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Re: UCW: Ultimate Championship Wrestling

Duluth, GA




SEGMENT 1: 9:00

Joey Styles: “Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the dawning of a new day! Welcome to Ultimate Championship Wrestling!”

Taz: “Ha ha! This is War baby! Live on FX!”

**Shout At The Devil**

Camera pans to Gene Okerland standing in the ring.

Gene Okerland: “Ladies and gentlemen it is my pleasure to introduce to you at this time the UCW GM, this man is a cross sport superstar holding the world title in both professional wrestling and the Ultimate Fighting Championships, he is Brock Lesnar!”

Brock Lesnar: “Thanks Mean Gene! This is the UCW! This is War baby! You see four months ago when rumors started spreading about TNA going under good ole' Vinnie Mac's mouth started watering. He was once again gonna be the only show in town. You don't work for him? Well its tough shit then right? Wrong. F--K you Vince! That shit aint happening again.”

Huge pop from the crowd

Gene Okerland: “I sure like the sounds of that! After all I was having a heck of a time making it on social security! So tell us Brock, what can we except from the UCW?”

Brock Lesnar: “Mean Gene you can expect the unexpected. We're gonna give you a little bit of everything, luchadors, pure mat wrestling, old school, new school, a little extreme, a little mixed martial arts your gonna see everything here. But enough talk, let’s get to what the people want to see, that's wrestling Gene! We are gonna have four matches to determine which four wrestlers on the UCW roster deserve a shot to fight for the World Heavyweight title at our very first pay per view coming up on January 29th from The Ocean Center in Daytona Beach Florida. The first of those matches will be tonight between Rob Van Dam and Rhino! But that's not all, we've got a whole lot mor.....”

**Kurt Angle's Music**

Gene Okerland: “Folks we've got company, making his way down to the UCW ring, former Olympic gold medalist, Kurt Angle!”

Brock Lesnar: “Ladies and gentlemen Kurt Angle!”

Kurt Angle: “Well, well Brock Lesnar. I hadn't saw you since I ran you out of the wwf a few years ago!
Ha boy I crack myself up but I'm not out here tonight to talk about you, I'm not out here to compare my Olympic gold medals to your college accomplishments. I....”

Brock Lesnar: “Make your point, or I'll throw you out of my damn ring.”

Kurt Angle: “As I was saying, I'm out here tonight because I feel that since I left TNA world champion, I should be the first world champion here in the UCW! Oh yeah, it's true!”

Brock Lesnar: “Let me tell you something Kurt, there are not gimmie's here, you will earn what you get. Now, with that being said you are a great superstar, one of the best of all time and you will get your shot. In two weeks you will you will face Rob Terry for your shot at one of the four spots at the pay per view. That's true Kurt, damn true. Now cut the f--king mic its time to get this show started!”

Taz: “How about that Joey! Two huge main events! Rob Van Dam vs Rhino tonight, and in two weeks Kurt Angle vs the monster Rob Terry!”

Joey Styles: “Those are two huge main events Taz, but that is just the tip of the iceberg! When we come back from commercial break we will crown our first champion! Stay tuned!”


SEGMENT 2: 9:13

Joey Styles: “Welcome back wrestling fans to War, up next is our very first title match. This match is for the vacant UCW Television Title. The winner of this one is gonna be a very busy man Taz.”

Taz: “That's right Joey, you see fans the Television title is just that, it will be defended every time UCW is on TV! That means four times a month and once a month on pay per view!”

Joey Styles: “The winner of this one is going to be one very busy man lets head down to our ring announcer Jeremy Borash for all the action!”

Jeremy Borash: “All right ladies and gentlemen this next match is for the vacant UCW Television Title! Introducing first Carlito Colon!”


Jeremy Borash: “And his opponent, Alvin Burke Jr.!”

**Holla To The World**

Joey Styles: “All right fans here we go. Carlito Colon a champion all over the world and Alvin Burke Jr. is a very solid in ring performer.”

Taz: “I like Burke's chances in this one Joey, many of you fan's may remember him from his days up north as MVP.

