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Re: WWE 2004: Road to WrestleMania XX

I'll pop you feedback for this Smackdown. But, really. Don't PM me asking for feedback again please. If you ask me for it, I wont give you it.

Smackdown Feedback

Your writing style & presentation is certainly unique in a way. Not too often you see threads posting pictures as they go along. I've not been following this thread too much so have no idea what this Lethal Lottery thing is, I'll assume it's something designed to try and get the title off of Eddie Guerrero.

Half assed review of the match tbh. I would have preferred some sort of recap of it, not just 'Nunzio dominates, Spike makes a comeback and wins' Some sort of detail would have been a nice touch to it.

I'm assuming RVD & Booker have had some tension in recent weeks? though, Booker kind of buried the tag team division here but it got the job done with Booker dissing Rikishi. A decent segment here, hopefully you do something good with Booker because he should have had a good ME push in 2003, never mind 2004.

Again, another half assed recap of a match, something I don't really like to read because it doesn't give me any picture of what is going on at all and doesn't do anything for the imagination. Kidman heel turn please.

Mark Jindrak FTW. Loved him and have some plans for him in my own thread. Do something good with him please, just don't job him out. His left hook was fucking amazing.

I really can't comment on these matches much tbh, hence the small sentences I'm giving for them. Booker coming out on top was expected, though.

Did JBL's money get stolen or something? You have a lot of talent on Smackdown and JBL is one you should also give a decent ME push and possibly even a WWE title reign, just not in the same fashion he won it from Eddie IRL, though. JBL vs. Tajiri? Wonder who will win that one...

Was there any need for Heyman to go to the ring to announce Hardy had been traded to Smackdown? A backstage segment would have been suffice imo. Hardy was gold in 2003/204 with the V.1 Gimmick, hopefully you can develop it further without him growing stale.

Comments from The Undertaker? Did dead Undertaker even talk during this time period, after all he only just came back and I don't really remember him saying a word.

Eddie's segment was alright, got the job done but following that was the match again, a WWE title match should at least be written in extended recap form if not that, then full. That's just the way I see it anyway. Obviously Chavo was going to lose but a full match for something that has the main title on the line deserves more detail.

Booker/RVD backstage segment was good. I liked it. RVD being the cool, high on weed dude he is and Booker twisting RVD's 'I can do it by myself' words worked well. I expect Booker to come out and eliminate RVD.

Edge heel turn please. He sucks as a face, he got stale and boring as a face and he needs to new life breathed into him, just try not to go the same way WWE did with his character though. If you can make his face character work, then props to you, because he blows as a face.

Detail for Rhyno vs. Big Show but not for Eddie vs. Chavo? ..... Okay? Is Rhyno's losing streak going to evolve into some sort of storyline? Don't job Rhyno out, he had potential, especially in 2002-2004. Big Show chasing Heyman? I laughed at that thought. Big Show vs. Heyman? That will be a barrel of laughs. Especially if you give it detail.

Main event time, some detail?!?! Was a decent Battle Royal but I'm not sure about the winners. I suppose it furthers Kane vs. Undertaker, hopefully... Undertaker wins because the idea of Eddie vs. Undertaker is amazing, a dream match I wanted to see in 2004/2005.

Overall, I sounded harsh but that's only to help you. More detail is something you need to work on but the show itself in terms of storylines etc was good. Was an enjoyable show if you miss out the lack of detail for the matches.
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