move – but Christian manages to wriggle clear and land on his feet where he trades punches with the Mexican aristocrat. Both men are going for it when Mark Henry appears on stage with a baseball bat and distracts the Intercontinental Champion. As Del Rio looks on, Henry begins to smash the windows of Del Rio’s car as the crowd cheers him on. Del Rio is furious and he gets out of the ring and starts to head out towards Henry until the referee’s count changes his mind and Del Rio rushes back into the ring at 9. However, he is now off guard and Christian takes advantage with a springboard Sunset Flip that rolls Del Rio up ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Del Rio kicks out! *

Christian catches Del Rio as he gets to his feet and hits an Inverted DDT that crashes Del Rio down. Christian goes to the top rope and as Del Rio gets to his feet, Christian sails off the top rope and hits a Missile Dropkick that crashes the Mexican down again. As Del Rio gets up again and swings wildly, Christian dodges and locks in the set up for the KILLSWITCH before driving Del Rio down face first into the mat. Could this be Alberto Del Rio’s first ever defeat on SMACKDOWN?

* 1 *
* 2 *
* 3 *

WINNER: Christian (6:52)

JUSTIN ROBERTS: Here is your winner ... CHRISTIAN!

As Christian celebrates the victory, Mark Henry continues to smash at the windows of Del Rio’s car. The Mexican is incensed that his undefeated WWE record has gone and he heads out of the ring and over towards the car to confront Henry but he beckons him to come and try it. Brandishing the baseball bat, Mark Henry looks a fearsome sight and Cole reminds us of the actions of Del Rio in taking out Henry’s partner and good friend, Evan Bourne. Del Rio points to the bat and tells Henry that it wouldn’t be a fair fight right now so Henry throws the bat away and beckons Del Rio over, daring him to come over ... Henry pulls the windscreen wipers off the car and then rips the handle off the door ... Del Rio thinks about going over but then waves his arm and leaves the arena to boos and jeers and refuses to fight ...

The cameras switch to the office of the General Manager and Teddy Long, still suited up, is stood looking scared stiff as Matt Hardy and Christian argue over who has impressed him the most. Christian, just back from defeating Alberto Del Rio, says that Matt Hardy lost tonight and that he won his match but Hardy fires back about the status of their opponents. Both men are arguing and Long is looking more and more agitated until he suddenly bellows for silence and shuts Hardy and Christian up. Long tells the pair that he has enough on his mind without being concerned about their squabbles and he informs them that at Vengeance, they will face each other one on one and that man will get a shot at the World Champion, whoever that may be, sometime in the future. Both Hardy and Christian look happy with this and they stare into each other’s eyes and begin to argue once more about who will win. However, Long stops them again and demands that they leave right now.

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********


The owner of the WWE comes out to some boos after his decisions tonight but he looks steadfast on the decision he has made. He makes his way towards the announce table and joins Foley and Cole by placing a headset on his head. Butty confirms that the match will be a Street Fight and that if Teddy Long doesn’t show up, he will be fired. Foley challenges this decision and points out that Long is not a wrestler but Butty repeats what he said earlier ... Teddy Long gave Kane the right to choose matches for SMACKDOWN and now he has to live with the consequences of his actions.


Out comes Kane to an eerie red light and he heads towards the ring savouring every moment of this situation. He gets into the ring and instead of exploding the ring posts, he takes a microphone and speaks slowly into it. He dares Teddy Long to come to the ring and reminds the watching fans that Long cost him the World Championship when he lost to Big Show, he reminds the watching fans that Long tried to cost him the title when he faced Matt Hardy and Christian at Survivor Series by making it a Ladder Match ... Kane says that he is going to enjoy every minute of this match and that he is going to make Teddy Long regret every bad decision that he has ever made. The ring posts explode and Kane laughs maniacally as Foley once more urges Chip Butty to end this now ...


Teddy Long does come out and he is cheered by the WWE Universe but he looks petrified as he walks to the ring. He walks around the outside of the ring and he begins to plead with Chip Butty once more but there is nothing doing. Long is scared out of his wits and as he pleads one more time with the owner, Kane steps out of the ring and stands behind him. Long turns round slowly and Kane grabs him and throws him under the bottom rope and into the ring. The referee looks guilty as he signals for the bell to ring ...


