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Re: The Official BTB Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by TheeJayBee View Post
I am planning a BTB for here. I've always liked creative writing from a wrestling stand-point and have done it for a good 5 years but never showcased my work. Well, I've done a whole lot of planning, watch some matches from the time frame, 2 PPV's (Wrestlemania XIX and Judgement Day 2003) to get a feel for things again, aswell as recapping Kane's un-masking and rampage that followed, Brock/Kurt's renewel of their epic rivalry including the Iron Man Match, and Vince/Sable etc.

I plan on kicking things off the night after Summerslam 2003. I've always thought that this would be a fun time frame to write in seeing as the roster was stacked with talent and options. First off, I'd like to know:

- Would a short recap of TV shows, Raw and Smackdown, be fine? Not one line for every segment, but rather, a paragraph or two? Not like, 3 or 4 lines, but enough to create an image in the readers head, get the point across, further things etc.? PPV's would be written in maximum detail which I think you are accustomed to around here, checking out the BTB Hall of Fame (some fantastic work! Bravo, WF!).

- Whats the deal with feedback? A few lines explaining what stood out to you and why, or a breakdown of every segment and whatnot?
To me, it sounds like you're in a good mindset already; reading Hall of Fame threads to get an idea of what the best of the best is, reviewing matches/storylines from the time period you're going to write, etc - it's a great way to prepare yourself, so props for not just throwing yourself in head-first like so many people (myself included) do so foolishly first time around.

If you can get the point across in your recaps, I'd be happy, tbh. It sounds like you're aiming to be descriptive, "create an image in the reader's head", so I say go for it, and see how it looks. As for feedback, people do a variety of things; myself, I look through every segment, because the writer wrote each segment for a reason, with an idea in mind. Even if you don't do that (which isn't an issue, it gets a bit weighty and I haven't given any feedback in seven months, if you can believe it ) and do just go with what stood out, make sure you include a few points on what you thought the writer could improve upon, too. That way, everyone gets better, and hopefully the person will hit you back with some advice on how you can improve. Best of luck.
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