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Re: UCW: Ultimate Championship Wrestling

Atlanta, GA

Dana White: “Well I gotta admit guys, at least Atlanta is better than North Dakota.”

Brock Lesnar: “South, South Dakota.”

Dana White: “Whichever, all the levels of hell are the same.”

Paul Heyman: “Anyway children, what do you think of the place Dana?”

Dana White: “Its okay, but why Atlanta? I told you I'd give you some nice office space in Vegas.”

Brock Lesnar: “Atlanta is the heart of wrestling, ever heard of WCW?”

Paul Heyman: “Exactly, you see Dana, Vince controls the north, but we, we are going to control the south!”

Dana White: “Uh, I thought Vinnie was world wide.”

Brock Lesnar: “Here we go.....”

Paul Heyman: “Check please!”

Dana White: “I don't know guys.....”

Brock Lesnar: “Just give us the damn check Dana.”

Dane White: “All right, all right, say Brock, when is your next fight? I'd like to get you in the ring before you go all cave man on me during the next deer season.”

Brock Lesnar: “Busy.”

Dana White: “I figured as much, anyway here is the deal. FX wants a two hour show each Thursday. If it goes good, there is a potential for more. Suprisingly when word got out of what we were planning the pay per view companies started blowing up my phone. Now this is where you guys owe me big time. You've got a monthly three hour pay per view spot, I can't believe how excited those nerds were about a little 'rasslin! You guys better now let me down.”

Brock Lesnar: “See Paul E. I told you he was the shit.”

Paul Heyman: “Hahahahahaha my empire will soon return!”

Dana White: “Where did you get this guy? Anyway put together a press release at the first of December. Here's the name of my website guy, we will get you set up. And again, don't let me down, I've put my ass on the line here for you two. Summer Brock, I want a fight this summer!”

12-1-2011 www.UCW.com

Welcome to the launch of UCW.com! Ultimate Championship Wrestling!! Wrestlings hottest new promotion brought to you by UFC star Brock Lesnar and wrestling mastermind Paul Heyman! Stay tuned for roster updates as we will be debuting our wrestlers over the next few days and weeks. Also be sure and buy tickets now for our very first live show January 5th from The Gwinnet Center in Duluth, Georgia. It will be broadcast live at 9 pm on FX. We promise your not gonna want to miss this!!

12-3-2011 www.UCW.com

We are proud to announce our first round of UCW Wrestlers!

Chavo Gurrero Jr.
Shelton Benjamin
Charlie Haas
Tommy Dreamer
Alvin Burke Jr.
Syxx Pac
Scott Norton
Reid Flair
Stevie Richards
Matt Jackson
Nick Jackson
Travis Tomko
Sean Morley

More wrestlers to come!!!

12-4-2011 4wrestling.com News

Well it looks like the UCW is moving along at a fast pace! Im told there are several TNA stars signed to the UCW roster but until TNA terminates the wrestlers' contracts at midnight January 1st that they cannont be officially announced to the public. Stay tuned for the lastest!
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