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TITS, people that post who don't belong (WAGG) and CAMEOS!

Boy, what some idiots would do fo arrention these days, ey?

Okay, so I lied about being dead; and it was far too easy to do it. I would've figured someone would've caught me months ago since I still use Facebook or they'd catch me making a comment on a Wrestling news site or - if anyone bothers with this - catch me on Pokerstars.net.

Anyway, let me 'splain some of my actions. I remember it was right around the time that Heath Ledger had died a few years back. I was getting so sick and tired of the Internet because 1.) It's very addicting and 2.) I'm oldschool and like to read a good old fashion Newspaper or kickback and watch "Gun Smoke". I just wanted to get the computer out of my life. I had just gotten one big ass 4 wheeler and one kinda normal sized four wheeler and I just got a Honda 750 Motorcycle that came in this sexy apple-red color (say what you want - that bike is big, ateast to someone who is 5'5 and packs a ton of power and is very comfortable).

Yeah, I may be a very complex guy, but there are some simple things about me: 1.) I've got to have my ESPN, Football Network and NHL Network and a little Baseball as well; Also, I NEED my hunting shows. Nothing could be so exciting and relaxing at the same time. 2.) For those of you who do know me, you know that I've had a Scott Hall-like couple of years and have been struggling with demons. Anyway...
It would make since. I'd just tell someone, under a different alias, of course, that I died from a simple overdose. Ey, it would make sense in my case. This was my way of getting rid of the Internet for good, but I still had some curiousities before I threw the damn thing away from good.

I'm sure that most of us have wondered what people would think of you before you're six feet under with nothing but a wooden coat to keep you comfortable. I know that I was curious. Plus, it's the INTERNET! The sad but beautiful part about it (besides the free porn) is that people can make up anything and most will believe it. Was I curious what people would say if they heard that I died? Damn straight. Did I want attention? Not as much as I was curious about what people thought, but I guess you could say so.

At the same time, I realize now as much as I realized then that I do have a few close friends - one best buddy that I don't have to mention because people already know we're brothers. I am very and truly sorry for the misconception I have created on the very website I've proudly been a member of for nearly 6 years. If you think I'm an idiot or pathetic or selfish for doing all this, fine, I deserve it. If you are tired of my ways and want to smash my skull in, then I'll give you permission to figure out a way to come through my laptop screen; Hell, if you could do something so remarkable, I'd allow you to have your way with me as if we were recording an episode for the old HBO Hit Series "Oz".

Overall, I'm just mainly sorry that I had to have someone believe my lie and convince him to tell the masses that I was dead. Am I sorry? As sorry as a jackass I can be. Was I the first one to ever do such a thing? Beats me because I don't know a helluva whole lot about the history of the website. If they have, I don't think they've done it in the manner I have where it's been thought of for nearly 9 months that I've been dead.

More excuses: I was in a bad place... Okay, wait... I always am in a bad place.......... I was in a MUCH WORSE place than I usually am. I'm clinically depressed and I'm bipolar. Make fun of it - I don't care. Hell, I know I point and laugh about it all the time. But I had gotten a gun and I had been living the 'frat boy' part lifestyle for the last 10 years and, despite it getting old, it was too hard to give up and I was preparing to do it in the worst way possible. But I think I'm starting to pull myself back together again (didn't have much of a choice since I just did my 3rd Psych Ward stint for an accidental OD). But I'm learning how to tough things out.

Be happy that I'm back. Be pissed that I lied about being dead and now feel like you want to kill me. Be mad. Smile. I don't care. All I know is that this cowboy is back on his saddle again and I'm gonna do what PTK does best... And what that is now, I don't know.

If you never truth me again... Fine. If I need to earn to gain your trust... Fine. It's whatever to me. I've said my piece and now I'm going to go play Poker.

{[PTK Out]}

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