Carlito tries to start the match off slow and in control but Alvin Burke will have nothing of it. He pushes the pace fast and makes it obvious that he wants to put an end to Carlito fast and start his reign as TV champion. It doesn't take Burke long to have Carlito down on his knees. Burke quickly capitalizes with is Drive-by-kick. This sends Carlito crashing to the mat. Burke goes for the pin but Carlito kicks out. Burke is frustrated, his frustration gives Carlito time to hit his super kick right to the face of Burke sending him crashing to the ground. Carlito capitalizes fast and locks on the figure four leg lock on Burke! Burke fights it but he can't get out and he finally taps out! Carlito wins!


Jeremy Borash: “Your winner and new Television Champion! Carlito Colon!”


Joey Styles: “Well there you have it folks Carlito Colon, what a debut in UCW!”

Taz: “Very impressive Joey, I tell you what Carlito comes from a great background. His father Carlos Colon is a very successful wrestler and now promoter. Carlito has a lot of talent for sure.”

Joey Styles: “But can he keep the title? I got a feeling Burke is gonna want a rematch very soon!”


SEGMENT 3: 9:26

Joey Styles: “Fans welcome back to War, our second match of the night is already underway. In ring now is Syxx Pac and Stevie Richards!”

This is a fast paced match between two veterans of the ring. Five minutes in this one is a deadlock until Stevie Richards is distracted by something in the audience. Two men have came and sit down wearing hoods about three rows from ringside. Richards can't keep his eyes off the two men. Richards turns around to see the heel of Syxx Pac's Super kick in his face sending him down to the ground for the 1,2,3.


After a brief trade mark crotch chop celebration by Syxx Pac he makes his way out of the ring leaving Richards still laying in the ring. As he pulls himself up the two hooded men stand up to leave. The camera shows the face of the shorter of the two men and reveals that it is Raven. The other man's face cannot be saw.

Taz: “Looks like Stevie's old friend Raven cost's him another match Joey!”

Joey Styles: “Good old Raven, but who is the man with him? He looks like a giant! If I was Richards that's who I would be worried about! Let’s go backstage where Gene Okerland has caught up with one of our tag teams here in Ultimate Championship Wrestling.”

Gene Okerland: “Thanks Joey, I'm here with one of the most dominate tag teams in history, a team that will wrestle next week for a shot at the vacant UCW Tag Team Titles, B......”

Bubba Ray Dudley: “That's enough Gene, we can take it from here. We are not one of, we are the most dominate tag team in the history of this business. We are the 24 time world tag team champions. I am not bully ray, I'm not brother ray, we are not team 3D, we are not feuding because of some Vince Russo bull shit, we are The Dudley Boys, f--k trademarks, copyrights, f--k Dixie Carter.”

D-von Dudley: “Oh testify my brother! Dixie Carter is so, so fine!”

Bubba Ray Dudley: “Ha ha that's right! Oh, and f--k Vince McMahon! Take notice, The Dudley Boys are back, we will win next week, then at the pay per view we will win the titles to become the 25 time worlds tag team champions!”

The Dudley’s storm of slamming the mic into Gean Okerland chest.

Gene Okerland: “Uh, back to you Joey, Taz.”

Taz: “Good to see Paul E. has The Dudley's in rare form tonight!”

Joey Styles: “Good to see The Dudley's back together again! Fans the Paul E. Taz is referring to is of course the legendary Paul Heyman. Paul is vice president of operations for Ultimate Championship Wrestling.”

Taz: “You'd have to be living under a rock not to know who Paul E. is!”

Joey Styles: “All right fans we will be back after this commercial break!”


SEGMENT 4: 9:45

Jeremy Borash: “Making his way to the ring for the next contest, Chavo Gurrero Jr.!

**Latino Heat**

Jeremy Borash: “And his opponent, Sean Morley!”

**Hello Ladies**

Before Sean Morley can even get into the ring he is attacked by Chavo Gurrero on the outside. Gurrero works Morley all over the outside of the ring from fence to fence. Finally after a brutal collision with the ring steps Gurrero drags Morley into the ring. He quickly goes for the pin fall and gets the 1,2,3!


As Chavo Gurrero walks out of the ring he looks into the camera and starts yelling.

Chavo Gurrero: “I am a Gurrero damnit! I'm not a jobber anymore! I'll show the world! We Gurrero's lie, we cheat, we steal!”