Kane stands over a quivering Teddy Long who is pleading with the Big Red Monster for some mercy. Teddy Long staggers to his feet as Kane stalks after him and actually dodges Kane as he tries to trap him in the corner. Kane forces Long back into the opposite corner and this time, when Long tries to dodge him, Kane grabs him by the throat. Long looks petrified as he claws at Kane’s hand to try to loosen the grip but Kane is immovable. Kane laughs out loud as he prepares for a choke slam ...

*** GONG ***

The WWE Universe go wild as the lights go off in the arena and the chill winds are heard blowing around them. However, there is no sign of anybody entering the arena and no music plays ... The lights return with Kane stood in the centre of the ring looking bewildered and Teddy Long has ‘escaped’ his grip. Long steps through the ropes and drops down to the outside. As Kane demands he gets back into the ring, Long turns and walks out of the arena ... As he goes, he is heard muttering ‘I started the match, that is enough!’ as the referee counts him out ...

* 5 *
* 6 *
* 7 *
* 8 *
* 9 *
* 10 *

WINNER: Kane (C/O – 1:43)

JUSTIN ROBERTS: Here is your winner ... as a result of a countout ... KANE!

Kane stands in the ring looking furious that Teddy Long escaped him and he shouts at Chip Butty at ringside. Butty takes off his headset after excusing himself and he walks around the ring and up the ramp and out of the arena ...

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********

SMACKDOWN returns with Chip Butty walking down a corridor before turning into the General Manager’s office where Teddy Long is sat quivering in fear on the couch. Butty sits beside him and praises Long for having the guts to come out there. He then declares that Kane was the one that tossed him into the ring though so technically he didn’t actually ‘show up’ for the match in the ring. Long looks fearful as Butty stands up and looks down on Long. Butty apologises to Long and says he didn’t want to do this but he has to – Teddy Long is fired as the General Manager of SMACKDOWN!


There is shock on the faces of Mick Foley and Michael Cole as they digest what just happened and try to react. Foley is not impressed by the actions of the WWE owner tonight and he says so whilst Cole, repeating his opinion that Long asked for this trouble, says he is shocked by what just happened. Jack Swagger isn’t bothered either way as he makes his way to the ring with a few press ups in the aisle before entering the ring looking cocky and confident as usual ...


A great reception for Kaval who – Cole reminds us – is the other member of Team JBL in NXT Season 3. Foley reminds us that JBL was delighted to get Drew McIntyre but less than impressed to get Kaval and he wonders if Kaval will get any advice from JBL tonight.

However, before the match can begin, Jack Swagger attacks Kaval. He hits him in the head with a stiff kick as he comes through the ropes that sends Kaval down to the mat and then proceeds to beat him up. Kaval is helpless after being caught with the early kick as Swagger hits the Gutwrench Powerbomb and well as the springboard Swagger bomb in the corner of the ring before he tosses the little guy through the ropes to the outside. Swagger rams Kaval into the ring steps and the barricades before locking in the Ankle Lock on the rampway as Kaval tries to claw himself away. When the referees and officials finally prise Swagger away from Kaval, Swagger returns to the ring whilst Kaval clutches his leg in extreme pain and discomfort. Swagger gets a microphone and declares that he is sick of facing people like Kaval, people who are not fit to lace his boots and he demands that he is taken more seriously. Swagger promises that 2011 will be his year and that he will win the Royal Rumble before moving on to greatness at WrestleMania 27.

Backstage, Josh Matthews catches up with the WWE owner Chip Butty as he is preparing to leave the arena in his limo. Josh asks Chip Butty what will happen with the role of SMACKDOWN General Manager now that Teddy Long has been relieved of his duties. Butty replies that he has somebody in mind for the role and that he will hopefully be able to announce the new General Manager at Vengeance or, at worst, next Friday night on SMACKDOWN! Butty gets into the car and leaves with Cole and Foley speculating on who might be in Chip Butty’s thoughts ... Cole reminds everybody that next up is the main event clash between John Cena and Big Show and tells the watching fans to not go anywhere!

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********

SMACKDOWN returns with a rundown of the main matches taking place at the Vengeance pay per view this Sunday as Cole and Foley discuss them ...

After his return to the WWE a fortnight ago, the ‘American Olympic Hero’ Kurt Angle managed to eliminate Sheamus, Miz and Randy Orton to secure a shot at the WWE Championship held by Wade Barrett. Will Angle be the man to end Barrett’s reign as WWE Champion? Or will the leader of the Nexus prove that his faction and he will dominate the WWE like he has promised?

Cole announces that the following match has been added to the card for Vengeance after their match on RAW this week ended with Miz being disqualified for using the steel chair on his former partner, John Morrison. Cole praises the actions of Miz, apparently forgiving him for leaving him in the lurch back at No Mercy, whilst Foley looks forward to John Morrison taking revenge on his former partner.

After two successive pay per view matches in which Sheamus managed to get the better of the experienced Triple H, the pair will meet for the final time at Vengeance with a WWE Championship opportunity up for grabs thanks to HBK. Cole reminds everybody that it is a ‘Last Man Standing’ contest and that Sheamus is deadly in such as environment but Foley reminds us that Hornswoggle has been banned from ringside and that if he shows up, Sheamus will be suspended.

Mick Foley reminds everybody that the ‘Rated R Superstar’ Edge will make his return to the WWE this Sunday after RAW General Manager Shawn Michaels suspended him at Survivor Series after he walked out on Team RAW and cost them victory. Cole suggests that SMACKDOWN would have won anyway and says that Edge did the right thing and deserves more respect. Will Edge have words for the General Manager when he returns on Sunday?

Cole informs us that the match is official despite what has happened since with Teddy Long – it will be Christian vs. Matt Hardy for a future World Heavyweight Championship opportunity. He suggests that it is time for both men to stop the petty arguing and to prove why they deserve the chance to be a big name player on SMACKDOWN. Foley says that he has been in the ring with both men and that they both have the ability to be World Champion but they need to step it up and prove it this Sunday.

Cole reminds us of the history between Cena and Orton and points out that this one is extremely personal as we head into Vengeance. Cena wants revenge for the disrespect he feels that Orton has shown towards him; Orton wants revenge because he feels that Cena cost him the WWE Championship on not one but two occasions. Foley adds that he cannot wait to see this one and that it will be an epic battle between two of WWE’s top stars.

Cole introduces SMACKDOWN’s main event match for the PPV, a Fatal Four Way for the World Championship of CM Punk. They touch on the night on SMACKDOWN a fortnight ago when Big Show beat Kane for the title but then CM Punk won the title immediately. Foley says that Punk has kept quiet whilst Kane wreaks havoc on SMACKDOWN but that he is determined to show that he is a worthy champion. They also discuss the inclusion of Kofi Kingston – Cole doesn’t believe Kofi should be in the match but Foley says that he does and that he could cause an upset if the others don’t take him seriously.

*** MY TIME IS NOW ***

It’s main event time as Cena heads out to a negative reception and walks determinedly towards the ring with no interaction with the WWE Universe. Once in the ring, Cena waves his hand across his face to show that the WWE crowd ‘can’t see’ him before he turns towards the titantron ready for his opponent ...

*** CRANK IT UP ***

The massive Big Show heads out waving and smiling but with a serious look in his eyes as he approaches the ring. Cole and Foley discuss the chances of Big Show at Vengeance and Foley is of the opinion that when SMACKDOWN airs next week, this man will be the new World Heavyweight Champion. Cole disagrees and hypes up Kane’s chances as Show gets into the ring and prepares for his match ...


In the early stages, Big Show – to the delight of the fans – prevents Cena at every turn as he throws him down, pushes him away, threatens him with a big right hand or simply squeezes the life out of him. Cena looks frustrated as tries everything he can think of but nothing is working until he manages to hit his shoulder block as he comes off the ropes to jeers from the crowd who used to cheer the first of these ‘Five Moves of Doom’ ... Cena hits a second shoulder block and then hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle after telling Big Show that he can’t see him. However, Cena misses the Leg Drop to the back of Show’s head and he crashes down onto the mat hard on his lower back. Big Show looks to take advantage as he locks in a Bear Hug on Cena that further increases the pain on the lower back. Cena does try to launch a fightback using his strength but as he escapes and hits the ropes, Show catches him with a Sidewalk Slam and goes for the cover ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Kickout from John Cena! *