SEGMENT 5: 10:01

Joey Styles: “Fans welcome back to War, we are going to go backstage where Gene Okerland is standing by with a black limo that just arrived at the arena, Gene.”

Gene Okerland: “Thanks Joey, we are going to try and see who is in the limo it appears the door is opening now.”

Out of the limo climbs A.J. Styles along with three other men all dressed in black suits.

A.J. Styles: “Meaaaaan Whoooo! By God Gene!”

Gene Okerland: “Ladies and gentlemen A.J. Styles along with....”

A.J. Styles: “No offense but we can introduce ourselves Gene, why don't you just run along. But we aren't gonna do it here, we will do it in the ring!”

The four men walk off into the arena.


SEGMENT 6: 10:10

When War comes back on the air the four men are standing in the ring.

A.J. Styles: “In case you didn't know, I am the Phenomenal A.J. Styles! Your soon to be UCW World Heavyweight Champion! Yeah that's right, get a look at this! Look at these clothes, look at these three studs beside me, this is the best professional wrestling has to offer baby. No more TNA, no more people to hold us back. This isn't fortune, but it damn sure is the future daddy! I'm A.J. Styles, this is C.W. Anderson to my right, to my left is Ried Flair, and the big man back there in the corner is Tommy Mercer, the only man to go undefeated in TNA. We are the four horsemen, and we will rule UCW starting next week when I win a title shot after I defeat Jerry Lynn right here in this ring. Whoooooo!”

C.W. Anderson: “That's right, you better start taking a body count, effective right now, because next week myself and Reid Flair will take on The Dudley Boys for our shot at the tag team titles.”


Taz: “What? The Four Horsemen?”

Joey Styles: “It must be Taz, it has an Anderson, it has a Flair.”

Taz: “Maybe more importantly though it has A.J. Styles and that big man Tommy Mercer.”

Joey Styles: “Mercer was undefeated in TNA under the name Crimson and will certainly be a force to be reckoned with here in UCW.”


SEGMENT 7: 10:20

Joey Styles: “Fans welcome back to War, our next match is already underway between two our UCW's top cruiserweights The Amazing Red and Christopher Daniels.”

This one is a classic “X” style match these two are so familiar with. For fifteen minutes they go back and forth. They have the whole arena on their feet as they go back and forth with no clear winner. Finally at the seventeen minute mark Daniels drags The Amazing Red onto the announcers table. Daniels climbs back into the ring and hits a textbook moonsault off the top rope onto Amazing Red and through the table sending them both crashing to the arena floor. As they lay on the ground trying to find the strength to get up the fans can't stop chanting “Holy Shit! Holy Shit!”

Suddenly out of nowhere Super Crazy comes running out of the crowd, into the ring, onto the top rope and comes crashing down on top of Christopher Daniels and The Amazing Red. The ref rings the bell at the contest is called a draw as the three men lay in a twisted mess on the floor.


Joey Styles: “Oooooohhh Myyy Goddddddd!”

Taz: “Now that was a match folks! Talk about two men who were putting it all on the line in their UCW debuts.!”

Joey Styles: “Where the hell did Super Crazy come from?”

Taz: “I don't know but hopefully security can get out here and get these guys to the back before this brawl starts back up!”

Joey Styles: “They are at ringside now Taz, that's head of security Scott Norton, I think he can handle these guys!”

Taz: “I'd say s.....”

Joey Styles: “Hate to stop you Taz but we are getting word a fight has broken out backstage!”

The camera cuts to the backstage to see Rhino laying in the floor bloodied and beaten!


SEGMENT 8: 10:47

Joey Styles: “Welcome back its time for our main event!”

Taz: “Joey I'm not sure Rhino is gonna be able to make the match!”

Joey Styles: “Well I hope he can, because RVD is on his way to the ring!”


RVD comes to the ring and motions for the ref to start the ten count after it is obvious that Rhino isn't coming to the ring. The ref does and counts to ten.


Rob Van Dam: “Bummer dude, looks like I advance, you see Rhino couldn't join us tonight! But it's okay I would have beat him anyway, I'm Rob Van Dam, I'm the whole f--king show! I'm mister Thursday night! And I'm gonna be your new UCW World Heavyweight Champion!”


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