Show goes for the Showstopper next and he succeeds in driving his huge leg across the chest of Cena before going for a second cover ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Cena kicks out! *

Big Show looks as if he is enjoying himself now and he signals for a Choke Slam instead. Wisely, Cena exits the ring and recuperates on the outside before Show heads out after him. As Show goes for Cena, a drop toe hold takes him down and he collides with the steel ring steps. Cena comes off the apron and hits the leg drop over the back of the neck of Show but on the outside and drives him down to the mats on the outside. Show looks in trouble as Cena gets back into the ring and allows the ref to count out the ‘World’s Largest Athlete’ ...

* 5 *
* 6 *
* 7 *
* 8 *
* Big Show rolls back into the ring at 9! *

Cena stands back in preparation and as Big Show gets to his feet, struggling still, Cena looks to lift him up onto his shoulders for the Attitude Adjustment. Showing immense strength, Cena has Show up but the big man fights out of it and then lifts Cena up for a Military Slam. Cena crashes down from nearly ten feet in the air and it looks as if Big Show is in control now. He drags Cena up and grabs him by the throat. The crowd cheer as Big Show lifts him up ... CHOKE SLAM TO JOHN CENA! Big Show makes the cover ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Cena kicks out to everyone’s amazement! *

Show cannot believe it and he stands over Cena with a look of annoyance on his face now. He signals that it is time for the Knockout Punch and he stands back waiting for Cena to get to his feet. The crowd are cheering as Cena slowly gets to his knees completely unaware of what is coming ...

Suddenly, the WWE Universe are on their feet as the Big Red Monster Kane is heading down the ramp towards the ring. Big Show’s attention is drawn as Kane clambers over the top rope and heads across the ring towards him and the two big men start slugging it out ... The referee has no choice but to signal for the bell due to the outside interference of Kane.


Kane and Show continue their battle but Show has forced his adversary back into the corner with his heavy right hands. However, Cena hits a chop block to the back of Show’s knee and takes him down and Kane takes the opportunity to hit a Choke Slam to the big man. Show’s body crashes down on the mat and the ring shakes as Kane stands over him looking impressed ... As Show gets up, Cena uses his unbelievable strength to lift Big Show up for the Attitude Adjustment and the crowd boo ... Before he can hit the move though, Kofi Kingston enters the ring and he attacks Cena and forces him to drop Big Show as they slug it out. Kofi goes for the Trouble in Paradise kick to Cena but he is stopped by Kane’s big hand on his throat. All hell is letting loose now as Big Show returns to the battle as he stops Kane hitting a choke slam to Kofi and they pair off before the World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk, appears. Punk enters the ring and hits Muay Thai kicks to Kofi that stagger him ... CENA HITS THE ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT TO KOFI! Big Show is enraged and he swings his big right hand ... KNOCKOUT PUNCH TO KANE! Kane crashes down but Punk now goes after one of his challengers this Sunday ... He spins him into the path of Cena and this time Cena connects with his big move ... ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT TO THE BIG SHOW! Cena and Punk are standing tall but the WWE Universe are going wild ... CM Punk turns around ... RKO! RANDY ORTON HITS THE RKO TO THE WORLD CHAMPION CM PUNK! Orton stands looking into the eyes of his opponent this Sunday in Cena and the crowd go wild as they are set to go at it right now ... Cena changes his mind though and he exits the ring and retreats from Orton ... Cena is joined by CM Punk and Kane as they back away up the ramp whilst Orton checks on Kofi and Big Show before they stare out at the retreating Cena, Kane and Punk ...

********** END OF SHOW **********

The Final PPV of 2010!


Wade Barrett (c) vs. Kurt Angle

C.M. Punk (c) vs. Big Show vs. Kane vs. Kofi Kingston

John Cena vs. Randy Orton

Sheamus vs. Triple H
Winner gets WWE Championship shot at Royal Rumble

Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Mark Henry

Daniel Bryan (c) vs. Justin Gabriel vs. Ted DiBiase

Matt Hardy vs. Christian

The Miz vs. John Morrison

Edge returns!

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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